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									                                 Arkansas CASA
                            Strategic Plan FY03-FY04
Values Based Goals

   We value a community which is responsive to the needs of all children, and we
    are committed to ensuring that they are treated with fairness, respect, and
    allowed to grow up in a safe, nurturing environment. We show compassion to
    families in times of crisis.

   We provide services that are culturally appropriate and community oriented.
    We strive to preserve and respect existing cultural differences in our

Goal: State provides resources to local programs to meet the ever-changing cultural
needs of the communities.
       Activity 1: State will share appropriate foreign-language material with programs
                    (such as parents’ book).
       Activity 2: Each quarterly program staff meeting will include attention to
                    cultural issues.
       Activity 3: State will share opportunities for training offered by other

Goal: The diversity of program staff, volunteers, and board members will closely
represent the cultural makeup of the community
       Activity 1: Programs will submit information on the cultural makeup of their
                     community as well as their staff, volunteers and board members as
                     part of their annual final report. Arkansas CASA will use this
                     information to help determine what local programs need from the
                     state office.
       Activity 2: Arkansas CASA will ensure that all materials produced present a
                     diversity of volunteers (age, race, gender)

   We educate the community and work to empower our communities to help
    abused and neglected children. We provide leadership in our communities
    regarding child welfare issues.

Goal: Arkansas CASA will develop and implement a statewide public relations
       Activity 1: Arkansas CASA will seek out and utilize media sources and public
                   speaking opportunities to educate public about child abuse and the
                   CASA programs, making at least three talks or media appearances
                   per quarter and will inform local programs about these appearances.
       Activity 2: Arkansas CASA will publish a quarterly newsletter.
       Activity 3: Arkansas CASA will publish an annual report.
       Activity 4: Arkansas CASA will create a corporate piece/fact sheet

                                        1                                       07/16/12
       Activity 5: Arkansas CASA will provide grants for billboards and/or
                   commercials if funds are available.
       Activity 6: Arkansas CASA will seek opportunities to speak to the AEA and
                   other professional groups

Goal: Arkansas CASA will advocate on child welfare issues
      Activity 1: Arkansas CASA will network with child welfare agencies to act on
                  behalf of our children
      Activity 2: Arkansas CASA will advocate at the legislature on behalf of
                  programs and child welfare issues.
      Activity 3: Arkansas CASA will send a weekly legislative update to programs
                  and interested volunteers.
      Activity 4: Arkansas CASA will distribute CASA/DHS video and conduct
                  trainings around this video in conjunction with MidSOUTH training

Goal: Arkansas CASA will provide an annual conference and other training
       Activity 1: Continue to involve ad litems in CASA conference and participate in
                   their training.

   We produce measurable and positive outcomes for children. We are focused on
    children and on our volunteers.

Goal: Arkansas CASA will serve 20% more children with quality volunteer advocacy
each year.
       Activity 1: Arkansas CASA will require all programs to submit reports
                   electronically within 2 years
       Activity 2: Arkansas CASA, with the help of the advisory council, will develop
                   a volunteer evaluation document on each child for a calendar period
                   to be determined to be submitted by local programs.
       Activity 3: At least 3 additional judicial districts will be served

   We maintain integrity. We stay focused on our mission and uphold the

Goal: Arkansas CASA will assist and ensure local programs’ compliance with
       Activity 1: Arkansas CASA will update state standards, bringing them in line
                   with the National CASA Association’s standard revisions.
       Activity 2: Fully implement program evaluation process in keeping with
                   National CASA’s Quality Assurance, evaluating each program every
                   two years.
       Activity 3: Provide new program director training any time there are three or
                   more directors with less than one year experience.
       Activity 4: Update the Helping You Help Kids book.

                                       2                                       07/16/12
       Activity 5: Put Helping You Help Kids on the website.

   We work on cooperative relationships. We share resources in order to
    strengthen the network across the state. We make important decisions as a team
    with full participation.

 Goal: Arkansas CASA will provide ongoing training to directors both in person and
over the internet.
       Activity 1: Arkansas CASA will educate local programs about listserv and
                   encourage its use.
       Activity 2: Include frequently asked questions on the website
       Activity 3: Add reference material links on the state website
       Activity 4: Add link to state site with mentor information for program directors
       Activity 5: Arkansas CASA will continue to provide quarterly statewide or
                   regional meetings and strive for 100% participation
       Activity 6: Arkansas CASA will post meeting minutes to listserv or state
       Activity 7: Arkansas CASA will include training on mental health issues.

 We work to ensure that all local programs and the state office are sustainable

Goal: Increase local programs’ fund raising capacity.
      Activity 1: Explore setting up a mechanism to accept donations on line.
      Activity 2: Provide training/assist local programs in developing fund raising.
      Activity 3: Continue to disseminate information on potential grants.
      Activity 4: Start exploring statewide fundraising
      Activity 5: Arkansas CASA will list corporate partnerships/matching gifts possible on

Goal: Arkansas CASA will recognize donors
      Activity 1: Recognize all contributors to conference on all written materials
      Activity 2: Thank corporate donors on state website

Goal: Arkansas CASA will work to ensure continued partial funding from the state
      Activity 1: Arkansas CASA will electronically deposit grants.
      Activity 2: Arkansas CASA will provide appropriate material to programs to use
                  with local legislators.
      Activity 3: Arkansas CASA will work with legislators to ensure they understand
                  the importance of CASA to the children of Arkansas.

                                         3                                         07/16/12

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