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Windows-7-Was-Observed-To-Be-More-Skipping-Than-Th151 _1_


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									Windows 7 was observed to be more skipping
    than the earlier versions of Microsoft
Windows. The main reasons why Windows 7
  skips include appearance improvements,
   newly added features that require more

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Fixing Windows 7 skipping problem is not so hard We will discuss the tweaks
and tricks that help you fix Windows 7 skipping issue and improve its
performance Following are the ways to fix the problem: 1 Turn off unneeded
Windows Features 2 Fix-out the issues found in your registry 3 Delete
programs you never use 4 Reduce the burden of the programs running at
Windows startup Turn Off Unneeded Windows Features When you install
Microsoft Windows, not only the operating system but also the associated
programs and features are installed Windows 7 skips if many of these
features are running in background Thus you have to turn them off
 1 Click Start | Control Panel 2 Click Programs 3 Click Turn Windows
Features on or off from the Programs and Features category 4 Uncheck the
features that you wish to turn off 5
 Click OK button Fix-Out the Issues Found in your Registry Windows Registry
is basically a database containing information about your computer, application
& operating system configurations and relevant information Windows 7 skips
due to the registry issues like obsolete registry entries, entries referring to
missing paths/ files and other things Hence, repair the registry and fix the
problems found there in Download a reputable Registry Cleaner and PC
Optimizer software Delete Programs you Never Use You may find some
programs on your computer that you never use Now days, it's a common thing
that free software often installs third-party product with/ without your
permission For fixing Windows 7 skips, you need to delete the programs that
you never use To delete such programs systematically, you have to perform
the below steps: 1
 Click Start | Control Panel 2 Click Programs | Uninstall a Program 3 Select
an unwanted program from the list 4 Click Uninstall option 5 Follow the
wizard that initiates
 6 Restart the system after you complete the uninstall operation Reduce the
Burden of the Programs Running at Windows Startup Without your knowledge,
many programs run every time your computer is started up Windows 7 skips
due to such large number of programs execution That is why; disable the
unwanted programs to fix the issue 1 Open System Configuration a
 Click Start | Run b Type MsConfig and press ENTER 2 Click Startup tab
3 Disable unwanted items 4
Click Services tab 5 Disable unwanted items after you check-up the box
Hide All Microsoft Services 6 Click Apply, windows 7 bootable cd and then
OK 7 Restart the machine for the changes to take effects Highly
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