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					    Sister City Business
Delegation to Tempe Arizona.

     Lessons from Phoenix
       12th October 2011
• Celebration of 30 year relationship between Hutt
  City and Tempe.

• Hutt City Council and Hutt Valley Chamber of
  Commerce formed the delegation.

• Need to derive economic benefit to justify the

• Business-focused delegation
 A little about Hutt Valley Chamber
• 750 members

• SME’s and larger companies, CRI’s etc

• Covers entire Hutt Valley - Lower Hutt and
  Upper Hutt

• Close, effective economic development
  relationship with Hutt City Council
 Hutt City Economic Development
• Economic development model based on
  leveraging our strong science, research
  technology and innovation business base.

• Technology Valley – aim to make the Hutt Valley
  into one of NZ’s leading export and economic
  growth centres based on science, engineering and

• One of our visions is to create and stimulate links
  between business and research, technology and

• 810 tech companies (BERL).
                        Sister Cities
• Tempe’s Sister cities
  – Hutt City
  – Regensburg Germany

  – Trollhattan, Sweden (not official sister city)

• Others
  –   Beaulieu sur Mer, France
  –   Timbuktu, Mali
  –   Skopje, Macedonia
  –   Carlow, Ireland
  –   Cuenca, Ecuador
       The Business Delegation
• Hutt City Council Mayor and Mayoress, CEO and

• President Hutt Valley Chamber

• Local business owners/ CEO’s
  –   Gordon and Marie Malin (Solar energy)
  –   June Ranson (Woburn International Immigration specialists)
  –   Charles Gilmour – (Indeserve)
  –   Cynthia Patterson – (Open Polytechnic)
     Are there business

and economic development

   opportunities possible

through our sister city links?
           What we discovered…

• Sister cities offers a key leverage opportunity for
  economic growth.

• Many similarities with some of Lower Hutt’s sister cities,
  potentially the same for Upper Hutt.

• Many complementary economic factors with sister cities.

• Surprised to find we attracted a lot of attention bringing a
  business delegation – opened more doors.
• Technology focus.

• Intro to the No1 regional development council in

• Several key business relationships established.

• Profile through sister cities.

• Several years ahead of Hutt Valley in business
  and economic development.
       Tempe/Phoenix continued

• Really hungry for international investment
  and companies to establish local jobs.

• Easy to do business with.

• Our doorway and “soft landing”
  to the US market
         Trollhattan - Sweden
• Innovatum Science Park

• Home of Saab

• Focus on production technology, energy,
  environmental technology and creative industries

• 115 companies with 900 employees

• More than half of Sweden’s
  motion pictures made in Trollhattan
        Regensburg - Germany
• Tech focus, bio tech, automotive, innovation, tyre
  pressure, transformers, LED and infrared lasers, Opto
  semi conductors, synthetic genes, turbine blades for
  aircraft, biotech.

• Next focus on engineering and science, IT incubator, IT

• One of top 15 technology areas in Germany

• 3.3% unemployment

• Good example of result of tech focus
           Business Introductions
Facilitated numerous introductions to key, high profile relevant
companies, including -

• First Solar – largest solar company in USA

• Rio Solado College – High profile, larges online distance learning
  tertiary institution

• Phoenix University – largest online learning company in USA

• SkySong – technology park driving economic development

• Greater Phoenix Economic Council

• Tempe City Council
• Global business and innovation centre

• Private public partnership/ ASU

• Aims to open up the USA domestic market to
  foreign companies to create local jobs

• Soft landing for global businesses

• Estimated $113.6m worth of economic impact
  annually in new jobs, new companies
                 SkySong continued
• 67 companies of which 19 are international, representing 10

• $113m economic impact annually

• 733 jobs

• Estimates of $9.2b when it is 30 years, including 5000 jobs

• On its way to being 1.2m square feet of offices and retail space, plus
  residential units

• A perfect model of one aspect that our Technology Valley
   programme can achieve.
Greater Phoenix Economic Council
Greater Phoenix Economic Council
• Private/public partnership

• Not for profit

• Number one recognised regional development
  organisation in the USA

• Is the investment promotion agency for the Phoenix,
  Arizona area of the United States. GPEC says its goal is
  to market the Phoenix region in a way that attracts quality
  businesses and high-wage jobs.
• A useful model for engaging the stakeholders for
  Technology Valley and driving economic development for
  Hutt City
                 Sister Companies
• Leverage off selected sister cities – because people prefer to do
  business with friends – Tempe, Regensburg, Trollhattan

• A close working international relationship

• Profiles of members

• Matching members between chambers
    – For joint projects, learning, market information, share skills and resources

• Possible investment or not financially related

• Share similar technologies, markets, resources
      Stepping stone for entering
            the US Market
• Sister companies/ members through Chamber network

• Soft landing services to Arizona through SkySong,

• Sister relationship with SkySong and Tech Valley. Both
  recruiting international business for each other

• Foreign business delegations
            Business Delegations
• Work closely with council, sister city and chamber
• Identify key connectors
    –   Events
    –   Councils
    –   Chambers
    –   Economic development agencies

• More pre planning of meetings but allow time to meet other who are
  unaware of you until you get there

• Profile each visiting company prior

• Structured follow up and communications – incl social media.

• Need key senior people to get in the door.
                 Next steps
• Have set up Technology Valley Development
  Group based which could be a stepping stone
  towards GPEC model
• Further develop relationships with key people,
  extend invitations for hosting in LH, plus prepare
  for next delegation
• Keeping close
  – Follow up on key contacts and regular communications
    for keeping and developing relationships

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