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March 2011

                      Integrity ~ Teamwork ~ Caring ~ Open-mindedness

                        “If It Isn’t Documented – It Didn’t Happen”
   Journaling or keeping a diary is a common practice for many people. Genesis staff must do much the same thing every day
 for each of the people they work with. Accountability is an important part of providing services for people with disabilitie and
 required by the most of the funders of those services. Federal and state regulations require detailed documentation on each of
 the people that participate in Genesis programs The forms are very specific and require a narrative description of how staff
 helped each person work toward their personal goals; any staff guidance, intervention and support that were given; and how the
 individual responded to staff interactions and directions. Failure to fill in every section completely, incorrect terminolog or poor
 handwriting can result in funding being recalled for services that have already been provided.

   The amount of confidential paperwork that this creates is immense and must be kept on-file as long as an individual is
                             everal                       discharged.
 receiving services and for several years after they are discharged All of this documentation must also be accessible to the
 federal and state agencies that monitor service providers This includes Iowa Medicaid Enterprises (IME), the Department of
 Inspections and Appeals (DIA), and the Surveillance Utilization Review System (SURS).

   At Genesis, almost 90% of our 358 staff members must complete documentation every day with most of it is being done by
                                        hand. It takes a lot of time and is a real challenge for many staff to complete for all of
                                        the people they work with without running into overtime hours. In addition the State of
                                        Iowa is strongly encouraging community providers to change to electronic
                                        documentation that will allow on-line access for the agencies that monitor and audit
                                        docume                             line

                                           It will cost more than $150,000 for Genesis to transition to electronic documentation at
                                                      locations.                                            inclu
                                           all of our locations In addition to the electronic systems, this includes computers,
                                           modems, installation fees, and internet access for all of our homes, work centers and
                                           offices that do not yet have internet access.

                                             To make this project a reality, a fundraising campaign was initiated at the beginning
                                           of the year and will continue throughout the year. Several grants have been submitted
                                           to various entities including the county community foundations where each Genesis
                                           office is located, several corporate entities and community organizations. Although
                                           most of those requests are still pending, Wells Fargo and West Central Cooperative
                                           have already made generous donations to this project.

   Chris Nation, Regional Manager of West Central Coop in Jefferson,
 presented a donation to CEO, Terry Johnson, from West Central and a
 matching sum from Land O’Lakes totaling $5,600 A $5,000 donation
 was presented by Wells Fargo in Jefferson represented by Hollie
 Harbaugh, Keith Cueno and Faye Wiley.

   In addition to satisfying government funders and ensuring continued
 funding for those receiving Genesis services, the electronic system will
 speed up the documentation process relievrelieving some of the stress
 placed on our staff and allowing them to devote more time to fulfilling
 our mission to provide opportunities and support for some of the most
 vulnerable people in our communities.

   If you, your business or organization is interested in assisting with this project and want more information, please contact Terry
 Johnson at 515-370-1070 or send your contribution to Genesis Development, E – Doc Fund, P.O. Box 438, Jefferson, IA 50129.   50129
                                         Work Services Update
Indianola – In addition to the Perry Health Care Center and the Gowrie Care Center, Genesis Textile Services has taken
on laundry contracts for five more nursing homes in the Signature Care Center LLC group. The distance between
Indianola and these new facilities located in Estherville, Lake Park, Primghar, Remson, and Sutherland has necessitated
some creative pickup and delivery scheduling, another truck, and another driver. The additional personal care laundry
has also required some creative scheduling. Because this type of laundry requires more dryer time than the laundry can
accommodate in a regular week, laundry hours have been expanded to 7:00 am to 8:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Friday with 7:00 to 5:00 hours on Thursday and Saturday and an 8:00 to 2:00 shift on Sunday. To help
alleviate the manpower shortage, the Christian Opportunity Center (COC) in Indianola – also a provider of services for
people with disabilities – is supplying a six person work crew for the Saturday shift.

Jefferson – Last October Jefferson Work Services began a new custodial contract with the Perry Health Care Center.
Monday through Friday, a Work Services supervisor and three custodial workers clean at the center from 8:00 am to 2:30
pm. The rotating crew is in charge of all cleaning duties. To date, nine individuals have had the opportunity to participate
in this project. The crew recently received praise from Linda Prouty, the Health Center Administrator, for their “hard work,
elbow grease and commitment to ensuring that attention to detail occurred in completion of our projects”. The custodial
crew assisted the facility staff in identifying environmental related problem areas, resolving those areas and keeping them
at the benchmark of compliance.         Other new custodial contracts include Jefferson City Hall and the City Maintenance
  At the work center in Jefferson, over 10,000 transmissions have been boxed and sent out since the beginning of the
year. This was a big push to meet Electrolux Home Products scheduled date to get all products shipped from their
Jefferson location after the plant officially closed in January.

Boone – The Boone Custodial crew has received a certificate of achievement from NISH for outstanding performance of
its Ability One Program contract at Camp Dodge. NISH is a national nonprofit agency whose mission is to create
employment opportunities for people with severe disabilities. NISH assists in securing Federal contracts for a network of
community-based, nonprofit agencies. Providing employment opportunities to more than 40,000 people, the AbilityOne
Program is the largest single source of employment in the United States for people who have severe disabilities.

Storm Lake WS – Can and bottle volume at the Redemption Center has already gone up to what it usually is in the
summer due primarily to the county landfill’s decision to discontinue can and bottle reclamation and redemption at their
site. Almost a half million beverage containers were processed in January. The Bedel Brothers Printing Department is
now in the process of printing their largest, one-customer order ever. Thirty thousand rain gauges are being printed for
Staples Promotional Products.

                                           WS Outcome Goals
                                                 Each year Genesis Development sets specific outcome goals for each of
                                                 the Genesis services. These goals are developed through staff input and
                                                 feedback from stakeholder focus groups including those receiving
                                                 services, their families, case managers, etc. The Work Services goal for
                                                 2011 is to increase training opportunities for those enrolled in the
                                                 program. This will be done by having each of the four Genesis sites that
                                                 have work centers develop a one-hour training program and present it at
                                                 each of the other work center sites. The first of those was an Empathy
                                                 training presented by the Storm Lake staff to those in the Work Services
                                                 program in Jefferson. To help them better understand what it’s like to
                                                 live and work with
                                                 another           person’s
                                                 disability,       Empathy
                                                 Stations were set up
                                                 throughout the building
that participants rotated through. One station demonstrated fine motor
skills problems by having the participants wear heavy gloves to perform a
series of tasks. A wheelchair obstacle course was set up to help better
understand those challenges. Walking the halls with popcorn in one’s
shoes simulates balance and walking problems. The vision impaired
station was on the recycling sort line where they wore safety glasses with
distorted lenses. And in the hearing impaired station directions were all
given in a whispered voice. Future trainings will include Teambuilding,
Employment Expectations/ Quality in the Workplace, and Sexual
                         Steve Raymond Leaves Genesis Board
  Genesis CEO, Terry Johnson, presented a commemorative
plaque to Steve Raymond of Winterset at the end of his service
on the Genesis Board of Directors. Steve completed his first
three-year term in June 2010 at the end of our fiscal year. When
he decided not to run for another term on the Madison County
Board of Supervisors, he also chose to resign from some of the
other boards on which he was serving and left the Genesis
Board in December.
  Many changes took place at Genesis while Steve was on the
Board. Three new group homes were opened in Indianola and
our commercial laundry there expanded from one major contract
with the Des Moines Marriott Downtown to twenty clients being
served today, including the Pella Regional Health Center,
USDA, Courtyard Marriott, the Boone County Hospital and the
Perry Health Care Center. Our offices in Jefferson, Vinton, Belle
Plaine, Indianola, and Boone all moved to new locations. Storm
Lake remodeled their building to accommodate a larger
Discovery program, and Jefferson and Boone both added Discovery to their list of services. Storm Lake entered into a
partnership with Jack Links to provide an on-site work crew for that company in Laurens and added the Bedel Brothers
Printing Department that produces screen printed promotional items for distribution throughout the US and Canada. The
school-to-work program was started in the Boone and Jefferson-Scranton High Schools. Genesis in Boone took over
provision of services to former Good Connections Inc clients when that organization closed its doors, which led to seven
more group homes in Boone and a recycling transfer station. The Genesis Mental Health Services office was opened in
the Perry Hospital with a satellite office in Waukee which was later moved to Adel. Services in eastern Iowa expanded
into Tama and Poweshiek counties with the addition of a residential care facility north of Toledo. The Genesis Custodial
Training Program began at Camp Dodge. And Genesis received its tenth 3-year CARF award. During his term on the
board, Steve served as President in FY2010 and helped guide Genesis through some challenging times as the economy
struggled and Genesis budgets were strained.
   The staff of Genesis would like to wish Steve well and thank him for his time, skills and dedication to Genesis and the
people we serve.

                                                   Henrichs Honored
                                                         for 15 Years of Service
                                                   Wanda Henrichs began working with people with disabilities in
                                                   February of 1996 for the Buena Vista Work Activities Center (BVWAC)
                                                   in Storm Lake. In 1998 that agency became part of Genesis
                                                   Development. Her first duties were at the Maywood home as an
                                                   overnight staff until a daytime position was available. For the past ten
                                                   years Wanda has been the Team Leader at the Maywood home. “I
                                                   enjoy the individual personalities of the people we serve and of our
                                                   staff,” said Wanda. “I especially like teaching hands-on daily living
                                                   skills to those living in our homes.”

                                           Five-Year Milestones
                           Genesis commemorates five-year anniversaries for all staff members.
                                The following have reached a milestone since December.

        Wanda Henrichs, Storm Lake – 15 years                        Tammy Johns, Boone – 5 years
        Deb Anderson, Storm Lake – 10 years                          Dale Carver, Storm Lake – 5 years
        Connie Burgart, Jefferson – 10 years                         John England, Winterset – 5 years
        Alana Curnyn, Jefferson – 10 years                           Leisel Barrett, Boone – 5 years
        Ann Hughes, Winterset – 10 years                             Todd Crase, Winterset – 5 years
        Terria Beck, Belle Plaine – 5 years
                                              Activity at our Sites
                                                Giving Back to the Community & the World - Giving back to the community
                                                is important to the Genesis Discovery groups and the focal point of many of their
                                                projects. Discovery in Jefferson recently donated more than 240 food items to
                                                the Greene County Christian Action Resource Center. At the beginning of the
                                                month the group challenged themselves, those in the Work Services program,
                                                and the Genesis staff to collect at least 200 items before the end of the month.
                                                They more than reached their goal and spent part of an afternoon boxing it up
                                                and delivering it to the food pantry.
                                                This group also did a food project to benefit the hungry in Honduras. They spent
                                                an afternoon in Scranton helping with the set-up for a food packaging project to
                                                benefit the world’s hungry.

Cook-off Winners - The Storm Lake Tornado Aktion Club entered the
Extreme Winter Festival Chili Cook-off contest sponsored by Storm Lake
United and Buena Vista University and brought home the honors! Club
member Chris Strader, Club Advisor and Genesis staff member, Dale
Carver and his wife, Kim, made and served their dried cherry and ground
turkey chili entry called "Sweet Heat". In the photo a BVU Outdoor
Recreation representative, Aktion Club members Andy Meseck and Aaron
Meister, and Dale Carver display their $50 winnings.

                                    Volunteers - Residents at Pheasant
                                    Ridge, the Genesis residential care facility in Tama County, volunteered to help out at the
                                                          Tama County Humane Society in January. They liked it so much that
                                                          they’ve gone back and have taken on more volunteer projects.
                                                          They’ve also helped out at the Tama Library, moved and stocked
                                                          shelves at Pamida and have a list of other possible volunteer

Hootenanny - Bye, Bye Miss American Pie rang out from the Discovery
room in Jefferson as that group accompanied guitarist, Maureen
Borkowski, on their custom-made and very personalized guitars.

                                  Fareway’s Santa – Brian Dickerson
                                  participates in the SCL program in
                                  Winterset and also works at Fareway there. As Fareway’s
                                  Santa Claus, Brian collected $1,256 for the Muscular Dystrophy

                                  Cooking class – Storm Lake’s Discovery program
                                   has completed their second year of cooking classes.
                                   This year five Saturday sessions focused on outdoor
                                   grilling, Italian food, Mexican food, soups, and
                                   party/finger foods. Eighteen members learned how
                                   to cook things like chicken wings, empanaditas,
                                   chicken cacciatore, antipasto salad, homemade
                                   buns, alfredo sauce, cream puffs, and sopapilla
                                   cheesecake. Not only did class members learn how
                                   to prepare the food, they also did the shopping, did
                                   price checks, and learned about the value, nutrition
and cost per serving as well as enjoyed the meal they prepared. Typically there were
usually enough leftovers for each of them to take a meal home to enjoy also.
                                 Thank You for Your Help
                     Contributions made December 2010 through February 2011
ABC Farm Mgmt & Real Estate – James Sankot, Jefferson     Henrietta Kestel, Storm Lake
Advantage Insurance & Financial Services, Jefferson       Bill & Mary Kibby, Fort Dodge
AgPro Partners Midwest, LLC – Andy & Marla Siruta, Dana   Knights of Columbus, Boone
Allan Gough Painting, Perry                               Dr. Paul Klodd, Jefferson
David & Char Anderson, Storm Lake                         Land O’Lakes Foundation
Audubon State Bank Charitable Foundation                  Larry & Joan Lang, Jefferson
Kim & Sherry Bates, Scranton                              Jim & Lois Last, Grand Junction
Bayard Church of Christ                                   Liberty Carton, Minneapolis
Tony Bedel, Storm Lake                                    Marie Lindgren, Jefferson
Dan & Pat Benitz, Jefferson                               Lowe’s Carpet One – Jeff Lowe, Storm Lake
Beta Sigma Phi-Beta Zeta Chapter, Jefferson               Gene & Gloria Lyster, Storm Lake
Rolfe Blaess, Jefferson                                   Rick & Kim Martin, Storm Lake
Boone Bank & Trust Co.                                    Doug & Jan McDermott, Jefferson
Beverly Boorn, Grand Junction                             Meredith Corporation
BPO Does #196, Jefferson                                  MetaBank, Sioux Falls, SD
Lila Breslford, Jefferson                                 Midland Realty, Jefferson
Lyle & Judy Brinker, Jefferson                            Miller Electrical Services Inc, Indianola
R. Brunner, Jefferson                                     Cathy Miller, Boone
Michael & Connie Burkett, Grand Junction                  Doug & LeAnn Monaghan, Jefferson
Daryl & Marianne Carlson, Paton                           Janet Moore, Winterset
Doug & Karen Carman, Jefferson                            Rod & Laura Morgan, Storm Lake
CDS Global Inc, Boone                                     Dean & Donadee Nicholson, Storm Lake
Deana Clause, Jefferson                                   Jim & Karen North, Jefferson
Community Bank of Indianola                               Robert North, Pilot Mound
Community Bank of Boone                                   Isabelle Nuckolls, Paton
Community State Bank, Paton                               Pennie O’Connor, Indianola
Condon’s Service Ltd - Vern Condon, Boone                 Bob & Dorothy Ohrlund, Storm Lake
Marilyn Connor, Cumming                                   Roger & Rose Olhausen, Jefferson
Pat & Nancy Corkrean, Winterset                           Larry & Cheryl Olofson, Boone
Byron Crippin, Storm Lake                                 Jerry & Marlys Ostrander, Jefferson
Steve & Angela Cruse, Johnston                            Claire Patin, Indianola
John & Alana Curnyn, Jefferson                            James L. & Viola J. Pauley, Jefferson
Dawson Township Charities                                 David & Rita Pedersen, Jefferson
Rev’s Bill & Sherri Daylong, Jefferson                    PEO-CZ, Jefferson
Ron & Lori DeBok, Jefferson                               Peoples Bank, Indianola
Denison Drywall Contracting Inc                           Rick & Carol Peterson, Storm Lake
Durlam Electric Inc, Jefferson                            Sandy Pingel, Storm Lake
Chris & Janet Durlam, Jefferson                           Polking Realty, Jefferson
Carolyn Erickson, Boone                                   Raccoon Valley Bank, Perry
Dr. Thomas Fagg, Jefferson                                Bill & Peg Raney, Jefferson
Farmers Mutual Ins & Complete Ins, Jefferson              Maxine & Stan Redeker, Boone
Tom & Ruth Feldman, Jefferson                             Reyes Hearing Aid Center – Fred Reyes, Storm Lake
Figenshaw Furniture-William J. Figenshaw, Jefferson       Father Donald Ries, Jefferson
Jean Finch, Jefferson                                     Kirby & Linda Roberts, Storm Lake
First Baptist Church, Boone                               Stephanie Role, Indianola
First Presbyterian Church, Jefferson                      Kim & Gail Rueter, Grand Junction
Francis Steele VFW Auxiliary #817, Boone                  Sara Lee Foods, Storm Lake
Fratzke & Jensen Funeral Homes – Nathan & Nancy           Paul & Pat Schmitt, Churdan
    Fratzke, Storm Lake                                   Sears Hometown Store, Storm Lake
John & Nancy Gerken, Jefferson                            Mark & Tina Shaw, Jefferson
Gilded Lion Inc – Richard Leuschen, Holstein              Lee & Sheryl Sloan, Jefferson
Hamilton Redi-Mix, Inc, Jefferson                         St John Lutheran Church, Albert City
Leone Harrison, Jefferson                                 St Mary’s Student Council, Storm Lake
Wendy Hartwig, Storm Lake                                 Stone Printing & Office Products, Carroll
Russ & Lisa Herrstrom, Madrid                             Storm Lake Council #357, United Commercial Travelers
Alexis Hooper, Grand Junction                             Storm Lake Lions Club
Hunter Farms, Jefferson                                   Storm Lake Rotary Club
Hy-Vee Drugstore, Jefferson                               Daryl & Pauline Stout, Vinton
Jefferson Family Chiropractic                             Stuyvesant & Benton, Carlisle
Rexine Johnson, Churdan                                   Jim & Nancy Teusch, Jefferson
Jim & Pat Jordan, Boone                                   Dr. Elvin & Patti Thompson, Jefferson
Carl Juergensen, Churdan                                  Doug & Jean Tucker, Jefferson
  United Board Realtors, Storm Lake                            Ronda Watkins, Storm Lake
  United Methodist Women, Jefferson                            Gary & Mary Weaver, Rippey
  United Methodist Women, Scranton                             Wells Fargo Foundation
  United Way of Boone County                                   West Central Cooperative, Jefferson
  United Way of Story County                                   Cindy & Terry Wiemold, Cleghorn
  Gary & Judy Von Ahsen, Jefferson                             Harold & Mary Woodruff, Jefferson
  Gary & JoAnne Walker, Winterset                              Scott & Joni Wulfekuhler, Storm Lake
  Jeanette Walker, Jefferson                                   Karen Younie, Jefferson
  Alice Walters, Jefferson                                     Bill & Mary Zinnel, Boone
  Connie Wandrey, Storm Lake

In Memory of Russell Barrow           In Memory of Mary Kundrat                    In Memory of Merle Olberding
 By Betty Barrow                        By Terry & Darla Johnson                     By Terry & Darla Johnson
                                           Curly & Helen Eason                          Sandi & Noel Drewry
In Memory Diana Butz                                                                    Alana & John Curnyn
  By Cathy Miller                     In Memory of Norm Lindhart                        Linda & David Redfern
                                        By Bill & Betty Schaal                          Carrie Wilde
In Memory of Rich Christian                Bob & Jean Telleen                           Lori Williams
  By Curly & Helen Eason                   Joe & Joan Morgan
     Glen & Beverly Hoyt                   Harold & Mary Woodruff                  In Memory of Marie Ott
                                           Larry & Jackie Fie                        By Terry & Darla Johnson
In Memory of Anjean Chrystal
  By David & Linda Redfern            In Memory of Mabel Maloney                   In Memory of Lila Perrin
                                        By Bill & Betty Schaal                       By Creighton & Buela Millard
In Memory of Dick DeWitt
  By Harry & Trudy Goettsch           In Memory of Lynn Mann                       In Memory of Mary Putzier
                                        By Vern & Marianne Anthofer                  By Ken Putzier
In Memory of Merritt Duncan                Tim & Julie Bantz
  By Bill & Donna Duncan                   Cathy Miller                            In Memory of Roy R. Rodgers
                                                                                     By Margaret Giddle
In Memory of David Gutz               In Memory of Larry McCauley
  By Craig & Janie Hertel               By Terry & Darla Johnson                   In Memory of Mar Smith
                                           Linda & David Redfern                     By Tom & Gina Harrington
In Memory of Ruth Goshon
  By Denny & Ruth Goshon              In Memory of Doris McGregor                  In Memory of Thelma Watters
     Terry & Darla Johnson              By Wayne & Isabel Smith                      By Curly & Helen Eason

In Memory of Kenneth Harter           In Memory of Larry Mercer                    In Memory of Dean Winkelman
  By Terry & Darla Johnson              By Cathy Miller                              By Curly & Helen Eason
     Linda & David Redfern
                                      In Memory of Becky North                     In Memory of Diane Woghan
In Memory of Lila Johnston              By David & Rosemary Hoyt                     By Terry & Darla Johnson
  By Ned R. Johnston                                                                    Sandy Pingel
                                                                                        Cindy Wiemold

In Honor of Bill & Donna Duncan       In Honor of Jay Duncan                       In Honor of Genie Eason
  By Don & Alice Yepsen                 By Bonnie Duncan                             By Duane & Valerie Ogren

              Donations to Jefferson Expansion and Building Fund
                                      Rebecca Opalinski, Parker, CO                Casey’s General Stores
      In Memory of Merton V. Hawk     Doris Dickel, Ankeny                         Kathy & Joe Pittman, Jefferson
        By The Hawk Family            Dennis & Rosemary Klocksiem, Paton           Terry & Darla Johnson, Jefferson
                                      Adria Kester, Ogden
                  Harold Berg, Ogden                                  Milan Kucerak, Jefferson
                  Big G’s Restaurant, Boone                           Kum & Go, Storm Lake
                  Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad                      Larry’s Fine Jewelry, Boone
                  Connie Brooks, Indianola                            Debra Larson, Jefferson
                  BV Stationery, Storm Lake                           Ed Moore, Waterloo
                  Casey’s General Store, Storm Lake                   Pamida, Jefferson
                  Virginia Carlson, Paton                             Pepsi Bottling
                  Tasha Carson, Boone                                 Maggie Plahn, Boone
                  Denise Chapman, Bagley                              Linda Redfern, Jefferson
                  Coca Cola Bottling                                  Don & Marilyn Scott, Guthrie Center
                  Keith Conroy, Jefferson                             Silk Screen Ink, Storm Lake
                  John & Alana Curnyn, Jefferson                      Shirley Stapleton, Jefferson
                  Dairy Queen, Storm Lake                             Jody Stern, Boone
                  Arlo Dorenbush, Boone                               Kathi Stirling, Boone
                  Duane Dozier, Jefferson                             Sugar Bowl Gifts, Storm Lake
                  Curly & Helen Eason, Scranton                       Lance & Colleen Swain, Jefferson
                  Jennifer Ellis, Boone                                                         hnson,
                                                                      Karen Thoma & Kelvin Johnson, Storm Lake
                  Mollie Eslinger, Boone                              Tama Public Library
                  Fareway, Storm Lake                                 Touch of Enchantment, Boone
                  Hardin Clovers 4-H Club, Jefferson                  Walker’s Green House & Floral Shop – Jean Walker, Paton
                  Lil Herridge, Jefferson                             Ronda Watkins, Storm Lake
                  Heartland Car Care, Boone

Pepsi and Coca-Cola came to the rescue of the residents of the ten group homes in Boone in January
when the city invoked a boil order for 48 hours due to a broken water main. The Pepsi and Coca
companies donated a combined total of 55 cases of bottled water to Genesis. The incident also brought to
the attention of the Genesis Safety Committee the need for water shortage to be
addressed in the Genesis Disaster Plan.

                                                Acquiring useable vehicles is always a challenge for the Genesis budget, but Gary
                                                Schulte of Ackworth, made it a little easier by donating a Ford Econline van to our
                                                Indianola site. The van will make outings, field trips and grocery shopping much
                                                easier for the residents of the Indianola group living homes.

                                                           Wish List
Picnic tables                      Vacuum cleaners                     Colored chalk & pencils          Bookshelves
Outdoor benches                    Beanbag toss games                  Scissors – adult size            Step ladders
House paint                        DVD & VCR players                     & safety scissors              Outdoor benches
Answering machine                         along
                                   Read-along books                    Ziploc baggies – all sizes       Paper shredders
Cordless phone                     Educ computer games                 Pens, markers                    Shop vacs
Dining chairs                      Learning programs - 1               Stencils – alpha & numbers       Computers – Pentium IV
Meat slicer                          Aid, birds, weather,              Watercolor paints                   or newer
Corelle dishes                       tornados, etc                     Tempera paints                   Laptops
Dish towel/cloths                  Footballs/basketballs/              Hot glue guns                    Vans/vehicles
Wall clock                           volleyballs                       Old CDs & DVDs                   Fans
Coat tree                          Foam balls for inside               Ink pads & stamps                8’ or 6’ tables
Ceiling fan                        Elmer’s glue, craft glue            Cake decorating tubes            Locking storage cabinets
Men’s electric razors              Arts & crafts supplies              Knit gloves, any size,           Locking file cabinets
Storage bins or tubs               Construction paper                     singles or pairs
Lawn mowers                        White card stock                    Squeeze bottles
Genesis Development
401 W. McKinley
PO Box 438
Jefferson, Iowa 50129

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                           Providing Services for People with Disabilities since 1973

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