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                         City, State ZipCode  H  C  email address


RE: Job Title and / or Job Ad ID#

Dear (Name of Company Representative):

I am writing to respond to your posting on (insert website) for a (insert Job Title) with (insert company). My
expertise is (insert areas of expertise). Your posting caught my attention, as it seems an ideal match for my
talents and career goals. With extensive experience in executive-level consulting and a solid record of
achievement, I offer skills that will be of value to your company. The enclosed resume contains a summary of my
background and qualifications for your review and consideration.

As a (insert current/most recent job title) with (list name of most recent company), I have full responsibility for
the (state high-level area of responsibility). Key results in this and previous positions include:

   List a few key career achievements / accomplishments
   Xxx
   Xxx
   Xxx
   Xxx
   Xxx
   xxx

My hands-on experience is complemented by my specialized education and training. In addition to a degree in (list
degree i.e., BS in Information Systems), I have completed workshops and seminars in (list any special
professional certifications and relevant training). With a solid record of success, I am confident that I will be an
asset to your team.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and explore how my talents can meet them. Please contact
me using the phone numbers or email address provided below. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you
for your consideration.

(insert name)
(insert email address) or (insert phone #)

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