How to Make Your Own Cheese

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					                        How to Make Your Own Cheese

The basic ingredients of cheese is generally made from fresh cow's milk. Cheese is a
processed food from the manufacturing milk with milk or cream to agglomerate or a
 combination of both. In general, 1 pound of cheese made from 11 pounds of milk (1
 pound = 453.59237 grams). In this world there are more than 1,000 types of cheese.
Quality, nutritional value and characteristics of the cheese depends on various factors,
     including the type of milk used (can milk cows, goats, sheep, buffalo, etc.).

                        Materials to make their own cheese :
                                   2 cup of cow's milk
                       10 tsp lemon juice (can also use lemon juice)
                                        salt to taste
                                        oil to taste
                                      pepper to taste
                                    margarine to taste
                                       sugar to taste

                              How to make your own cheese :
 1. Pour the liquid cow's milk into a stainless pan with pepper, margarine, and sugar.
                                      Cook over low heat
       2. Stir slowly until the milk to boil. Never stop stirring the milk can be burnt.
           3. After the milk boils, turn off the stove and let stand until milk warm
          4. Add 10 teaspoons lemon juice into the milk. let stand until cold milk.
    5. After given the lemon juice, milk will separate into two parts. There are parts of
                                 the solid and the liquid there.
                 6. Stir until the two parts are mixed again for 5-10 minutes.
    7. Then filtered using a filter cloth to separate the head of the milk (solid part) and
                  whey (the liquid). The head would be the cheese milk
        8. Drain and press the head of the milk that remains in the cloth squeezed to
                      remove liquid reduces and so does not get wet.
                   9. Open the fabric lemon and add a little salt if you like
       10. Mix the cheese and salt, then press again to remove any remaining liquid.
      11. Place the cheese in the mold or simply left in place so that the ball-shaped.
       12. Let stand until completely cool and the cheese is ready for consumption.

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