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									                       FEDERAL MANAGERS ASSOCIATION
                                 Chapter 19
                 VOL 11-02                        NEWSLETTER                                 NOVEMBER 2002

In this issue:
                                      USS CHARLOTTE Project
Long-Term Health
Golf Tournament
Time Bank
LAT Brunch
December Birthdays
PAC Report
President’s Message
Next General Meeting
Board Members
Newsletter Contact               USS CHARLOTTE Project Superintendent Clem Lopez, surrounded by his
                                     team, being presented a FMA Make a Difference paperweight by
Noteworthy:                                      FMA 1st Vice President, Wayne Wilcox
 The 2004 Mid-Year
   Conference will be
   held in Hawaii                 Senior staff members of the USS CHARLOTTE SRA Team were the featured
                             guest speakers at the October general membership meeting. Project
Reminders:                   Superintendent Clem Lopez led the presentation with assistance from Assistant
                             Project Superintendents Joe You, Donald Dowd, and Alan Miyashiro.
 Adopt-A-Highway
  and Sausage Pick                 Clem explained the challenges the lay ahead for the team due to a larger
  Up will be on held         than normal work package, the amount of concurrent AIT and contractor work, a
  on 16 November             scheduled battery replacement, and the difficulties of accomplishing production
                             work through the upcoming holiday period. Project Material Manager Commander
 FMA National is            Bobbi Collins discussed her aggressive action plan to ensure that the project
                             acquires all the necessary job materials in time to support the production
   offering incentives       schedule. Her “one stop shopping” approach should delight the workforce when
   of cash and prizes        the time comes to “chase down parts." Zone Managers Melvin Ibale, Mark Chun,
   for recruiting new        Frank Peterson, Duane Lorenzo, and Robert ” Bobby T” Torricer explained the
   member into the           work breakdown between respective zones and how each zone will function and
   FMA. Program              support the others.
   runs until 31 March            It is apparent the project team has set high standards for itself with objectives
   2003.                     such as the goal to complete all work with no accidents or injuries, accomplish all
                             work properly the first time, and complete all certification documentation in a timely
 Help balance our           manner. When asked, “What new initiatives is the project using to assure
  books. If you pay          success?" Clem responded, “Many. For example, workability reviews have been
  FMA dues through           done for high risk jobs. Supervisor administrative support has been established to
  cash/check, please         free up first line supervisors for more deck-plate time. Milestone management is
  bring your dues up to      invoked, and we have established excellent teamwork with ship’s force."
  date. Call Yvonne
                                   After hearing this presentation we believe that the project team has poised
  Ajimura 488-0613 for       this SRA to become the next “good news story” for Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
  status or information      and IMF.

                   Long-Term Health Care Insurance
                                                 By Eric Kimura
       Most of us think of retirement as a time to golf, travel, play with grandkids or do volunteer work. We
presume that we’ll be in good health. If anything, we make provisions for our spouses and children to be
taken care of after we die. What we don’t plan for is if something happens that we require medical attention
around the clock for an extended period of time. Is this likely? At a recent seminar I attended, I heard that
once we pass 65 years, our chances are one in two of spending some of our remaining years in long-term
health care. Our spouses will probably end up being the
initial caregivers. Caregiving for the spouse can be
exhausting, costly, and health destroying. I watched both
my mother and my mother-in-law in such situations and no
matter how well meaning the children were, the principal
burden fell to the spouse. There is always the fall back to
declare oneself a penniless indigent and let the state
Medicaid program pay for a nursing home but this has
several disadvantages. First, almost all the assets you
carefully saved to pass on to your children will become
subject to a lien to the state. Second, nursing homes don’t
have to take you, leaving you back at home with your
already exhausted spouse or the even more expensive
                                                                 Allyn Lai (right) talks to Consumers Group
hospital option. Third, as a ward of the state, your options
for various types of nursing or assisted care are no longer      Insurance at the September General Meeting
your decision to make.

      One answer to this potential problem is long-term health care insurance. The Federal Government, in
partnership with John Hancock and MetLife is sponsoring an open season that ends on 31 December 2002.
Take the time to look at the program at their website at www.ltcfeds.com. Also, check the open market for
competitive rates and more flexible options such as spousal discount and survivorship. Look at reputable and
big firms that have experience in long-term health care from companies such as John Hancock, MetLife, GE,
and CNA. There are six decisions that you will need to make when considering long term insurance from the
Federal program and for most other programs:
       1. Comprehensive or Facility Only coverage.
       2. The size of the Daily Benefit Amount ranging 50 to 300 dollars.
       3. Whether the benefit should be a per day or a per week amount.
       4. The benefit period, for 3 years, 5 years or unlimited.
       5. The waiting period of 30 to 90 days.
       6. An automatic inflation option or future purchase option.

       The options you choose will depend on your individual outlook and financial situation. The
“Comprehensive” option allows home care options while the Facility Only does not. Facility Only does not
have options such as in home hospice care. A weekly benefit period is recommended as it allows exceeding
the daily benefit amount for several days as long as the total weekly amount is not exceeded. The automatic
inflation option offers a fixed price with inflation protection. With the future purchase option, you can elect to
switch to automatic inflation but the cost will be based on your age at the time you switch.

      Take the time to look research long-term health care. This is for your spouse, your children, and your
peace of mind. For the top ten considerations when purchasing long-term care insurance go to

     I would like to thank Ron Tobara and George Tanabe, brokers for Royal State Group Insurance
Services, Inc. (CGIS) (539-1777 or toll free1-888-942-2447 or email cgisservice@royalstate.com) for their
assistance in developing this article. Most of this information was presented at the September FMA General
Meeting. Contact Ron Tobara or George Tanabe for handouts. Consumers Group/Royal State is also our
partner with PHFCU in offering HDS dental plan insurance.

Note: FMA does not endorse any particular long-term health care organization.

                               By Tournament Chair Mike Pia

      The 5 Annual PHNSY & IMF Golf Tournament was
held at Makaha on Columbus Day, 14 October 2002. On
the morning of our tournament, 120 energized golfers
armed with their golf clubs were sent out to their
respective starting holes.   The volunteers were given
their assignments and also raced to the par three holes.

     The day was beautiful with a slight breeze and the
sun was just waiting to dry the early morning dew. The
tournament started at 0800 and the first foursome came in
at 1230 hours immediately followed by the others.    The
award banquet meal was outstanding and door prizes and
the tallying and the distributions of the awards went

1 place winner was Linda Burgess
 th                         th
5 place "da big winna" (5 Annual Golf Tournament)
also, for the Adams tight lie fairway wood was Mike
Raymond of X99
Longest drive was Clyde Masaki of C/300
Closest to the pin 2 Hole was Mike Johnson of C/300
6 Hole was Samuel Fox of C/265                                Clyde Masaki, Dwight Pang, Milton
13 Hole was Frank Kawana of X64                              Hashimoto, and Neal Takase at 2nd Hole
17 Hole was retired Shipyarder Roy Murakami of C/2330

                                                   Special thanks to the organizations and volunteers who
                                                  helped make this event successful. The following
                                                  organizations contributed monetary donations so we were
                                                  able to purchase prizes and pay for the volunteers'
                                                  lunches: Pearl Harbor Federal Credit Union, Federal
                                                  Managers Association Chapter 19, and the PHNSY & IMF

                                                   Volunteers     were
                                                   Owen and Marion
                                                   Okumura (2 Hole),
                                                   Steven Lorenzo and
                                                   Jerry Mashon (5
    Mike Johnson (right) receives the award        Hole), Kainoa Lopez
                                  nd               and Vince Kapoi
       for being closest to the 2 Hole pin            th
                                                   (13 Hole), Warren
                                                   Sunada with his
sister Honey Girl Cooney (17 Hole), Eric Kimura who ran the water
bottles cart was also our tournament photographer. Back at home
base, me, my wife TinaRei and Holden Labrie (Honey Girl's grandson)
held down the fort and got the place ready for the banquet. MAHALO
NUI LOA to all!

      Everyone had a grand time, the tournament was well organized,
the prizes were great, and the weather was just perfect -- couldn’t ask
                                                                          Tournament Chair Mike Pia (left)
for a better day.                                                          briefs Clem Lopez's son Kainoa
                                                                          during the pre-tournament set up
     So until next year, “E MALAMA PONO."

                                                             NAME           HRS PLEDGED       WORKED
                                                    Bridgit Bales                  25            9
                                                    Nolan Chang                     6            2
                                                    Freeman Correa                 10            6
                                                    Bill Gould                     20           39
Time Bank                                           Richard Karasaki                6            3
                                                    Shelley Kaya                   20           32
                                                    Eric Kimura                    50           46
                                                    Randy King                     25            0
                                                    Clem Lopez                     20            6
     Each election cycle Chapter                    Ed Lum                         20           30
     19 establishes a Time Bank                     Ron Obrey                      10           17
     by which members pledge to                     Owen Okumura                   50           60
     donate hours to work in the                    Barbara Paris                  20            0
     campaigns candidates for the                   Bob Paris                      20            0
     US House and Senate. If you                    Mike Pia                       16           25
     wish to participate notify any                 John Priolo                   100           77
     Chapter 19 Board member.                       Bob Sonoda                     50           19
                                                    Hazel Sutherland               10           18
                                                    Wayne Wilcox                   25           16
                                                    Tony Dilullo (Chap 187)        20           25

 LAT Caps Successful Year with Champagne Brunch
                                             By Ed Lum
     Close out the year and help us honor the members of the Legislative Action Team (LAT) by
attending a Champagne Brunch scheduled for 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, 29 December 2002, at the Hickam
AFB Officer’s Club. All our congressional representatives have also been invited to attend.

     The LAT played an active role in issues directly affecting the welfare of PHNSY & IMF by keeping
the lines of communication open with our congressional delegation. Through their efforts, PHNSY &
IMF has continued receiving funding for revitalization (Apprentice Program). Most recently, NAVSEA
authorized planning funds for the next ERO at Pearl. Military Construction (MILCON) Project P-309,
containing funding for needed facilities, was added to the congressional FY03 budget due to the dogged
efforts of the team members.

      Lead by Shelley Kaya and Randy King, the LAT members maintained high visibility with the
congressionals by attending their fundraisers and campaign headquarter openings, marching in the
Kailua Fourth of July parade for Patsy Mink and participating in old fashion sign waving. Through all
this, the members continued to bring the important Shipyard issues to the congressionals’ attention.

     If you are interested in attending the Champagne Brunch, contact any Chapter 19 Executive Board
member by 24 December. The brunch features pork, seafood, beef and poultry entrees prepared in
international flavors. There will also be an omelet & eggs to order bar, a stir-fry bar, and a dessert bar.
Rounding out the buffet will be a wide variety of fresh fruits and salads along with other breakfast
dishes. The cost of the Champagne Brunch will be $17.95 per person ($8.95 for ages 7 to 11, $4.50 for
ages 4 to 6) excluding gratuity. Hope to see you there!

  Happy Birthday                                                    FMA-PAC
Happy Birthday to all those born                FMA-PAC is the political arm of our organization. Contributions
                                                                 as of 7 September 2002:
        in December!
                                                         Contributor   2002 National 2002 Mid-Yr To Date
                                                     Michael Pia            152          239       391
 12/2      Vincent Chong, Jr.                        John Priolo            170          215       385
 12/3      George Nakashima                          Eric Kimura            116          202       318
 12/8      Edwin Pimentel, Jr.                       Frank Dietz            140          130       270
 12/9      Jose Vargas-Lebron                        Freeman Correa          50          100       150
 12/8      Ronald Takashima                          Shelley Kaya            50          100       150
 12/11     Clement Lopez, Jr.                        Wayne Wilcox           120            0       120
 12/11     Dennis Loveland                           Roy Armstrong          100            0       100
 12/11     George Wilcox                             Bridgit Bales          100            0       100
 12/12     Donald Yasutake                           Barbara Paris          100            0       100
 12/14     Gene Armacost                             Owen Okumura             0          100       100
 12/16     Calvin Endo                               Clem Lopez               0          100       100
 12/17     Alfred Willing                            Bill Gould               0          250       250
 12/19     David Stock                               Ed Lum                   0          100       100
 12/20     Peter Krape                               Diane Pierce            50            0        50
 12/22     John Priolo                               Chapter 19               0           31        31
 12/24     Michael Geffen                            W. Anonymous            14            0        14
 12/24     Karl Kato                                 Keith Galang            14            0        14
 12/28     Barbara Paris                             K. Anonymous            10            0        10
 12/29     Kevin Correa                              Michael Hahn             0            3         3
 12/30     Milton Hashimoto                                     TOTAL:     1186         1570      2753

                                               By John Priolo

     On Shooting the Messenger: "If there is an atmosphere where contrary views aren't well received,
     you may move into an operation that isn't well-advised"

                                                                             ~ Unnamed 3 Star Officer

     On The Office of the Vice President:
     "The Vice President simply presides over the Senate and sits around hoping for a funeral"

                                                                                     ~ Harry S Truman

     On Modern Life: "We are living in the Age of Partial Concentration best symbolized by a driver
     of an SUV, weaving in and out of heavy traffic, while talking on a cell phone whose pager has just
     gone off and whose electronic organizer is chirping that he is late for a meeting.

                                                                                          ~ Anonymous

     President’s Message
      and AVIS                                                                    ZoNews
                                                                                  By John Priolo
                                 By Eric Kimura
                                                               Call for Nominations for the Office of Zone 7

                                                                    An election for the Zone 7 President for CY03/04
                                                               will be held at the Zone 7 Meeting to be held in
                                                               conjunction with the Joint Zone 7/8 Conference in
                                                               January 2003 in the Long Beach, California area.

                                                                   Nominees must be members of a Zone 7 FMA
                                                               Chapter and in good standing. Nominations may be
                                                               made prior to the Zone 7 meeting. Nominations will
                                                               also be accepted from the floor. If your Chapter is not
               Baby Steps to Change                            going to be in attendance Proxy votes may be made
                                                               using the form found in the FMA National Bylaws.
        This year I made a resolution to be early. I
haven’t been that successful, but I think at least I can
be early in one area: the FMA Newsletter President’s           Articles for the Federal Manager
Message for the next year.
                                                                    We can all be proud of the quality and timeliness of
        When a toddler begins to learn to walk, he or          the FMA Magazine The Federal Manager. While much
she usually stumbles right off the bat. The steps              of the credit properly goes to the FMA Magazine Staff
aren’t very big; the child wobbles and has to hang on          no matter how hard they work, no matter how
to someone or something. We adults are supportive              dedicated their efforts, without input from the Chapters
and encourage the child.         In our wisdom and             and Conference there would be no magazine.
experience, we know that the beginning steps are
hard and we don’t harass the child for not being able                You can dictate the content by encouraging your
to walk properly in the beginning.                             Agency to submit an article and by sending news, with
                                                               photographs, of your Chapter activities. We all have a
        Funny, when we adults try to change                    story to tell and The Federal Manager is where you can
something in our lives or our behavior, we usually             tell it. The deadlines for future articles are:
aren’t as forgiving when we fall down on the first
attempt. We somehow expect that we’re supposed to                      Spring 2003              15 January 2003
be able to change and learn a new behavior instantly.                  Summer 2003              15 April 2003
And when we fail on the first or second attempt, we                    Fall 2003                15 July 2003
lose heart, get depressed and say, “What’s the use?”                   Winter 2003              15 October 2003
That’s why I probably never got going on that exercise
program that I always promised myself I start or why           2004 Mid-Year in Hawaii
people fall off their diets.    Why can’t we treat
ourselves with that same kind of understanding and
encouragement that we naturally give a child? Baby                  Advanced planning is already underway in support
steps need to be taken and tumbles should be                   of the 2004 Mid-Year Conference, which will be held in
expected. The important thing is that we keep trying.          Hawaii. The Sheraton Waikiki will be the location of the
                                                               Mid-Year, which will be held 25-29 August 2004.
         So, for the New Year, try taking things in baby       Government per diem rates, currently $112 per day
steps and resolve to keep trying and to understand             plus tax, will be honored and will apply not only during
that others may be taking baby steps, too. Start that          the Conference but three days pre- and post-
new exercise program by just doing one thing                   Conference. Sixty per cent of the rooms are Ocean
differently. Save that one extra dollar a day. Write or        view.
call our Congressional delegation one time out of the
many that you are asked. And start participating in                 While most of the preparations will be the
the future of PHNSY & IMF by going to at least one             responsibility of the Hawaii-based Zone 7 Chapters, the
FMA meeting a quarter. A thousand people taking                Mid-Year will be a Zone 7 project and your participation
baby steps make a difference. Then when we “start              is encouraged. Check out the conference location at
walking” we’ll do even better things.                          www.sheraton-hawaii.com.

General Meeting
                                                          BOARD MEMBERS
Date: Thursday, 21 November 2002
                                            Eric Kimura          President        473-8000 X2883
                                            Wayne Wilcox         1 VP             473-8000 X3372
Time: Doors open at 1530 hours              Owen Okumura
                                                                 2 VP             577-0808 pager
                                            Yvonne Ajimura       Treasurer        488-0613
Place: Ho’aloha Room, Shipyard Cafeteria    Wil Castro           Recording Sec    671-1562
                                            Edmund Lum           Corresp Sec      473-8000 X3057
                                            Clem Lopez           Sgt-at-Arms      473-8000 X9250
Cost: Food and refreshments are available   Shelley Kaya         Director         473-8000 X2939
      for $3                                Michael Pia          Director         577-0322 pager
                                            John Priolo          Director         474-8477

                                                     NEWSLETTER CONTACT
                                            The FMA Newsletter is published monthly. Articles are
                                            due by close of business at the General Meeting. Please
                                            send them to Eric Kimura (kimuraey@phnsy.navy.mil).
                                            Your comments are always welcome.

                                                    Pamela Dittrick……….Editor (541-2296)

Chapter 19
P.O. Box 1685
Pearl City, HI 96782

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