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					                                                Newsletter                      JULY 2012 | VOLUME THREE, ISSUE SEVEN

Change your life, change others ’ lives… Join a Ministry Team!
An adult in this church who, with a little
                                                                                     n you to be
                                                               We would love to trai
encouragement from a friend,  decided to not
just come and sit in Sunday Service and leave,
                                                                                     istry Team!
but to plug into a  Ministry Team.  A few things               on our Children’s Min
happened:                                                                                             • Help with paper work or buy
                                                             • Hold and pray over babies.
‣ She made friends with her co-workers                       • Lead kids in worship. 
                                                                                                      • Connect with new kids and
‣ She found out that you can teach 2 year olds               • Teach kids verses and God                 parents at the FM Resource Tab
  a lot of important things about God                                                     greeter,       Pray for Childre n’s Ministry on a
                                                             • Serve on a team as leader,
‣ She learned she had the gift of teaching                        small group leader with kids           prayer team. 
                                                                            ranging in age from 2      • Share your passion for mission
‣ She found out that fifteen 2-3  year olds loved                                   years to 6th                                        library. 
  her and couldn’t wait to come to her class                                         grade.            • Help with a Family Ministry 

‣ She found out that she could mentor other
  young adults/high schoolers as they worked
  alongside her
‣ She got a chance to informally train parents                                       Join a technical team and help us
                                                                             ?                                         continue to improve
  in the importance of little ones learning to                                      every aspect of the technology we
  follow leaders                                                      W                                                currently use.  This
                                                                                    includes PowerPoint, sound, and ligh
‣ She got to help disciple the next generation
                                                                                    To help our congregation discover
  without having children of her own                                      Y?                                          and treasure Jesus
                                                                       Wh           more effectively during our Sunday
                                                                                                                       morning celebration!
Living Faith Alliance!  God has designed each of
                                                                                    Contact Mark Gebhardt or call the
you with unique resources, spiritual gifts and                              ?                                         church office.  
talents. I call you to invest your life and gifts in                  H  OW         We will patiently train you!

what will last.  Offer them to Jesus.  Join one of
our Ministry Teams. (Several opportunities are
listed here and on page 3 to get you started                                                               
with teams currently looking for members).

Each One Bring Two                                                                                          See page 3 for another min
                                                                                                                                      istry opportunity.

                      Summer camp attendance typically starts          This year the children            Last week, after Treasure Seekers,
                      slow and then builds. Last year, Camp                                              students were given three tickets to
                      Grace for LFA kids did exactly that.
                                                                         know that camp is               camp: one for themselves and two to
                      Attendance started in the low 60s and             fun... so let ’s start off       share with family or friends. “Each One
                      built to the mid 80s. We are thankful it              with a great                 Bring Two” - what a great motto for camp.
                      grew. Two things made that happen. One,
                      kids were having a great time. Two, they
                                                                       attendance and build              Join the fun July 9 -13 at Living Faith
                      invited their friends to join them.             it into a fantastic one!           Lincoln.

                                         Living Faith Alliance Church
                               OFFICES                                                              GATHERINGS
            1987 South Lincoln Avenue • Vineland, NJ 08361               SUNDAY SERVICES: 8:30 /10:30 am • WEDNESDAY CLASSES: 6:30 pm
                 856-696-3444 •                       Cumberland Christian School 1100 W. Sherman Ave. Vineland, NJ 08360
 Men’s Event a t L F A                                                       Women of Fai
 Men of LFA Church:                                                          Women of LFA Church:
                                                  There’s an                 Women of Faith will be held
                                                   opportunity               September 7th and 8th at the Wells
                                                   in six weeks              Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Friday: 7pm – 10pm and Saturday:
                                                   to get                    9am – 5pm.  Tickets are $101.00 as we have Premium Seats. The
                                                    involved in              theme is Celebrate. God calls us in Joel 2:21 to “be happy and
                                                    an activity              full of joy, because the Lord has done a wonderful thing.” Life is
                                                     that could              sometimes hard and not so full of joy, but as you listen to the
                                                     have a very             speakers tell their stories you will be touched as you hear how
                                                     profound                our mighty God is for us and not against us. We are His
                                                      impact on              daughters and His love is great for us even when we don’t
                                                      the men of             understand. Come and be edified as you listen to God’s Word!
                                                       our                   Contact Denise Middleton ( for
                                                       community.            more information.
                                          For that to happen
 we need to be men that are willing to come alongside other

                                                                                               Parent Summit
 men to help them answer the call that God has on their life.

 On Saturday, August 18 at Living Faith Lincoln, we will meet at
 8:00am for breakfast, and Pastor Nate will speak to us about                                          First-ever training
 masculinity. Then we will go to Impact Harvest                                                     opportunity for parents in
 [] here in Vineland to help harvest                                            our Milestone Pathway!
 produce that will go to needy people in our area.
                                                                                                      Saturday, October 13th.
 At noon, we will have lunch and cast vision for some very real                                          Register 8/5 in the Café.
 steps men can take in their journey toward God.

 T FL Fa Preview
 Don’t go into the Fall without considering God and where He wants you to grow.
 Start praying and planning now.

            THE 7 ESSENTIALS:                                 OTHER NIGHTS
‣ Alpha: an introduction to Christianity and
  a great place to experience the heart of
                                               ‣ Boundaries: fighting the battle to live
                                                 within the boundaries that God has
                                                 lovingly designed for your life
  Living Faith Alliance Church                   Sunday Evening; Lois Robinson                       Are you a follower of Jesus? Have
  Matt & Donna Hartman
                                               ‣ Marriage Course: a great place to invite            you been baptized? Baptism is an
‣ A Praying Life: developing everyday            friends that don’t know Jesus and to be
                                                                                                     important step of obedience for all
  rhythms of prayer                              introduced to principles for healthy
  Pastor Diego                                   marriages. It is a meal and a date.                 those following Jesus and is a
‣ Created For… : understanding your God-         Thursday; Ken and Eileen Hill                       beautiful way to declare your love
  given design, gifts and talents and using    ‣ Formed By His Word: meets on Tuesday                for Jesus. Come to the Baptism
  them for the Kingdom of God                    for a hands on training in how to study
  Pastor Greg                                    the Bible to know God.
                                                                                                           retreat August 4th and 5th,
‣ Helping Others Change: training in             Linda Casmer, Larry Baruffi, Greg Hill                              2-5 pm to find out
  partnering with God in the transformation    ‣ Life Transformation Group: a small                                   more. Please sign up
  of someone’s life                              group experience of reading the Bible,
                                                                                                                      on the website, on
  Leslie Baruffi                                   personal accountability and
                                                 prayer. Talk to your                                                  the connect card or
‣ Financial Peace University: practical,
  Biblical training in your finances              pastorate leader for                                                    call the church
  Tim Vaughn                                     details
                                               Ca mp Grace
                                               is here!
       “From Him
      the whole
     body, joined
                                               All our planning and all our hard work
        and held                               has come together, and the training for
     together by                               Camp Grace is starting July 5th and 6th,
                                               with camp launching July 9th at Living
          every                                Faith Lincoln.  We are praising God in advance for the
      supporting                               ways that He will bless us this summer and lead us to
                                               reach our community with the Gospel of Jesus
        ligament,                              through this dynamic avenue of Camp Grace. 
      grows and                                UNABASHEDLY
     builds itself                             Unabashedly is defined as: “not ashamed,
                                               disconcerted, or apologetic; boldly certain of ones
     up in love, as                            position.” This is my prayer for our youth: that God
                                               would raise up OUR young people to live unabashedly
        each part
                                               for Christ, for His purposes and His glory. That they would be not ashamed,
         does its                              disconcerted, or apologetic; instead BOLDLY certain of their position before the
                                               God of the ages!  I am praying that God does this radical work in the lives of our
          work”                                students here at LFA over the summer.  We must prioritize the work of God in the
                                               lives of our children. 
           Ephesians 4:16
                                               Pray about having your Jr. or Sr. High student sign up to volunteer at Camp Grace.
                                               Anyone can sign up in the Cafe.

                                               For the first time ever we will be running Camp Grace in two locations at once. We
                                               are doing this because we believe that God desires to reach Millville and Vineland
                                               with the Gospel of Jesus. Desiring to partner with His purposes, we thought it more
                                               effective to run Camp Grace for two weeks instead of one week, like last year. In
                                               order to do this, we had to either cancel one camp or run them simultaneously. The
                                               choice seemed obvious: we have to run them simultaneously.  
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                                               We are still looking for people to get on board, to volunteer their time, resources
    Our desire at Living Faith Alliance        and prayer. All ages are welcome as we serve the Kingdom of God, and look to
    Church is to be a place that all people,   expand the Kingdom to children in our church, in center City Vineland (Carl Arthur
    young and old, can tangibly serve the      Center) and Millville (In His Presence Worship Center). See the Camp Grace booth
    kingdom of God. Our set up and break       in the Café for specific ways to get involved. 
    down teams are one of those places
    that anyone can serve. I want to
    encourage you to consider serving on
    one of these teams.                        One of the four break down teams start
                                               breaking down after second service
     Here’s what it looks like: one of our     every Sunday. Once break down is
     four set up teams get together at         complete, volunteers share a meal and
     5:30pm every Saturday for a sporting      community together. 
     activity, like basketball, soccer or
     ultimate Frisbee.  And then at 7:00pm     Try out one of our break down and set
     they set up the sanctuary, children’s     up teams. You only commit for as long
      ministry wing and the cafe. This is a    as you can. NO OBLIGATION! Come out
      great place to begin to get connected    and meet others who love Jesus, and
      to the life of our church.               serve him together!                              
Migrant Launch Team on                                                               e Move
We are gearing up for our next exciting step in                           A few ways you can support
reaching out to the migrant families and                                       this endeavor include
workers in Cedarville, NJ. Our first step back in                               praying for us or joining
May allowed us to pave the way for our next                                     an on-site prayer team,
move.                                                                             donating items through
                                                                                       the sender’s table
On July 14, we will bring a package of                                                    located in the
activities that will allow us to interact                                                Cafe, offering            Frank & Kim Medio
and love on the migrant families. Our                                                    your expertise            Sundays 4:30 pm
hope is to use this avenue to continue                                                                              609.567.1324
                                                                                       as a nurse or 
building relational bridges and discern what             health worker, helping set up, using your
God may have for us in terms of next steps               bilingual skills to help us relate and build           Dave & Connie Jones
after this outreach. Some of the activities we           bridges with the families and workers at the             Sundays 1:00 pm
are planning to offer are:                                migrant camp, or even helping with the kids                856.327.4845
‣ a health brigade                                       as we lead them through different activities.
‣ children’s activities                                  For more information feel free to contact
‣ English as a Second Language Jump Starts               Diego Cuartas at or           Steve & Sharon Schalick
‣ legal assistance                                                                                                Sundays 1:00 pm
                                                         our local missions coordinator at                          856.457.2192
‣ other referral services for families          .            
‣ a fabulous picnic on site.

Teens in Complete Devotion
                                                                                                                Harry & Val Behrens
                                                                                                                 Sundays 5:00 pm
The Senior High youth group recently returned from our
trip to the International House of Prayer (IHOP) where                                                       Joel Howard (young adults)
we attended Fascinate, a nationwide youth conference                                                              Sundays 7:00 pm
for Senior High youth put on by IHOP in Kansas City.                                                
God did some amazing things while we were there!
                                                                                                                   Hap & Sue Hyson
Here are a few highlights:                                                                                      Wednesdays 6:30 pm
‣ God healed one of our female students who has been suffering with knee pain for months                             856.691.5903
‣ He brought restitution to friendships that were broken

‣ A student was moved to repent to their parents for not coming under their authority                            Larry & Leslie Baruffi
                                                                                                                 Wednesdays 7:00 pm
‣ God spoke powerfully to many of the youth about living lives of COMPLETE DEVOTION to Jesus.                        856.691.9211
We serve a powerful God who loves to demonstrate His love for His children through His power.
May we all be encouraged that our God loves us that MUCH! Pray with us over summer ministry                           Ed Gove
that God continues this work of love and power in the lives of our students. We are trusting God               (LFAC Fenimore Group)
to do this through the students actively engaging in worship, prayer and mission!                                Saturdays 5:30 pm

             Financial Update                                                                                  Mark & Lisa Gebhardt
                                                                                                                  (Millville West)
             Thank you, Cheerful Givers! It            Please remember your financial                            Thursdays 6:00 pm
            is through your generous gifts             contributions can be given Sunday                           856.305.5272
         that we continue to grow and                  morning during service, via our website
    spread the word of Jesus Christ                    [], or by mail/drop off at
                                                                                                                  Greg & Angie Hill
    throughout our local community and the             LFAC Lincoln Avenue.                                       Sundays 4:00 pm
    world.                                                                                                          609.805.6104
                                 YTD May Projection          YTD April Actual        Difference

             General Fund    $              291,667      $             291,431   $           (236)

             Building Fund                    —          $              10,965              —

             Missions Fund   $                25,000     $              18,478   $          (6,522)

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