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					                         Presented in the Call to the Public
             La Paz County Board of Supervisors meeting on July 16, 2012

Good morning, Madam Chairman, Members of the Board and the public citizens present.

My name is Blain Harold, resident of Salome, AZ, District 3, La Paz County.

In light of recent events, meaning the recent storms and flooding in the county and state specifically the
Centennial Wash in Wenden. Because of health and safety concerns, the planned park in the southeast
area of Wenden lying along the Centennial Wash flood plain should be put on hold. Extra due diligence
and investigation needs to be applied to weigh cost benefit concerns.

Every time there is a storm and flood in this area will be flooded and contaminated with mud, animal
and human waste and other unhealthy contaminants too numerous and disgusting to mention. During
the season there will also be mosquito and other vector problems to be dealt with. May I suggest that
we consider improving the parks and facilities that already exist instead of trying to build a park around
every corner.

On another subject—it is with a heavy heart that I must report to the people a betrayal of public trust.
This goes to the root of a problem which jeopardizes the faith of the people in their government and
elected officials.

Supervisor, Holly Irwin, has violated ARS 11-410. Use of county resources to influence elections. ie—
publication of campaign materials, using county contact information. A prohibited use of personnel,
equipment, materials, buildings and other resources of the public.

Complaints will be filed with the Secretary of State, the State Attorney General and/or the La Paz
County Attorney.

Thank you for your time!

Description: Candidate for La Paz County Dist. 3 Supervisor presented this letter to Board of Supervisors meeting this morning.