Sheet1 - Cedar Valley Woodcarvers by G915K4


  1      Young Carvers up through 13 years of age
      4 1st Brandon Box                         Manatee
         2nd Brandon Box                        Mario
         1st Naomi Box                          Teddy Bear
         2nd Naomi Box                          Duck
  2      Young Carvers 14 through 17 years of age
      3 1st Jacob Langenberg                    Leopard
         1st Jacob Cunningham                   Bark house
         2nd Jacob Cunningham                   Wood burned moose
  3      Realistic Human Figure - single figure or group, any finish
      3 1st Jerry Stockbridge                   Sea captain
         2nd Dee Wolfe                          Doll
         3rd Dee Wolfe                          Doll
  4      Realistic Human Bust - single figure or group, any finish
      5 1st Alice Porter                        Indian Woman
         2nd Alice Porter                       Indian Woman
         3rd Art Mann                           Head
         HM Tom Roe                             Head
  5      Realistic Fish or Aquatic Life - single or group
      7 1st Don Lund                            Grayling
         2nd Don Lund                           Trout
         3rd Larry Lebeda                       Blue Gill
         HM Kelly Salow                         Salmon
         HM Merle Krug                          Crappie
  6      Song Birds - single or group
      3 1st Richard Tharp                       Cardinals
         HM Tad Tadlock                         Cardinal
         HM Tad Tadlock                         Blue Jay
  7      Birds of Prey - single or group, any finish
      4 1st Kelly Salow                         Hawk
         2nd Kelly Salow                        Barn Owl
         3rd Richard Tharp                      Eagle Head
         HM Richard Tharp                       Owl
  8      Realistic Water Fowl - single or group
      2 1st Larry Lebeda                        Pintail Duck
         2nd Larry Lebeda                       Pair of Ducks
  9      Decoys - waterfowl or shore bird smoothies
      3 1st Larry Lebeda                        Blue Jay
         2nd Larry Lebeda                       Cinnamon Teal
         3rd Frank Mertz                        Shore Bird
 10      All Other Birds, single or group
      1 1st John Marion                         Bird in Nest
 11      Realistic Animals - single figure or bust
      2 1st Jerry Stockbridge                   Cocker Spaniel
         2nd Alice Porter                       Corgi
12      Realistic Animal Group
     1 1st Kelly Salow                         Snake
13      Realistic Combination of Mixed Subjects - humans, birds, animals etc
     0 1st
14      Caricature - human single
     5 1st Art Mann                            Cave Man
        2nd Roger Beane                        Motor CycleRider
        3rd Merle Krug                         Fisherman
        HM Roger Beane                         Biker
15      Caricature - human group or mixed subjects - human with bird, or animal
     2 1st Alice Porter                        Cowboys
        2nd Jim Sanders                        Face
16      Caricature- Animal, bird, fish, single or group
     4 1st Roger Beane                         Bear
        2nd Jerry Stockbridge                  Elephant
        3rd Merle Krug                         Horse
17      Holiday - Santa or Mrs. Claus
     10 1st Roger Beane                        Santa
        2nd Roger Beane                        Santa
        3rd Jerry Stockbridge                  Blue Santa
        HM Tony Bruns                          Bark Santa
        HM Merle Krug                          Sitting Santa
18      Holiday - other items
     2 1st Roger Beane                         Spool Santa
        2nd Elmer Marting                      Trees
19       Mythical - including Kachina Dolls
     2   1st Jim Sanders                       Spirit Face
         2nd Jim Sanders                       Spirit Face
20       Religious Themes
     3   1st Bob Ristow                        Manger Scene
         2nd Bob Ristow                        Cross
         3rd Dave Deming                       Madona and child
21       Miniature - must fit in a 4 inch cube
     6   1st Roger Beane                       Knife Cover
         2nd Roger Beane                       Fisherman
         3rd Dee Wolfe                         Doll
         HM Dee Wolfe                          Doll
22       Floral - single or group in the round
     1   1st Jerry Stockbridge                 African violets
23       Ornamental - jewelry, butterflies, and feathers
     4   1st Roger Beane                       Santa pin
         2nd Mary Lou Snyder                   Wood Duck feather
         3rd Maurie Vandewalle                 Wood Duck feather
         HM Maurie Vandewalle                  Blue Jay feather
24       Functional and decorative
     9   1st Don Lund                          Trout Bowl
         2nd Steve Mikulas                     Decorative Plaque
         3rd Art Mann                          Free Form Design
         HM Bob Ristow                         Leaf Bowl
         HM Bob Ristow                         Chip Carved Box
         HM Mary Lou Snyder                    Leaf Bowl
25       Relief Carving - deep or shallow - any subject
     7   1st Sue Orth                          Reflection in Mirror
         2nd Steve Mikulas                     Grist Mill
         3rd Sue Orth                          Woman's Face
         HM Jerry Schierholtz                  Flower Plaque
26       Chip Carving - any subject
         1st Ann Ristow                        Plate
     3   2nd Bob Ristow                        Tina Box
         3rd Elmer Marting                     Jewlery Box
27       Stylized Carving - any subject
     2   1st Dick Mullen                       Birds
         2nd Frank Mertz                       Bird
28       Bark Carvings
     4   1st Tony Bruns                        Bark House
         2nd Tom Roe                           Bark House
         3rd Tom Roe                           Bark House
         HM Richard Tharp                      Bark House
29       All other Found Wood
     2   1st Rick Frels                        Indian Face
         2nd Rick Frels                        Bark Face
30       Canes and Staffs
     6   1st Max Porter                        Spirit Face Staff
         2nd Dave Deming                       Wood Duck Staff
           3rd Dave Deming                       Chip Carved Staff
           HM Max Porter                         Diamond Willow
31         Intarsia
       2   1st Romaine Orth                      Mule
           2nd Romaine Orth                      Owl
32         Wood Burning
       3   1st Sue Mertz                         Butterfly Box
           2nd Sue Mertz                         Owl
           3rd Ann Ristow                        Santa
33         Carousel, Hobby or Rocking Figures
       3   1st Jerry Stockbridge                 Horse Head
           2nd Alice Porter                      Horse
           3rd Alice Porter                      Horse
34         Mediums Other Than Wood
       3   1st Roger Beane                       Softball Face
           2nd Roger Beane                       Softball Face
           3rd Roger Norfolk                     Golfball Core
35         Miscellaneous - carvings not fitting in any other categories
       5   1st Kelly Sallo                       Antlers
           2nd Elmer Marting                     Advent Candle Holder
           3rd John Marion                       Knife
           HM Bob Ristow                         Mangle Board
36 A       Instructor Assisted - Animals
       9   1st Mary Lou Snyder                   Elephant
           2nd Merle Krug                        Kudo
           3rd Dick Truesdell                    Elephant
           HM Jerry Schierholz                   Mountain Lion
36 B       Instructor Assisted - Birds
       4   1st Mary Lou Snyder                   Red Smart
           2nd Mary Lou Snyder                  Shore Bird
           3rd Dick Truesdell                   Red Smart
           HM Dick Truesdell                    Bluebird
36 C       Instructor Assisted - Caricature
        6 1st Elmer Marting                     Aviator
           2nd Roger Beane                      Cowboy
           3rd Roger Beane                      Baseball Player
           HM Marve Smyth                       Cowboy
           HM Merle Krug                        Cowboys and Indians
           HM Art Mann                          Bird Watcher
36 D       Instructor Assisted - Human
        8 1st Tony Bruns                        Mark Twain
           2nd Roger Beane                      Indian
           3rd Jerry Stockbridge                Baseball Player
           HM Rick Frels                        Indian
36 E       Instructor Assisted - Santa's
        5 1st Kay Lund                          Intaglio Santa
           2nd Sharon Smyth                     Santa
           3rd Sharon Smyth                     Santa
           HM Bob Ristow                        Santa
36 F       Instructor Assisted - Mediums other than wood
        1 1st Marv Smyth                        Moose Antler
36 G       Instructor Assisted - Other
        11 1st Mary Lou Snyder                  Kingfisher & Bluegill
           2nd Elmer Marting                    Chip Carved Plaque
           3rd Roger Beane                      Relief Scene
           HM Larry Lebeda                      Fish
           HM Bob Ristow                        Cane
       170      Total Carvings Judged

            Don Lund                            Grayling ~ Realistic Fish or Aquatic LKife

             Sue Orth                           Mirror Reflections ~ Relief Carving

             Don Lund                           Trout Bowl ~ Functional / Decorative

Best Instructor Assisted
               Mary Lou Snyder                  Kingfisher ~ Instructor Assisted - Other

Best Table Display                              Mike Augustine

Carving Contest Winner                          Adult: Merle Krug
                     Junior: Jared Cunningham

Harold Davis Award   Clark Crane

Judges               Marty Dolphens
                     Robert Kroese

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