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									      If you've ever considered setting up a
directory website you needn't look any further
    than DirectoryPress. DirectoryPress is a
     directory theme for WordPress that can
 transform any standard WordPress blog into
a fully fledged directory website in a matter of
     minutes. The theme itself is a premium
directory theme. Premium WordPress themes
  are themes that are typically designed and
   geared towards the professional market.
        These types of themes are typically
engineered to a higher standard to that of the
 WP themes that one can find on the web for

Software Directory
And whilst the free-of-charge themes may have some use, and may even
satisfy many a user, they'll not be suitable for the most demanding of users:
the type of users that pride themselves on having an unequivocally
professional presence online And for those users who are looking for a
directory website that meets that sort of standard, DirectoryPress may well be
something they'll want to take a closer look at
 Among the wide range of usable features which I'll cover in part during this
article, its most attractive feature has to be its ease-of-use I mean, you needn't
be a computer programmer nor web-designer to use DirectoryPress
 Indeed, an absolute computer novice will be able to get the theme up and
running in next to no time at all No specialist coding, no programming, just a
few option-tweaks in the WP back-end and you'll be good to go! Another great
feature is based in the fact that you can create an unlimited number of
 And if you've been looking around online, you'll have found that many of the
WordPress premium directory theme offerings do not allow for this Usually,
one would have to pay a fee for one license which equates to one installation
 This is not the case with DirectoryPress The license is Software Directory an
unlimited one which means you can create an unlimited number of websites
for an unlimited number of clients or whoever
 The theme is also SEO friendly and has been optimized to perform well in the
search engines Simple, but extremely important, things like the theme's
correct usage of HTML formatting, alt-tags, no-follow link options, and
lightweight coding throughout ensures that the user gets a high performing
search engine optimized website straight out of the box
 And SEO, for all those that don't already know, will be absolutely crucial in
your quest for success on the internet
Software Directory

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