Overtime Authorization Request Form

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									This template Overtime Authorization Request Form allows an employee to request
overtime hours from their employer. The employee has to provide information to the
employer that will allow the employer to make an informed decision in granting or
denying the requested overtime hours. This form is useful to any employer that requires
management or human resources approval before employees are allowed to work
overtime hours. This form is intended to be used by employers; it should be made
available to employees and possibly included in the employee handbook.
                  Overtime Authorization Request Form
Date: __________________

Employee Name:                  ___________________________________________________

Employee ID:                    ___________________________________________________

Employee Job Title:             ___________________________________________________

Employee Department:            ___________________________________________________

Direct Supervisor’s Name:       ___________________________________________________

Current Shift Information:      From: ________ a.m./p.m. – To: _________ a.m./p.m.

                                Days of the Week: M Tu W Th F Sa Su

                                Total Hours Per Week: _________

Do you currently work overtime hours each week?      Y __   N __

Describe Need for               ___________________________________________________

Overtime Request:               ___________________________________________________


Additional Hours Requested: _______________

Signature:      __________________________________________

Approved?       Yes ___         No ___ Why? _______________________________________

Supervisor’s Signature: ___________________________________________________

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