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                                    Mighty Max

                                                                          This is a 6% butyl, non-caustic cold
                                                                          water degreaser. It is commonly used
PRODUCT CODE                                                              in house washing, awning cleaning,
                                                                          concrete floor scrubbing and many
22 2 20
                                                                          other applications.      It will work
                                                                          exceptionally well as a pre-spray,
SIZES AVAILABLE                                                           through a pump-up sprayer, prior to
22220-01 1 Gallon and                                                     steam cleaning, or hot water washing.
22220-C Case of 4 – 1                                                     Mighty Max will remove carbon stain,
Gallons                                                                   bugs, grease and oil, when sprayed on
                                                                          the surface of a vehicle, before
22220-05 5 Gallon
                                                                          pressure washing.
Container                                                                 For use in cold water pressure
                                                                          washers, apply to the surface at the
22220-55 55 Gallon Drum                                                   rate of 1:50. As a pre-spray, apply to
                                                                          the surface at the rate of 1:20, but can
                                                                          be used stronger or even straight,
22220-SDK Single Drum                                                     when soil load demands.
Kit (2 parts)                                                             Contains Sodium Metasilcate.

                          TECHNICAL INFORMATION                           USDA approved.
22220-01 $10.00           Color: Dark Green         pH: 12.9
22220-C $40.00                                      1% 11.4
                          Odor: Butyl
                                                                          SHIPPING INFORMATION
22220-05 $36.00           DILUTION RATE: Product to Water ratio
                                                                          Case of 4 – 1 gallons weight 42 lbs
1-11 units                HOT WATER 1:100
                          COLD WATER 1:50
                          AS PRE SPRAY 1:1 – 1:20                         5 gallon containers weight 50 lbs
22220-05 $33.00
12 or more                Misc: Contains corrosive inhibitors and water   55 gallon drums weight 505 lbs

22220-55 $280.0           WARNINGS:                                       Single Drum kits com in 2 parts,
                          Contains Sodium Metasilicate                    total weight 85 lbs
1-11 units                Do not used on painted surfaces at
                          concentrations of less than 1:15
                          Do not allow to dry on painted surfaces         Not Regulated by DOT/IMO
22220-55 $250.00
                          Always rinse thoroughly
12 or more

22220-SDK $280.00
                                                                             Soap Warehouse
1-11 units
                                                                             P.O. Box 392292
                                                                             Snellville, GA 30039
22220-SDK $250.00                                                            1-800-762-7911
12 or more                                                                   www.soapwarehouse.biz

                                                                                           Updated 7/12/2011

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