Contingent Worker Checklist Form


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									This Contingent Worker Checklist serves as a list for a company to use to determine
who, as between the company and the staffing agency, will handle the responsibilities of
hiring a contingent worker. After determining these issues, the company and the
agency can create, and sign an agreement indicating the agreed terms. Additionally,
the form can be customized to provide for any additional industry specific language that
may be necessary. Use this form to determine which function will be handled by the
staffing agency or the company when hiring a contingent worker.
                          CONTINGENT WORKER CHECKLIST

Indicate next to each number below whether the function will be handled by the staffing agency
or the company, in addition, include any pertinent notes.

   1. Advertising the Position:

   2. Job Description:

   3. Selection Process:

   4. Checking of References:

   5. Hiring and Assigning of Position:

   6. Cost of Training:

   7. Training:

   8. Providing of Tools/Equipment:

   9. Payment to Worker and Payroll Issues:

   10. Workers Compensations/Insurance:

   11. Duration of Employment/Right to Terminate:

   12. Liability to 3rd Parties for Acts of Worker:

   13. Employee Buyout:

   14. Use of Other Agents:

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