Client Bill of Rights


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									This Client Bill of Rights is a list provided by a law firm to its prospective and current
clients informing them what rights they have as clients and what they can expect from
the firm. The client bill of rights is in addition to (and not in lieu of) an attorney-client
agreement. A law firm could distribute this document to enhance the client’s comfort
with, and trust of, the law firm and its attorneys.
                                      CLIENT BILL OF RIGHTS

        We at ___________ [Instruction: Insert Firm Name], believe that informing our clients
about their rights and what they can expect from our attorneys empowers both them and us. This
client bill of rights outlines the rights of our clients. If you have questions about this bill of
rights, please feel free to contact us at ___________ [Instruction: Insert Email Address], and
we will promptly and courteously respond.

    1. The attorneys at ___________ [Instruction: Insert Firm Name] will not discriminate
against clients (or potential clients) on the basis of race, color, gender, creed, sexual orientation,
disability, age, national origin, or otherwise.

   2. We will provide courteous and considerate legal services to our clients while passionately
advocating their matters.

    3. We will only accept clients when we strongly believe that we have the skills, knowledge and
experience necessary to be a excellent advocate.

    4. All of our clients shall receive a written attorney-client agreement before they agree to
hire us as their attorneys. Our attorney-client agreement will specify our relationship and our
duties to you in plain language. You are welcome to request clarifications or additions before
you sign, without undue pressure from us. Any potential client has the right to refuse a fee
arrangement to which he or she objects.

    5. We shall always fairly bill our clients, the detailed billing statements shall only invoice for
attorney time, fees, and costs actually incurred in connection with the clients matter.

    6. We shall keep our clients informed about their matters and important changes in the
status of those matters. Clients have the right to be present in court for any conference related to
their matters.

    7. Clients have the right to copies of all documents in their cases, including court
documents, communications with relevant parties, agreements and anything else that may be

    8. The final decision as what route to pursue in any particular matter shall always be the
client’s decision. As such, we will obtain your written authorization before resolving any significant
aspect of your case.

  9. Our attorneys shall honor your attorney-client privilege to the extent permitted by law.
We shall endeavor to preserve your confidences, honor your privacy, and only disclose the facts
particular to your matters to persons on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.

    10. While our attorneys will use their best efforts to remain current on the laws and legal trends
related to your matter and work hard to provide you with the best representation they can, we
cannot guarantee any specific result in your matters.
    11. We promise to keep client money entrusted to us in an escrow account. Our client’s are
entitled to a written escrow agreement. We will disburse that money promptly to all of the people
who are entitled to it once the escrow agreement's terms have been met.

   12. Our firm will maintain and store your records and files in a secure place and will promptly
release such records and files upon demand.

    13. Our firm will try our hardest to avoid fee disputes with our clients. In the event that such
a fee dispute arises, our clients shall have the right to resolve the dispute through arbitration.

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