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					• Hi! My name is Stephanie Albertini and I am your child’s first
  grade teacher. I like to take this opportunity to introduce
  myself both professionally and personally.

• I received my undergraduate degree from Emmanuel
  College in Business Management and Psychology. After
  deciding to make a career change I returned to Emmanuel
  where I earned a Master’s degree in Education.

• Personally, I am married with 2 children, a girl 17 years old
  and a boy 15 years old. My husband and I enjoy being
  involved in all aspects of their lives.
 Expectations For Students,
   Parents, and Teacher

Follow Wrentham Public Schools core
  Continuous Growth and Learning
 How can you help the teacher?
• Label all your child’s belongings.
• Put your child to bed at a reasonable hour.
• Practice shoe tying, address, birthday, zipping and buttoning, correct
  scissor use, and phone number.
• Teach personal hygiene.
• Encourage using polite words and good manners at all times.
• Teach cleaning up after yourself.
• Don’t tell them you will pick them up if don’t plan on it.
• Don’t tell them if you don’t feel good go to the nurse and I will pick
  you up.
• Help your child stay organized. Have homework folder, sneakers for
  gym, library book, etc.
• Read at least 15 minutes a night with your child- practice, practice,
• Let me know if there is anything going on personally- divorce, death
• Every day be sure to provide a snack with
  a drink. Children have an option to buy or
  bring their own lunch. If your child is
  buying lunch, milk is included. Mrs. White
  offers a main choice, chef’s salad, chicken
  patty and pizza everyday for $2.25. Milk
  only is $.50. A pre-paid lunch ticket is also
  available. The cafeteria is open tonight if
  you would like to sample food and check
  your balance.
• If your child is going to any other destination
  other than his or her assigned bus stop you
  must get permission from Dr. Peterson.
• If you paid to ride the bus please have the
  bus pass attached to your child’s backpack.
• Please try to keep pick up as consistent as
  possible to ensure that your child gets to
  where he/she needs to be.
               Dismissal Policy
• Children are picked up in
  the Delaney cafeteria.
• A note will be required for
• Unexpected dismissal
  need to be called into the
  office. Do not e-mail or
  call me because a
  substitute teacher can’t
  access my e-mail.
• To celebrate birthdays children will take a
  trip to the birthday basket, wear a special
  hat for the day and receive a birthday
  pencil from Dr. Peterson. Summer birthday
  will be celebrated in June.
• Weekly volunteers are used to run book groups, play
  math games, help with writing, etc.
• Please fill out volunteer form in folder if you are
  interested in volunteering.
• When there is a special event and I need several
  volunteers I will send home a general notice with the day
  and time. All classroom parties will be coordinated with
  my headroom parent.
• When visiting always sign in at the office.
• All volunteers are required to fill out a Cori form. This
  may be done in person in the Superintendent's office.
• Children of volunteers must act appropriately.
• Confidentiality is a must!
• Our reading program has been designed to develop successful,
  lifelong readers. This comprehensive program targets skills like
  reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, phonics, grammar,
  sequencing and oral speaking skills.
• Vocabulary (Word Wall Words) and phonic skills are taught at the
  beginning of each week. The students then apply their
  accumulating decoding skills to the main literature selection for that
  week. This program also provides Leveled readers to reinforce
  reading and language skills for varying proficiency.
• The reading program also has a writing component which includes
  journal and story writing. I supplement the program with a Writer’s
  Workshop which will begin in December or January. When the
  children begin writing independently I encourage inventive spelling.
  The only words I expect written correctly are the Word Wall Words.
• A Family Times letter will be sent home every week informing you of
  the skills the children are learning.
• Wrentham Public Schools is in its seventh year using the Harcourt
  Math program. It consists of 6 units teaching various concepts such
  as, math vocabulary, addition/subtraction, graphs, money, time,
  measurement to name a few. The children will learn math through
  workbook pages, hands on activities, games and technology.
• At the beginning of each chapter a school/home connection letter
  will be sent home. It will inform you of the concepts being taught in
  the classroom.
• Approximately every week the children will be tested on the skills
  learned in the chapter. A review worksheet will be sent home for
  homework the night before the test.
• Harcourt math has a great website that reinforces skills learned in
  the chapter. I have put directions in your folder.
• Handwriting is taught twice within the seven-day schedule. A
  handwriting handout is attached so proper techniques can be
  reinforced at home. Please encourage neat handwriting and
• Science consists of 3 units: Balance and Motion, Plants and Air and
  Weather. This is a hands-on, observation and investigation program
  that encourages exploration and higher level thinking.
• Social Studies is explored through literature, crafts, videos,
  technology and discussion. Topics that are covered are
  Geography, Economics, Civics and Government.
• Open Circle is conducted 1-2 times a week. It a comprehensive
  social and emotional learning program that supports elementary
  school children in developing the skills needed to be good learners
  and to form healthy, positive relationships with people throughout
  their lives.
• Teachers assess all abilities (cognitive, social, and
  emotional) to determine if “challenge” work should be
• One major challenge in first grade is learning patience
  and listening to others. Those skills are essential in the
  process of becoming life long learners.
• In order to be given challenge work, students
  must be able to:
 -Independently read and understand directions
 -Work quietly without any help
 -Not disrupt teacher or class during lesson time

• School policy for First Grade is 10-20 minutes a
• Please supervise the homework and have your
  child use correct letter and number formation.
• Encourage neat careful printing and coloring.
• Check to see if they printed their name on their
• Many students need to be guided all year long.
 Conference and Report Cards
• Report cards will be sent home four times per year:
  November, February, April, and June.
• We meet for conferences in November and May.
• Report cards will be sent home before our conference.
• If you have any questions and concerns don’t hesitate to
• You can contact me by e-mailing, sending in a note or
  leaving a message. I will get back to you as soon as
• Fall conferences will be held Nov. 16th in the
  afternoon and Nov. 18th in the evening. Sign up
  sheets will be available at open house.
• No school work will be supplied ahead of
  time for vacation. This policy is in the
• School work will be collected during the
  time your child is absent. One week will
  be given to make-up any work
                      Who is Who?
•   Dr. Marsden- Superintendent of Schools
•   Dr. Peterson- Principal of Delaney School
•   Mr. Grenham- Principle of Roderick School
•   Mrs. Richardson- School Nurse
•   Mrs. Traversi- Computer Teacher
•   Mrs. Hendy- Art teacher
•   Mrs. Drake- Health teacher
•   Mrs. Jones- Music teacher
•   Mrs. Lamb- Reading Specialist
•   Mrs. Stocking- Reading Specialist/Ell teacher
•   Mrs. Lovejoy- classroom aid
•   Mrs. Robinson- classroom aid
•   Mr. Moon- Gym teacher
•   Mr. Maguire- Gym teacher
•   Miss Maloney- Sixth Grade teacher whose class we “buddy” up with
        Wish list
small prizes for prize box
   packaged snacks
  small water bottles
              Final Thoughts!
• First Grade is an exciting time. I look forward to
  a wonderful year of learning and growing
• Please try not to compare your child’s progress
  or work with that of an older sibling, a friend or
  any other child. Each one is a unique individual
  who learns at his/her own pace.
• There are 3 different reading programs being
  taught in first grade. Reading Street will be fully
  implemented next year.

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