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									        Increasingly more bloggers and
    webmasters are looking for ways to get
  traffic without SEO. Many experts believe
    that search engine optimization isn't as
 important as it used to be. People are now
  used to get traffic from social media sites,
      forums, blogs, and chat boards. It is
     essential that you diversify your traffic
      sources in order to ensure long term
success online. Here are a few simple ways
to drive traffic to your website without SEO:

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Blog Commenting When you leave comments on blogs, you can usually
include a link that people are directed to when they click your name on the
comment Find a few sites and blogs that are relevant to your niche and
receive steady traffic Search for the latest posts The first few comments get
the most clicks
 Post a comment that adds value to the discussion Stay on topic Find and
read the site's comment policy if it has one Keep a record of every blog that
you commented on
 Video Marketing Video marketing is a great way to drive targeted traffic to
your website and reach prospective customers You don't need expensive
software, expert writing skills, or professional gear to get started Create an
engaging title that grabs people's attention Video titles can pull powerful traffic
 Include relevant keywords in the title This form of advertising gives you the
opportunity to showcase your knowledge and skills, thus positing yourself as
an expert Social Media Social media and social bookmarking sites get loads
of traffic Building an online presence on these websites involves a good
strategy, time and effort
 The first step is to create an account and provide relevant information about
your business Build relationships with potential clients and industry influencers
and then promote your content Place social media widgets on your site or
blog, so that visitors can share your posts with their friends You should also
set up accounts on the main social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon,
Delicious, Reddit, and Digg
 Classified Ads Classified ads are one of the best free sources of targeted
traffic Many websites allow people to post classified ads along with a relevant
picture or graphics Carefully select and list the sites that allow backlinks Write
a compelling ad that shows people what your business is about
 Let them know about your recent upcoming events, business meetings,
exhibitions, and gatherings google seo This form of advertising can drive
traffic to your site almost instantly
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