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									  It is always good to know whom to call in
    times of need but not everybody has a
    phone directory at home and for those
 people or families who have just moved in
     to the new place is still unfamiliar with
   different establishments present in town.
 Here is a niche for you where you can get
  profit even if you are offline by creating a
 local business directory. Yes it is true that
 there are directories given for free, so you
     might be wondering how you will gain
  income out of this. Actually, you can gain
profit from making a local business directory
          and here's how you can do it.

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Before creating a directory, you should be familiar with all the local
business establishments existing in your town or city if you can, you can
also add the existing business establishments in your neighboring town
Make a list of all those businesses including their contact information and
get in touch with them Make an offer to those business establishments to
use your directory for advertising purposes
 Most of business establishments are willing to pay for advertisements as
long as the price is reasonable When you are deciding how much the
cost will be for putting them in your directory, you should consider the
cost for printing the directories, the door-to-door deliveries and make sure
that there is something left for you, after all, you are doing this to gain
profit You can entice business establishments to advertise in your local
business directory by giving them discounts if they advertise in a longer
span of time
 It would be best if the directories are printed and released monthly so
that the recipients of your directories are updated Some business
establishments change their contact information or their location, and for
some, they have special offers every month or every season, so it is
excellent to be up-to-date with these changes Constant communication
with the establishments will give you updates and there is a greater
possibility to keep them advertising in your directory
 If you have enough contacts and your first few months of delivering local
business directory is successful, then you can start categorizing the
business establishments base on their purposes and the nature of their
business For example, you can have all restaurants, fast food chains,
burger house, pizza house and the likes in one local directory, and you
can also make a separate directory for spa, saloons, barbershops and
the likes
 Having this kind of directories will make it easier for the users to find
what they are looking for Sports Band and it will give chance to different
business establishments to advertise their products better using the
directory because if they want they can add coupons and other freebies
in your directory because their ads had become more visible Keep in
mind that you have to be up-to-date with what is the latest event or the
latest offers in the business establishment that you are trying to advertise
 Constant communication and good rapport with them can ensure
success in this kind of business
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