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									Dallas Chiropractor, Dr. J. Glenn Smith, Helps Locals Get Relief From
Tension Headaches With Laser Therapy

Dallas TX, 16-JULY-2012 - The Cold Laser Center and Dr. J. Glenn Smith,
DC, Dallas cold laser chiropractor, are pleased to announce that tension
headaches can be a thing of the past thanks to the state-of-the-art
techniques offered using laser therapy. Over the last decade, a
surprising number of conditions have been alleviated by using laser
therapy. The type of head pain known as tension headaches is one of these
conditions that can be relieved.

One of the major causes of employee lost time in today's world is
headache pain. Even if an employee with a headache drags himself to work,
productivity is reduced. This type of headache is the most common type,
accounting for about 90 percent of all headache pain. The pain may be
episodic or chronic.

The triggers that bring on tension headaches include stress, inadequate
sleep, poor posture, hunger and eyestrain. Muscle tension is considered
to be a factor in a large percentage of the cases of tension headache.
Cold laser or cold laser therapy has been shown to be effective in
reducing stress and relieving muscle tension.

Cold lasers are designed to release photons or light beams under the
surface of the skin. The activity of the lasers cause an increase in
metabolic activity at the cellular level. When the cells are healing more
quickly, stress is relieved and muscle tension is soothed away. Most
patients have relief relatively quickly.

Learn more about the causes and symptoms of headaches that can be helped
with the use of a cold laser device by visiting the website at
http://www.coldlaser.com today. Members of the press and others who have
additional questions about the information contained in this press
release are encouraged to contact Dr. Smith at the location provided

Contact Person Name: J. Glenn Smith, D. C.

Company Name: Cold Laser Center

Address: Suite 260, 9850 Central Expressway North, Dallas, TX 75231

Contact Telephone Number: (214) 956-0999

Email: info@coldlaser.com

Website: http://www.coldlaser.com

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