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□   Does it solve other people’s problems?

□   Do a lot of people have this problem?

□   Am I passionate about the idea?

□   Am I willing to commit the next 5-10 years of my life to this idea?

□   Are others successfully doing something similar?

□ Does it have too many competitors?
□ Can I do something substantially different or better than others?
□ Can I build the businesses on my capital resources?
□ Could I have an MVP (minimal viable product) and customers in 90 days or less?
□ Are potential customers giving overall positive feedback over 75% of the time
□ Does the business risk/reward match my personal risk/reward?
□ Is my background/skill set compatible with this

□ Do I have competitive advantage on in terms of getting

□ If I don’t start this, will someone else?
□ Can I court mentors who have been successful doing
something similar?

□ Does it have a high likelihood of success?
□ Does it help me fulfill my purpose?

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