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                           “Whether you think you can do a thing or not, you are right”

                                                                      Henry Ford

Course:              TAX 2000

Instructor:          Julio C. Borges

Office:             3242-53


Phone:              305-237-1236

Office hours:        TBA

Course description: This is a basic Federal Income Tax course, which will introduce
                    terminology, concepts, and applications of the law as they relate
                    to individual income tax.

Pre-requisite:       None

Objective:          Students will learn the following:
                      Procedures and Techniques
                      Forms 1040EZ, 1040 A, and 1040
                      Miscellaneous Advanced Topics

Textbook:           VITA Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (Provided by the Internal
                    Revenue Service)

Materials:           Publication 17
                     Journal articles
                    (provided to students)
Evaluation:          Exam I                                               100        pts
                     Exam II                                              100        pts
                     Exam III                                             100        pts
                     Comprehensive Final                                  100        pts
                     Homework                                             50         pts
                     Service Learning                                     10         pts
                     VITA Participation                                   15         pts
                     Class Participation                                  10         pts
                                                             Total        485        pts

                     The total points that you earn during the semester will be
                     divided by 485 points, to calculate your grade for the course.

Grading:             The grading scale established by the School of Business is as

                     A= 90-100
                     B= 80-89
                     C= 70-79
                     D= 60-69
                     F= Below 60%

Exams:               Four exams will be given during the semester, including the final.
                     The lowest score of the three regular exams will be dropped. No
                     make-up exam will be offered.

Homework:            Homework assignments will be announced after every class. It is
                     due the following week. No late homework will be accepted.

Service Learning:     A presentation in class will be offered by the Center for
                      Community Involvement. A one-page type-written report on your
                      experience must be turned in.

VITA Participation: In order to participate, you need to attend a training session on tax
                    software and e-filing conducted by the IRS. If a student is unable
                    to participate in the program, a term paper on a tax topic must be
                    prepared. Class discussions will be held on your VITA learning
                    experience throughout the course.

Academic Dishonesty:
                   Academic dishonesty is defined as an action inconsistent with the
                   ethical standards of Miami-Dade College, as defined in the Student
                   Handbook. Please refer to the Handbook for more information.
Note:   This syllabus is subject to revision by the instructor, if necessary.

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