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One Place We Get Our News:
  Current Events Medium
Current Events = History
              Newspapers ….
   have been around a long time: before
    computers, the internet, television, and radio.
   are cheap to make & an easy way to get the
    information to the people.
   are protected by the U.S. First Amendment:
    guarantees freedom of the press.
   are not the dominate medium for news. What do
    you think is the main way people get their news?
    What are some features?
 Newspapers are printed on paper and
  easy to carry.
 The design, use of color, and detailed
  coverage of news and current events
  make newspapers popular.
 There are over 1,600 daily newspapers in
  the U.S. That means each one publishes a
  new edition every 24 hours.
    Who makes the newspaper?
   Reporters: these are the people who write the
    paper. They ask the important questions of who,
    what, where, when, why and how.
   Editors: the reporters answer to these people.
    They assign stories, make sure everyone makes
    the deadline, and decide what gets put into the
   Copy Desk: even more editors here check for
    spelling errors, punctuation errors, and gaps in
    the stories. They write the headlines and get the
    paper into its electronic format for printing.
    Other things in the newspaper
 Editorial pages: the information on these
  pages is not news but someone else’s
  opinion. Sometimes based on facts and
  sometimes not.
 Ads: advertising revenue ($) helps keep
  newspapers in business. There are
  different kinds of ads, but if you added
  them all together they would make up
  almost 60% of the whole paper.
    Newspapers, Advertising, and
            the Web

How do we get the newspaper?
   It’s printed: the production division of the
    newspaper prints the final product on newsprint
    using off-set presses and ink.
   It’s delivered: the distribution division of the
    newspaper makes sure it gets delivered to you.
    They might have up to four different editions
    being delivered in the newspaper’s circulation
    area. It is delivered on trucks to gas stations,
    news-stands, and carriers.
   You pay for it: the newspaper makes $ when you
    have a subscription (you get it delivered) or you
    buy it somewhere.
               Finally ….
A large number of people & several different
  departments are involved in creating a
  newspaper. Name one?
 It takes approximately 18 hours to create a
  newspaper from start to finish. Why?
 For a daily newspaper that means running
  at full capacity 365 days a year.

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