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					 Have you ever looked up the great places in the
world? We have not only looked them up, but we
have received the chance to visit many of them. If
you are interested in those wonderful places and
would like to know more information about them,
  then you are covering one right here. We are
  going to tell you about Saffron. To start with,
Saffron can be found in Essex, which is between
             London and Cambridge.

saffron extract
There is some evidence that has proved there was both Bronze and Iron
Age tribes that lives in this area Along with a castle, there was a stone
church constructed after the Normal invasion saffron extract This town
was not always known as Saffron
 During those middle ages, it was called Chipping Waldan The primary
trade was woolen goods and wool During both the sixteenth and
seventeenth centuries, saffron crocus was grown and harvested in this
 The extract that came from the saffron crocus flowers was used for
condiments, especially yellow dye and medicines as well The town had
great success with this plant and that is why the name was changed to
Saffron Walden This town is historical, not to mention beautiful
 It has not been touched by war or fire War and fire did some damage on
a lot of the historical towns throughout the world The streets, buildings
and municipal fixes are years old
 During the summer months, there are a number of different concerts
going on These concerts during the summer months are done in
combination with the BBC Proms in the area This town has maintained
the character of being a medieval town as the people in the area are
living a modern lifestyle
 From this area, it is easy to get to both Cambridge and London, which
gives the inhabitants the pleasure of going to the big city What's not to
enjoy about Saffron?
saffron extract

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