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June 2012
 Eyeglass Mission To Nicaragua ................................................................... 7
      Mission To Mexico Program Update..................................................... 8
 Storm Damages Camp .................................................................................. 9
 Leader Dog Inducted Into Hall Of Fame ................................................... 10
 LEBW Work Day ....................................................................................... 11
 LEBW Annual Meeting ............................................................................. 12
 Last Chance To Register ............................................................................ 12
 It’s What You Pass On ............................................................................... 13
 LEBW Golf Outing .................................................................................... 14
 Wisconsin Lions Foundation...................................................................... 17
    We Make Life Better Every Day ............................................................ 17
    Storm Damage ......................................................................................... 17
    License Plate Update ............................................................................... 18
    Wenos Returns As Interim Program Coordinator................................... 19
    Take Pride - Do You Need A Financial Safety Net? .............................. 20
    Lions Pride Donor Corner ....................................................................... 21
    Independence Lions Make History ......................................................... 22
    Inside WLF.............................................................................................. 22
    Inside Pride.............................................................................................. 23
 Pittsville Lions Accept The Challenge....................................................... 24
 Leadership In A World Of Service ............................................................ 25
      2012 USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum in Tampa Bay September
    13-15 ....................................................................................................... 25
 Final Thoughts............................................................................................ 28
 NEWS: 27-A1 ............................................................................................ 30
    Notes from DG Rick ............................................................................... 30
    GMT Report ............................................................................................ 31
    Busy As Bees For Lionism ..................................................................... 32
    Club News ............................................................................................... 32
    Upcoming Events .................................................................................... 34
 NEWS: 27-A2 ............................................................................................ 37
    Notes from DG Butch ............................................................................. 37
 Lioness Desserts From Convention ........................................................ 38
 Can 27-A2 Be 100%? ............................................................................. 40
 Last Chance To Host ............................................................................... 40
 Lions Share.............................................................................................. 41
 Events ...................................................................................................... 42
NEWS: 27-B1 ............................................................................................ 44
 Notes from DG Merle ............................................................................. 44
 A Lion In Training .................................................................................. 45
 Sheboygan Evening Lions Celebrate 90 Year Of Service ...................... 45
 Lioness Should Be Proud ........................................................................ 46
 Club News ............................................................................................... 48
 Events ...................................................................................................... 50
 New District Editor ................................................................................. 50
NEWS: 27-B2 ............................................................................................ 52
 Notes from DG Sue ................................................................................. 52
 District Officer Roles .............................................................................. 53
 Club News ............................................................................................... 54
NEWS: 27-C1 ............................................................................................ 59
 Notes from DG Rick ............................................................................... 59
 2012 District Convention ........................................................................ 60
 Time For Recognition ............................................................................. 61
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 Events ...................................................................................................... 64
NEWS: 27-C2 ............................................................................................ 66
 Notes from DG Leon............................................................................... 66
 Your Donation Will Change Lives ......................................................... 67
 Around 27-C2.......................................................................................... 68
 Caught in the Act .................................................................................... 69
NEWS: 27-D1 ............................................................................................ 72
 Notes from DG Neil ................................................................................ 72
 Let’s Grow .............................................................................................. 73
 Upcoming Events .................................................................................... 74
 District Purchases New Children’s Vision Screening Equipment .......... 75
 Youth Help To Grow 27-D1 ................................................................... 76
 Club News ............................................................................................... 78
NEWS FROM 27-D2 ................................................................................. 80
 Notes from DG Joe ................................................................................. 80
 27-D2’s Proud History ............................................................................ 81
 Comeback Club Of The Year.................................................................. 83
 Club News ............................................................................................... 83
 Club Events ............................................................................................. 84
 Lioness News .......................................................................................... 85
 Opportunity To Host A Youth ................................................................ 85
NEWS: 27-E1 ............................................................................................. 87
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 Happenings Around 27-E1...................................................................... 88
 Benefits Of Being A Lion ....................................................................... 90
 Activate Your Membership Committee .................................................. 91
 Club News ............................................................................................... 92
 Clubs Busy With Many Fundraisers ....................................................... 93
NEWS: 27-E2 ............................................................................................. 94
 Notes from DG Dave .............................................................................. 94
 What A Great Year.................................................................................. 95
 27-E2 Lions Locate Surgical Equipment for Nicaragua ......................... 95
 Getting Members On Board .................................................................... 96
 Eagle Project Upgrades & Renews Lions Nature Trail .......................... 98
 Three Things ........................................................................................... 99
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Tool Kit .................................................................................................... 112
 MyLCI To Make Officer Jobs Easier ................................................... 112
 Leadership Skills Training Coming in October .................................... 114
 Project Ideas .......................................................................................... 115
 10 Ways Lion Clubs Can Use Social Media ......................................... 115
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Eyeglass Mission To Nicaragua
  by Lion Steve McCabe, Coordinator, edited by Lion Jodi Burmester
  As the old saying goes, “When one door closes, another will open.” Back
in January of 2011, while on Wisconsin Lion Mission to Mexico (MTM)
eyeglass mission in the city of Catemaco, Veracruz Mexico, three MTM
volunteers met to discuss the impact of the violence in Mexico on future
missions. As Lions Gary Donaldson, Bill Fenger and I talked, we felt sure
we would have two to three years before the violence spread into the heart of
Veracruz State. Little did we know that after 16 years, this was to be our last
mission to Veracruz for an indefinite period of time. The door had closed,
but we were determined to continue our efforts to improve eye health in
Latin America.
  As we began exploring potential mission locations, we realized that it
could be very beneficial to team up with another aide organization who
already had a network in the target mission area. To that end, we reached
out to Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of America, a not-for-profit, non-
political organization that Wisconsin Lions have teamed with for more than
20 years on the Vitamin A Project and also on a number of eyeglass
missions over the years, including one this past January.
  A new door opened when we agreed to work with their organization to
ship the eyeglasses to Nicaragua and also to use them as a resource in setting
up our first mission to Nicaragua.
  I accepted the position of coordinating the first MTM eyeglass mission to
Nicaragua and flew to Managua to meet with Mr. Harlen Zapata of the Lions
Club of Leon and with the Lions Clubs of Managua, Xolotlan and
Saludably. Mission sites were selected and dates set for March of 2012.
  On Saturday evening, March 3rd of this year, the Lions of Nicaragua met
us at the airport and took us across the street from the airport for an opening
and welcoming ceremony followed by a buffet. We were then bussed to the
City of Leon.
  Sunday morning we were given a bus tour of the historical sites of Leon by
Zapata. He then took us out to the shores of the Pacific Ocean where we
were met by the Lions Club of Leon. That evening we all went to a school
gymnasium to set up for the next day’s eyeglass mission.
  Monday and Tuesday the 22 Wisconsin Lion MTM volunteers spent ten
hours a day in the hot and humid 98oF temperatures screening and providing
1,202 pairs of eyeglasses. In the evening we listened to traditional music
played by local musicians. We also had wonderful interpreters.
  Wednesday was a travel and set-up day. In the morning we took a bus back
to Managua and were situated in a beautiful hotel. We then had toured the
old part of the city which had been badly damaged by the 1972 earthquake.
That evening we set up for the next day’s mission at the La Salle High
School, a parochial school.
  Thursday and Friday saw us fit 1,341 eyeglasses for a grand total of 2,543
eyeglasses donated by the Lions of Wisconsin.
  What we lacked in quantity of Lions, we made up with quality and
experience! The Managua Lions were also wonderful hosts. The Wisconsin
Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center was responsible for providing the free
eyeglasses to the Nicaraguan people.
  Saturday morning our bus stopped at the town of Masaya at an indigenous
market. The ladies enjoyed the shopping and some of us guys did, too. We
then went onto the City of Granada, the site of the Wisconsin Lions Eyeglass
Mission for 2013.
  Granada is a beautiful, old Spanish city located on “Lago de Nicaragua”,
the largest fresh water lake in all of Central America. Granada also rests
under the shadow of a giant volcano mountain “Mombacho”.
  After the closing ceremony, we returned home with gifts from the
Managua and Leon Lions.
  My thanks to the Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners and to Dr. Brad and Dr.
Joanne Martin for their assistance. What a wonderful adventure was had by
all! Look for information on the 2013 mission later this year.

 Mission To Mexico Program Update
  In its first 15 years, our Wisconsin Lions Mission to Mexico (MTM)
project provided more than 150,000 pairs of eyeglasses and nearly 50,000
patients have received a new lease on life because of the exams and glasses
they were given.
  Due to the ongoing violence in Mexico, the program is branching out to
other Latin American countries and has also helped by transporting much
needed supplies to areas of the United States ravaged by tornadoes.
  Look for information on upcoming Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partner Vitamin
A and eyeglass missions at www.wisnic.org.
  For information on upcoming MTM missions or to provide financial or
health care/medical donations, contact:
  PID Ron Duffe
  Thank you to all for your continued support of MTM.

Storm Damages Camp
  by Lion Evett Hartvig, Wisconsin Lions Foundation Executive
  Early morning storms on May 3rd passed through the Rosholt area,
bringing heavy winds and hail. One of the hardest hit areas was right here at
Lions Camp. The storm, which arrived around 5:00 am, downed hundreds of
trees around the property and destroyed a storage shed.
  First and foremost, we have to be thankful that no one was injured. At the
time the storm hit no one was staying in the cabins; and because of the time
of day, there were no employees on the grounds either. We can also be
thankful that the storm did not do more damage or affect the main Camp
area. Thankfully, other than the one storage shed, the damage was contained
to wooded areas.
  In order to prepare for the insurance adjuster’s arrival on May 4th, Facility
Manager Dale Schroeder immediately began assessing the extent and
locations of the damage. This task was made considerably more difficult by
the number of uprooted trees blocking the roads in and around Camp. Where
Schroeder couldn’t drive, he had to hike. On foot he was able to reach most
of the affected areas and complete the initial damage assessment.
  Due to the size of the downed trees, as well as the sheer number of them, it
was obvious that clean up would require large equipment to get the roads
cleared and to remove the trees that had fallen on the storage shed roof.
  Timing was also of the essence as rental groups were scheduled to come in
and use the Challenge Courses during the time leading up to summer
camping season; including one group that was arriving that weekend.
  The solution, Schroeder contacted the logger who had just finished a job
at the Camp a week earlier to see if he was available to begin the cleanup.
Luckily for us, the logger was well aware of our immediate needs and
willing to take a break from the job he was currently working on to help us.
He arrived Tuesday morning to start cleaning up the mess. By Friday, he had
cleared enough of the damage to fulfill our contract with that weekend’s
rental group. He will be returning prior to the opening of the summer
camping season to finish clean up before the first campers arrive.
  Early on, there was some concern that the wind may have weakened trees
in both the upper and lower Ropes Courses. Camp Operations Manager
Andrea Yenter brought in a certified course inspector to have the Courses
inspected; thankfully, the only damage to the Courses was some loosened
nuts and bolts on the climbing tower.
  At this time, dollar estimates on the total damage from the May 3rd storm
are not available, nor is the amount that will be covered by insurance known.
  Thank you to all who have called and offered to bring your chain saws to
help clean up the storm damage. While your offers are greatly appreciated,
the job is still too big to be handled by chain saws and manual labor. Once
the heavy equipment clean up is complete, we will be able to get a better
handle on what additional clean up will be required. At that point we will put
out calls for volunteers. Contact the WLF Office if you are interested in
being added to our volunteer list, 877-463-6953 or wlf@wlf.info.
  The best news of all is that by the time the first campers arrive, the
Wisconsin Lions Camp will be ready to offer each of them the experience of
a lifetime.

Leader Dog Inducted Into Hall Of
  Bailey, an 11 year-old yellow lab from Madison, has been inducted into
the Wisconsin Pet Hall Of Fame by the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical
Association. Dr. Peter Janssen D.V.M. of the Janssen Clinic for Animals in
Middleton, nominated Bailey for his work as a Leader Dog for the Blind.
Says Janssen, “Bailey is conscientious about the important service he
provides every day and that makes him a well-deserving inductee to
Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame”.
  Bailey is also an honorary member of the Cross Plains Lions Club, and
with Cunningham regularly makes cornea transport runs and represents
Leader Dogs for the Blind and the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin at Lion
  The timing of “Bailey’s” induction into the Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame
couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. This Fall, Bailey will be
retiring from his work as a Leader Dog. As a “Hall of Famer”, he will
undoubtedly have more than a few stories to share with his new Leader Dog

LEBW Work Day
Prairie, Cross Plains, Ithaca, Madison West and Waupaca Lions Clubs spent
three to four hours on May 12th cleaning up and beautifying the LEBW
grounds in Madison. In addition to mowing the lawn, mulching existing
plantings, trimming shrubs and blowing of the parking area, the group
planted about 50 additional perennials. Additionally, brush was cleared and
some new plantings were put in near the Lions Eye Bank Of Wisconsin sign
at the driveway entrance. All work was done under the leadership of “Head
Gardener”, Lion John Dickson of Cross Plains Lions. The landscaping will
enhance the tranquil wooded setting of the Eye Bank building. Another
Lions Work Day is scheduled later in July before the LEBW Annual
Meeting. By that time the parking lot will be resealed and four new flag
poles will have been installed. The new plantings should be “easy on the
eyes” so join us anytime for a future cleanup day! LEFT: DG-Elect Dierck
Van Cleef and LEBW Board member Dick Helbach clearing brush. UPPER
RIGHT: “Head Gardener” Lion John Dickson and LEBW 1st Vice President
Dick Hauser hard at work. MIDDLE RIGHT: Lion John Dickson and
LEBW Board Member Dick Helbach working on the entrance stairs.
LOWER RIGHT: LEBW 1st Vice President Dick Hauser spreading mulch.
LEBW Annual Meeting
  The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin (LEBW) cordially invites you to their
Annual Meeting on Thursday July 26th.
  Lunch will be served from noon until 1:30 pm and the Annual Meeting
will begin at 2 pm and conclude no later than 3:30 pm.
  The meeting will again take place on the LEBW grounds. Since parking is
limited, car pooling is encouraged.
  Lion transporters and dispatchers are especially encouraged to attend the
Annual Meeting.
  Items on the agenda include:
      Introduction of the incoming LEBW Board of Directors
      Presentation of transporter and dispatcher awards
      DG recognition
      Dedication of four new flag poles
      The usual reports about LEBW operations will be provided, as well.
      LEBW Executive Director Art O’Neal will talk about the strategic
        plan that is currently underway and the future direction of the
  Watch the July newspaper for information on how to RSVP for the Annual

Last Chance To Register
  This is your last chance to register for a great time and an opportunity to
support LEBW at their 7th Annual Golf Outing on June 11 at Cherokee
Country Club, 5000 N. Sherman Ave, Madison WI 53704.
      10 am - Registration &
      Warm Up
      11:30 am - Shotgun Start
      4:30pm - Dinner, Program & Prizes
  The Main Event
      18 holes & golf cart
      GPS Tournament System
      Hole-in-one prizes
      Golf shirt
  There are only a few spots left, so get your registration in today!
  There are also a few more hole sponsorships and other sponsoring
opportunities available. Contact Lion Craig Butler at 608-252-9632 to
reserve one. First come, first served.
  Join us for a day of great golf, good food, great raffles and fantastic
camaraderie all while you support the Gift of Sight.
  Get your registration form at: www. madisoncentral-lions. org/ or complete
the form below.
  See you on the 11th!

It’s What You Pass On
  by International Director Mark Hintzmann
  “At the end of the day, it’s not what I learned but what I taught, not what I
got but what I gave, not what I did but what I helped another achieve that
will make a difference in someone’s life… and in mine.” — Sid L. Scruggs,
  Our more experienced members have vital knowledge and experience
gained through their years of service that should be shared. It is important
that before you are gone, before you stand down, before you are no longer
able to serve the Lions, that you to pass along what you know to someone
  Pick young members and mentor them; not only to pass on what you
know, but to share your love for Lionism. My hope is that you can give these
new Lions the experience and the passion that it gives us for helping other
  Mentor these new members, give them responsibility and trust that they
can get the job done so that they are with the Lions for a lifetime. Booker T.
Washington said, “Few things help an individual more than to place
responsibility upon him, and to let him know you trust him.”
  By being a mentor, you are helping to ensure the health and vitality of your
club and our Association for years to come. This will ensure that your
community and the world will continue to have the help and service that
only Lions can provide. Both you and your mentee will also experience
personal growth and build a bond that will be beneficial to both.
  Successful mentoring doesn’t “just happen.” It requires time and attention
from both partners. It is essential to put meetings, conversations and e-mails
on a regular schedule. It is also a good idea for mentors and mentees to
communicate informally between meetings. Both partners must recognize
the strengths of the other and should celebrate their successes and mutual
achievements. The most important elements of success are the dedication
and enthusiasm of the mentee and mentor. May both of you continue on this
path of learning and growth as you mentor other Lions.
   “Knowledge becomes wisdom only after it has been put to practical use.”
Be a Mentor!
  I believe in you. I believe that every Lion, Lioness, and Leo makes a
difference! Thanks for all you do!

LEBW Golf Outing
 June 11, 2012
 Cherokee Country Club, 5000 N. Sherman Ave, Madison WI 53704
 To reserve your space in the 7th Annual Lions Golf Outing, hosted by the
 Madison Central Lions, please mail this form along with payment by June
 1, 2012.
 Please make checks payable to & mail to:
 Madison Central Lions
 c/o Craig Butler, Hausmann-Johnson
PO Box 259408, Madison, WI 53725-9408

Need More Information?
Lion Craig Butler 608-252-9632.

Contact Info
    $1,500 Event
    $1,000 Golf Carts
    $1,000 Dinner
    $1,000 Beverage Cart
    $350 Exclusive Hole
    $150 Hole
Golfer Names @ $110/golfer - (please print)

Not a Golfer? Can’t Attend?
    Join Us For Dinner ~ $25.00 per person
    I can’t make it, but here is my donation

Get your registration form online at:

All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law!
Event - $1,500
    Golf package for four
    Company Banner display at registration
    Credit on all event publications & forms
    Industry exclusive
Golf Carts - $1,000
    Golf Package for four
    Exclusive signage on all event carts
    Credit in event publications
Dinner - $1,000
    Golf package for four
    Signage and recognition at dinner
    Credit in event publications
Beverage Cart - $1,000
    Golf package for four
    Signage on beverage Carts and recognition at dinner
    Credit in event publications
Exclusive Hole - $350
    Golf package for one
    Exclusive hole signage at hole and recognition at dinner
    Credit in event publications
Hole - $150
    Hole Signage
    Credit in event publications
Wisconsin Lions Foundation
We Make Life Better Every Day
  by WLF President Andy Deinhammer
  Thanks for a wonderful year. It has been a blast, to say the least. You…the
Lions, Lioness and Leos of Wisconsin are the absolute best, and I mean that
from the bottom of my heart.
  Lion Shelly and I have had fun attending all 10 District Conventions. It
was a pleasure to meet all of you, and thank you for your hospitality.
  I would like to thank the Council of Governors for a wonderful year and
feel that we have made friends for life. A special thanks to District Governor
Butch Hale for his service on the WLF Board of Directors.
  This year has brought some changes to Open House and to Work Days,
and I and the Board of Directors feel both are changes for the better.
  On a personal note, I would like to take a moment to thank my partner in
service for the past six years, Lion Shelly, for all she has done attending the
Board Meeting weekends, stuffing envelopes, and most of all, making sure I
had everything I needed packed.
  To the Lions of District 27-E2, thank you for allowing me to represent you
on your Wisconsin Lions Foundation Board of Directors.
  As Lion Eric Holthaus prepares for his year as your Wisconsin Lions
Foundation President, I wish him and his partner in service, Lion Laurie, a
wonderful year. Who would have thought that when I met Lion Eric at
NYLY in Mondovi, that we would become best friends. Good luck next
  Finally, I would like to say that it has been an honor to serve you as your
Wisconsin Lions Foundation President. Keep on reaching, touching and
improving the lives of those “WE SERVE”.

Storm Damage
THE CLEAN-UP BEGINS - Top: A professional logging crew is busy
cleaning up the downed trees from the storm that came through Lions Camp
the morning of May 5th. Hundreds of trees were uprooted or sheared off by
tornado-like winds; the size of the trees, as well as the large number,
required someone to come in with heavy equipment to do the initial cleanup.
Bottom left: One of the many areas at Lions Camp the suffered damage from
the storm. Bottom right: Professional logging crew removing more than a
half dozen trees that fell on one of the storage sheds at Lions Camp. The
structure was a total loss.

License Plate Update
  In February, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) determined that
enough Lions license plates had been purchased to cover the actual plate
development costs. This meant that WLF would start receiving regular
revenue checks from license plate sales and the goal of raising funds for
WLF and awareness for Lions was now a reality.
  As the DMV staff proceeded, they discovered that even though the actual
development costs were much lower, the law requires DOT to retain the
originally estimated development costs of $23,700 prior to disbursing the
  At this point, the DOT needs legislative approval to release the money.
One of the initial driving forces behind the bill, Senator and Lioness Mary
Lazich explains, “I am drafting a bill to allow for release of the money to the
Lions. DOT staff assure me they will support the bill and assist moving it
through the Legislature and to the Governor for signature into law.
Unfortunately, a bill cannot be introduced until the next Legislative Session
that begins in January 2013.”
  The bottom line, DOT will continue to track the funds due to WLF with
plans to begin payments as soon as Legislative approval to release the funds
is received.
Wenos Returns As Interim
Program Coordinator
  by Lion Andrea Yenter, Camp Operations Manager
  Ellyse Wenos returns to Camp this year in a new role, Interim Program
Coordinator. She took over this role after Peter Gebhardt moved on to a new
challenge with the Boys and Girls Club of Portage County.
  Wenos began her career at the Wisconsin Lions Camp in the summer of
2007 as a CORE Director responsible for the Challenge Course; she returned
in that role for both the 2008 and 2009 camping seasons. For the summers of
2010 and 2011, she served as a Unit Director, a summer administrative
  Rhinelander native Wenos has a degree in Health Promotion and Wellness
and a minor in Adventure Education from UW-Stevens Point.
  She brings a wealth of experience, including training in camping,
backpacking, “Leave No Trace” skills, adventure education, Challenge
Course management and adventure education practicum. She also is a skilled
swimmer, holding current lifeguard certification, as well as an avid biker and
  All who’ve worked with Wenos are glad of her return. Camp Operations
Manager Andrea Yenter says, “Ellyse’s education and history with Camp
make her the perfect Interim Progam Coordinator. My only concern is that
her love of rubber duckies means we will be finding lots of them around
  While Wenos has never been a camper, the Wisconsin Lions Camp holds a
very special place in her heart; she met her fiancé, Jake Kulba (who is a past
camper from the visually impaired weeks and a long-time summer staff
person) and they are currently planning their wedding which will take place
in September.
  Says Wenos, ““I am very excited to be back at Camp this summer with a
new challenge as the Interim Program Coordinator. Wisconsin Lions Camp
has allowed me to grow both as a person and professionally, all while giving
me the opportunity to do what I enjoy every day. There are not many jobs
where I can work outside almost all the time with kids and a great staff. I
can’t think of a better opportunity.”
Take Pride - Do You Need A
Financial Safety Net?
  by PDG Jordan Chadwick
  Who is a great philanthropist? If someone shared 25% to 30% of their
income every year with a single charity, would we possibly characterize that
person as a great philanthropist? What about someone who shares half or
more of their net worth with that same charity, would we call that person a
great philanthropist?
  If we would define these levels of commitment as “great philanthropy”,
then each of us should take the time to reflect and enjoy this honorable
distinction, since each of us has made this level of commitment in our
“contract” as American citizens. Yes, I am referring to taxation.
  While we may not be accustomed to think of taxes as “sharing” or
“philanthropy,” this is only a question of perspective. The fact remains that
every American will “share” with society for the sake of supporting
programs, services and infrastructures that are intended to create a better life
for our collective community.
  The point of this distinction is to demonstrate the relationship between tax
and charity. For most of us, we have grown to think about charitable giving
as something we offer from our excess resources. However, a different
perspective offers the question, “Are there ways that I can redirect money
that might have otherwise been taxed, and direct it to specific charitable
causes that I care about?”
  The good news is that Congress has recognized the important work of
charity for as long as we have been a country. In today’s tax sensitive
environment, we still enjoy valuable tax laws that provide us the opportunity
to direct significant gifts to charity. These focused opportunities are known
as “planned gifts”.
  With that understanding, there are many beneficial strategies used to
redirect what would be “tax dollars” into valuable charitable gifts to our
favorite cause, the Lions Pride Endowment Fund, protecting, preserving and
providing for Wisconsin Lions Camp and other statewide projects.
  There is good news for those who are willing to take the time to plan in
  Embracing the opportunity to witness the immediate impact of a current,
direct gift or creating a lasting legacy through a series of gifts you can
become an active contributor to the future of our beloved Camp.
  This type of planning does not require great wealth or a massive estate. All
you need is a heartfelt desire to identify how your current ability to gift can
become a reality.
  Join our team and become a building block in the foundation of our future,
The Pride Endowment Fund. Contact the Lions Pride office to arrange a no-
obligation, confidential, personal conversation about Creating your very own
“Personal Safety Net Plan”.

Lions Pride Donor Corner
  by Lion Sue Laskowski
  In 1990, I joined the De Pere Lions Club after they sponsored my eye
mission to Etzatlan, Mexico. Prior to joining the Lions Club, I found out that
“sight preservation” was their main mission. Being in the optometric
profession, the Lions Club was a perfect fit for me.
  I was very fortunate to ride along with PDG Norb and Elaine Neumeyer to
Lions Camp for their Annual Open House. I was impressed with all the
opportunities and adventures the campers were able to experience in their
one week stay. At this Open House, I also learned the Eyeglass Recycling
Center was on the property. The eyeglasses are processed there and then
taken on eye missions to third world countries.
  The Eyeglass Recycling Program is close to my heart since I have received
thousands of pairs of used eyeglasses from them to take on all 24 of my
vision mission trips to Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Those used
eyeglasses have made a positive impact on many lives in so many countries.
The WLF projects are making lives better not only in Wisconsin, but
throughout the world.
  When the Lions Pride Campaign started, I knew in my heart I needed to
contribute whatever I could so that Lions Camp and the Eyeglass Recycling
Center remain top notch facilities. I am a continual donor to the program;
every little bit helps.
  My club, the Laona Lions, has also made the commitment to the Lions
Pride, along with the annual donation to the Camp. The future of the Camp
relies on every Lion member.
  Last week, I saw a young lady wearing a Wisconsin Lions Camp jacket. I
found out she attended the hearing impaired week at Camp a few years ago.
I asked her about her camping experience. She had a big smile on her face
and signed to me, “I loved the Camp! It was the greatest week of my life”.
  Giving to Lions Pride will help make every camper experience the greatest
week of their life.

Independence Lions Make History
 LION KEITH EDISON HEARD THE CALL; answering the challenge
 issued by Lions Pride Chairman Dewey Carl. Through a heartfelt letter to
 his Club members, Lion Keith’s appeal, along with the support of Lion
 President Tom Waldera, worked to make the Independence Lions Club of
 District 27-E2 the first Lions Club in the State to have 100% of its
 members make “Pride Personal” with their individual donations to the
 Lions Pride Endowment Fund.

Inside WLF
 Save the date for Saturday, July 21st for the 15th Annual Outing in Iola,
 Wisconsin. Registration forms were mailed to all clubs the first week of
 February. Plan to sponsor a camper for $600, a hole for $100, or donate a
 great prize for the Raffle that day. Visit www.wlf.info for information.

 ANNUAL FUN RUN/WALK and RIDE – August 18th bring the entire
 family to Lions Camp and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you participate by
running, walking or riding your bicycle. Visit
www.wisconsinlionscamp.com for more information.

- if your club has not received them, please contact your District WLF
Director and they will be sure to get them to you. Tickets are $10 each and
all prizes are cash, same as last year.

Inside Pride
DOOR & RAFFLE PRIZES NEEDED for the 5th Annual Lions Pride
Shoot! Plan on June 9 at Milford Hills. For more information, call the
Lions Pride Office 715-677-7000 or email: prideoffice@lionspride.org.

DONATE ON-LINE - Donating on-line to the Lions Pride Endowment
Fund is easy! Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are
accepted or make a donation from your checking account. Go to
www.lionspride.org to make your donation today.
Pittsville Lions Accept The
  by Lion Marv Kohlbeck, Pittsville Lions Club President
  "A friend in need is a friend indeed." The Wisconsin Red Cross Blood
Donor Program proved this phrase to be worthy when they asked the
Wisconsin Lions to help them prevent a critical blood shortage in 2011.
  The First Annual Wisconsin Lions Red Cross Blood Challenge
encouraged members to roll up their sleeves and help boost the short blood
supply during the month of July, typically the most challenging time of year
to reach donors.
  As we have so many times before, the Lions came through again with their
effort to assist in this worthy cause.
  As part of the ongoing partnership, the Red Cross and Wisconsin Lions
will continue to strive toward creating greater awareness for the need of
blood and increase the number of participants in the Second Annual
Wisconsin Lions Red Cross Blood Challenge that is in process now through
August 31, 2012.
  In 2011, the participating club(s) in each district with the highest number
of presenting donors and largest percentage of presenting donors were
recognized with certificates of recognition. In District 27-C1, the Pittsville
Lions received both these recognitions. Above and beyond their
participation in the Challenge itself, the Pittsville Lions were asked to
consider hosting all future community blood drives at their spacious, new,
air-conditioned clubhouse. The previous sponsor, St. John's Lutheran
Church, had a group of long-time senior members who had been handling
the blood drive since 1999. Because of these volunteers’ advancing age and
the fact that the church is not air conditioned, they began looking for another
group to host future blood drives. The Pittsville Lions immediately came to
mind as they had the facility and a viable working group.
  The Club accepted the challenge and took the first step by inviting Red
Cross personnel to a dinner meeting to explain the entire program. The
speakers expressed delight in knowing that a team of 20,000 Lions would
be promoting the need for blood.
  Ms. Bonita Leitza, Wisconsin Red Cross Donor Recruitment
Representative, got the attention of the members by initially stating, "Only
38% of the national population is eligible to donate, but only 8% of that
group actually donates blood."
  She went on to say, "Every two seconds someone in America needs blood.
That translates to more than 44,000 pints needed each day in the United
States. Blood types most in need include O, A and B negative, but all types
are gratefully accepted."
  Ms. Sylvia Mews, a Pittsville area registered nurse stated that the process
only takes about 45 minutes and they can stay for a complimentary lunch
after that.
  The Pittsville Lions not only provided replacement help to work with the
Red Cross personnel, many also donated blood. Their first sponsored blood
drive, on August 11, 2011, was considered a success with a record number
of donors.
  Their second sponsored blood drive, held April 25, 2012, also registered
record numbers.
  Plans are to conduct three blood drives each year at the Pittsville
clubhouse. The next one is scheduled for August 14.
  The formation of this working relationship between the Red Cross and
Lions Club has been a WIN-WIN situation for all as evidenced in Pittsville
where donors can help other Lions initiatives by turning in used eyeglasses
and hearing aids. On the April 25th date, the Lions handed out diabetes
information as a means of alerting donors of diabetes issues.
  Lions working together in many communities can be the vehicle to provide
information on health care, improve eyesight and hearing, increase
awareness of diabetes and the importance of blood donation.

Leadership In A World Of Service
2012 USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum in Tampa Bay September
 by PID Beverly Roberts
 Lions from all across the USA and Canada will be in Tampa Bay on
September 13-15, 2012. They will be taking advantage of the Lions
Leadership Forum seminars and fellowship, as they are polishing their
leadership skills, making new friends, networking, learning about our
Association, and gleaning ideas to take home to their clubs and districts.
There are so many reasons to attend; and at the Lions Leadership Forum--
those who attend will find more than 70 seminars with information critical to
their success.
       Webinar: Live from Tampa to Toronto to Taipei” will be a live,
         first-hand experience about how to participate in and conduct a
       “Adjust Your Leadership Style to Fit the Situation” will help to
         understand the traits of leaders and followers, the styles of
         leadership, and when to use each one.
       “Turbo-Charge Your Teamwork” will, using the Indianapolis 500 as
         a model, explore the essential elements of effective teamwork and
         team synergy and how it can be incorporated into Lions teams to
         achieve excellence and maximize our service impact.
       “Tax Issues and Regulations Affecting Lions Clubs and Lions
         Leadership” is a must attend seminar for those who need to know
         the pitfalls about tax issues and regulations when making decision
         for their clubs.
       “Lions Code of Ethics: A Re-Awakening” will cover honest and
         ethical conduct, integrity, accountability, teamwork and excellence,
         the ethics pledge, and the ethics chair-man’s job.
       “Recruiting New Lion Leaders -What Works in India. Would It
         Work Here?” This seminar will present the steps and techniques
         used in India to recruit new members and how the techniques might
         be used in the USA and Canada.
       “We Speak for You When you Can’t” is a presentation that will
         explain Medic Alert, how it works, and its benefits to each of us.
  Looking for even more? Log onto www.usacanadalionsforum.org for a full
listing of seminars and the registration form.
  Professional Speakers Will Inspire & Motivate
  Again this year, attendees will be inspired and motivated by the
professional speakers who will provide key note addresses at each of the
meal functions...
       James Malinchak - I’m just a steel-mill town kid who did some
         things right! Learn more about Malinchak at http://malinchak.com/
       Mary Feeley - Motivational Humorist, Speaker and Trainer. Learn
         more about Feeley at http://maryfeeley.biz/index.html
       Steven Fulmer - Dream – Believe – Become. Learn more about
         Fulmer at http://www.fulmerspeaks.com/
  Registration - This year’s Forum continues the tradition of providing
exceptional professional speakers, seminars and workshops all designed to
help you develop leadership skills for Lions and life. You will return from
the Forum with materials, ideas and “hands on” programs that will make
you a better Lion and will make your Lions clubs stronger and more
effective which in turn will make our Association better able to serve the
needs of our members and communities.
  Your Forum Registration Fee covers the cost of the seminars and four
designated meals (Thursday evening banquet, Friday noon lunch, Saturday
noon lunch, Saturday evening banquet).
  If you register by June 15, you will get all of this for only $260.
  Hotels - The Forum has negotiated special room rates with a number of
area hotels. Reservations must be made through the Forum Registration
Form. Do not register directly with the hotel. Rooms cannot be reserved
without $125 deposit.
  Keep in mind that shuttle transportation will not be provided between the
hotels and the convention center.
  Marriott Tampa Waterside (Headquarters)
  $129 + tax/night
  Adjacent to convention center
  Embassy Suites Tampa Downtown
  $129/$139/$149 + tax/night
  Adjacent to convention center
  Westin Harbour Island
  $119 + tax / night
  1 1/2 blocks to convention center
  Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk
  $ 112 + tax/night
  3 Blocks to convention center
 Hyatt Regency Tampa
 $129.00 + tax/night
 3 Blocks to convention center
 RV Parks - There are two RV Parks available for Forum use in Tampa.
You must make your own reservations for the RV parks.
 Sun RV Park - 1-888-252-3174 or www.sunrvresorts.com
 Lazydays RV Campground - 1-800-905-6627 or
 For all these reasons and many more, register today by visiting
 See you in Tampa!

Final Thoughts
  by Council Chair Barry Boline
  In 2008, when, as the Region Chair of Region Three, District 27-A2, I
filled out the Standard Form for Nomination of Candidates and submitted it
to our District Elections Chair, little did I know what great times I would
have and what service I would be able to provide, first as a Vice District
Governor, then as a District Governor and then as the Council Chair for
Multiple District 27.
  Throughout my time serving on the District Governor Team and as
Council Chair, we have seen the Multiple District host the USA/Canada
Lions Leadership Forum, weathered the storm of IRS tax exemption
problems, dealt with a spin off of the Wisconsin Lions Foundation,
undertaken major revisions of the Multiple District Constitution, Bylaws and
Policy Manual and rolled out GMT/GLT, just to name a few. I have had the
great opportunity to have served the Lions of Wisconsin during what has
been a great time in Lionism.
  This year, I have been humbled by the selfless actions of service of the
Lions of Wisconsin and I have been impressed by the leadership skills of the
2011-2012 Council of Governors. I have been fortunate to work with 10 of
the best Lions whom I have had an opportunity to meet and I will remember
the lessons of leadership that they have taught me for the rest of my life.
  Thanking individuals is always difficult for fear of skipping someone who
deserves praise. Rather than take the chance, I would like to thank the Lions
of Wisconsin for the opportunity to lead them during this Lionistic year.
This year has been one of the greatest of my life and I will never forget the
friends I have made and the hospitality I have received.
  “Serve” has been a recurrent theme throughout the year I spent as District
Governor and throughout this year. If you knew me, you know that I am
deeply committed to bringing this Association back to our motto: “We
Serve”. I hope that throughout my tenure, I have motivated you to serve
others and instilled in you a belief that your Service is important in your
communities and to this Association.
  I have thought much this year about a quote from Margaret Mead that I
hope will sum up my time working with the Council of Governors: “Never
doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the
world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
NEWS: 27-A1
Notes from DG Rick
  Thank you. Thank you all for your outstanding service and all-out efforts
this year. Our District is looking strong thanks to you.
  My experience is still best described by Lion Gib Nelson, “If you
participate, you will meet a lot of nice people and have a nice time.” I met
wonderful people and had a great time. More than ever, I realize that Lions
are good people who enjoy helping others.
  One of the benefits in leadership is that it helps attract some additional
attention to your club. It may even motivate your club. PDG Jordan
Chadwick thought it would be nice to have a District Governor from a
smaller club when he endorsed me for District Governor. As it turned out, he
was correct. West Allis Central has had a great year, not because of me, but
because they had an opportunity to show themselves to our District. They
wanted to show what a small club could do. As a matter of fact, they have
grown (probably because I could not be there much this year) from 18 to 28
members. As I traveled around this year, I also noticed that each of our clubs
is unique and special. They all do a good job.
  I highly recommend that you get involved in leadership on a club, District,
State, or International level. The position you take will depend on how much
time you have. If your time is limited, there are positions available in our
clubs and on the district cabinet that only call for small amounts of time.
  I want to also thank this year’s 16 new cabinet members and five new
committees, including the Prevent Blindness Screening, Guiding Lion, Cable
TV and Center for Blind and Visually Impaired Committees. I think that
they would tell you that the overall experience is highly rewarding.
  Most all of you know that my focus over the past two years has been on
membership growth. I want you all to know that I appreciate your efforts in
that area. I am writing this article at the end of April, but our numbers were
very good last year and we appear to be headed for another good year this
year. Your enthusiasm for Lions has really shown.
  Finally, I look forward to seeing you around the District. Thank you for
your hospitality this year.
GMT Report
  by Lion Gary Jund
  “We must become what we want to see.” Mahatma Gandhi
  In the last 10 years, our 27-A1 has lost five clubs. We went from a District
of 57 clubs to 52 clubs. It looks like we will lose one more at the end of this
year. This means that many people are no longer being served. It also
accounts for nearly a third of our membership loss over that same time
period. Therefore, if we wish to reverse this trend, one of the things we must
do is start to form new clubs. If you know of a likely area for forming a new
club, please contact me at garyjund1@yahoo.com. The GMT Team is ready
to help any club that would like to sponsor a new club.
  Now, I have some good news to give you. As we move forward in this
year, we are learning that there are many ways to increase membership.
Among them is a good public relations campaign, another could be called
“Each One, Reach One” campaign. But statistics are continuing to come in
showing that the Visitors Day Event (VDE) is the most effective. One of the
reasons for this is that a well run VDE is just great public relations. Telling a
group of people the history and structure of our Lions organization, our
mission, our community service, etc. is very good PR. This is very evident
from clubs that have conducted a VDE this year.
  In a conversation with Lion Bill Pallaske of the West Allis West Club, he
shared that their VDE was on March 18th. The club sent out 20 invitations,
had nine R.S.V.P.s, with eight guests attending and three applications for
membership received. That’s success! Way to go West Allis West!
  Your club can do the same as the West Allis West Club. I have created
what I call “Action Plan for Membership Growth in Lions District 27-A1.”
For those clubs willing to invest a little time and effort into learning about
how to run an effective VDE, please contact me. I will send you a full kit on
how it can be done. The GMT leader in your area will follow up and guide
you through the process. All you have to do is ask.
  Of all the good things we do as Lions, one of the best is inviting someone
to enjoy the Lions experience by becoming a member.

Busy As Bees For Lionism
  by ADP Donna Johnson
  What a wonderful year! It is hard to believe that my year as 27-A1
Affiliate District President is almost over.
  I have enjoyed visiting all the clubs and learning what the Lioness are
doing for our district and their communities—making lives better for those
in need. It is two-fold, when you bring some happiness into someone else’s
life; you find your own life is better for it.
  Activities I have attended during my year have been fundraisers, seeing
everyone working to make money so we can give it away to worthy causes,
meetings where Lioness step up to the challenges in the communities, and
socials which allow members to get better acquainted and celebrate their
service to the community.
  There is a lot going on this summer. As you go to a parade, a chicken
BBQ, or a county fair, invite a friend to join you. Show them what Lioness
and Lions are all about. Hand them one of your brochures and invite them to
become a Lioness.
  As my year draws to a close, I just want to say, “The Lioness of 27-A1 are
truly remarkable, and I am proud to know each and every one.” As we go
forward, continue to be “Busy as Bees for Lionism.”

Club News
 DISTRICT 27-A1 PLANTS TREES - by Lion Bill Pallaske - Lions from
 eight clubs in District 27-A1 gathered at “Vision Forward”, formerly “The
 Badger Association for the Blind,” in Milwaukee on Saturday, April 21st.
 Led by District Governor Rick Steinberg, this dynamic crew planted 72
 trees on the grounds of the facility as part of the LCI tree planting project.
Other clubs from the district will be planting the remainder of the 300 trees
donated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources at other
locations in the District this month. ABOVE: DG-E Ken Bitter and
Lioness Darlene Bitter hard at work.

HUNT which was a huge success.

Heinlein - As you can see in the photo, the Lake Geneva Lions made a
presentation on Friday, March 23 to the Lake Geneva Food Pantry to help
feed the needy. It is part of the Club’s on-going commitment, and so far
this year the club has donated $5,000 to the food pantry. ABOVE (L to R):
Lions Andy Carlson, Fred Doolittle, Tom Bence, Will Ruemmele, Jeff
Wall, Jack Kaye, Jean Benedict of the Lake Geneva Food Pantry, Lions
Gene Haseley, BG O’Reilly, Marty Kearns and Joe Geraci.

Lions Club of Eagle announced a tree restoration program as a service to
the community. The club supplied trees such as Silver Maple, Hard Maple
(Sugar), Red Oak, White Spruce, and White Pine to any area resident who
agreed to plant and maintain them. The first priority was given to
continuing an effort to recover from tornado damage, but 1,000 trees were
supplied by the Lions at no cost. The trees are two to three years old.
Residents interested had the option to pick up the tress at a central location.
What a wonderful way to recover from so much damage caused by the
tornado, as well as supplying the community with new trees.

MUKWONAGO LIONS CLUB 51 YEARS - by Lion Al Frankenstein -
On Saturday, April 28th, the Mukwonago Lions Club celebrated their 51st
Anniversary of their Charter Night. The event was held at Roma’s
Ristorante and Lounge Banquet Hall in East Troy. PDG Lion Dave Sugden
was recognized for 50 years of perfect attendance. That is a lot of service
for a special Lion.

WAUKESHA NOON LIONS BUSY - by Lion Doris Dolph - Waukesha
Noon Lions were busy during the month of April transporting eye tissue to
the Eye Bank and collecting used eyeglasses--a year round project. We
 also collected four hearing aids. Another project was helping to collect
 outdated and unwanted medications. The Club continues to be active in
 recruiting new members.

Upcoming Events
  Wind Lake Lions 16th Annual Car Show, Craft Fair and BBQ Chicken
  Sun, Jun 24
  President Lion Gary Smith said, “We are looking forward to the warm sun
on our skin, the smell of BBQ Chicken in the air and the rumble of the
engines entering Meyer Park. We are hoping for a record breaking year of
over 400 Classic Cars, Street Rods, Rat Rods, Trucks, Tractors and
  Lion Jim Klamert and Lion Bill Drazhonovski are busy getting sponsors
and trophies put together. We will have 24 classes and will be awarding 1st,
2nd and 3rd prizes in every class.
  Lions Gladys and Bruce Kubitz are planning to welcome over 30 craft
vendors again this year. Lion Theresa Smith is organizing the much
appreciated donations for our basket raffles. Lions Lisa Bohachef and
Dennis Young are busy ordering all the fixings for our mouth-watering BBQ
Chicken dinners.
  Music will be floating through the air as Geno from GNO Productions
spins the tunes.
  Come join us at Meyer Park 26900 Meyer Drive, Wind Lake! Car
Registration runs from 8 am – 11 am and trophies will be presented at 3 p.m.
  Shuttle service will be provided from Norway Town Hall, located at 6419
Heg Park Road. This is a rain or shine event! Hope to see you there!

 The Big Bend/Vernon Lions 7th Annual Open
 Fri, Jun 15
 Edgewood Golf Course, Big Bend
It is a rain or shine event with registration from 8:30-9:45 am and shotgun
tee off at 10 am using a four-person scramble format. The cost of $85
includes the cart, 18 holes of golf, continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner
following a fine day of golf.
There are door prizes, raffles and hole prizes with a hole in one contest.
There will be a full set of golf clubs, TV, and many other prizes available
in the raffle.
Registration is due by June 8.
Contact Rick Rosiak at 262-662-5088 or Joan Weber at 414-852-9066 for
information or email weberpe@juno.com.

Milwaukee South Shore Noon, St. Francis and West Allis Central
Lions Club Annual Golf Classic
Fri, Jul 13
Evergreen Country Club, Elkhorn
It is an 8 am shotgun start and four man scramble format. Cost is $80 per
golfer which includes golf, cart, luncheon, beer and soda.
Contact Lion Gary Jund at 414-259-9191 ext. 17 for information. If you
wish to make the luncheon and raffles only, the cost is $20 per person.

Thu, Aug 2,
Broadlands Golf Club, North Prairie
The first 144 golfers will be accepted. It is a four person-team scramble
with putting contests, chipping contests and shotgun start at 11:30 am.
There will be door prizes, wagering holes, raffles, and win a car. The cost
if $85 per golfer which includes lunch, green fees, cart and dinner.
Contact jchadwick@cfswi.com or 414-507-5240 for more information.

SAT, JUN 2 – Palmyra Lions Golf Outing

SUN, JUN 3 - Union Grove Lions 32nd Annual Chicken BBQ and Car,
Van and Vintage Motorcycle Show at the Racine County Fair Grounds.
Car show registration at 8 am. Chicken will be served from 10:30 am to
3:30 pm. Adults-$9, Children 12 and under-$6. The Union Grove Lioness
will hold a bake sale and quilt raffle at the event.

— Information call 262-878-1825

FRI, JUN 8 – Waukesha Noon Lions 15th Annual Charity Golf Outing

SAT, JUN 9 - The 3rd Milwaukee Walk4hearing at Veterans’ Park.
9 am and walk 10 am.

— Visit www.walk4hearing.org and select Milwaukee Walk4Hearing for
more information

FRI, JUN 15 - Big Bend/Vernon Lions Open at Edgewood Golf Course.

— Lion Joan Weber at weberpe@juno.com or 414-852-9066

FRI, JUN 15 - SAT, JUN 16 - Muskego Lions Lake Festival

SAT, JUN 16 – BOLD Bicycle Ride - Bethesda Park, 560 Dunbar
Avenue, Waukesha

— Bob at Kathy McGregor at 414-422-9254 or
mommc1981@hotmail.com to volunteer.

SAT, JUN 16 – Oak Creek Mini Golf Classic Tournament

FRI, JUN 22 – SUN, JUN 24 – Eagle Lions Kettle Moraine Days
NEWS: 27-A2
Notes from DG Butch
  I can’t believe it is June already; it seems like only yesterday we were
beginning this Lions year in Seattle, Washington at the International
Convention and now the year is almost over. Over the years, I have heard
District Governors say, “This year has been an incredible experience,
something I’ll never forget.” I now know what they mean. Being able to
serve you as District Governor has been such a learning experience. I have
met so many new friends, not only in our own District, but all around our
great State. I have to say this has been a once in a lifetime experience and all
I can say is, “Thank You!” You have welcomed me into your clubs, your
fundraisers and your service projects. You have made me feel honored and
welcomed everywhere I have been this year. It is because of you that this has
been such an amazing year.
  Early this year, I asked you to make a goal for the year; something to work
towards, to strive for. We discussed what it takes to set and achieve our
goals which is Courage (to set the goal), Commitment (to stay focused and
work to make it happen) and Action (knowing what it takes to make our goal
a reality). I am sure many of you have set goals and I am sure some had to
adjust throughout the Lions year. Now is the time to measure our success. If
this was a personal goal, maybe only you know the outcome. If this was a
club goal, maybe you have been tracking your progress all year. Regardless
of which type of goal, I hope you have succeeded and will use this tool in
the future. If you were not successful in reaching your goal, now is the time
to learn from our past and put that knowledge to work on your next goal.
Remember, a goal without a plan to make it reality is only a wish.
  As we move out of this Lion year and into the next, I am very proud to turn
over the gavel of our District to our new District Governor Lion Larry
Braunschweig. I believe his abilities and leadership will carry our District
further than we have ever gone before. I wish him the best year and my hope
is he has as good a time as I have. I urge all of you to join me in pledging
your support to him as he begins this journey.
  In closing, I would be very remiss if I did not thank my home club, the
Hustisford Lions. It was their support early on, and that continues to this
day, that allowed me to have this experience of service. And lastly, to my
family who understood my goals and mission for this year, I cannot thank
them enough. This year has truly taught me the meaning of My Club, My
Family. Thank you all again and I wish you the best of luck as we move into
the Lions year of 2012-13.

Lioness Desserts From Convention
 by Lioness Barb Seamendel, 27-A2 2nd VP
 The Lioness provided wonderful desserts at our District Convention. They
had promised many of you that they would publish some of the recipes for
you to make and enjoy. Here are the first two of the recipes.
 Chocolate Chex Caramel Crunch
 Recipe and photo courtesy of www.chex.com
 8 cups Chocolate Chex® cereal
 3/4 cup packed brown sugar
 6 tablespoons butter or margarine
 3 tablespoons light corn syrup
 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
 1/4 cup white vanilla baking chips

  Into large microwavable bowl, measure cereal; set aside. Line cookie sheet
with waxed paper.
  In 2-cup microwavable measuring cup, microwave brown sugar, butter and
corn syrup uncovered on High 1 to 2 minutes, stirring after 1 minute, until
melted and smooth. Stir in baking soda until dissolved. Pour over cereal,
stirring until evenly coated. Microwave on High 3 minutes, stirring every
minute. Spread on cookie sheet. Cool 10 minutes. Break into bite-size
  In small microwavable bowl, microwave vanilla baking chips uncovered
on High about 1 minute 30 seconds or until chips can be stirred smooth
(bowl will be hot). Drizzle over snack. Refrigerate until set. Store in tightly
covered container.
 Salted Peanut Chews
 1 1/2 cups Flour
 2/3 cups Brown Sugar
 1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder
 1/2 teaspoon Salt
 1/4 teaspoon Baking Soda
 1/2 cup Butter
 teaspoon Vanilla
 Egg Yolks
 cups Miniature Marshmallows

 Combine all crust ingredients, except marshmallows. Mix well.
 Press into 9” x 13” pan.
 Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes.
 Remove from oven. While hot sprinkle on marshmallows.
 Return to oven and bake until marshmallows puff up. 5-10 minutes.
 Remove from oven and cool.

 2/3 cups Corn Syrup
 1/4 cups Butter
 2 teaspoons Vanilla
 12 oz Peanut Butter Chips
 2 cups Crispy Rice Cereal
 2 cups Salted Peanuts
 Combine corn syrup, butter, vanilla, and peanut butter chips saucepan.
Heat until chips melt, stirring often.
 Remove from heat. Stir in cereal and nuts. Spread evenly over
 Cool and cut into bars.
 If you would like a copy of the other recipes, please contact:
 Barb Seamendel
Can 27-A2 Be 100%?
  by DG-Elect Larry Braunschweig
  In the February 2012 Lion magazine, the article “Service Takes Many
Forms” stated that Lions logged more than 1.5 million hours of service, and
participating clubs reported more than 350,000 service activities that assisted
more than 160 million people.
  These are astonishing numbers, but the reality is that only 40% of the
Lions Clubs worldwide report their service activities to Lions Club
International. Imagine the numbers that would be reported if Lions
International could have 100% of the Lions Clubs report their service
activities each month.
  In District 27-A2, 83% of our clubs have completed an activity report
within the last twelve months. Wouldn’t it be great if we could state that
100% of the clubs in District 27-A2 complete their activity reports each
  Sometimes it’s the activities that we do each month that are forgotten when
the activity report is being processed; such as, the emptying of the eyeglass
containers around town, the eye transporter trip, the monthly meeting
collection of food for the food pantries.
  What we don’t want to believe, is that what we do as a Club, doesn’t make
a difference considering the whole organization of Lions Clubs. You do
make a difference; every service project that we do is important.
  Club secretaries, let’s get those activity reports up to date and submitted so
that District 27-A2 can reach that 100% and we can see all the great service
that our members and clubs are providing.

Last Chance To Host
 by Lion Ray Tweedale, 27-A2 YE Chair
  Their is still time to create your own lasting lifetime experience by hosting
a youth from the country of your choice. We have a few more great youth to
place with host families for the July program.
  You only need to supply a sleeping space, meals and the willingness to
share your culture and learn more about the youth’s culture. You do not need
to be a Lion to participate. Many of our host families are retirees who have
the time, open room and desire to learn of faraway places.
  If you would like to host a youth, contact:
  Youth Exchange Chair
  Lion Ray Tweedale

Lions Share
 RICHFIELD LIONS PLANT 250 TREES - by Lion Dick Lemminger -
 As part of the worldwide program adopted by the Lions International, the
 Richfield Lions has provided 250 Colorado Spruce trees to be planted on
 village sites this spring. The project, sparked by the idea of Lions
 International President, Wing Kum Tam, to plant one million trees during
 his term in office, to improve the environment on the planet earth, has
 mushroomed beyond his wildest dreams. As of April, nearly seven million
 trees have been planted; and we are still counting. Sites for these plantings
 in Richfield were chosen so that all of the public may enjoy their beauty
 and benefit from the quality of the air we breathe. ABOVE: PDG Bill
 Schmidt, Lion Dick Lemminger and Lion Larry Ceretto.

 The club held a small party to celebrate 30 successful years as a Lions
 club. Their 30th Car Show will be held on July 1st, 2012. Come and help
 them celebrate their 30th Car Show.

 SUCCESS with lots of people and great music. LOWER LEFT: West
 Bend Band, “Revival”, entertaining the crowd.
BREAKFAST included pancakes, eggs, sausages, donuts, coffee, juice
and much more. LEFT TOP: Charter Member Lion Ken Schulz making
pancakes. LEFT BOTTOM: Lion Roy Soerens and Paul Koniar making
scrambled eggs.

were great steaks and raffles, along with lots of fun and camaraderie.

was held in early March for the students of Our Savior Lutheran Parish
School in Grafton. The screening included students in Kindergarten
through 8th grade.

Just a reminder to keep submitting your wonderful articles and when you
    are holding your upcoming events, take a picture of your members
                      “serving” within your community.
                            Submission Guidelines
All club articles, announcements and pictures need to be submitted at least
                    2 months before the actual event date.
                            The August deadline is
                                  June 20th


SAT, JUN 2 - Richfield Lions BOLD Harley Ride

FRI, JUN 8 - SUN, JUN 10 - Thiensville - Mequon Lions 48th Annual
Lionfest at Thiensville Village Park.
Enjoy live music, famous rotisserie chicken dinners, bingo, softball
tournament, carnival games and rides, and a Sunday afternoon Car Show.

— Information available at www.tmlions.org
SUN, JUN 10 - Grafton Lions Annual Chicken Roast at Veterans Park
on the river in downtown Grafton.

SAT, JUN 16 - Watertown Lions Tractor Pull - Gates open at 12 pm;
Pull starts at 1 pm. Held at Badgerland Park, Hwy 26 and Silver Creek
Road, Watertown, WI. Tickets are $10 at the gate. Children under 12 are

SUN, JUN 24 - Fredonia Lions Frebeka 5 Run/Walk at The
Waubedonia Park. 8 am start.

SUN, JUN 24 - Sussex Lions Host The 27-A2 District Golf Outing at
The Silver Spring Country Club, N56W21318 Silver Spring Drive,
Menomonee Falls. Registration: 8 am-8:45 am. Golf 9 am shot gun start.
Lunch at turn. Dinner at 2 pm. $90 per person/$85 per person if paid by
June 1st. Includes: Coffee/donuts, free-range balls, bag drop, lunch at turn,
one free drink, hole in one contest at all par three holes, other prizes.

— Registration or questions? Contact Lion Bob Aacken 262-391-8315


SUN, JUL 1 - Allenton Lions 30th Annual Car Show and Flea Market
at Veterans Park in Allenton 6 am - 4 pm. All U Can Eat Pancake
Breakfast 6:30 - 11 am. Pedal Tractor Pull 1pm. Children’s Eye Screening
10 am - 2 pm.
NEWS: 27-B1
Notes from DG Merle
  Thank you.
  Thank you.
  Thank you.
  What a great year this has been. Lion Bonnie and I have enjoyed visiting
your Clubs and meeting more members of our Lions family.
  A special thank you to the members of the District Cabinet. Thanks to their
dedication, all business of the District was conducted in a timely and
productive time frame.
  Training programs have been successful. This year, thanks to the Global
Leadership Team (GLT), six people from our District were able to attend
“Communicate Like a Leader” and three Lions were certified as Club
Excellence Process (CEP) Coordinators. These leaders, combined with the
assistance of our Global Membership Team (GMT), will be able to grow 27-
B1 in membership and service.
  The Clubs in 27-B1 have met the goal of planting over 2,400 trees. If you
haven’t recorded your tree planting yet, please do so on the Activity Report.
President Tam will be very pleased with our numbers.
  Check your calendars for September, the USA/Canada Forum will take
place in Tampa, Florida. The Forum is always an outstanding event with
speakers and seminars that will revitalize your great Lions Spirit. Lion
Bonnie and I will be there and hope you can join us.
  Again THANK YOU to all of our Lions Family. We will continue TO
SERVE as needed in 27-B1 and MD27, but for right now we are looking
forward to a few weeks of enjoying life and our grandchildren.
A Lion In Training
 Grandpa plant trees, water trees and attended the State Bowling Tourney.
 Bree has to be outfitted with her Lions shirt and is always ready to go visit
 Clubs and functions. We attend chicken, brat and hamburger frys and
 sample the product.

Sheboygan Evening Lions
Celebrate 90 Year Of Service
  by Lions Lou Cecil and Ray Petersohn
  In 1922, the Sheboygan Evening Lions became the fourth Lions Club to be
chartered in Wisconsin.
  In the 1920’s the Sheboygan Evening Lions sponsored a miniature airplane
building contest. They also sponsored local radio broadcasts of concerts.
Assistance was given for a crippled children’s clinic and establishing a class
for handicapped children. A movie projector was donated to the
tuberculosis sanitarium.
  The Sheboygan Evening Lions combined efforts with the Rotary, Kiwanis
and Optimist Clubs to establish a Boy Scout camp at Cedar Lake called Ro-
  The 1930’s saw projects such as assisting in raising $250,000 for a new
hospital, participating in a harbor improvement project, helping the
American Legion with an employment drive, distributing Christmas baskets
for poor families and holding Christmas home decorating contests.
  The Evening Lions campaigned for, and obtained a city ordinance dealing
with protection of the blind using white canes. They also gave white canes to
the blind. It was during this period that the Sheboygan Evening Lions were
host to past Lions International President Frank Birch and then International
Director Clarence Sturm.
  This time was also the beginning of a major money maker for the Evening
Lions, concerts given by the United States Marine Band. Many thousands of
dollars were raised through this project. This enabled donations such as
$1,100 for the purchase of a wide picture screen for the T.B. sanitarium;
$1,500 went for a Girl Scout swimming pool; $1,000 was used to refurbish a
room for children at the Associations Opportunity Center; more than $1,000
went to Family Services to purchase eyeglasses for children.
  The remaining 40 years saw the sponsorship for several years of the
Buccaneers Drill Team, scholarships for dozens of students at North and
South High Schools, hosting of a holiday basketball tournament featuring
Lakeland College and purchasing trees to replace many elms that died from
Dutch elm disease. Also, the Evening Lions chartered Boy Scout Troop 882
and Cub Scout Pack 82, both established for handicapped scouts. Schools in
Sheboygan received donations of safety glasses and booklets on eye
protection. To fund these efforts the club sold light bulbs, roses, large
coloring books, roasted corn, worked at company picnics and held many brat
  The Evening Lions raised more than $20,000 to assist local victims of the
1998 floods.
  Today, members screen four and five year olds for vision problems;
transport visually impaired adults from Sheboygan to a monthly meeting
with other visually impaired adults in the Manitowoc area. In addition,
transportation is provided for some of these individuals to the Lions Camp at
Rosholt. But the highlight of the transportation projects is the transporting
of cornea tissue to and from the Lions Eye Bank in Madison, Wisconsin.
  The Sheboygan Evening Lions sponsored the following clubs: Sheboygan
Falls Lions, Sheboygan Noon Lions, Random Lake Lions, the original
Plymouth Lions, Mosel Lions, Sheboygan Hispanic Lions, Sheboygan
Lionettes, Sheboygan Lioness, North High Leos, Farnsworth Leos and South
High Leos.

Lioness Should Be Proud
  by ADP Sue Robinson
  This great year in Lioness is about to come to a close with the Spring
Banquet on June 10th at the War Memorial Building in Wautoma. The
sponsor this year is the Neshkoro Lioness. Hopefully, your reservations are
made. It would be great to see representation from every club.
  This has been a wonderful year for me; one of learning, sharing, and
meeting many wonderful new friends in Lionism. I am grateful for the
opportunity to have served in this capacity. This was my second term
serving as 27-B1 District President, having served in 2004-05 also. I am in
awe to see the growth of our Lioness in numbers, as well as service to
  I have met so many Lioness energized by the desire to serve and make a
difference in their communities. Each club has its own fundraisers,
community activities, and projects of service; and it is incredible to see how
every club, no matter how large or small, makes such an impact in their own
communities. Those communities definitely depend on the work of the
Lioness, as well as Lions!
  Our club memberships are made up of Lioness from every walk of life and
numerous life styles. This means there is always a job or service within the
club that every Lioness can fill; created just for you!
  As I have said in the past, learning from each other is important, but
passing on that knowledge to future leaders and workers means our clubs
and district will continue to grow in many ways.
  The State Convention was a wonderful event. Many good seminars and
speakers were presented. Speakers were informative, as well as entertaining.
Hope you didn’t miss the “Let Me Be Frank” presentation to benefit Lions
Pride. It was the best!
  I would like to thank District Governor Merle Strelow and his cabinet for
all their support of our Lioness program. Thanks so much to my cabinet for
their hard work this Lioness year. Lionism is a team effort and they really
came through for me. And I want to thank each and every club for their hard
work and support to our Lioness organization. A special thank you to all
clubs for getting in all their paperwork. I hope all clubs can step back and
reflect and say that they had a wonderful year.
  Have a great summer, always be ready to recruit new members, and
remember… “We need You in Order To Serve.”
Club News
GREEN LAKE SUPPORTS FOOD PANTRY with funds raised from
their First Annual Christmas Cheese Sale. ABOVE: Green Lake Lion Tail
Twister Art Wolk presented a $200 check to Green Lake County Food
Pantry volunteer Sandy Cwik.

Every spring, the Lions and Lioness Clubs of Marquette County gather for
their annual Zone Social. Since 1987, they have honored one of their own
with the single highest recognition in Lionism. This year it was the
unanimous decision of the clubs to show their appreciation for the
Brakebush family’s collective contributions to the community. Past Lions
International Directors (PID) Phil Ingwell, Madison and Peter Cerniglia,
Cross Plains were on hand to make the official award presentation. Local
Lions and long-time family friends spoke on the family and business
history. They also detailed four generations of dedicated community
service. ABOVE: Pictured with their Lions Club International Corporate
Sponsor Award are several Brakebush family members with their Lions
International recognition, along with business associates, and Lions Club
representatives:. Front Row (seated): Nancy Brakebush, Carl Brakebush,
and Judy Brakebush. Middle Row: PID Lion Peter Cerniglia, Jon
Brakebush, Becky (Brakebush) Hunter, Arlene Fiess, Chari (Brakebush)
Schieber., Jon Brakebush, Jr., Lion Jeff LaPointe, and PID Lion Phil
Ingwell. Back Row: Tom Ludwig, Nathan Hunter, Rusty Schieber, Dave
Fiess, Chris Brakebush, Carey Brakebush.

along with clubs from Mishicot, Reedsville, Whitelaw and Francis Creek
attended a Zone meeting May 17th at Reind’s in Menchalville. Nika Hill
from the Stevens Point area was a guest speaker for the evening. Hill has
been going blind since birth and she related to all in attendance the
experiences and challenges blindness has caused her throughout her young
life. She introduced the group to her Leader Dog Rocky who stood
faithfully at her side throughout the evening. She had attended the
Wisconsin Lions Camp in Rosholt for the blind and handicapped as a
camper. The clubs in attendance are and always have been supporters of
the Leader Dog Programs For The Blind and the Lions Camp. In other
business, Lion Ron Kiekhaefer announced the winners of the Branson
night contest winners. They are Kay Fogeltanz from Green Bay, Shirley
Dill from Newton and Patti Olejniczak from Greenleaf.

Inn in Manitowoc. Lion President Ken introduced guests and told a short
history of Manitowoc Lions. In 1922, LCI regarded Wisconsin as “Virgin
Territory”; there was only two Clubs in Wisconsin. The first was in
Milwaukee, chartered on June 10th, 1921, and the second Racine, on
September 1921. Green Bay, on February 9th, 1922. Manitowoc was
formed and organized on January 10, 1922 but was Chartered on February
23, 1922. Dr. Scott, the District Governor of District number one traveled
from Springfield, Illinois to present the Charter at the Elk’s Club
downtown Manitowoc

HANCOCK LIONS ALIVE & WELL - Hancock Lions met on April
23rd and a copy of the original Charter program was passed around and
discussed. The Charter night was Thursday, January 27th, 1956 at the
Hancock Community Building. The Club still meets there. The sponsoring
Club was Nekoosa Lions with a message from Lion Thomas McLeon. The
International guest was Lion Fred Lewis listed as International Councilor.
The Club started with 46 Charter members but has lost members as so
many other Clubs have. The Club is still active in the community,
sponsoring Easter Egg hunts, Camp Hope, Honor Banquets, a community
Street dance. The Club has active Eye Bank transporters and hosted the
Zone Social May 15th presenting a Melvin Jones.

DG MERLE MAKES A HOUSE CALL on Lion Sara Filemyr in Adell.
Lion Sara is the Cabinet representative for Canine Companions for
Independence. Last fall she had medical procedures and an extended stay
in the hospital and rehab center. PDG Ed was her motivator to get better
and be able to come home again. She is now home and was knitting at the
kitchen table at the time of the visit. In May, they traveled to North
Carolina and to Arizona, visiting their daughters and deciding where was
the next move in their lives. Thank you PDG Ed and Lion Sara for what
you did, and do, for the Lions and best wishes in your future.
 MON, JUN 11 - New Holstein Golf Outing at Badger Creek. Contact
 Lion Marty at 898-5358.

 SUN, JUN 17 - Sheboygan Evening Wings and Wheels Hot Dog Sales
 at the Sheboygan County Airport.

New District Editor
  by DG-E Meg Post
  First of all, I would like to thank DG Merle and Lion Bonnie for the
fantastic job they have done this past year on our District page. The articles
and pictures were interesting and showed what a busy district we have. We
can all be proud.
  Sending articles directly to the District Governor will make it easier and
also save time when putting the 27-B1 page together.
  During my year as Governor, the 27-B1 Editor will be my partner in
service, PDG Jerry.
  You can send your articles and photos to mpost7@tds.net. I know some of
you do not like computers but that does not mean you cannot turn in articles.
You can mail articles to my home address; PO Box 81, St. Nazianz, WI
54232. My only request; if you mail an article, please type the article. Hand
written articles can be very hard to read and spelling is questionable. When
someone submits an article it can be very frustrating when names of people
and places are misspelled.
  Pictures need to be sent as a jpeg file. If a picture is sent to me through the
mail, it would have to be scanned and e-mailed to the editor. This will cause
fuzzy and unclear pictures. So please submit all pictures via e-mail. Again, if
you do not have a computer, you can have a club or family member e-mail
the photos. Pictures are an important part of our page; recognition for your
clubs accomplishments is important to me and the readers.
 One last thing to remember, articles are due by the 20th of each month.
So, an article submitted by June 20th would be printed in the August paper.
NEWS: 27-B2
Notes from DG Sue
  I want to thank all the Lions in 27-B2 and the State of Wisconsin for the
amazing year I have had! It has been my honor to serve you as District
  It would be impossible to thank all the people who supported me this year.
First, I want to thank my Maker for the privilege of serving as 27-B2 District
Governor. Then my dear, sweet, loving husband, Lion Eugene, for the
freedom to do the job and allowing me to put lots and lots of miles on my
car! Thanks to my closest advisor and friend, Lion Dean Haas! Thanks to
my entire Cabinet, Region and Zone Chairs. To my DG team; thanks!!
Thanks to all my clubs – you are the best! Thanks for all the fun club visits,
great dinners and wonderful gifts!!!
  My biggest regret is that I didn’t hear from more Lions with my offer to
donate $1 to the Lions Pride Campaign. I have thus far only received 92
calls or emails. Of those 92, seven were from people outside 27-B2. When I
shared with my Mom my plan to have the offer in each article I submitted,
she asked, “What would happen if everyone called you?” I stated I would be
writing a big check to Pride. I have a passion for Lions and a passion for
Pride. So if you want me to spend a little more money, you have until June
26th to contact me. Take your time; but the days are numbered now!!
  My challenge to you for the next year is to DO MORE SERVICE! Some
of our clubs have become so focused on raising money; I’m afraid they
forget they are a service club, with a motto of We Serve!
  DG-E Sande has three goals:
    1 For each club to add one new member (above any losses).
    2 Increase communication up and down.
    3 All club’s to donate to the WLF 27-B2 Hearing Project. Clubs that
        give DG gifts might think about making a larger donation to the WLF
        27-B2 Hearing Project.
  I have told DG-E Sande I will do anything I can to help him be successful.
Won’t you pledge to do the same?
  I think we have achieved most of my goals.
    73 new members – we added way more than 73, but lost more than
      we gained. We need to work on retention too!
    New service project – not sure about that; but we sure planted a lot
      of trees!!!
    Step up into a new leadership role – lots of folks have done that!
      My thanks to you!!
 Have more fun!
 What else can I say... I had a blast; hope you did too! Many thanks.

District Officer Roles
  by 2nd VDG Peter André
  I am currently referred to as 2nd Vice District Governor and soon to be 1st
Vice District Governor. Wow, are we hung up on titles or what!
  The titles are new and the job description and manual aren’t even printed
yet. The latest information I have on this is that each district has the ability
to define exactly the duties of the 1st and 2nd Vice District Governors
  Prior to this change, one of the specific District Governor (DG) duties was
to visit every club. Here in 27-B2, that entailed visiting 72 clubs and eating
a lot of chicken.
  I think many members who would have made excellent DG’s hesitated
because of all that traveling and opted out of contention for the office. I
don’t blame them. I think the DG has to lead all the clubs towards the ideals
of Lionism.
  Now that we have so much information that is accessible on the WMMR
web site, today’s DG has a good handle on which clubs are doing well, and
which ones are struggling.
  As 1st VDG, I can be DG Sande’s Ambassador and visit the clubs that are
doing well, thus allowing DG Sande the time to focus on those that need
  This is a work in progress, but with all your patience and our efforts, I
think we can start to develop the role of our VDG’s, thereby freeing up a lot
of time for the DG to improve the health of our district.
  Will clubs be disappointed if someone shows up with a green jacket
instead of a red one? That is yet to be seen. This past year, DG Sue Doell
had committed to attending a joint meeting with the Freedom and Seymour
clubs. DG Sue became very ill and could not attend. DG-E Sande was under
18 inches of falling snow, but I was free. Did I satisfy those club’s
expectations? You will have to ask them. Hopefully they were satisfied.
  In the next few months, incoming DG Sande and I will be working on
better defining the roles of our DG Team to better support the needs of each
club here in 27-B2.
  I think once all our clubs recognize the need and benefits of these changes,
everything will work out.

Club News
 OCONTO FALLS NEW PROJECT - The Oconto Falls Lions have a
 long tradition with a variety of community service projects, but a project of
 a much different sort was added to the list recently when the first phase of
 the Oconto River Dock and Stock campaign got underway. The project is a
 two pronged approach to making better use of a great resource, the Oconto
 River running through the City of Oconto Falls. Phase one of the project
 was a fish stocking effort in which just over 5,500 perch were put into the
 river upstream from Oconto Falls. The club worked with the DNR for the
 necessary permits after a fish survey determined the carrying capacity of
 that section of the river. The fish were brought in from Minnesota and
 were of the size that they would begin spawning shortly.

 The second phase of the project will be to build a handicap accessible dock
 just north of the East Side beach in Oconto Falls. Detailed plans for the
 dock are not finalized but the sense was that this would be a great asset for
 the community. To help fund the project, the Lions will be running the
 Oconto River Dock and Stock Raffle for a number of major prizes with the
drawing to be held at Falls Fun Fest on Saturday, September 8th. A
number of groups and individuals have pledged support for the project and
others still have the opportunity to be partners with the effort.

ABOVE: Showing the skills of the true outdoorsman that he is, Lion Tom
Clark gently dips his net into the water and swishes it under the fish to
release them. In seconds, the fish were gone as they dispersed to explore
the great habitat in that section of the river.


The Crooked Lake/Mountain Lions Club was chartered in May of 1996
with a total membership of 23 people. The main fundraising event was a
three-day softball tournament combined with a Horseshoe tournament and
craft fair the second weekend of August at the Mountain Community
Center. Sixteen years later, the club boasts a membership of 42 and has
four major fundraisers and several brat frys.

This year, for the first time, the club is able to donate to two very active
camps in the area. Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya is visited by the Suring sixth
graders every year as an outdoor learning experience. Boy Scouts from all
over spend weekends at Bear Paw Camp, just outside of Mountain. The
Crooked Lake/Mountain Lions Club is pleased to be able to assist in their

TOP: Crooked Lake/Mountain Lions Club Lion Tamer Dave Meier is
shown presenting a check to YMCA Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya Senior Program
Director, Kathleen McKee.

BOTTOM: Crooked Lake/Mountain Lions Club Lion Tamer Dave Meier
is shown presenting a check to Andy Anderson, Camp Ranger from the
Bear Paw Boy Scout Camp.


Twelve Wabeno High School students were honored by the Wabeno Lions
Club at its 37th Annual Student Honors Banquet on Monday, April 16, at
The Springs. Each year, the Lions ask teachers from Wabeno High School
to select a student that can be called outstanding in that teacher’s particular
field of study. They are the students of whom teachers can say “This is the
student that I can point to as an example for other students in my classes to
follow.” The students and their teachers are then invited to be guests at a
banquet at which the teachers talk briefly about the students and then
present them with award certificates designed by the Lions.
Parents/guardians; other faculty, school staff, administration, and school
board members; a guest speaker; and Lions also attend.

In addition to an excellent meal, the students and guests were treated to an
inspirational presentation by guest speaker Sherry Christianson, a 1993
graduate of Wabeno High School and Lions Honor Student.

In addition to the Wabeno High School Student Honors Banquet, future
Wabeno Lions sponsored events include a dinner for local senior citizens
on April 27 and the Wabeno High School Senior Banquet on May 16. The
Lions will also select high school seniors to receive scholarships and
service awards.

LEFT: This year’s honored students with the subject they were honored in.
Back Row (L to R): Christy Mattern (foreign language), Zach Derfus (art),
guest speaker Sherry Christianson, Don Bartels (English), Jacob Kroll
(boys physical education). Front Row (L to R): Maggie Koszalinski
(physics), Stephanie Prasser (anatomy and physiology), Marissa Popp
(girls physical education) Christina Weyers (Biology II), Cassidi St. Peter
(instrumental music). Not pictured: Ryan LaFond (technology education),
Michael Dailey (social studies) and Kim Spreeman (mathematics).

the Miss Niagara election and have sponsored it every year since its
inception in 1968. High school junior Kaitlyn Lundin won the election and
will be installed as the new Miss Niagara during the Niagara Lions
Community Picnic on June 29-30, 2012. LOWER LEFT (L to R): Tim
Marshall, volunteer Devon Lantagne, President Gordon Behnke, Glenn
Lantagne, Donny Martin and Don Novak counting ballots from the recent
Miss Niagara election.

Lions, jointly with the Big Falls Veterans of Foreign Wars, held a Easter
Egg Hunt at the Lion’s building and park across from the Lions building.
More than 60 children enjoyed meeting the Easter Bunny and hunting for
eggs. Grab bags were available for the children after the hunt, along with
refreshments being offered in the Lions building.

of the following clubs in attendance: Ashwaubenon, De Pere, Howard-
Suamico, Green Bay Downtown, Green Bay Northeast, Pulaski, Bellevue,
and Ashwaubenon Lioness. The featured speakers were Andrea Yenter
and Geri Schlender. DG Sue Doell offered words of wisdom and inducted
several new Lions. DG Doell also presented Birch-Sturm Fellowships to
Lions Fred Sanderson and Dan Williams and a Melvin Jones Fellowship to
Kevin Platkowski, all of the Green Bay West Lions.

Valley area (Calumet, Outagamie, Waupaca and northern Winnebago
Counties) were honored at the 15th annual Volunteer Gala event sponsored
by the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, Inc. The emcee
was impressed when he announced there are 1,308 Lions in 32 clubs, along
with 259 Lioness in eight clubs and 85 Leos in two clubs within the
Community Foundation service area. He asked all Lions, Lioness and Leos
present to stand and be thanked for their volunteer service in our
community. ABOVE: Representing Lions Clubs in Districts 27-B1 and 27-
B2 are: Back Row (L to R): Rueben “Chub” Olson – Larsen-Winchester
Lions, Gerry Edinger – Appleton Noon Lions, Pat Leer – Iola Lioness,
Peter LaValle – Menasha Lions, Lowell Easley – Clintonville Lions, Pam
Pompier – Appleton Evening Lions, Dave Sievert – Black Creek Lions,
Dean Haas – Grand Chute Lions, Eugene Doell – Medina-Dale-Readfield
Lions. Middle Row: Sharron Huss – Appleton Noon Lions, Sherry Neidert
– Iola Lioness, Octe Mattson – Clintonville Lions, Corrine Sievert – Black
Creek Lions, Edith Haas – Grand Chute Lions, Sue Doell – Medina-Dale-
Readfield Lions. Front Row: Eugene Hardell – Larsen-Winchester Lions,
Linda Gleason – Appleton Evening Lions.

Big Falls Lions wanted to be part of Lions International’s Million Tree
Campaign, so they decided to purchase 100 red pine 3-0 seedlings for local
residents to plant. The Club obtained the seedlings from Laura Lane
Nursery and then advertised in the village newsletter that they were free to
local residents. All 100 trees were distributed.
NEWS: 27-C1
Notes from DG Rick
  June is here and this Lion year is almost over. Lion Joyce and I have had a
rewarding and enjoyable experience that we will never forget. We have had
the privilege to meet many wonderful giving Lions and Lioness from 27-C1,
Wisconsin and around the world.
  We have found interesting diversity among the clubs of our District, each
adapting to their unique communities and its needs. The one constant has
been each individual Lion and Lioness commitment to service. After seeing
your commitment to Lionism and those less fortunate, I know that Lions and
all that Lions stand for is alive and well here in Wisconsin.
  Seeing your commitment has renewed our commitment to continue to
serve and work even harder for Lions in the future. For us, Lions is a
lifelong commitment. As we wind up this Lion year, we hope that all of you
will renew your commitment to Lions, your clubs and your communities
through service.
  As Lions, let’s continue to treat each other like family and look out for one
another. Remember as we go through our life of service in Lions, our roles
are ever changing. As new members, we need support and guidance from
experienced members. Then as we gain knowledge, we are given the
opportunity to assume ever increasing responsibilities. After having gained
leadership experience, we become mentors to younger Lions. Then at some
point in every Lion’s lifetime of service, it is our role to be the Lion who
remembers the experiences and passes them along. All of our members have
something to contribute. Let’s use the strengths of each Lion and keep them
active and involved for life.
  As an example of commitment to Lions for life, Joyce and I had the
privilege to meet Stevens Point Evening Lion Henry Kroger. A lifelong Lion
in his mid 80’s, Lion Henry continues to publish and edit the Club
Newsletter. When we visited the Stevens Point Evening Lions, Joyce and I
were pleased to learn that four new members I was scheduled to induct that
night were recruited by Lion Henry and they were all under the age of 30.
This should underscore the value of all of our Lions members and renew our
commitments to be Lions for Life.
  I look forward to all of the Lions in 27-C1 continuing to be committed to
Lions. Continue your lifetime of service. Continue to be as active as your
circumstances allow. Continue to recruit new members, mentor them and
together we can ensure the future of Lions service.
  Lion Joyce and I thank you for all of your support and look forward to
continuing to serve Lions as we continue our lifetime of Service.

2012 District Convention
  The 2012 District Convention Committee held its first meeting on March
21, 2012. This year’s Convention will be fun and informative; one you will
definitely not want to miss.
  The Convention will be held at Dale’s Weston Lanes Mountain Bay
Convention Center in Weston on October 19-20, 2012.
  The Friday Night Hospitality will be an enjoyable time to see old friends
and meet new dedicated Lions from around our District. There will be a live
auction, plus cash bar, free snacks, soda and beer.
  Anyone wishing to donate items for this year’s auction, please contact
WLF Director Jim Schiferl. Remember, the auctioneer is donating his time
and all proceeds from this exciting live auction will be donated to the
Wisconsin Lions Foundation. Last year $4,000 was donated to the WLF.
Let’s see if we can top that this year.
  Prior to the auction, the evening will kick off with an all you can eat fish
and chicken buffet at a cost of $12 per person.
  For your entertainment there will be a DJ after the auction to wind up an
evening of hospitality and fun.
  The registration fee will remain at $5 per person; the lowest of any District
Convention in Wisconsin. The registration fee, meal cost and hotel rates
have been negotiated and will remain the same as last year. A special deal on
the hotel rates has been negotiated so if you stay both nights the rate is $125
  The 2012 Convention Committee is committed to providing great
hospitality, informative seminars, and an enjoyable Convention for all of the
27-C1 Lions and Lioness.
  Articles to promote the 2012 27-C1 District Convention will appear in
upcoming Wisconsin Lion issues. Look for the Convention Registration
Form in the Wisconsin Lion Newspaper in the August, September, and
October issues, as well as in the District Governor’s newsletter and on the
27-C1 website.
  Let’s work hard to have all clubs in our district represented at this year’s
District Convention. It is up to all of our cabinet members and Zone Chairs
to get out and promote the District Convention. Remember, the Lions we
bring to our District Conventions could be the future leaders in our district.
  So mark your calendars for October 19-20, 2012. Come and support your
2012-2013 District Governor Emil Wasniewski and his partner in service,
Lion Diane.

Time For Recognition
  The Lions year is drawing to a close and it is time to reflect on your club’s
accomplishments. It has been a busy year and you are now turning your
attention to your club’s summer service projects and fundraisers. As you
reflect on the year that is passing, it’s a good time to recognize those
members that have made a difference in your club and community this
Lionistic year.
  Awards and recognition can be formal or informal. Things like the Lion of
the Year, Melvin Jones, Birch-Sturm or Knight of Sight Fellowships are
some of the formal recognitions available. Informal recognitions can include
things like a Golden Spatula or apron for the chair of your pancake
breakfast, a gift certificate or other recognition customized to the member
and service you are recognizing.
  Two formal recognitions that every club is encouraged to apply for are the
Club Excellence Award and 100% Club Secretary Award.
  The Club Excellence Award is given by Lions International to clubs that
fulfill certain requirements. The application can be found at
www.lionsclubs.org and search on “Club Excellence Award”. Completed
applications must be submitted to 2011-12 DG Rick Koch by September 1,
2012 for his signature. He will forward qualifying club applications on to
LCI for consideration.
  The 100% Secretary Award application has been sent to each club; those
needing another copy, please contact DG Rick Koch. Completed 100%
Secretary Award Applications should be sent to 27-C1 District Secretary
Evett Hartvig by September 1, 2012 for consideration.
  Clubs that submit applications on time and qualify for these awards will
receive them at the 27-C1 District Convention October 19-20, 2012 at
Dale’s Weston Lanes.
  As we move into the new Lion year, let’s take some time to recognize
those who made this year a success.

Club News

 Every year the Marathon Lions Club sponsors the Dream Flight Shuttle’s
 visit to St. Mary’s School and the Elementary School in Marathon. Fifth
 graders spend the day learning about space and space travel through
 research and many hands-on activities, such as:

 A robot that simulates the robotic arm on the International Space Center

 Attempting a repair in outer space,

 Studying constellations and composing a story about an imaginary
 constellation of their own

 Investigating how insects respond to the weightlessness in outer space

 Learning what causes a lunar or solar eclipse

 These are just a few of the activities in which the children took part. For
 more information, go to dreamflightusa.com.

 ABOVE: Children participating in one of the Shuttle’s activities. Photo
 courtesy of Dream Flight USA.
Club presented Mary Fleming of Withee with a device called a Ruby
Reader. “The reader lights up and magnifies”, so, as Fleming says, “It has
given me quite a bit more freedom.” She takes it shopping and can easily
read price tags and it is particularly handy for looking up numbers in the
phone book. Fleming serves on the Indianhead Community Action Agency
Board of Directors in Ladysmith. She says the reader is particularly helpful
for reading minutes when she goes to meetings.” Photo courtesy of O-W

before the old Adams Theater, Lion Zone Chair Lonny Lecy (L), on behalf
of his Zone, presents a check to Carla Bymes of the Adams Community
Theater (ACT). ACT is renovating the old theater for use by the
community for theatrical plays, children’s presentations, film presentations
and more community events. The clubs involved are: Adams-Friendship
Lions, Castle Rock Lions, Easton-White Creek Lions, Grand Marsh Lions,
Lake Mason Lions and Roche-A-Cri Lions.

A LIVING LEGACY - Tom Dashley and Mary Machmueller-Gunther
gave a presentation entitled “A Living Legacy - The World War II Era and
National Memorial” to the Maine Lions recently. Many insights into the
location and construction of the Memorial were explained.

Club recently presented a $250 check to the Maine
Fire Department. The Maine Fire Department assists the Maine Lions at
their food trailer during the Wisconsin Valley Fair. LOWER LEFT (L to
R): Lion President Chet Steckling presented the check to Firefighter Bob

There are still seven charter members in the club and they were all in
attendance for the event. The club has a total of 47 members and 34 of
them were also at the celebration. The Roche-A-Cri Lions want to thank
the community for all the support they have received over the past 40
years. ABOVE: Charter members, front row (L to R): Lions Helmer Lecy,
Loren Lecy, Frank Lawson. Back row: Lions Gordy Carlson, Ron Keach,
Mel Waller, Ed Volkening.

Lions Robert Bugarske, Henry Korger, Don Minnick, Susan Minnick, Judy
Groholski and John Groholski from the Stevens Point Evening Lions Club
are shown in front of eight diamonds purchased at the Honors Garden.
Lions Judy and John Groholski also purchased a personal diamond. Lion
John is a retired electrician from the Van Ert Company, and along with his
fellow workers, has donated many hours at the Lions Camp making sure
they have no electrical problems. The Stevens Point Evening Lions have
purchased four generators to be used as backup in case of a power failure.


FRI, JUN 8 - SUN, JUN 10 – Stratford Lions Heritage Days.

SUN, JUN 10 - Arpin Lions Horse Pull at Kandy Kane Park, 6230 Co.
N, Arpin. Lion Gene 715-650-1982.

FRI, JUN 22 - SAT, JUN 23 - Lake Mason Lions Brat Fry at Lake
Delton Walmart. mgabris@merr.com.

SAT, JUN 30 - Castle Rock Lions Patriotic Days Fireworks at Castle
Rock Park, Adams Co. Rd. Z. Lions Dick and Donna at 608-339-2250.


SUN, JUL 1 - Castle Rock Lions Pancake Breakfast at Castle Rock
Park, Adams Co. Rd. Z. Lions Dick and Donna at 608-339-2250.
FRI, JUL 20 - SAT, JUL 21 – Lake DuBay Lions Summerfest - Lake
DuBay Lions Park, Knowlton. For further information visit our club’s
website www.dubaylions.org

FRI, JUL 20 - SAT, JUL 21 – Lake Mason Lions Brat Fry at Lake
Delton Walmart. mgabris@merr.com.

FRI, JUL 20 - SUN, JUL 22 – Roche-A-Cri Lions Recreation (Rec)
Days at Lions Park, Rt. 21, Arkdale. rocheacrilions@live.com or 608-564-


FRI, OCT 19 - SAT, OCT 20 - 27-C1 District Convention at Dale’s
Weston Lanes Mountain Bay Convention Center in Weston.
NEWS: 27-C2
Notes from DG Leon
  June is the month when each of the District Governors writes their swan
song article for their respective districts. This year has been especially my
best year as a Lion for having the opportunity to serve you and getting to
know each and every Lion and Lioness here in 27-C2. I will never forget the
warm and hospitable greeting you gave Janice and I when we visited your
club. International President Tam’s slogan, “My Club, My Family” is very
fitting for this year as I leave with the humblest feeling of, “My District, My
  Our new District Governor, Don Pirk, from the Hurley Lions Club will
now have the honor of leading our District. I know that he will be a great
leader for all of us and will do an exceptional job for District 27-C2.
  Please look forward to his training sessions for the officers of each club, as
well as any other programs he sets forth for us.
  Please continue to support each and every Lion project as you plan your
year’s fundraisers. Please make an extra effort to submit your fundraising
activities for publication on our District page of the newspaper, so that each
of us Lions can stop and take in your event when we are in your area.
  I invite you to stop in at the Wisconsin Lion Camp and the Lions Eye Bank
of Wisconsin whenever you and/or your club get a chance.
  On behalf of the Tomahawk Lions Club and the District Convention
Committee who had the pleasure to bring many of you here for the District
Convention, thank you for a very successful Convention. We look forward
to seeing you and those of you that were unable to attend here in Tomahawk
at the Whitecap Lodge in Hurley next April 2013. Once again, I know that
the planning Committee for the Convention will entertain you and educate
  Thank you so much.
Your Donation Will Change Lives
  by Lion Jo-Ski Theiler, 27-C2 Leader Dog Chair
  Contributions from individuals and clubs to Leader Dogs For The Blind
help blind or visually impaired people around the world to have
independence and mobility. It costs approximately $40,000 for each Leader
Dog issued.
  Here in Wisconsin, seven certified Leader Dogs were assigned to people
last year. Hopefully, with an average of 10 working years per dog, these
Wisconsinites will enjoy 70 years of combined service and independence.
  As of mid-April, 40 of the 59 Lion and Lioness Clubs in 27-C2 have
submitted a donation this Lionistic year. If all 59 clubs contribute prior to
the end of this Lions year, 27-C2 will be eligible for a 100% Award. This
would be significant accomplishment! Only 19 more clubs to go!
  Leader Dog offers a variety of Recognition Programs for individuals and
clubs. You can visit www.leaderdog.org and search on “Lions Recognition”
or “Lions Giving Opportunities” for complete details.
  If your club has not yet donated, please make a motion at your next club
meeting to:
  Donate the same or more than last year.
  Or, donate at least $50 or $100 (or more), now. And put a line item in your
budget for the future. If you have 20 members, that’s only $5 each per year.
  All checks should be made out to Leader Dog for the Blind and sent before
June 15 to:
  Lion Jo-Ski Theiler
  715-453-0010 7 am - 5 pm
  601 Piper Street
  Tomahawk, WI 54487
  Contributions will be tracked and then sent to Leader Dog prior to June 30,
Around 27-C2

EVERY MON – Manitowish Waters Lions Bingo at the Manitowish
Waters Community Center (Airport Road & Highway 51). Doors opening
at 6 pm for Lioness concessions; games begin at 7 pm.
Children welcome if accompanied by an adult.

— 715-546-2888 or www.mwlionsclub.com

EVERY TUE – Boulder Junction Lions Club Flea Market from 8 am-
2:30 pm at the Boulder Junction Community Center (5386 Park Street).
Large outdoor flea market.

— 715-385-0241

EVERY THU - Manitowish Waters Lions Club Flea, Craft &
Farmer’s Market at the Manitowish Waters Community Center (Airport
Road and Highway 51). 9 am-2 pm,. One Large Flea market, thousands of

— 715-546-2888 or www.mwlionsclub.com

SAT, JUN 16 - SUN JUN 17 - South Shore Lions Club Fathers Day
Weekend Fishing Contest from Sat, 5:30 am to 6 pm, Sun, 5:30 am to 3
pm at Port Wing Harbor. Boats will leave from the Port Wing Marina. A
great day on the Lake! Prizes awarded Lots of Fun!!

— 715-774-3944

THU, JUN 21 - Manitowish Waters Lions Pork Chop Dinner with all
the trimmings from 5-7 pm at the Manitowish Waters Community Center
(Airport Road & Highway 51). Enjoy a pork chop dinner with all the
trimmings. Cash bar available.

— 715-543-2888 or www.mwlionsclub.com

THU, JUN 21 - Sayner Star Lake Lions Club Fun with Fathers
from 5 pm -7 pm at Northwoods Children’s Museum (346 W. Division
Street, Eagle River). Free program is open to all fathers and father figures
and their kids. A meal, planned activity and the opportunity to network
with other dads. RSVP by the day prior.

— 715-479-4623 or www.northwoodschildrensmuseum.com.

SAT, JUN 23 - Mercer Lioness Annual Spaghetti Feed from 4-7 pm at
the Mercer Community Building (Margaret Street). Menu will include
Salad, Spaghetti, French Bread, Dessert, Coffee, Punch. Cash Bar. There
will also be wonderful raffle baskets with some containing local artisan
work. Proceeds will go to support the Mercer Senior Center. $8 for adults;
$4 for children 12 and under. Advance tickets available. Tickets will also
be available at the door.

— Tickets/Info call Doxsee’s 715-476-2321 or Minisan’s 715-476-7655

Caught in the Act
RHINELANDER LIONS AT YMCA - by Lion Dick Garrow - On April
28, the Rhinelander Lions Club did eye screening for area children.
Volunteerism starts very young in Rhinelander, they even recruited a
toddler to help out. Along with eye screening, the Rhinelander Lions Club
distributed over 3,100 pounds of food to those in need in about three hours.


by Lion John Kocovsky

Ground has been broken for the renovation and expansion of the
Hazelhurst Ballpark Pavilion and Concession Stand. First built in 1987,
this structure has served the needs of the community for nearly 25 years. It
has been used by Hazelhurst residents and the general public, for town and
community functions, and of course for Lions sponsored events (Art &
Craft Fair, Car Show and Flea Market). It has been maintained over the
years by the Hazelhurst Lions, but the years have taken their toll on the
building; increasing attendance at sponsored events has also strained the
serving ability of the kitchen.

Recognizing these needs, which extensive maintenance alone would not
solve, the Hazelhurst Lions decided to undertake the task of completely
renovating the structure. It is hoped that the new pavilion addition phase
(with approximately 1,400 square feet under roof) will be completed in
June. After the Pavilion phase is completed, the existing concession stand
structure will be renovated to increase the floor space and add much
needed room for food preparation.

The Hazelhurst Lions are providing the greater part of the funding and
along with volunteers, all of the labor. Gary Sobek Architects have
completed the building plans. Local businesses - Nimsgren Steel Corp. is
fabricating and supplying structural steel components and County
Materials Corp. is supplying the ready-mix concrete for floor. These
donations are much appreciated.

If anyone wishes to make a contribution to this worthy enterprise or if you
have questions, please call Lions Linda or Fred Morley at 715-356-7476.

If you wish to make a monetary donation you can make out a check and
send it to:

Hazelhurst Lions Club Inc.

P.O. Box 383

Hazelhurst, WI 54531.

Please note in memo section “for pavilion project”.

UPPER LEFT (L to R): Examining plans for a new pavilion are Hazelhurst
Town Chairman, Ted Cushing; Shari Nimsgren, co-owner of Nimsgren
Steel Corp.; Harland Lee, Hazelhurst Town Supervisor; Lorrie Moore,
County Materials Corp. Office Administrator and project coordinator Lion
Fred Morley.

by Lion Bonnie Ashby

The Rhinelander Lions Club participated in the World Diabetes Alert Day
on March 17, 2012 by distributing about 300 informational brochures in
the Shopko lobby. They also demonstrated healthy plates of food for
breakfast and one for dinner. They used the new “My Plate” format put out
by the American Diabetes Association. Funds for this project were donated
by the Don Frederickson Family. They recently lost a daughter-in-law
from complications of Diabetes.

LEFT: Lions participating in the project were Lion Mel Hook, Dick
Garrow, Rhae Ellen Schnoor, Diabetes Chairmen Bonnie and Don Ashby,
and Don Frederickson. Photo by Lion Don Frederickson.

SAYNER STAR LAKE LIONS CLUB - by Lion Roger Weber - The
Sayner Star Lake Lions Club donated a newly constructed bulletin board
for the community at the Sayner/Plum Lake Post Office.

Ten Rhinelander Lions attended the Eye Screening Training Session in
Hazelhurst provided by Lion Dennis Hirtz and his crew. These Lions are
now certified and ready to begin conducting vision screenings. Attendees
want everyone to know is was a great class and they encourage anyone
interested to attend.

YEAR ANNIVERSARY in Lionism on April 23, 2012 with a dinner get
together. Guest speaker was International Director Mark Hintzmann.

YEARS - The Sayner-Star Lake Lions Club, chartered in September of
1960 and sponsored by the then Arbor Vitae Lions Club, has served the
community for more than 50 years.
Since the Club’s chartering, its volunteer members have worked on a
variety of projects in the local community, such as the War Memorial, the
Razorback Ridges Clubhouse, ice rink, trail systems maintenance and signs
for non-motorized ski trails.
NEWS: 27-D1
Notes from DG Neil
  Most Lions clubs donate money and collect food to help local food
pantries, but are we really aware of all the needs?
  We have worked very hard to address childhood hunger. But now a serious
phenomenon has developed. Many of our elderly citizens go to bed hungry.
  In a recent AARP survey, 60% of those 65 and older are having a difficult
time paying for food, gasoline and medicine. and 20% have had to turn to
families or charities. The senior citizens most likely to skip meals are those
on fixed incomes, single, living alone and with few social contacts. Social
Security has not kept up with the ever increasing cost of living. Many are
humiliated to have to ask for help, so they cope the best they can. There is an
alarmingly increasing gap between the richest and poorest Americans, and
most seniors fall into the poorest end. Since 2008, Americans 65 and older
filing for bankruptcy has doubled. A lot of these formerly independent
people never thought, for a minute, that they would have to ask for a hand
out, but now many have to do so to survive.
  Experts also worry about the effects of persistent under-nutrition,
especially in the very young and the very old. There could be massive cuts to
the federal food stamp program in the future. Working Americans now make
up 41% of the participants in the program, and that is up from 30% a decade
ago. Older adults are less likely than any other group to participate, and only
34.5% of those 65 and older who qualify, actually do apply for food stamps.
A U.S. Dept. of Agriculture study found that lower income older people
consume fewer calories and fewer servings than is recommended by the food
pyramid. New research confirms that chronic nutritional deficiencies
jeopardize health in many ways, including weakening the body’s immune
  So what can we do as Lions? First, we need to discuss the issue at our
clubs, and then work with local government leaders to make sure our
community is providing resources. It might take partnering with a local
church to provide a daily hot meal and social activities. It might be to check
on older relatives and neighbors who live alone and are reluctant to ask for
help. It might be inviting some of those people to our own houses, to share
what we have. Let’s make sure the generation that raised us and “watched
out” for us is not forgotten. No senior, in America, should have to go to bed
hungry, as long as Lions are around. Let’s make a difference in our
individual communities.
  I want to thank everyone in our District for their assistance while I have
been Governor. You have made my job much easier.

Let’s Grow
  by DG-E Daryl Porter
  Each year, our Governors try some new ideas to improve our district. At
our three Lion Officer Training sessions in April, some plans for the coming
Lions year were disclosed; final plans will be announced at the August Zone
  We are working on a plan to increase our member numbers and provide
better service to Clubs. We plan to end the 2012-13 Lions year with a gain in
members for our District. One thing that really hurt our numbers in the last
few years has been the loss of three Lions Clubs.
  A good way to gain new members is to start new Lions clubs but that takes
a lot of time. So, to accomplish an increase in Traditional Lions, Campus
Lions as well as Leo Clubs, we’ll expand our Club Extension Committee to
four Lions from different areas of the district. In this way, when one
community is interested, the rest of the team can continue to prospect for
other possibilities.
  Similarly, to better serve our District, we’re adding three Lions to our
Adult Vision Screening project, one to Children’s Vision Screening and two
to Membership. We look for success with our new Club Excellence Process
(CEP); several Clubs have signed up for CEP to help learn the needs of their
community and their members. Watch next month for names of Lions
assisting with this effort.
Upcoming Events

SUN, JUN 10 - Dodgeville Lions Flea Market and Antique Show, -
Harris Park Pavilion from 8:30 am - 3 pm. $2

MON, JUN 11 - Lions Eye Bank Golf Outing - Cherokee Country Club.

FRI, JUN 15 - Marshall Lions Brat and Burger Fry 4-8 pm.

SAT, JUN 16 - Moto-Static Vehicle Show, Antique and Classic Boats -
Pardeevillle Lions, entertainment and food from 10 am-7 pm at Chandler

SUN, JUN 17 - Cottage Grove Lions Father’s Day All You Can Eat
Pancake Breakfast - 7:30-11:30 am at the Fireman’s Park Lions Shelter.

THU, JUN 21 - Dodgeville Lions Golf Outing - Dodge-Point Golf

FRI, JUN 22 – New Glarus Chicken BBQ - Village Park, 5-8 pm, adults
$9, children $5, 5 and U free.

SUN, JUN 24 - Albany Lions Car Show - Registration 8 am to Noon.
Awards at 3:30 pm.


FRI, JUL 4 - Lions Chicken Dinner and 17th Annual Community
Raffle at DeForest Fireman’s Park. Chicken served 11 am-3 pm; raffle
drawling 7 pm, DeForest Fireman’s Park

FRI, JUL 13 - Marshall Lions Brat and Burger Fry 4-8 pm.

THU, JUL 19 - Madison Evening Lions 5th Annual Save Sight Night at
Madison Mallards. Game starts: 7:05 pm. $10 box seat with arms and
back. $25 Duck Blind soda package includes food and soda. $30 Duck
Blind beer package includes beer and food. Raffle tickets are $2 each or 3
 for $5. Order game or raffle tickets, 608-514-1780 or

 SAT, JUL 21 - Lake Wisconsin Lions Assisting At Poynette
 Midsummer Fireworks Fest - food, beverages and lots of kids games;
 Fireworks at 9 pm.


 Sat, Aug 4 - Albany Lions Club Steak Fry – 5-9 pm.

 SAT, AUG. 11 - Maunesha Riverfest and Marshall Lion Steak/Lobster

 Sun, Aug 26 - Dodgeville Lions Flea Market and Antique Show, -
 Harris Park Pavilion from 8:30 am - 3 pm. $2

District Purchases New Children’s
Vision Screening Equipment
  by Lion Dave Hineline, 27-D1 Children’s Vision Screening Chair
  With the purchase of a PlusoptiX screening system last October, the
District moved into the digital world in children’s vision screening with the
approval of Prevent Blindness. A PlusoptiX two-hour certification on
Saturday, January 28, in Waunakee was attended by 61 Lions from the
  The system has energized Lions Club members, both veterans and
newcomers, in their efforts to screen young children. Reports from the
several clubs using the camera have been overwhelmingly positive.
  Lions have stated they like it because it is lighter than the Photoscreener, it
is easier to use, the results are immediate, the photo is taken once with no
flash, no need for darkened rooms, and the results are displayed on screen
immediately and can be printed.
  The process takes 0.7 seconds of the child focusing on the camera to
produce results and there is no agonizing over interpretation of the picture.
Obtaining and paying for costly film has been eliminated. In the months of
January through March over 1,000 pictures have been taken with the district
camera at a savings in film cost of approximately $1,300 to area clubs.
  With the unanimous support of the District Cabinet, the Children’s Vision
Screening Committee asks clubs to donate for the purchase of additional
machines to be shared within the District.
  These donations will help make equipment available to clubs unable to
purchase units and to simplify children’s eye screening so more clubs will
become involved with this Lions project in the future. Currently, units cost
around $8,500 each.
  This effort across the District, does not preclude groups of clubs from
purchasing a unit on their own. Stoughton, Cottage Grove, McFarland,
Oregon and Marshall pooled their resources to purchase a unit.
  For more information on Children’s Vision Screening, contact:
  Lion Dave Hineline
  Send donations with checks made out to 27-D1 with “Children’s Vision
Screening” in the memo line to:
  Lion Terry DeJarlais
  27-D1 Sec/Treas.
  814 Randolph St.
  Cuba City, WI 53807

Youth Help To Grow 27-D1
 by Lions Peggy Daluge & Jean Francis
 A new Leo club in Hazel Green and a new Campus Lions Club at UW-
Platteville helped 27-D1 end up the year with positive membership growth
and another new Leo club will soon be chartered in Waunakee.
  As we all are aware, Leo clubs and Campus clubs will help us move
forward to getting younger Lions in many of our traditional clubs. DG Neil
Winchell sees the new clubs as a way to introduce young people to service
in their communities and to help train future leaders. 27-D1 now has two
campus clubs and 11 Leo clubs; more in both categories than any other
district in Wisconsin!
  The new UW-Platteville Club was chartered on April 10, 2012, with 33
members. During the ceremonies, District Governor Neil Winchell swore in
the new Lions and also presented them with a gavel. Past International
Director Phil Ingwell, swore in the officers. The keynote speaker was Past
International Director Peter Cerniglia. The Cuba City Lions Club, who
sponsored the Club, presented the UW-P Lions with their charter, banner,
and bell and many visiting Lions Clubs presented them with monetary and
other gifts. There were 21 Lions Clubs, four Lioness Clubs and one Leo
Club represented at the Charter Night.
  The Southwestern High School Leo Club was chartered in April when the
Hazel Green Lions inducted 33 charter members into the Southwestern High
School Leo Club and the new club advisor is joining the Hazel Green Lions.
The new club members already have three projects planned for this spring
and have agreed to help the Hazel Green Lions plant fifteen 6’ oak trees in
the Hazel Green Recreation Park.
  As we look to continue expanding Lionism, starting more campus and Leo
clubs ensures more service today and in the future. Several UW-Madison
Lions have joined Lions clubs in the District after graduation, so the system
does indeed work. Likewise, many of the campus club members are former
Leo club members.
  If there is not a youth service club in your local high school, please
consider developing a Leo club. If you are interested in exploring starting a
club next fall, contact:
  Leo Clubs:
  27-D1 Leo Chair Bucky Boland
  Campus Clubs:
  27-D1 Extension Chair
  Randy Harrison
Club News

Lion Lisa Krueger now makes the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
(JDRF) Bicycle Race for the Cure another passion because her best
friend’s little boy was diagnosed with Type 1.
In 2010, she found herself completing a 105-mile race in LaCrosse and
looking forward to more. In her third year of collecting donations for
diabetes research, she now travels to California to race with a five person
team from southern Wisconsin. Five bike rides are held nationally each

The donations have come from all over, but mainly from one held by the
Verona Lions Club, plus a wine tasting. She hopes to raise $4,000 before
she gets there, her highest amount yet. Anyone interested in making a
donation to Race for the Cure can e-mail lisa.Krueger@ymail.com.

She’s training for the Wisconsin Ironman and preparing to take on one of
the most challenging JDRF bike rides – in California’s Death Valley in

Krueger has become a major advocate for awareness about juvenile
diabetes. She also works at camps designed to help kids and their families
cope with the disease.

Madison Monona Lioness Kathy Gerber, Shirley Thompson, Julie
Baglama, Kathy Easland and Charmaine Harbort help plant a tree in
Winnequah Park for both Arbor Day a President Tam’s Million Tree

UW-Children’s Hospital in Madison. Approximately 150 attendees were
entertained by students and teachers from Beloit Memorial High School.
The Beloit Noon and Beloit Evening Lions each contributed $100 to this
Leo event.

the Easter Bunny’s point of view, it appeared that the Fitchburg Lions
hosted another great Easter Egg Hunt. This year, the club added the
Fitchburg Fire Truck and fire fighters, but the Easter Bunny was the bigger
hit. The Club put out 3,400 eggs filled with jellybeans.

“Thank You” to the community.

SUCCESSFUL BLOOD DRIVES with 29 units collected. Some 10
Lions assisted.

Chris Mertes, Sun Prairie Star - Sun Prairie Lion Brad Bauer wiped out
years of undergrowth of invasive species at the Lions Club House with his
forestry mower. Left behind were lots of great shade trees. The project was
the culmination of the club’s forestry management efforts to rejuvenate
the property. Usable wood was split for use in the club house fireplace and
outside fire pit. The club anticipates tree replacement as early as this fall.
Other areas will be developed into a park or open space.
Notes from DG Joe
  As we look at the last month of our Lionistic year, a few myriad thoughts
come to mind.
  Membership - We’ve made some major gains in this most crucial area in
the last few months. Let’s keep the good work going. With a concerted
effort, we have a decent chance to end the year “in the black” in terms of
membership. I’ve been honored to induct many new members in recent club
visits including in La Farge. Great work Lion President Dave and the La
Farge Lions. When I ask the origin of new members, the most common
answer is “networking.” They may be other family members, co-workers,
church members or often just longtime friends. Many had been originally
asked to work at a project or attend a meeting. In talking with the new
members a common answer is that “they have seen all the good we Lions
do.” The PR thing again!
  Awards - As Lion Mary and I have traveled to other district conventions,
we’ve witnessed Immediate Past District Governors passing out awards from
their years. These are mainly Clubs of Excellence and 100% Secretary and
100% Treasurer awards. The forms for the latter two can be accessed on our
district website, while the Clubs of Excellence forms are available at LCI. In
that the year ends 30 June, it would be great if I had some of these to award
next winter in Hillsboro. We have many deserving Lion leaders.
  PU 101’s - Again, if you haven’t already done so, please send these to DG-
E Dierk ASAP. This will really facilitate his operation.
  Trees - We’ve been getting some good reports in (Richland Center 250 for
example) but each club should be doing something in this area. And again,
be sure to let the good PR folks (both Lions and local media) know.
  Thank You - As Lion Mary and I have been privileged to travel the
district and meet and work with so many great Lions, it again really
hammers home the awareness of the quality people we have in 27-D2. This
opportunity and the consequent friendships made will be treasured for our
  While I will always be indebted very much to our senior Lions leadership,
our district cabinet and our zone and region chairs, the most important cogs
in the machinery are, and have always been, the club presidents and even
more centrally, “Joe and Jane Lion.” This is where “the rubber meets the
road” and is clearly where the real work of Lions takes place. Thanks much
for all you’ve done and have been to us this year. We look forward to
working with you in many future Lionistic endeavors as we all look forward
to working under DG-E Lion Dierk’s leadership for 2012-2013.

27-D2’s Proud History
  by Lion John Stastny
  In the late 1960s, membership in the then five Wisconsin Lion Districts
mushroomed. By 1980, Districts A, B, C and E had divided and there were
nine districts represented on the State Council.
  District D, organized in 1939, followed suit the following year and the
current 10 Lions Districts were formalized.
  The late Lion Harold Alston of the Tomah Lions Club holds the distinction
of being 27-D2’s first District Governor. Lions from Tomah, Onalaska,
Mauston, West Salem, Cashton, Bangor, Camp Douglas, Coon Valley,
Stoddard, La Farge, Sparta, Westby, Mormon Coulee, New Lisbon, La
Crosse, Oakdale and Richland Center have served in the office of District
Governor. Each has received the support that the Lions in 27-D2 regularly
supply to their District and the Lions who lead it.
  Bounded by the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers and with northern
boundary lines of La Crosse, Monroe and Juneau counties, Wisconsin Lion
District 27-D2 provides a beautiful setting for our service. The 48 clubs in
the seven counties that comprise the District have contributed their Lion’s
share to the initiatives of Lions International and its Foundation, to the
Wisconsin Lions Camp and Foundation and to their local communities.
  Our clubs provide both service and leadership to projects that enhance the
quality of life for our communities...
       Thousands of pairs of eyeglasses have been contributed to the
         Eyeglass Project
       Youth Exchange
         Mission to Mexico
         Both Fight for Sight programs
         The Leo program (there are Leo clubs in De Soto and West Salem)
         The Lioness program (there are 10 Lioness clubs serving our
        The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin
        Leader Dogs for the Blind,
        Diabetes Awareness
        And the Peace Poster Contest
  ... are just some of the projects and programs that have benefited from
leadership supplied by 27-D2 Lions and Lioness.
  Leadership has been, and continues to be, given to the Council Of
Governors, Multiple District committees and the Wisconsin Lions
  La Crosse Lion Art Marson served with distinction on the International
Board of Directors.
  Lion Past District Governor Eric Ender from West Salem holds the
distinction of being a third generation District Governor in the Wisconsin
  Lions Art Marson (La Crosse) and Dick Hauser (Richland Center) have
served as Wisconsin Council Chairs.
  The late Lion Robert Peterson (Stoddard) and Lions Dennis Koranda
(Tomah), Martin Osinski (Stoddard) and Eric Ender (West Salem) served
with distinction as Presidents of the Wisconsin Lions Foundation.
  They have set the standard for future Lion leaders in the District and the
upcoming Lion leaders are striving to meet and to exceed the
accomplishments of those who came before.
  Our first club to induct women as Lions was the Barre Co-ed Lions Club at
Barre Mills. This club led the way and many of our clubs now have women
members and leaders. Lion Kathy Friske of the Oakdale Lions was our first
woman District Governor.
  As we look to the future, District 27-D2 blends tradition with innovation.
Our future promises even more great service to those less fortunate than
Comeback Club Of The Year
  by DG Lion Joe Fisher
  In the last few years, a number of District 27-D2 clubs have reversed their
fortunes and turned from some pretty precarious circumstances to being very
viable, and in many instances, outright vibrant clubs. While I am a bit
reluctant to name many of these (for fear of overlooking a deserving club),
the Barre Mills Co-Ed Club surfaces as a very worthy past example.
  This year, we have another club that through dedication, hard work and
solid leadership has turned its fortunes around... the Prairie du Chien Lions
Club is the 2011-12 District 27-D2 Comeback Club of the Year.
  The manner in which Lion President Maury Oehler and the Prairie du
Chien Lions have significantly built on their membership base, greatly
increased community and district Lionistic activities and engaged in
consistently effective public relations efforts was/is gratifying and reflects
credit not only on their club, but District 27-D2 and Lionism in general.
  Congratulations to Lion President Maury Oehler and every member of the
Prairie du Chien Lions Club. Great job!

Club News
 OF 2,500 TREES PLANTED - Appropriately, the Spring Green Club
 decided to play its part on Earth Day, calling on local Boy Scouts to join
 hands with them to plant 2,500 trees. Also giving a hand in the project was
 Brad Hutnick, a Wisconsin DNR forester. In the process of advising on the
 management of the local River Valley school district forest near Arena,
 Hutnick spotted open spaces in the forest caused by a variety of tree
 diseases. Hutnick is a Boy Scout leader and upcoming president of the
 Lions Club.

  It all came together on Sunday, April 22, this year’s Earth Day, when a
 large crowd of Spring Green Lions, Scouts and Cub Scouts armed with
 shovels filled in the gaps in the school forest with 2,250 young white pines
and swamp oaks. A further 250 trees were being planted on the school
campus itself in Spring Green.

Lions dressed for the day as they bowled on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17,
in Medford and enjoyed a bit of the “Luck of the Irish.”

14 at the Holmen American Legion Hall. Door prizes, a silent auction and
several raffles were held. Proceeds from the Dinner support annual
community donations. ABOVE: Lion John Oliver cooking the spaghetti
and Lion Barry Ploessl stirring the sauce.

Club Events
SAT, JUN 23 - Seneca Lions 25th Anniversary Celebration at the
Seneca Town Hall, 21041 Town Hall Road. The event begins with a dinner
at 6:30 pm The guest speaker will be PID Art Marson. Cost for the event is
$20 for singles and $37 for couples, the price includes one 25th
Anniversary pin.

WED, JUN 13 - 7th Annual Lions Region 4 Zone 1 Golf Outing at the
Viroqua Hills Golf Course. The event gets underway at 1 pm with a
shotgun start. The cost is $65 per golfer or $35 for members of the Viroqua
Golf Course. The price includes a brat and burger lunch buffet starting at
11:30 am, 18 holes, a cart and dinner at 5:30 pm. Dinner reservations only
are $12. All proceeds will go to the Wisconsin Lions Camp.

— For more information, contact Sandy Malliet at 608 606-0589 or at
sjacsail@gmail.com. Registration forms are is available at http://www.e-
clubhouse.org/sites/viroquawi. Reservations can be sent to: Sandy Malliet,
E8966 N Lyster Lane, Readstown WI 54652. Make checks payable to
Viroqua Lions Club. Reservations are due by June 6.
Lioness News
  by ADP Loretta Ewelt
  I can’t believe my year is over. It seems like it just began. I had a
wonderful year of renewing and making new friendships. We are all like
family and when one Lioness is hurt, we all hurt; when there is happiness for
one, then all are happy.
  I am so proud of all the Lioness in 27-D2 for their generosity in their
Parade of Checks. The amount was over $10,000 and it is wonderful to help
so many.
  Thanks to everyone for the help they gave me while serving as Affiliate
President. Also thank you to DG Joe Fisher and his cabinet. Congratulations
to the new Affiliate District officers:
  President: Lioness Joleen Stanton from New Lisbon
  Vice President: Lioness Vicky Cook-Stagmeyer from Tomah and Stoddard
  Secretary: Lioness Karen Spreuer from Holmen
  Treasurer: Lioness Patty Overturf from Sparta
  Affiliate District Chair: Lion Rod Stanton
  These individuals will do a great job. I will be around as the Past President
and helping your new leadership with their goals. I will still be serving as
your representative on the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin. It has been a great
opportunity to be on the Board for such a great organization.
  I will miss being so involved but it is time for me to move on. I have been
your Affiliate District President three times. I will miss all of you. You all
will be in my heart as Lioness is truly in my heart. Thank you all for a great

Opportunity To Host A Youth
   by Duane Froh, 27-D2 Youth Exchange Chair
   The Lion year is winding down and so is the Youth Exchange program.
We still have youth to be placed with host families for the summer program.
It is not too late to host a youth and you will have an experience of a lifetime.
It doesn’t have to cost you much, except your time and the fun of learning
about another culture.
   We became involved in the Youth Exchange program by hosting a youth.
Over the years, that one youth turned into many, expanding our family to all
corners of the world. We have also helped send many youth abroad. It has
been a wonderful time for all involved.
   In our District, the youth love to learn about the beauty of the Mississippi
and Wisconsin Rivers, the bluffs are a natural beauty for many who have
never seen this part of the world. The many lakes and streams for hiking,
camping, having a picnic or just enjoying the wonders of nature.
   For more information, please have officers or Lions members ask about the
Youth Exchange program. Now is also the time to make preparations for next
year for sending your youth abroad. Your Youth Exchange Chair will help
guide you through the steps of becoming a host family or becoming part of
the Youth Exchange program.
NEWS: 27-E1
Notes from DG Jerry
  As the transition time for leadership change approaches, and club officers
and district leadership changes, it is also time to look at the Lion which is a
symbol of our organization and note that one Lion looks ahead and another
Lion looks back.
  It is appropriate to first look back and say to all, what a great year we have
had! The accomplishments of the Lions in our District are to be savored and
relished. So many good things done for so many communities and
  The food we have provided for the hungry
  The glasses we have provided for those who really needed them and could
not afford them
  The dollars provided for the hearing at the Lions Hearing Center and the
Wisconsin Lions Foundation
  The health screenings made available through efforts of Lions clubs
  ... and the list goes on. To cap it off, the 27-E1 Convention was a grand
success due to the many hands that made it happen. Thank you…Thank
you….Thank you.
  As the Lion looks ahead, what does he see? First of all, congratulations to
those who have stepped forward and been chosen to move our Lions
organization ahead. District Governor-Elect Ron Edlund, will continue to
move our great district forward. With his able partner in service, Lion
Elaine, Lion Ron will move ahead with an emphasis on our Lions Club
International Foundation and its work with the measles initiative, but also an
emphasis on the fun part of being a Lion with a renewal of our Lion tail
twister (and skirt twister) efforts. I wish both Ron and Elaine the best year
yet. It will all begin as he accepts the reins of office in Busan, Korea.
  To the new officers in 27-E1, continue with your great efforts and let’s see
if we can entice some new members into our fold by telling our many stories
of service.
  As we move forward, there are a few nitty-gritty details to remember. It is
very helpful to the district for club secretaries to send in those monthly
membership reports. Our membership is the life blood of our organization
and it is so helpful for the leadership in the district to stay on top of it.
  A second reminder is that our organization is so much more than a simple
community club. We focus primarily on our local community needs, but we
always need to remember that we are knights for the blind, the deaf, and the
needy and are here to serve others worldwide. “We Serve” is not an empty
motto, it is our way of life as Lions.
  Pat and I have enjoyed the year. Thanks to all!

Happenings Around 27-E1
  Region Two Update
  by Region 2 Chair and DG-E Ron Edlund
  I am happy to report that the Lions Clubs of Region Two are very active
and busy doing many good deeds in their communities. Most of the clubs in
Region Two have added new members.
  I attended all of the zone meetings that were held, and can say the
attendance was excellent. I want to commend the two zone chairs, Tam
Howie in Zone 1 and Ed Cherney in Zone 2. They both conducted the
meeting very professionally and kept the Lions informed of what is
happening in the district and in the clubs.
  I would suggest that all the Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and all who
want to learn more about Lions attend at least one officers training in the
  I have enjoyed being your Region Chair this year. I have met many
interesting Lions.
  As I move on to the role of District Governor this summer, I want to
introduce our next Region Chair for Region 2, Marilyn Lemieux. She will do
a excellent job. Please get to know her and give her your support as you
have given me support and confidence through my year as Region Chair.
  Region 3 Clubs Had A Busy Winter
  by Region 3 Chair Bill Voight
  The Lions Clubs of Region Three, have been busy throughout the winter
with membership drives, peace poster contests, Governor visits and planning
their summer activities.
  Many have added new members and started doing a community needs
assessment. This will give them an idea as to how they can better serve their
  I attended Zone Two Zone meetings and am very happy to report that the
meetings were well-attended by all the clubs and included very
informational speakers.
  I would like to emphasize the importance of public relations at both the
district level and the individual club level. It is important for your club to
designate a public relations chair to help spread the good news of Lions in
your communities. And, of course, the primary outcome will be an increase
in membership.
  We must also remember women in our membership. One of our goals for
this year is to increase the amount of membership of women in our clubs.
Also, we must not forget about family membership.
  I encourage all clubs to lean on the Global Leadership Team for direction
and advice. PDG Karl Schmid and PDG Gary Solum are doing a wonderful
job in getting this out to the clubs.
  Some club activities were: Chequamegan held a health fair in November
attracting over 100 people at the Spider Lake Town Hall. They worked
diligently for the Birkebeiner this year.
  Hayward sponsored a children’s vision screening at local daycare centers,
which was well received. The Club also worked on the Birkebeiner.
  Winter had a Spaghetti Feed with much of the proceeds donated to the
Winter High School Band. They are working on their car show to be held on
May 26th and the July 4th Celebration.
  The clubs are working on their annual highway cleanup projects for the
  Last year there were 51 campers from District 27-E1 at Lions Camp. It
would be great to see this increase this year. Also, about 80% of the District
Clubs donated to WLF. It would be great to see this increase to 100%.
  Looking forward to seeing Region Three new officers at the training
session on May 8th at Stone Lake Lions Club House.
  In closing, thanks to all the club officers, the Zone Chairs, and the District
Cabinet members for their unselfish efforts in promoting Lionism
throughout the year in District 27-E1.
  A Big Thank You To Zone Chairs
  by Region 4 Chair Larry Bradley
  Zone Chairs are the key links in the chain of communication between
members, clubs, zones, regions, districts, state and international levels.
  Clubs that are well informed on Lions information are able to maintain and
add new members regularly. Zone Chairs work hard to set up meetings so
that information is readily available.
  In order to take full advantage of the information given at each Zone
meeting, representatives from each club should attend.
  Zone and Regional Chairs are willing to answer any questions you may
have and assist you in any way possible. So contact them with your
questions or concerns.
  Clubs should feel free to invite their Zone Chair to attend meetings.
Remember they are your connection to the District Governor.

Benefits Of Being A Lion
  by DG-E Ron Edlund
  How many times have you helped someone who really needs help? Then
after you were done, how did you feel? I hope you felt that you did a good
deed, made yourself proud and felt good all over.
  I remember one time I was on my way home, and all of a sudden my car
started to run out of control.
  I realized I had a flat tire. It was a cold night and I didn’t have a flashlight
with me. All of a sudden a pickup truck pulled up along side of me. This
person was a young man. Right away he backed up and shined the truck
lights on my car, got out of his truck and started to help me take the tire off
the car. When we were done changing the tire I handed him some money.
He looked at me and said, “No thanks. All you need to do is to help out
someone else sometime.”
  About a year ago I helped out a woman who was stalled on the road. When
I was done helping her out she handed me some money. I said no thanks.
  This is what a Lion does by serving and helping out in the community.
There are many projects and duties in your Lions clubs, so step forward and
help out, whether it be chairing a project or building a ramp for a disabled
person. When there is a need for a club President, Secretary or any job in the
club, please raise your hand and take on the challenge.
  My Governors motto for 2012-2013 is “Open The Door To Service”.
Elaine and I look forward to a year of serving you as your Governor and
First Lady.

Activate Your Membership
  by PDG Steve Jensen, 27-E1 GMT Coordinator
  How can you increase the membership of your Club? It’s a common
concern for nearly all Lions clubs.
  Here is some advice from the 27-E1 Global Membership Team (GMT).
  Your club needs to have an active Membership Chair and better yet, a
three-member Membership Committee. With the new officers coming in
soon, it’s not too late to appoint these committee members, if you have not
already done so.
  Do you already have the Membership Chair and/or Membership
Committee appointed? Now your club should plan for and carry out at least
one project, however large or small, that is centered around inviting new
Lions to join your club.
  Inviting new members is essential to a club achieving its goals. New
members can provide your club with fresh ideas, new projects and additional
ways to make a difference.
  There are many ways to invite new members to be a part of your club.
Your club could make a list of prospective members, hold a membership
drive or employ a combination of activities.
  Need ideas? Contact:
  27-E1 GMT Coordinator
  PDG Steve Jensen
  715-483-3715 (home)
  715-557-0382 (cell)
  Or get in touch with your Zone or Region Chair. They are all anxious to
help you increase your strength through membership.
Club News
ABOVE (L to R): Lions Tim Bonn and Jane Ash plant fir trees in wetlands
in the Town of Ruby in Chippewa County. The wheelbarrow carried 50
small trees at a time.

Trego Lion Dagny Johnson, left, presents Nicolle Liebler of the Spooner
McDonald’s Restaurant with hundreds of pounds of pop can tabs collected
by the Lions to go to support the Ronald McDonald House that provides
housing for families staying overnight with health problems.

LAKE HOLCOMBE KEEPING BUSY - The Club held a Breakfast
Buffet; sponsored the Excellence in Education Banquet, honoring
outstanding students and educators in the Lake Holcombe and Cornell
schools; completed updating the pavilion kitchen; and planned their first
Charcoal Chicken Dinner for opening day of the fishing season on May

come to fish have the fun of fishing plus the excitement of a contest for
catching the largest fish in their category and a prize of money for their
school. Prizes offered in both categories total $3,000. LEFT TOP: Kyle
Goltz, who is all smiles, as he holds a check for $750 presented to him for
the Cornell Jr. High School, by Lake Holcombe Lions Robert Bayerl, left,
and Ice Fishing Contest Chair, Charlie Ably, right. Also pictured is
Principal Dave Elliott. LEFT BOTTOM: Bella Craker received a check for
the Cornell Elementary School in the amount of $375. She is pictured with
Lake Holcombe Lions Robert Bayerl and Charlie Ably and Dr. Paul

STURGEON FEST which will be held August 31 thru September 3 at the
Anson Park in Jim Falls, Wisconsin. The meeting was co-chaired by Lions
Bob Rosenberg and Larry Bradley. Several new members were there,
 along with other active Lions to help decide the future plans for the
 upcoming event. There will be a Demolition Derby on Friday night.
 Saturday will feature the 5th Annual Car Show, along with Kayak Races,
 entertainment for the children, raffle tickets, music in the Beer Garden,
 Larry Bradley’s famous Brats and Chicken Dinner will be served
 throughout the event.

Clubs Busy With Many
  by ADP Billie Gravesen
  The summer fundraisers are off to a great start. Hayward Lions and
Lioness had another very successful Muskie Festival. They asked me to help
out. It was hard work, but oh so much fun.
  The Town of Danbury celebrated their 100th Anniversary and the Danbury
Lions set up and did a wonderful job. Once again, I was asked to help them
out and it was another hard working event and great time. If any Lion or
Lioness Club needs help, just ask, and I will be there.
  The new year for Lioness will start in July and the new officers for the year
2012-2013 are coming in with new ideas. They are like children, full of new
ideas and hopes of turning things around in their Clubs. Members, please
remember to help them out. Not all ideas will work, but give it a try, if only
one idea works they did a great job. The challenge of change is one small
step at a time. Everyone have a wonderful year!
NEWS: 27-E2
Notes from DG Dave
  How many barriers to our personal success and fulfillment exist only in
our minds?
  About a dozen years ago, the retirement of one of our two pastors brought
an interim pastor into our church. He surprised our council meeting one
night, with a seemingly drastic change. He asked, “How about moving the
altar forward from its position against the rear wall of the sanctuary so that
the pastor can face the congregation while standing behind it?” The altar is
a wooden structure, about ten feet long and four feet high.
  Those of us who were long-term members had seen the altar in place for
fifty years, and it was difficult to grasp anything different. Some minor
church changes had brought embarrassingly nasty opposition in years past,
but we had weathered that, and considered ourselves quite progressive by
this time. The council took no action, but agreed to keep the issue open. A
few Sundays later, we were shocked to find the altar moved away from the
wall. Two people had each grabbed opposite ends, gave a good pull, and the
task was done. It had not been fixed to the wall or floor, and the newly
exposed altar back and sacristy wall were fully finished. What had been
locked in place, to us long term members, had really been changeable at any
moment. Our church has enjoyed the flexibility and convenience of this new
arrangement ever since.
  I apply this lesson equally to individuals and organizations. In our early
years, teachers and youth leaders urged us to expand our horizons. We had
to make that first, bold step into public speaking, a sports team, school plays,
and other challenges. I am convinced that, even as older adults, we can
recognize and overcome some invisible barriers that still limit us.
  This story can apply to any organization, including our Lions. Long-term
members bring a wealth of experience, but that same experience may blind
us to opportunities that new members see readily.
  This will be my last column as your District Governor. We will have ten
new District Governors next month. The flip side of that statement is there
will also be ten new Past District Governors. I have always been impressed
by how active our PDG’s remain after their governing term. They are
certainly the backbone of our leadership, and a tremendous resource for the
new District Governors. Each of your ten retiring DG’s have some plan for
continuing Lions service. I am attracted to the need for more District work in
vision issues, and will be your District 27-E2 Vision/Blindness chair.

What A Great Year
 approach the end of our Lion’s year, let’s take a moment to reflect on the
 cumulative impact of all the Lion activities in our District. We cannot do
 everything to solve the problems of our imperfect world, and we have
 difficulties of our own. In a hectic world where some jealously guard every
 moment of their free time, our service has brought more happiness to a lot
 of disadvantaged people and made our communities better places to live.
 Well done!! ABOVE: They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, here
 are just a few representing the projects and activities of our clubs in 2011-

27-E2 Lions Locate Surgical
Equipment for Nicaragua
  by DG Dave Schaefer
  In late February, the Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire contacted
the Eau Claire Noon Lions Club. A surgery room had been updated, and
they hoped to donate the old equipment to a humanitarian cause. The used
equipment was still in fine working condition and had been considered state-
of-the-art just fifteen years ago.
  Lion Matt Thompson of the Eau Claire club contacted District Governor
Dave Schaefer to assist in finding a needy recipient. The Mission to Mexico
program was unable to accept such donations at this time, so the Wisconsin-
Nicaragua Partners were contacted. Within hours, there were responses from
hospitals in Nicaragua that were hopeful for improving their facilities.
  Lion Dr. Brad Martin, of Whitehall, was able to visit one such Nicaraguan
hospital, after participation in the Wisconsin Lions’ eyeglass mission. Upon
returning to Wisconsin, he determined that some Eau Claire equipment was
not adaptable to Nicaraguan needs, but the surgical light system would be
very useful to them.
  The staff of the Mayo Health System offered to crate the light equipment,
which easily weighs several hundred pounds. The Eau Claire Noon Lions
volunteered to truck the equipment to the Wisconsin-Nicaragua Partners’
warehouse in Stevens Point. From there, it will be sent on in one of the cargo
containers that are shipped out periodically.
  This success story required a chain of events, of which Lions were just one
of the involved players. Hopefully we can build on this. The needs are great,
and similar opportunities must abound in our great state. Let’s work on
making more connections, between our abundance, and the needs of the less
fortunate in other countries.

 Getting Members On Board
by Lion Lee Leidal
  Last month’s article, the third in this series, spoke to the issue of using
online document creation and storage with web links to open all records.
This month the attention turns to the major issue of getting “buy-in” from
  Folks, this will be a process, not an event.
  For many, but not all, aging members this just won’t happen, and honestly
there’s no reason to force that issue. Yet that’s not a reason to avoid the
electronic world completely. Presumably many clubs already have a policy
of printing hard copy for certain members, though there should be an
element of “grandfathering” these members to that status, while new
members should automatically be accepting the electronic status except for
hardship cases.
  Other aging members, said with no disrespect, indeed do have some
computer skill and surely are using emails and possibly video conferencing
via Skype or some other service. If so, they can also utilize their browser to
view the home page of the local club, then access all documents through
“public” links, and view photos with no problem.
  Some may have a computer but no Internet access. That may seem to be a
problem, yet the Internet is always available by way of the public library.
  Others simply may not care what documents are there. If you printed
everything out and mailed it to them via the USPS, they wouldn’t read those
documents either, so what is the loss?
  Some won’t like it because it wasn’t their idea. They want control and
credit. Perhaps you can artfully work your way around this, but it’s not easy.
  And finally, there are those who just object to change, because “we’ve
always done it ‘this’ way in the past.” Likely, you will lose that argument
with current members, as well. They are what they are.
  There’s really only one solution - do your best to make your website as
attractive as you possibly can by stories and features not available
elsewhere, gradually get more and more involved, and do your best to
welcome the non-users into the circle of users. Check out the numerous club
websites now available at Lions International, and steal the best ideas that
you see and use them for your own club. You don’t have to reinvent the
  Throughout this series of articles, we’ve pointed out a large number of
advantages that would come by utilizing the marvelous technology and the
terrific website service available through LCI. Without repeating them all
here, we’d like to address what may be the single over-riding reason for
Lion leadership to promote technology, and that is the issue of declining
  We need younger members. What is attractive to young, non-members
about a club that sticks to archaic traditions, to the horse and buggy in the
day of sleek airliners? Can we continue to do business as usual? You could
ask the buggy whip manufacturer what he thinks, but the last one died years
  Lions can do best by recognizing the truly valuable traditions like service
for the vision-impaired, for children, and for the needy, while discovering
new and exciting systems of implementation and communication. Push
yourself. Push your club. Push 27-E2 and Lions International.
  Prospective members have options when deciding what club to join. Make
them see that “This Old Club” has a new, electronic mentality, and it’s
already in use.
  Each of four issues prepared online at Google Docs. Copies will be
“shared” with any person who has a Google account.

Eagle Project Upgrades & Renews
Lions Nature Trail
  by DG-E Jim Wahl
  When Max Voss and his family moved to Menomonie about six years ago,
it didn’t take Max long to discover the Lions Nature Trail. The Trail is
located only about a mile from his home and he has a great interest in the
natural environment. The Trail includes educational signage and goes down
into a wide, shaded ravine. Quite a few trees have been identified from one
end to the other to help educate hikers about the local flora.
  Voss is a very active and successful Boy Scout who wanted to attain the
rank of Eagle. So when it came time to select his required community
service project, the Lions Nature Trail was a natural for him.
  He consulted with the Menomonie Lion’s Nature Trail Chair, Dr. Ted
Wiehe, to determine what was needed. The plan included identifying and
installing signage for 19 trees, replacing deteriorated signage, and brushing
out and renewing the trail bed. Dr. Wiehe and Voss put together a budget
which was presented to the Lions Club for approval.
  Voss then organized a “work crew” from his Troop and they installed the
19 posts after cutting them at angles, digging the holes and attaching the
identification signs. The signs are the keys to the educational aspect of the
project as they each have a sketch of the tree leaf, as well as a description of
the tree and its usual location.
  The “work crew” also lent a hand on the Trail during two work nights in
May 2011. Their enthusiasm was contagious as they renewed the bed of the
trail by heartily spreading yards and yards of wood chips.
  Of interest to Lions is that both Voss and his sister are diabetics. Since his
sister attended Camp Needlepoint, which is supported by the Lions, Voss
thought it would be nice to give back to the Lions and the community with
his Eagle Project.
  His grandfather, Larry, has also recently joined the Menomonie Lions.
  Voss was presented his Eagle Scout award at a Court of Honor on April
29. In attendance were his family, fellow Boy Scouts, Boy Scout officials,
State Representative John Murtha and DG-E Jim Wahl.

Three Things
 by DG Dave Schaefer
 Here are some ways your club can assist your new District Governor and
make his job a little easier.
     Secretaries, please make a special effort to have current phone
       numbers and e-mail addresses in the club officer list. E-mail or
       phoning is the only practical way to get things done quickly. Phone
       numbers change and many listed phone numbers are no longer in
       service. Too many club officer listings lack phone numbers, e-mail
       addresses, or both.
     Submit stories for our District 27-E2 page of the Wisconsin Lion. A
       shortage of material has been almost a monthly issue, and it has
       required a good deal of time and attention. Please send in accounts
       of your newsworthy activities, and “tell your story”. Please make a
       special effort to take action pictures and send them along, as well.
     Initiate a contact to discuss the scheduling of the Governor’s visit to
       your club. As you look at dates, keep in mind that earlier visits have
       more value to the DG and the entire organization.
 Here’s to a great 2012-13 Lions year.
100 MD27 Contacts
10224 N Port Washington Rd
Mequon, WI 53092
Cell: 262-305-3435
Bus: 262-241-3440

1507 Oconomowoc Ave
Watertown, 53094
Res: 920-261-7289

Kathy Gruna
State Secretary
3834 County Road A
Rosholt, WI 54473

Art O’Neal, Exec. Dir.
2401 American Lane
Madison, WI 53704

Evett J. Hartvig
Executive Administrator
 3834 County Road A, Rosholt, WI 54473

 Geri Schlender, Exec. Dir.
 3834 County Road A
 Rosholt, WI 54473

110 Upcoming Dates
1-2 District Governor Elect School-Rosholt
22-26 International Convention- Busan, Korea

26  Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin Annual Meeting-Madison

120 Conventions/Trainings
 May 17-19, 2012
 Green Bay

 June 22-26, 2012
 Busan, Korea

 Sep. 13-15, 2012
 Tampa Bay, Florida
130 Anniversaries
Cuba City - 50 years
Stevens Point Morning - 25 years
Madison Central - 90 years
Janesville Noon - 90 years

Happy Belated 90th Anniversary to the following clubs:
Manitowoc – 90 years
Sheboygan Evening – 90 years
Fond du Lac Noon – 90 years
Appleton Noon – 90 years
Wausau Evening – 90 years

600 Melvin Jones Fellowships
A2 - Clyman - Dean Elske
B1 - Appleton Noon - Bob Randa
B1 - Rosendale - Larry Crook
B2 - Green Bay West - Kevin Platkowski
B2 - Laona - Fred Alderton
D2 - La Crosse - Dave Wignes
D2 - La Crosse - Laurie Holthaus

610 Birch-Sturm Fellowships
B1 - Appleton Noon - Joe Ferris
B2 - Green Bay West - Dan Williams
B2 - Green Bay West - Fred Sanderson
D2 - La Crosse - Eric Holthaus
620 Knight Of Sight Fellowships
 B1 - Howards Grove - Janet Limberg
 B1 - Howards Grove - Julie Leonhard
 B1 - Howards Grove - Wallace Leonhard
 E2 - Eau Claire Noon - Richard Hazelton
 E2 - Mondovi - Gary Brummeyer

 700 WLF Donations
* Denotes Lions Pride Campaign Donations
In Memory of ........
Mr. Richard Ziemann
WLF Director Gary and Charlotte Stewart
Augusta Lions Club
Hillsboro Lions Club
Redington Family
Christine Anderson
Mike and JoEllyn Van Lieshout
Patricia Bries
Don and Virginia Hoernke
Lyle “Bob” Buckman
Ted and Ann Handrick
Curt and Dianne Kjendalen
Beth Soderfelt
Kronenwetter Lions Club
Glenn and Karen Clark
Manitowoc Lions Club
WLF Director Gary and Charlotte Stewart
Lyle “Bob” Buckman
Allen and Audrey Yahr
Francis Creek Lions Club
Allenton Lions Club
Jimbo and Kathy Condon
Edgerton Lions Club
Mc Farland Lions Club
WLF Director Dave and Darlene Hempel
Robert and Dianne Bayerl
Carol Bonn
Mukwonago Lions Club
WLF Director Walt and Eileen Althaus
Carol Bonn
Larry and Doris Bradley
Jim Falls Lions Club
PDG Bob and Phyllis Shakal
James and Myrtle Vrieze
Mary and Daniel Vrieze
Jack and Joyce Kasper
Louise Ebert*
Cashton Lions Club
Hustisford Lioness Club
PCC Dewey Carl*
Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Mischo
Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Mischo
Robert and Dianne Bayerl
Ruby Alswager
Gloria and Marshall Bernstein
Majorie Demuth
Joanne Goetz
Philip and Jean Jacobson
Wanda Janson
Gerald Karwowski
Michael and Carol Knight
Martin’s Chrysler Dodge Trucks
Michael and Theresa Molitor
John and Renee Moore
Stephen and Nancy Spiering
Jean Stardy
Ruth and Dennis Taylor
Union Grove Lions Club
Charles and Barbara Vallone
Lillian Wilk
Union Grove Lioness Club
Dave and Marlys Fredericks
Jeff and Diane Hoffman
Turtle Lake Lioness Club
Turtle Lake Lions Club
Carol Bonn
Daniel J. and Elvira B. Stevens
Ted, Nancy, and Joe Tamminga
Robert E. Lee and Associates, Inc.*
Kimberly Loerke
Lisa Nowak
Alan and Leanore Rommelfanger
Aubrey W. Zutz
Jim Falls Lions Club
Denis and Gayle Kirkman
PDG Bob and Phyllis Shakal
Dale and Nancy Zastrow
Mike and JoEllyn Van Lieshout
WLF Director Walt and Eileen Althaus
Steve and Michelle Nehs*
Robert and Dianne Bayerl
Susan Lopez-Sublett and Borghild Bayerl
Arvid Holey
Richard and Deborah Schwanz
Mike and JoEllyn Van Lieshout
Ted and Ann Handrick
Augusta Lions Club
PDG Dexter and Marlys Badinger
Clarence and Karla Harris
Claude and Betty Johnson
New Berlin Lioness Club
Richard and Deborah Schwanz
WLF Director Gary and Charlotte Stewart
James Stewart
WLF Director Jack and Dorothy Reindl
Edgerton Lions Club
Larry and Janice Winters
Merrill Lions Club
Augusta Lions Club
Adell Stelzel

IN HONOR OF ........
Bud and Marvel Greene
Lancaster Lions Club
Pulaski Lions Club*
Tomah Lions Club
WLF Director Gary and Charlotte Stewart
Mc Farland Lions Club
Fall Creek Lions Club
Howards Grove Lions Club*
Hillsboro Lions Club

710 LEBW Donations
Debbie and “Red” Schwanz
Harold Nagler
Ron and Nora Bechtold
Frank and Tammy Bremser
Cheryl Flinn and Wayne Christenson
Kenneth and Monica Christopherson
Michael Devitt
Terrence and Theresa Estness
George and Carol Ferge
David and Maureen Godee
Mike and Tammy Haack
Monte and Bonita Hottmann
Charles and Janet Johnson
Arnold and Nancy Kehrli
Gary and Connie Kolpin
Jo Ann Meyers
David and Charlene Ohnstad
Melissa Ossman
Keith and Jean Patterson
Daniel Siehr
Louie and Rita Spahn
Robert Thorne
John and Betty Vogt
Kathy Wagner
Tom and Lynne Young
Zimbrick at Fish Hatchery

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  Show Your Lions Pride With
     the Wisconsin Lions
        License Plate
    Support WLF While Increasing Awareness
Your purchase of a Wisconsin Lions License plate
not only provides a $25 donation to WLF, it helps
        spread the word about Lionism.
  go to www.dot.wisconsin.gov and search on
            “Lions License Plate”
Tool Kit
MyLCI To Make Officer Jobs
  by Lion Jodi Burmester, excerpts from Make MyLCI Your LCI flyer
  In July, Lions Clubs International (LCI) will be launching a new website
called MyLCI that will replace WMMR.
  This goal of the new site is to make it easy and intuitive for club officers so
they can spend as little time as possible reporting and be able to focus their
time on club management and community service.
  According to LCI IT Services Manager Gayle Whitmer, “We are very
excited for the rollout of this new, easier to navigate system. We’ve taken all
the questions, comments and feedback we’ve received and integrated it into
  Key New Features
       Single site for Lions and Leos – Lions officers and Leo officers will
         use the same site, MyLCI, to enter membership, officer, and service
         activity information. Lions who sponsor Leo clubs will be better
         able to support their Leo officers by having access to Leo officer,
         membership and service activity data.
       Your Home Page – As soon as you log on to MyLCI you will be
         presented with a custom home page that includes a snapshot of
         information tailored to your needs.
       Your Tasks – As an officer, we know you have a lot to do so we’ve
         organized your tasks for you. They’re now all just one click away.
       Officer mailing address – In addition to updating their home address,
         officers will be able to update their mailing address used for their
         officer correspondence without having to contact headquarters.
       Club Statements Going “Green” – Lions club treasurers will be able
         to suppress the printing and mailing of their monthly club statement.
         Currently it takes approximately 10,000,000 sheets of paper per year
         to print statements. Help us lower that number!
  This initial July rollout is the first step in a multi-step rollout plan.
       July - MyLCI club rollout
       August - District and Mulitiple District functionality rollout
       September - Leo club rollout and training
  Accessing MyLCI
       From your web browser, go to the Association’s web site at
         www.lionsclubs.org . Click the “Submit Reports” link at the top of
         the page. On the next page, click the Lions Officer Login or the Leo
         Officer Login link. Access to MyLCI and the MyLCI training site is
       2011 - 2012 Lions and Leo Club Officers will still have access to the
         current WMMR system for a limited time. LeoMMR will be
         available to current (2011 -2012) Leo officers until June 30. WMMR
         will be available to current (2011 -2012) Lions officers until July 31.
       2012 – 2013 Lions club officers will be able to create their own user
         name and password for MyLCI beginning June 15.
       2012 – 2013 Leo officers will be able to create their own user name
         and password for MyLCI beginning in August.
       2012 - 2013 Lions District, Multiple District, Region and Zone
         Officers will continue to be routed to WMMR until August. They
         will be able to create their own user name and password as of June
  Training & Support
  A series of MyLCI webinars were offered in May to introduce the system.
While there are currently no additional training webinars scheduled, any
member can access the online MyLCI webinar recordings, PowerPoint
presentations and workbooks are available. To find those materials, just
visit www.lionsclubs.org and search on “Webinars”.
  Whitmer adds, “A great deal of input and resources have been put into
creating the new MyLCI interface. The entire development team is excited
to hear how club officers like the new system and to get their feedback.”
  If you have questions or need assistance, contact the LCI Support Center at
630-468-6900 or mylci@lionsclubs.org.
Leadership Skills Training Coming
in October
  by PDG Connie LeCleir-Meyer, MD27 GLT Coordinator
  We are looking for new, seasoned or just curious Lions, Lioness and Leos
who are interested in learning, renewing or revitalizing their leadership
skills! This training will have something for everyone... interaction, goal
setting, team work and fun!
  Your Multiple District Global Leadership Team (GLT) will be hosting a
formal leadership skills training October 12 – 13, 2012 at the Econo Lodge
in Stevens Point. Check your schedules, and mark the dates - there is a
  The application process has been simplified, and additional information
about the training, along with contact information can be found on the State
  The topics to be facilitated by your GLT team include:
       Lions Fundamentals
       Working in Teams
       Public Speaking
       Meeting Management
       Communication
       Motivation
       Mentoring
       Goal Setting
       Membership
       Diversity
  Not only are these topics critical for Lions leadership, but they can also
help you in your work and career.
  So, invest a little bit of your time and energy and sign up before September
21 - you will reap the benefits of specialized topics to meet your needs, with
successful Lions leaders as your trainers! See you there!

 CORRECTION: The story entitled, “Year End Donations” listed an
 incorrect address for the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin. The correct
 address is: 2401 American Lane, Madison, WI 53704. We apologize for
 any inconvenience this might have caused.

Project Ideas
    Helen Keller Day - 6/1
    World Environment Day - 6/5
    2nd Annual Wisconsin Lions Red Cross Blood Challenge
    Focus On Youth Global Service Action Campaign
    25th Annual LCI Peace Poster Contest
    Million Tree Campaign
    Adult / Children’s Vision Screenings
    Diabetes Awareness
    Donor Registry Sign-up
    Blood Drives
    Special Olympics Clubs/Collaborations

10 Ways Lion Clubs Can Use Social
  by Lion Vicki Flaugher
  I am a proud member of the Lions Club. I was just invited to be part of a
social media experiment with them and am glad to be. Lots of them have
questions about how to build their club membership with Facebook, Twitter,
and such so I thought I’d shift from my normal PR/Advertising focus and
share 10 ways that non-profit clubs can use social media. Perhaps this can
serve some of the PR audience if they also help non-profits and community
service organizations with their social media:
1 Promote your events – let people see what you’re up to with a link to
  the event sign up. Events like your fundraisers, luncheons, charity
  events. It’s especially good to direct visitors to your website from
  your social media so they might find other things about the club that
  catches their eye there, too.
2 Promote the charities and community groups you support/fund – cross
  promotion and featuring who you support lets people get a glimpse of
  what you’re all about. It’s not just about promoting yourself. It pays to
  promote others.
3 Connect with other clubs – helping each other is the game. Reach out
  to area clubs, international ones, whatever. We can all learn from each
  other and social is, after all, a tool of connection.
4 Inform your membership – some people only do social media and
  have abandoned their email inbox. Some people do Facebook but not
  Twitter. Reaching across digital platforms to share member
  information is a great way to have an informed membership.
5 Educate the public about your mission – sometimes the simplest
  things matter. What is your group about, what is its history, and why
  do the members devote time to it? It’s all yada yada to you because
  you’ve heard it before, but new people have not. Don’t assume just
  because you belong to a club that is well known that everyone knows
  everything there is to know about it. Share.
6 Raise your cool factor – lots of traditional, well-established clubs are
  struggling with aging membership. Show you are progressive by
  being on social. It will start to attract a younger audience and raise
  your hipness among that audience.
7 Reach the media – Twitter, for example, is widely searched by media
  for interesting news. Be interesting and be news and you could
  possibly get picked up. Social is a great word of mouth tool; yes, but
  traditional media is very present there. Be there, too.
8 Build partnerships – by talking to other community groups via social
  you can build partnerships for service and funding. Cooperative
  attitudes are the rule in social, rather than competition or fighting. Go
  out searching for philanthropy minded groups, share their stuff, and be
  friendly. Kindness and friendships matter.
    9 Historical record – capture your history, like a living story book, via
       digital means – your website, Facebook account, Flicker, Youtube and
       more. Tell the story of your club – even pulling out those Golden
       Oldies pictures from the vaults, scanning them in, and sharing them.
       Not only do you have a digital scrapbook of old photos, but it adds
       such character and personality. Character and personality is A+ in
    10 Contribute to the community conversation – it’s ok to have an opinion
       on social media. In fact, the more opinion you have, the better. If there
       are things being discussed in your community, and discussing them is
       within the club’s by-laws, get involved. At least, act as an information
       hub for people who are interested in being involved in the
       conversation. Act like the water cooler for great ideas and great ideas
       will come your direction. If you serve the community, your members
       are part of the community, and your club is too, then why not get
       involved? It could be just the difference to make good happen!
 As a closing note, I am honored to be able to serve my community as a
Lions member. I love what we do and what we stand for.
 I hope that every Lions Club begins to utilize social media to make a
difference in their internal and external communications.

Customizable Brochure
  UPDATE YOUR IMAGE - LCI has created a customizable brochure that
any Lion with internet access can download and customize with your
specific club information. All you have to do is visit www.lionsclubs.org
and search on “Be A Lion Brochure”. Click on the Public Relations link at
the top of the list. That will take you to a list of “Be A Lion Brochures”.
Click on the option you would like to download, the file will open and you
can point and click to fill in your club’s specific information.

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