; Bank information system final implimentation
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Bank information system final implimentation


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									   Introduction
   Implementation
   Reports
   Database design of the implementation
   Future enhancement available
   Conclusion
     Future Enhancements
Implementation of an online system
Proposed solution has implemented to meet the core banking offline needs of the bank
system. So the system can turn into a online banking system if there is a need for the system
to be expanded. So throughout this implementation we can bring out the customers form any
geographical location in this planet earth.

Configuring an mail server to provide mailing facilities
With the new technology like sending emails administrative staff such as bank officers,
managers etc. can send the messages to the staff and their customers about bank
transactions, notifications, news etc.

Edit and delete data retrieval can be further enhanced
Edit and delete data retrieval can be further enhanced within the system to retrieval the data
to using advance macro. It will aid the user to perform its tasks more effectively

Disaster recovery center
Disaster recovery center is a location where an organization can easily relocate following a
disaster, such as fire, flood, terrorist threat or other disruptive event. This concept can be
apply to the Bank of Lanka too. So the system is more safe even in an case of natural or
human disaster .
The project fulfill the requirements of the Bank of Lanka successfully. The
new solution can be used by the banks to provide rebust and quality
service to their customers. Even though the system has implement to use
for the Bank of Lanka the system can used for most of the bank which
wants to automate their offline banking services.

The system has design to meet 3 levels of security user to the systemsuch
as administrator, officer as well as accountant. According to their
authentication level, they are allow to handle different functions. The new
solution can provide, generate, store, search many more details that are
relevant to banking process in a more efficient manager as well as more
accurate manner.

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