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Politicians And Webmasters Rush To Buy Twitter Followers


									Politicians And Webmasters Rush To Buy Twitter Followers
 The great trend of the Ex U.S. Presidential Republican candidate Newt Ginrich accused of buying
 Twitter followers found its way into Germany as the German Christian Democratic Union party
 (CDU), led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, is suspicious of unfair competition in Twitter.

Online PR News – 16-July-2012 Another great trend of the U.S. election campaign found its way into
Germany. According to, a well known Blog that provides fresh reports on web trends and issues
regarding Germany, the German party, Christian Democratic Union (CDU), led by Chancellor Angela
Merkel, was suspected of unfair competition in Twitter. The .ZDF television station conducted an
investigation, which revealed that the Twitter account, (@cdu_news), belonging to the Christian Democratic
Union Party had gained an extra 5000 new followers on Twitter in just three days in April raising, thus,
the total number of subscribers up to 25k, exceeding the SPD account (@spdde) which is its main rival in
the upcoming elections to Bundestagthe.

Apparently, CDU's own online division had not noticed the dramatic increase of their followers and faced
with the research results, conducted by .ZDF, the own CDU asked Twitter to look into this just after the
news was spread to the media by the Hyperland Blog. Twitter removed their extra 5000 "American
followers" immediately after this. But who really is behind this, It hasn't been determined yet but good
sources say that the N-TV.DE, a German television news channel owned by the Bertelsmann AG Media's
RTL Group and an affiliate network of CNN, can not exclude the possibility that it was the Social Democrats,
or "cyber-pirates" who want to provoke a scandal over the CDU.

The CDU Twitter account, which has existed since 2009, had in April, at least 20,000 followers. The SPD
@spdde had 5,000 followers more than @cdu_news. Could that be a reason for the CDU in increasing the
wrong "friends"? Currently, the number of subscribers to the CDU news twitter account fell to twenty-two
thousand followers, five thousand less than the Social Democrats.

  The whole 'conspiracy theory' created by Jens Schröder a Hyperland blogger "is just
 because 130 followers that follow @cdu_news also follow @socialmedia04 and if you
 ask me that is totally crazy and this guy has probably seen more movies in Hollywood
                                         than me.
The Hyperland Blog, written by some well known professional writers, said that even if something
sensational had happened in German politics, or something important would have happened in the CDU
party or Twitter account - which was not the case - the numbers would probably have not even increased so
rapidly. The trajectory of, a service that collects the follower numbers of millions of
Twitter accounts, shows the impressive leap when the CDU gained the extra 5000 new "American followers".

But the ironic thing is that apparently the 5000 followers that the German Party "CDU" allegedly purchased
were all from America. Two (2) well known U.S.A Twitter supplier websites were mentioned behind the
'conspirary theory' that the "Hyperland Blog" has created and these companies are www.addtwitter- and where is possible to buy Twitter followers at
wholesale prices.

According to Jens Schröder, the author of such 'conspiracy theory' and data published in the ZDF Hyperland
blog, "The American social media company put in doubt is Social Media Combo and an indication of the
connection between social media combo and @cdu_news is because about 130 CDU followers also follow
@socialmedia04, the social media reseller's account on Twitter". According to Schröder, the @cdu_news
Twitter account has being followed and supported by the Twitter account @socialmedia04 since April and
this account by "coincidence or not" belongs to a famous U.S.A social media reseller website where the
allegedly purchase of Twitter followers was made.

The Hyperland blog writer and owner of the article accusing the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party of
buying followers on Twitter said that and are 2 well
known Twitter suppliers in the U.S.A. offering their services worldwide supplying other similar social media
services to SEO firms, and webmasters from Canada, UK, Australia and India. The German blogger even
mentioned that from these American websites is possible for anyone to buy Twitter followers for as low as
5000 followers for $31 USD. Social Media Combo for example, added Schröder, "is a place where one can
even buy Facebook likes , Google+ Plus One votes, Pinterest followers and Youtube Video views. These
companies services are nowadays widely used by webmasters, politicians, artists, journalist, bloggers and
new website owners to artificially inflate one's online credibility and popularity through social media profiles
and are becoming more and more popular".

In the meantime, Imel Seda, the CEO of Social Media Combo, the company that is allegedly mixed with
@cdu_news and responsible to have sold the 5000 American followers to the German Party has said in
one of his recent blog post that "the whole 'conspiracy theory' created by Jens Schröder a Hyperland blogger
"is just because 130 followers that follow @cdu_news also follow @socialmedia04 and if you ask me that is
totally crazy and this guy has probably seen more movies in Hollywood than me" For example he added,
"One of my accounts on Twitter @addfollowers_us follows Justin Bieber, does that mean that Justin Bieber
might of perhaps bought 1000's of followers from us? NO."

It would be nice though if Twitter and Facebook would intensify their efforts in their own interest out against
such methods - added Schröder and not only by journalists guided by clues. And the CDU? "It has indeed
significantly gone back to have fewer Twitter followers than the SPD - but no longer invented from
Venezuela and Milwaukee."

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