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My Future I Have Chosen


									My Future I Have Chosen

        By Sarah Whittaker
What I have learned about myself

 I really did not think I could learn so much
 about myself. It really surprised me how
 much of my skills and talents I could use in
 my future job. I want to be able to help
 communities by learning about the animals
 and plants there to make the people’s lives
 better. To be a biologist, I believe I can use
 my interest in investigating and love of
 science for the greater good.
My Holland Code
 My results from the Holland Code survey means to me is
 that I want to help people and discover new medicines or
 write music. It tells me that I definitely want to work in the
 science department and keep music in the background of my
 life. I also love history so that can work with me to be an
 anthropologist. My results show me that I don’t want to work
 as a forest fire firefighter, and I most definitely do NOT want
 to work as a hunter and trapper. I mostly want to work in
 labs and conduct studies about the human mind and find
 new ways to make medicines for people who are mentally ill.
 Helping people recuperate from tragedies that have
 happened in their families, or to help an addict get over an
 addiction, really makes me feel as if I have and hopefully will,
 accomplish great feats in my life.
My Top 3 Jobs

1. Biologist
2. Psychologist
3. Musician
 Pursuing a career in biology can be immensely
 rewarding and exciting. Studying biology teaches
 us to ask questions, make observations, evaluate
 evidence, and solve problems. Biologists learn
 how living things work, how they interact with one
 another, and how they evolve. They may study
 cells under a microscope, insects in a rainforest,
 viruses that affect human beings, plants in a
 greenhouse, or lions in the African grasslands.
 Their work increases our understanding about the
 natural world in which we live and helps us
 address issues of personal well being and
 worldwide concern, such as environmental
 depletion, threats to human health, and
 maintaining viable and abundant food supplies.
Degrees required for job

 High school diploma
 B.A. (bachelor’s degree)
 M.D. (medical degree) my choice
Classes I should take during high
school for this dream job and what
colleges offer this major
 Biology            Pretty much all the
 Environmental      colleges offer
 science and        biology and the
 bioethics          other subjects
 Physics            required to get the
                    University of San
                    Loyola Chicago
Interests similar to being a biologist

  I love investigating and discovering
  new possibilities for humans and the
  I love to work with animals and
  studying about their behaviors
  Learning about the human mind and
  how each system works
Interesting news about biologists
Goals During High School

 Graduate from Sion with honors and
 scholarships to choice college
 Finish freshman year strongly with
 high finals scores
Goals for the next 3-5 years

 Go to college, graduate, then
 graduate school to get M.D., intern
 Get job!
 Bike across U.S. for two months
Lifetime goals

 Get married
 Have family and live near/in
 mountainous area
 Have dream job (Biologist)

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