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									30 tips to increase blog traffic

Here are 30 tips to increase traffic to my blog
blogwalking to get after my various blogs belong to the master
SEO for blog traffic quickly rising. Hopefully this article useful to you, and here are 30 tips to increase
blog traffic:

A. Site submission to Search Engines

Kalo is obligatory. Register your blog every related search engine primarily Google, Yahoo and MSN for
your blog indexed by search engines. nih list

2. Write Content In Continuous

The content is the main blog, so make sure your writing gets more attention and in line with the theme
of the blog. If you can still write quality posts and weight. I do not like writing a shambles in this blog,
hehe .... :)

3. Blog Templates

Design and layout of the blog will also determine whether the visitor feel at home for a long time in your
blog or not. Make sure the navigation, colors and elements in the blog is not an error, also avoid broken
link (broken link). For that, choose the blog template carefully.

4. Own Domain

Using your own domain name will make your blog look more professional.

5. Meta Keywords

Edit your blog template to give meta keywords in title, keywords and descriptions. This is very useful for
SEO. I've read my post that title all in one seo. nah there is discussion.

6. Submit to the Site / Blog Directory

Register your blog every related site / blog directories like BlogCatalog, topblogarea, topbloglist, etc..

7. Link Exchange
This method is quite popular and commonly used among bloggers. Exchange links with other blogs,
especially that have the same theme will quickly increase your blog ranking in the eyes of search engines
and bring traffic.

8. Internal Link

You post a link between the one with the others who have the same topic. If you can use relevant
anchor text in order to maximize results for SEO.

9. Sign Up to Social Bookmarking Site

Sign Up to Social Bookmarking Sites like Digg, Reddit or StumbleUpon and get the plugin to be installed
in your blog. If you liked the article so their readers can submit your articles to Social Bookmarking Site
through the plugin. or you can use Onlywire.Com

10. Dummy Blog

Create new blogs to support your main blog. Give a link to the main blog in the blogosphere. In addition
to getting backlinks for SEO, it is hoped that visitors come to your dummy blogs can be introduced to
your main blog.

11. Download Free

Create the article / template for download free e-books, software, mp3 or others. The majority netter
like things that smell free.

12. Image Tagging

Tagging images is to give the identity / name of the image or the image in the post. This allows the
image you are indexed by the search engine images.
how to use the ALT = "description of your picture"

13. By making a backlink

14. Comment on Other Blogs

A walk to the other blogs and comment on blogs that have a particular theme related to your blog.
Dikolom comment is usually provided a place to write down the URL giver comment.

15. Subscribe Feedburner

Use Feedburner service for visitors who want to subscribe to your blog posts via email. This keeps your
blog so that visitors always know about your blog updates and pull them back.

16. Latest Gossip

Write something that is a trend, the latest and hottest gossip or something that smells controversial.
Make sure that keyword optimization is appropriate for the post, then you potentially crowded blog of
Search Engine.

17. Customize Ads
Do not put too many ads on the blog so as not to interfere with your readers. It also allows the loading
of your blog page is not slow.

18. Join the Social Networking Site

Join to various social networking sites or social networks and place your blog link in your profile,
bulletins or anything that allows. A variety of popular social networking world can you follow such as
myspace, facebook, friendster and so on.

19. Learning SEO

To get traffic from search engines, SEO is absolutely necessary. Deepen the ability to learn SEO content
optimization for blogs that have proven to fame and greatness of his SEO knowledge. .

20. Buy Advertising

If there is more funding, not hurt you to buy ads on Google Adwords, AdsenseCamps and so on. You can
bring in instant traffic and quick.

21. Join Forums and Mailing Lists

Join the forums and mailing lists that relate to the theme of your blog and place a link / signature in
place that allows. Be active in the forum or mailing list and you will get traffic from fellow members of
the forum / mailing list.

23. Periodic postings

Schedule your posting on a regular basis so you can easily index by google and the reader is not
confused with the schedule update your blog.

24. Maximize Google

Use the services provided by the maximum like google google webmaster tools, google analytics and
google index google alerts to facilitate and help monitor the progress of your blog.

25. Event / Important Events

Write about events / important events that will take place a month earlier to posts indexed by google.
When the event arrives, your blog visitors who crowded the potential to find info about the event in
search engines.

26. Something New

Write something new and rarely raised another blog. Your writing will be easier to get Search Engine
Result Page (SERP) and looks more original.

27. Postings List

Most bloggers enjoyed fame post the model list. Besides being more efficient, post the model list is
more easily understood and simple.

28. Post Pillar

Take the time to write a post pillar. Pillar Post is the essence of your blog. Make sure the post get more
attention because the pillar post pillar is to be used to get the most traffic from your blog.

29. Postings Submit to Article Directory

Submit your posts to article directories like GoArticles, ArticleBiz, and so forth. In addition to their
backlinks, your blog can also be quickly known if your post is really qualified.

30. Guest Blog

Offer your post to be posted on the blogs of others, especially the similar-themed blog. Place your link in
the post. Benefits of Guest Blog post about the same as submit to article directories.

May the ways of increasing traffic on the blog useful for you, especially those just learning to blog like

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