Ducks lay eggs in the morning, HR must know this by drsranganathan


									Many corporate will be following the HR culture of ‘ducks lay its eggs only in the
morning’ and hence it has to be collected only in the morning. But unfortunately they
are not conscious or aware of the above culture they follow nor do they know how
deeply it has rooted in the organization.

What does the term ‘ducks lay its eggs only in the morning and hence it has to be
collected only in the morning’ conveys? Those who know the behaviour of ducks and
have duck farm need not worry about the eggs of the ducks getting lost. Ducks lay them
usually in the morning. So they can be collected safely in the morning.

Before the ducks are let out in the morning, one can collect the eggs safely. Ducks,
generally do not lay the eggs later than the morning. They follow a pattern or
uniformity in laying eggs. Similarly, the employees in most corporate know when they
have to gear up to work and get the result. Just before appraisal time, employees in
most corporate become busy doing many things just show the tasks are completed and
targets are achieved.

Until the appraisal time, the employees used to freak out doing nothing or doing little.
Since the entire system follow the above culture, neither the boss nor the subordinates
bother about anything. The subordinates try to do something because the boss might
ask them during appraisal. The boss bothers about the performance of the subordinates
only because, his or her boss will ask about the same. This culture is very common
mostly in ‘single man’ venerated corporate.

Why most people follow the above culture. They know they will be asked about what
they have done only during performance appraisal time. In other words, they know
ducks lay its eggs only during morning and they need to collect the same only in the

If you want to collect duck eggs, search in the morning similarly, one needs to do
something and get ready to show result only during appraisal time and otherwise, they
will not be asked about the work progress.

If the culture of regular discussion about the progress of the work assigned to the
people, periodic monitoring and seeking the reports are not practiced in the corporate,
people just collect the eggs of the ducks in the morning and would prefer to take rest for
the entire day.

Right and wise employee engagement is important for the growth of the organization.
The HR must know how to do the same.         A boy who is employed to pick up the eggs
of the ducks in a farm may collect and show that he has done his job well. His job is
over in the morning. If at all he is busy again, may be only next morning. The boy
should be told to keep the cage clean, feed the ducks etc., during the day. If the owner
gets thrilled by the fact that the boy is very smart in collecting all the eggs, the boy will
continue to do the same and carry home with all the appreciations of the master.

The owner may not know how to engage the boy but the boy knows how to earn the
owner’s appreciation. This is what is happening in most single man driven corporate. It
is not just collecting the eggs, the boy also must be told to ensure his job of collecting
eggs every day by taking care of the ducks as well. This is how the corporate
management should engage the employees.

Ref: Management book – Jungle wisdom for corporate management – lessons from
university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan

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