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					 Installing a ceiling fan is a great economical way
  to make any room in your house feel cooler. Air
 conditioning is more costly due to the high initial
 unit cost, while operational costs are also higher
   since they use more energy than ceiling fans.
  There are also periodic maintenance costs that
     have to be considered. In addition, many air
    conditioners are not environmentally friendly.
   Ceiling fans on the contrary, are the complete
 opposite. Their maintenance cost is low and they
   are environmentally friendly. There are various
 types of ceiling fans on the market. A low profile
ceiling fan is the best option if you want to install it
    in a room with a low ceiling, i.e., about 8 ft or
  lower. They can also be installed in a room with
 higher ceilings, although it might not be as good
 as it is in a room with a lower ceiling. These fans
  are installed with the blades positioned close to
    the ceiling, so they would not get in anyone's
   reach. They are also suitable for both summer
   and winter. During summer, they can cool the
 room by circulating air and cool people by aiding
 in the evaporation of perspiration. During winter,
 they can redistribute the heat that collects near
the ceiling, greatly reducing energy consumption.
Low profile ceiling fans do not only help keep a room cool or warm, the various
models and designs can add beauty to the room For instance, there are
vintage models made from wood that will match the theme of a room having
vintage dcor
 If the room has a Victorian look or style, you can choose a fan with a Victorian
style to match the room However, first of all, you must decide where you want
to install the fan, and whether it is indoors or in an exposed area outdoors, as
there are models specifically designed outdoor installation
 For instance, you might have a gazebo on your property and want a fan to
cool the sultry summer evenings and help keep the mosquitoes at bay There
are also models that can be used both indoors and outdoors and if you want to
be sure if the model is suitable for outdoor use, you can ask the seller or the
 The prices for these types of fans also vary, mainly depending on the
materials, the custom colors and the type of remote control There are ceiling
fans made from wood, plastic, and combinations of several materials
 There are many colors to choose from, though white is usually the most
popular color
 The number of blades also plays an important role, as the more blades there
are means more air movement
 Before you decide which low profile ceiling fan you want to buy, consider your
budget and which type of ceiling fan suits your needs best
 Since you interact with the controls, also consider the
convenience of the type of control and its effect on the price

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