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									ACAP Hosted a New Year Networking Dinner for Graduate Students
and Young Scholars in Houston on February 25.
     After a couple months planning and scheduling, the Association of Chinese
American Professionals (ACAP) hosted a Chinese new year networking dinner for
graduate students and young scholars in the evening of February 25 in Houston, Texas.
This is the second time that ACAP organizes this kind of programs for young Chinese
(Taiwanese) American generation. More than 100 people from Dallas, Austin, San
Antonio, Houston and other cities in Texas joined the program, and more than 20
professional experts who have worked over 20 years were invited as mentors to share
their knowledge on job hunting. Dozens questions were raised by young attendees and
answered by the mentors. The event that was supposed to end at 9 pm finally ended
at 10 pm. Very positive feedback was given in the next few days by both mentees and
mentors. It is considered as one of the highly successful meetings that indeed provide
valuable information to the young Chinese (Taiwanese) American generation.

ACAP's president Ms. Yen gave the opening remarks.
One of the mentors, Dr. Tsai, C. H., shared his experience with young generation.

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