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Legal and security

Make sure you meet the local or federal law on
video surveillance and recording of images and
videos. The users are responsible for the security of
their camera and passwords. It is strongly
recommended that the system be protected with a
the product

Package Contents:

1. IP cameras
2. adapter
3. camera foot
4. RJ45 cable
5. screws and bolts
6. IPCam software
7. user

The camera:

1. lens
2. infrared LED
3. EDS
4. retaining bolt
5. foot
6. waterproof housing
7. RJ45 port
8. DC-IN
9. LED data (red)
10. compound LED (green)

Properties of the product

Camera Sensor:                         1/4 "CMOS color
Resolution:                            VGA / CIF / QCIF
Frame rate per second,                 VGA @ 15 fps / CIF & QCIF @ 25 fps
Compression:                           MJPEG
Water Resistance:                      Waterproof IP 66
Night Vision:                          up to 5 meters
Internet:                              LAN
Network protocols:                     TCP / IP, uPnP, DHCP, Static IP
Dimensions (without stand or cable):   84 Ø 41.5 mm
Weight (without stand):                188 g
Mounting the camera

Select where you want to install the camera. This location should ideally meet the
following characteristics: a dry place with good air circulation, low dust, close to an
outlet on a solid surface vibration free.
Before the camera confirms, it is recommended to test the location and operation.
Attention! The camera is not in direct sunlight or other bright light exposure.

Mounting the camera:

Attach the foot on the         Attach the U-bracket.         Set the camera to the
surface with the screws                                      desired angle and then
and bolts.                                                   make the locking bolt.



                                                                     1. Connect the
                                                                     adapter and the
                                                                     RJ45 cable to the

                                                                     2. Connect the
                                                                     adapter to the

                                                                     3. Connect the RJ
                                                                     cable to an
                                                                     available LAN
                                                                     port on the
Installing the software

Insert the software CD into the CD-ROM drive of your computer (Windows only).
Open the contents of the disk and double click "Security Sec24 System_EN" to start
the installation. Follow the steps below:

Click "Next".             Click "Next".        Click "Install".        Click "Finish".

Software Update:

Start the application "DB Upgrade Tool" (Start Menu All Programs    DB Sec24
Secuirty System Upgrade Tool).
Click on "Upgrade" if possible or else close the window (no update).
If the application is the message "Incompatible database version" displays, close the
application and restart the IP Cam System again.

IP Cam: algemene parameters

A. IP Cam Settings - General Parameters

       Edit Device Setting:
       The parameters change (information, alarm, registration, etc.).
       Add one device
       A new camera to add the selected channel.
       Delete selected device
       The camera on the selected channel erase.

       Start all cameras
       The connection with all the cameras start.

       Stop all cameras
       The connection to all the cameras stop.

Add a camera

To add a camera (max. 16 cameras), follow the instructions
Select an empty channel.

1. Click on "Add a device".
2. Click on "Search" and enter the information for ID and Password that you
can find on your camera.
3. Observations on the automatic search:
- The "Search" works only on a local network.
- If the camera is not found, you must signal LED on the camera
- Set the user ID and user password (User ID and User Password) before
4. Click "Save" to save.
5. Click "Start all cameras".

Parameters of the camera

For the parameters of the camera settings, click   :

Tab "Basic Info":
- Device ID: identification number of the camera, located at the rear of the unit.
- Device password: password of the camera, located at the rear of the unit.
- Channel name: the name of the channel, and thus the camera, change.
- User ID: name for the identification of the camera in accordance with the choice of
the user.
- User password: password of the camera in accordance with the choice of the user.

Tabblad "Alarm settings":
To activate the alarm, check the box labeled "Enable Alarm".
For a permanent warning, select the checkbox "Full time alerted" and select the
desired options:
- Motion detection: motion detection alarm. Click on "Settings" to the sensitivity
level of the camera settings (Low: low sensitivity, High: high sensitivity).
- Alarm sound: a sound activated in case of alarm.
- Snap shot: an automatically recording screen activated in case of alarm.
- Recording: An automatic recording activated in case of alarm.
- Send e-mail: send an email to activate in case of alarm. Click on "Settings" to set the
title of the e-mail ("email title"), content ("email contents") and information
regarding your e-mail account (POP / SMTP server address, account and password ).
Attention! The e-mail alert only works if the computer connected to the Internet.
For a planned warning, select the check box "Scheduled alert" and set the following:
- Click  to a time block to be added or on      to edit an existing page. A new
window will open. Set the desired days and time blocks.
- Click     an existing block of time to erase.
Tab "Schedule recording":
To activate the timer recording, select the check box "Enable recording schedule" in.
Configuration: consult the programming for a planned warning (above).
Status of the camera:
Three icons show the status of the camera:
     activated alarm;         detected alarm;       scheduled recording.

B. Display Settings - Display Parameters

The software allows you multiple cameras at a time.
For a camera in full screen display, double-click on the image (double again to return
to the multiple view mode).

       4 cameras simultaneously.
       6 cameras simultaneously
       9 cameras simultaneously

       16 cameras simultaneously
C. Main functions - Key Features

         Search tool
         The cameras searching which are connected to the local network.
         System settings
         The system parameters change.

         The history of the videos and video playback.
         About Sec24 Security System
         Access to the software and manual.

    Search Tool

A. Device List = List of the cameras
List of the cameras that are connected to the network and their characteristics.
B. Basic Settings = basic Parameters
The parameters of the camera (see the information above under 3. Change the
parameters of the camera).
C. Authentification
Setting up your account and personal password. Once these items are configured,
they can only be changed in a local network. Note: We strongly recommend you
protect your system by means of an ID and password.
 Click to view the available cameras on the network to search and display.
&  Make sure the first three blocks of IP address the camera and the network
are identical (see other section "A Change IP Address on Windows"):

 Change the parameters of the camera (any such modifications will be
automatically saved):
        - Brightness: the brightness of low ("low") to high ("high").
        - Quality: "+" for a clear picture and a large file, "-" for a
        lesser quality, but a smaller recording file
        - Environment: Allows you to choose between the environment indoors,
        outdoors or night shooting.
        - Position: You can reset the position to choose between normal, rotated or
        reflection (mirror).
 Save the changes.
     system Parameters

- "Reconnect IP Cam": Select the
timeout to automatically reconnect in case
the connection of the system is broken (by
default every 4 seconds and 10 times in a
row. If you set 0 times, this means that the
system will continuously keep trying to

- "Alarm settings": select the desired
sound for the alarm ("Sound effects file"),
the duration of the sound ("Sound
duration") and the duration of the
recording ("Recording duration") and the
number of shots ("Snap Shoot").

- "Snap shoot and video recording path":
Select the folder in which
recordings and videos will be saved. For a recording in MPEG4 format, select the
checkbox "MPEG4 format video recording" in. To its own memory space allocated to
these recordings, select the box "Overwrite video" and define the maximum memory
capacity (75 GB standard). When memory space is full, the first recordings
automatically overwritten by the new.

- "Connect all cameras when system starts": select the check box to enable all
cameras to start automatically at startup of the system.

- "Close status bar": check the box in the status bar to close:

 Appears when a new version of the software is available. Click it to this version.
 This field shows the connection mode of the selected channel, the legend of the
icon in the upper right corner of the video (see D. Display Channel).
 This field shows the IP address of the computer
 This field shows the time and date on which the software is running.

History of the videos:                       History of the recordings:

 Choose the camera.                          Open the desired file.
 Choose history.                             Choose the recording.
 Start the video.

D. Display Channel - Displays the cameras

Notes to the display:

Upper Left: number of the channel.
Right Corner: connection type:
            connection to a local area network (LAN-mode);
            Internet connection (P2P Mode);
            connection via a relay server (slower) (Relay mode).
Bottom left: number of frames per second (fps)
Lower right corner: type of recording:
             Click to shoot.
             Click for a video recording (red = busy recording).
Quick Features:

                                    Disconnect: disconnect the camera.
                                    Stretch video: the size of the picture.
                                    Edit device: the parameters of the camera editing.
                                    Delete this device: the camera.
                                    Snap shoot: a recording.
                                    Manual Recording: recording of the video start.

E. Camera Control – Operation of the camera

                                   Selected device: the IP address and / or the ID
                                   of the selected camera.
                                   Pan / Tilt control: the angle of the camera
                                   control (for motorized model).
                                   Video adjust: brightness, resolution or quality
                                   of video.
                                   -     Light condition:
                                       choice between
                                       indoors / outdoors / night recording
                                       - Resolution:
                                       choice between 640*480/320*240/160*120
                                       - Video quality:
                                       the choice of higher to lower

An IP Address in Windows XP

 Click Start.
 Right click on My Network Places.
 Click PropertiesRight-click Local Area Connection
   Click on Properties.
 Click the Internet Protocol (TCP / IP).
 Click on Properties.
 Select the check box Use the following IP address in.
 Enter the desired IP address.
 Save
Playing via Internet

To view images from your camera on any computer (Windows) display with an
Internet connection, you must IPCam software installation and follow the
instructions below:

 Select an empty channel.
 Click " Add a device".
 Fill in the "Device ID" and "Device Password" according to the data on the camera
itself, like the fields "User ID" and "User password" that are set during installation of
the camera.
 Click "Save" to save.
 Click " Start all cameras "and make sure the camera is connected to the
Playing via a mobile phone

1. Download and install the free software MySec24 Lite from the App Store (if you
have an iPhone (iOS4)) or Android Market (if you have a phone that works on
2. Start the application on your phone is installed.
3. Go to Settings to configure the camera.
4. Add one or more cameras to the passwords and IDs of the camera (found on the
camera) and the user (encrypted during installation on your computer) to add.
5. Give the camera by selecting it. Click "Snapshot" to take a picture and click on the
image to rotate.

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