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					Clothing and
footwear retail
in Poland 2012
  Market analysis and development
      forecasts for 2012-2014
Publications date: Q2 2012   Language: Polish, English

    The report – in brief

    This sixth edition market assessment provides comprehensive analysis of the clothing and footwear market in Poland
    and detailed forecasts for its progress in 2012-2014. The publication offers data on the current value and notable
    features of the market and its segments, and describes important channels of distribution. Also included - analysis of
    key market trends and the factors shaping growth currently and in the months to come, and profiles of the industry’s
    top companies. It utilizes the results of the most recent survey of the largest clothing and footwear chains in Poland
    to illustrate consumer purchasing habits and attitudes toward choosing clothes and footwear.

    Informative features include:
    „   Value estimates for the Polish clothing and footwear retail markets, with forecasts for 2012-2014
    „   Identification and description of the top players and their businesses
    „   Astute analysis of vital product distribution channels
    „   Description and analysis of selected segments of the clothing market, including lingerie, children’s clothing and
        luxury clothing
    „   Detailed profiles of the largest clothing and footwear companies operating in Poland
    „   Results of a survey conducted among the representatives of the largest clothing and footwear retail chains
        operating in Poland
    „   Findings of a consumer survey on behaviour and preferences when purchasing clothing and footwear
    „   An overview of current and forecast conditions in the Polish economy.

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This report answers all the most-asked questions
about market issues, such as:

„   What is the value of the Polish clothing and footwear market?
„   How quickly will it expand over the coming years?
„   Which channels of distribution are gaining or losing their market shares?
„   Which types of clothes/shoes are demonstrating the best prospects for growth?
„   Which companies are the strongest players on the market and in each major segment?
„   Which market trends appear to be most influential?
„   Which clothing and footwear brands are the most popular with Polish consumers?
„   How has the economic crisis affected clothing and footwear purchases?

The best value in business information:

„   Value of the clothing and footwear markets with development forecasts for 2012-2014
„   Value data and growth analysis of the major channels of distribution
„   Breakdown of market values in terms of price segments
„   Sales data for the most active market players
„   Corporate profiles that include revenues, number of stores, and development plans
„   Largest chains, ranked by number of stores, in each market segment
„   Findings of a survey of representatives of the largest clothing and footwear chains
„   Results of a unique survey on consumer behaviour
„   Macroeconomic forecasts for Poland, with indications of how the market will be affected.

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      This report is most useful to business engaged in:
      „ Starting or developing operations in clothing and footwear retailing in Poland
      „ Analysis of the current situation and prospects in clothing and footwear industries in Poland
      „ Monitoring of competitors’ performance and plans, in terms of sales, store expansion and development strategy
      „ Estimating the value of clothing and footwear segments as well as sales and market share of clothing and footwear
        retailers and chains
      „ Development of forecasts for clothing and footwear market development in Poland
      „ Conducting in-house analyses of market position against rival companies in the market.

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PMR Market Insight Methodology
This report was prepared using PMR Market Insight methodology developed by PMR which
assists in the complex preparation of industry reports.
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