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Fundraising Guide


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									         Fundraising Guide
 Welcome to the Vita team! We will be providing you with
ongoing fundraising support to help you achieve your goal.
    Here’s just a few ideas to help you get started and
               put the ‘fun’ into fundraising.

             Feel free to contact us for advice,
               resources or even just a chat
                  about your fundraising,

                     Ph: (01) 8734303
                    Email: info@vita.ie
Fundraising Success Stories
To Start with, here’s some events which were held by last year’s
team. W ith a bit of planning and a little help from your friends you’ll
be well on your way to reaching your target. You can contact us to
hear about how any of these events were organised.

       Personal Contribution                                               up to €1,500
           o You can choose to make a personal contribution towards the personal costs which are
              included in your fundraising target

          o Your embarking on a Challenge for a great cause,                    up to €500 from
              ask your friends, family and colleagues to support you            individuals
          o Use www.mycharity.ie for online donations
          o Get sponsorship from your employer, local businesses, or            up to €1,000
              any companies you have links with                                 from companies

       Laughter Lounge Comedy Show                                           up to €1000
          o Purchase 50 charity tickets from Laughter Lounge @ €5 each
          o Collect your posters and tickets from Laughter Lounge
          o Sell tickets at face value of €25 / get a few friends to help
          o Enjoy a great night out with your friends, family and colleagues

       School Cake Sale                                                       €500 - €1,300
          o Get your old school on board to host a cake sale
          o Some Vita team members also organised to give a talk about
               Vita and Ethiopia to classes which then held a non-uniform day
               to raise funds

       Music Night                                                               ca. €1,500
          o Hire a band or DJ – or get one to donate their service for free
          o Get a local pub to support the event with a free venue and some food
          o They might consider offering a drinks promo or give you a % of the sales
          o Sell tickets for the event (suggested €15 - €30) and hol d a raffle on the night

       Donate a Service                                                       €100 - €500
          o Do you, your friends or family have a service or skill to offer?
          o Donate this service for a day with the fee being paid to your fundraising
          o Ex: Massage, Beauty Therapy, DIY, Yoga Class, Driving Lessons… the list is endless!

       Bag Packing / Church Collection / Street Collection                      €500 - €1,000
       Photo Exhibition (donations from professional photographers)             ca. €2,000
       Golf Classic                                                             ca. €2,000
       Barn Dance                                                               ca. €1,500
Fundraising A-Z
Here’s a few ideas to help
kick-start your fundraising

                                               Coffee Morning – a great excuse to catch
                                               up with your extended network of friends
                                               and family. See if your local store will donate
                                               some food or drink. Vita can help supply you
Ask People! You never know what ideas or       with newsletters and other materials to
support is just around the corner. Friends     present at the event
can often also have hidden talents that they
are happy to share to support a good cause.           Car wash
                                                      Car boot sale
       Auction of Promises                            Cheese and wine party
       Aerobics workout                               Cow pat lottery
       Afternoon tea stall
       Art or photo exhibition                 Company Contacts – look for sponsorship
       Athletic event                          from your company, suppliers, etc….
       Auction of Unwanted Goods               Remember - an international 10km event is
                                               something to be proud of!
Also, never be afraid to ask for support in
the form of free venues / services/ prizes –   Come Dine with Me – host a dinner night
you’ll be surprised how many people are        and charge people to dine with you… try and
willing to lend a helping hand!                get a local celebrity on board to attract
                                               people to the event

B                                              D
Baby Photo Competition – Find a fun
prize. Get all your colleagues to submit a     Disco Night – Get out the glitter balls and
baby photo. Everyone pays to enter your        dance the night away. Have fun with a
‘guess the baby contest’ and enjoys getting    dance-off or prizes for the best costume
to know each other a little better!

       BBQ Party
       Bag Packing
       Bake-a-cake stall
       Beard Shaving
       Book Sale
       Bring and Buy sale

                                                      Dress-down day at work
                                                      Dance Marathon
                                                      Disco night
E                                               I
Emails – this a great way to advertise your            Indoor games evening
fundraising activities and seek sponsorship.           International evening
Don’t be afraid to send reminders!

Events within Events – put a raffle in your
party . Have a guessing game at your coffee
morning. Get your boss to shave his beard
at your dress-down day… Create a snowball              Jazz evening
effect to raise more funds and have more               Jumble sale


F                                                      Karaoke evening
       Fancy dress pub crawl

       Fashion show
       Five-a-side tournament
       Face Painting

                                                Lunch-less Day – have a day at work
                                                where you encourage your colleagues to
                                                bring a packed lunch and donate what they
Guessing Games –                                would have normally spent in the canteen or
What’s the name of the teddy? How many          shop
sweets in a jar?
The options are endless

and you can simply
leave your teddy, jar, etc
on display at work with
some info about your                            Matched Donation – a great way to
competition – get people                        motivate your fundraising! Get your
to email you their                              company to agree to match the funds raised
answer and drop some                            from one of your events
coins in the box.
                                                       Market stall
                                                       Mile of pennies
       Gala evening                                    Musical evening
       Garden party                                    Mystery tour
       Golf Competition
                                                Meal – you can keep it small and cook at

                                                home (get your children to help as waiters)!
                                                Or ask a local restaurant to offer you a
                                                discount and host a party.
Hobbies – think of the things you do for fun.   Extend the event to include a raffle, games
This is a great way to generate ideas for       or spot prizes
fundraising events or a great way to engage
a network of people to support your
                                                       Promotional party
                                                       Pub games night
                                                       Pub crawl

                                                       Quasar night
                                                       Quiz evening

My Charity – www.mychairty.ie use this
website so that people can easily sponsor
you online.                                            Races

N                                               S
       National days                            Services – ask your friends to lend you their
                                                skills at your event. Perhaps you could have

                                                a beautician at your coffee morning or a
                                                musician at your party

                                                       Silent auction
Out of Africa – Vita can help you with ideas           Sports Day
for an Africa themed event. Or include little          Sunflower competition
African touches like having Ethiopian coffee           Swear box
beans at your coffee morning.                          Swimming gala

                                                       Talent night
                                                       Teddy Bears Picnic
                                                       Ten pin bowling
                                                       Tennis tournament
                                                       Treasure hunt

P                                               Unwanted/ Unusual Gifts – everyone has
                                                some strange trinkets left unopened in the
Party – think of a theme to help organise a     attic or under the stairs. Ask people to
great night out. Your local club might help     donate these items for an auction, sale or
you with free hire of a room and maybe          raffle – one man’s trash is another’s
some finger food. Have fun with decorations,    treasure!
fancy dress, games and competitions

       Painting competition
       Plant stall
V                                                   Other Tips to Help Maximise the
                                                   Success of Your Fundraising Events
       Volleyball competition
                                                        PRINT MEDIA

                                                    -   Get your event advertised in the local
                                                        notes section of your newspaper
                                                    -   Make posters to display in shops,
WWW – go online, advertise your events on               schools, staff rooms, etc
Facebook. Ask for a bit of space to advertise
on websites you have links with. Use online             RADIO
donation sites like My Charity Ask each             -   Contact your local radio station to ask
friend to email another friend and see if you
                                                        them to announce the event or even
can start an online fundraising snowball!
                                                        include an interview with you about
       Wellie Throw                                     your event
       Wine Tasting
                                                    -   Get your event on Facebook

X                                                   -

                                                        Contact Vita and we’ll include your
                                                        event on our website and Facebook
                                                        Make an email notice about your event
X-ercise - See if you can find someone to
                                                        and get your friends, employer and
donate a free session of aerobics, yoga,
                                                        other groups to agree to send it to their
pilates, spinning, etc.. then get all your
friends to come along. You’ll be doing your
friends a favour by helping them keep fit.
                                                    -   Don’t undersell your event, think of the

                                                        work you’re putting in as well as what
                                                        entertainment etc you’re offering
                                                        people – you might be surprised at what
Young at Heart - Think of the thins that you            people are willing to pay
used to enjoy when you were young.                  -   Call the Vita team for advice on how to
Although we don’t like to admit it, we can still        maximise the profits from your event
find them just as fun as adults. Try pin the
tail on the donkey or pass the parcel at your      Most importantly, don’t forget to plan ahead,
party; sell fairy cakes at work; have a            get friends and family involved and have fun
skipathon… just have fun!
                                                     in the knowledge that you’re efforts are
                                                       making a positive impact in Ethiopia!

Zest – Keep your spirits up, believe in your
cause and be proud of the impact you are
having on the lives of women in Ethiopia.
Enthusiasm is key to making fundraising a
success – and often, the zanier the idea, the
                                                        Thank You!
                                                    Online Fundraising is a great way
                                                    to help reach your target and to
                                                    make it easy for people to support

Step 1: Visit www.mycharity.ie
Step 2: Follow the instructions to create your page
        You can make a page to support any Vita event
        Or you can create your own personal event for Vita
        Don’t forget to personalise the message and may add a fun photo
Step 3: Email all your friends and family the link to your page
        Advertise it on Facebook, spread the word and start fundraising

Here’s an example (right)
of what your interactive
fundraising page might
look including useful target
bar, personal message and

“Your personal fundraising
page is the best way to raise
money for charity. Creating
your page is simplicity itself.
Just email your friends with
the link to the page and they
can donate by credit or debit
card. The money goes
securely to the mycharity.ie
account and then on to the
account of your charity. It
couldn't be easier or safer
for both you and the

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