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    Organic gardening draws us inexorably closer to nature, invites us to look closely at the part our gardens play
          in the web of life, and urges us to respect as well as work with it. You and I are a part of that web.
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                                A Raised Garden Bed Design Will Improve Plant Growth
                                                                 By Ann Marier

    Using a raised garden bed design is a good way to get a lot more space out of a limited amount of
garden space. By raising each plant up instead of out, more crops can grow at the same time. Some
plants prefer to grow in the raised garden bed design. Plants like squash and cucumbers grow great in
a raised garden bed design.

Strawberries, also, prefer the raised beds. If kept in their own space, they will produce large amounts
of vegetables and fruit, keeping the weeds down where the plants are. Because the raised beds allow
for each plant, there is little to no space for weeds to take over.

Weeds will however, find the space in any garden and they need to be tended to in the same amount
of time spent on the garden itself. If left to grow in between the raised beds, they will soon seed and
take over the garden. When they are left to grow, they also become tough and sometimes thorny,
making it extra hard to remove them.

The best way to get them out is to pick them when they pass the surface of the soil. This is why a
raised garden bed design is so useful. When seeing plants that are small but outside of the raised
beds, a person doesn't have to wait to see if it is a weed or a plant. Pick anything outside of the raised
beds. Wait a little longer to pull weeds in the raised beds just to make sure it doesn't belong there.

Protected Raised Garden Bed Design

If the gardener's home is in the northern parts of the country, a raised garden bed design can actually
insulate root systems during the winter. Some plants will return every year and reproduce more fruit or
vegetables. An example of this is strawberries. The raised garden bed design leaves soil to insulate
the roots. They will come back year after year as long as the people put down a little mulch at the end
of the season. The same holds true for rhubarb plants. Take care of them and the person will be
rewarded with a new crop every year.

In closing, a raised garden bed design is an excellent way to keep a garden healthy without using any
sprays or pesticides. If someone has never gardened with raised beds, this coming year is a great time
to begin. Talk to neighbors who might use this design or go to a nursery where the workers are
experienced with this type of garden. They will be happy to help a person plan out the space available.

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Just make sure that the person has a drawing with the dimensions on it and this year's garden will be
the best one yet.

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design. Click on http://www.gardendesign.4houseandgarden.com to read about her garden design
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                                                        Raised Bed Gardening
                                                        By Dream Team Media

Today garden enthusiasts are looking have a myriad of choices available to them. If you’re a gardening
buff, then you might have heard of the term, ‘raised bed gardening’. I have to confess to being quite
ignorant on the subject, but upon overhearing, quite by accident I assure you, an argument by a young
couple over whether they should go for the more conventional garden, or whether they should try their
hand at raised bed gardening, my interest was peaked. After all what on earth was a ‘raised bed

Being the curious minded soul that I am, I was sorely tempted to push my way through a trolley of
plants and enquire in all politeness what a raised bed garden really was. Fortunately for all involved,
sanity prevailed at the last minute and I found myself reluctant to push my way through.

I did the next best thing and gathering my purchases hot-footed it back home where I could turn to my
computer for instant gardening help. Calling upon the services of my favorite search engine, I typed in
the words ‘raised bed gardening’ and stumbled upon a veritable plethora of information. Information
which I shall now try my best to impart to you in manner that is understandable.

So, to begin with, a raised bed garden is exactly what is sounds like. A garden upon a ‘raised bed’.
Mostly though you’re not raising the height of your entire garden so much as you’re raising it in little
bits and pieces. To do this people tend to utilise things like large containers, or pots. Troughs are also
a favorite, as they provide a longer length for the gardener to work with.

There are generally two reasons why you would go in for raised bed gardening, with the first reason
being purely to do with aesthetics. Having said that, if you find it difficult to bend down continuously
when gardening, then the raised bed gardening is also ideal for you. But the second and main reason
you would even consider a raised bed garden has to do with soil and drainage problems that you just
can’t overcome easily, in your normal, ground level garden.

Raised bed gardens are attractive, and easy to maintain, with the added benefit of being able control
exactly what goes into your soil mixture, and how much water you use when watering your plants.

You also have the ability to protect your plants more easily from burrowing rodents, weeds, and
unwanted feet trekking through your beds.

A more sensible method of gardening I have yet to hear of, and that wasn’t the end to the long list of
benefits to be found in raised bed gardening. But the one I liked the most had to do with being able to
grub around in my garden in any weather, without the actual ‘grubbing’ part. No mud, see? Since the
plants are in raised containers, you don’t actually have to get down on your hands and knees in the
mud to do your gardening!

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