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FOURTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                                            JANUARY 29, 2012
                                                            FROM THE DESK OF THE CAMPUS MINISTER….
                                                                    Led by our Pastor, Father Brian, 100 Saint Mary’s students
                                                          joined 400,000 others at the March for Life in Washington DC this past
                                                          weekend!! More than that, led by Father Brian – our young people
                                                          were inspired to give a voice to voiceless beyond their marching shoes!
     SATURDAY, JANUARY 28                                 The power of a young person, who knows their identity in Christ, can
        4:00pm Arlene & Larry Brooks                      change the world!
     SUNDAY, JANUARY 29                                             Blessed John Paul II, my idol, stated that the youth are the
        7:00am Pro Populo                                 protagonist of the New Evangelization, and in my 18 years of minister-
         9:00am John & Alice Smith                        ing to young people- I BELIEVE HIM! Papa gave our young people a gift,
       11:00am Dorothy & Antonio Basile                   he told them who they were in Christ and that they are loved and val-
         6:00pm Anna Kasle & family                       ued, created in love - destined for greatness!
     MONDAY, JANUARY 30                                             Blessed John Paul II knew if he extended an invitation to young
        9:00am School Liturgy                             people they would respond!!! And respond they did! All people RE-
        5:15pm Peg & Jack Callahan                        SPOND to the Gospel when it is preached in its entirety (Acts; 20-21).
     TUESDAY, JANUARY 31                                  We were created with the words of truth embedded in our heart long-
        5:15pm Linda Horrocks (living)                    ing for love, and we cannot help but respond to TRUTH and LOVE when
                                                          we hear it. We know it when we hear it, we know Him when we see
                                                          Him. As adults it maybe more of an inkling or an “Aha! moment,”
         5:15pm Marie & Patrick Leahy (living)
                                                          whereas for teens it’s often more of a “YEHAAAAAAAAAAAAW mo-
     THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2                                 ment.” The power of young person on FIRE with the Holy Spirit in Jesus
        5:15pm Carolyn Marie Taylor                       Christ is powerful enough to change the world!!
     FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3                                             What we need are leaders, witnesses, bold enough to extend
        5:15pm Rose Marie Guerriero                       the invitation like Blessed John Paul II did – to tell young people the
     SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 4                                 beautiful value they possess – to tell them who they are (in Christ), that
        4:00pm Daisy Crime                                they are loved and that they are called!!!
     SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 5                                             Father Brian did just that last year at our School liturgy when
        7:00am Pro Populo                                 our teens returned from the March for Life!! At this Mass Father hand-
        9:00am Linda Horrocks (living)                    ed a few newspapers to one of the 700 students in the congregation
       11:00am Warren Otterson                            and asked her to find the article on the March for Life (which there
        6:00pm Sr. Eliana Wachu                           were over 400,000 in attendance). Four newspapers later our student
                                                          came up with ONE 8 sentence article - with a picture of PRO ABORTION
            JANUARY MEMORIALS                             activists...Father pointed out among the 400,000 PROLIFERS represent-
                                                          ed he never even saw these protesters - and asked the students to con-
                                                          sider HOW STRANGE when so many young people are gathered with
     The altar bread and wine have been donated
                                                          one goal, one voice, for something so POSITIVE as LIFE ITSELF why were
                  in loving memory of
                                                          they were not being heralded in the media. The students clearly re-
        JOHN & CATHERINE CLOONAN                          membered (a year later) Father's words that day in Church ---- "YOU
              By Barbara Cloonan                          ARE BEING IGNORED" and your message, your life your mission is too
                                                          IMPORTANT to be ignored.
                                                                    So this year our 100 pilgrims took the time to write some very
     The altar bread and wine have been donated
                                                          powerful letters to every local news media. Maybe you noticed the
                  in loving memory of
                                                          front page article in the Lynn Item last week? It is pretty wonderful to
   MARGUERITE & GEORGE HARRINGTON                         see “CHOOSE LIFE” on the front of a secular newspaper. All because
         By Donna Harrington-Lee                          our Pastor shepherded them – invited them, told them who they were
                                                          (in Christ), and called them to Love and Truth!
                                                                    Thank you Father Brian for all the ways you call our young
                      SANCTUARY LIGHT                     people – and all of us to Love and Truth – who is Christ Himself!!!!
              This candle signals the Eucharistic pres-
              ence of the Lord Jesus in the tabernacle    Andrea Alberti
                      and burns continuously.             Campus Minister
                                                          Saint Mary’s
                This week the Sanctuary Light in the
                         Church burns for
                          DAISY CRIME
                   By her loving granddaughter
                                                                                       St. Mary’s students at March for Life
                                                                                               in Washington D.C.
ST. MARY’S PARISH                                                                                                    Lynn, MA

                                                                             ST. MARY’S SOCIAL CLUB EVENT
                                                                       The Reagle Players Theatre Production of
                                                                             “A LITTLE BIT OF IRELAND”
  Catholic Schools Week is January 29 - February 5
                                                                        Sunday Afternoon, 1:00pm, March 18
 Please join the St. Mary’s School community at the
       9:00am Mass on Monday, January 29.                               Best Group Reserved Seats... Only $59.00
                                                                       Come along with Fr. Flynn to enjoy a great
                                                                       Irish Festival of Song, Laughter and Dance.
            PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS                                      Be sure to book early for
                                                                         “The Biggest Little Irish Show Around!”
                 Please pray for those who have died
                                                                           Call the rectory - 781 598-4907
                          recently especially
                                                                    for details on times and to reserve your space.
                       Christopher Pichardo
                                                                           $25.00 deposit due by January 31.
           Pray also for the sick, those who grieve the loss             Final due February 17 One Bus only…
           of loved ones, for those who seek shelter, em-                   Don’t be left out. Book Today!
           ployment and the basic necessities of life, and for
           peace and justice in the world.

                                                                 LECTOR AND EUCHARISTIC MEETING: All lectors and
                                                                 Eucharistic Ministers need to attend an important formation and
                                                                 training meeting. All meetings will take place in the Church.
                                                                                 For Lectors meeting dates are:
Last weekend we collected $5,149 in our weekly offertory .                      Tuesday, January 31 at 7:00pm or
 Each week we need the collection to be $6,125 in order to                      Saturday, February 4 at 11:00am
           meet our parish operating budget                                     For Eucharist Ministers dates are:
    Our Grand Annual Pledges thus far total $41,795                             Monday, January 30 at 7:00pm or
   pledged by 151 donors. Our aim is to have everyone                            Saturday, February 4 at 1:00pm
     contribute so we can reach our goal of $50,000.
                                                                 All meetings will cover the same information and your attendance
       This money once again is to assist us in our
                                                                 is required at only one of them. If have not already please con-
                    operating budget.
                                                                 tact the parish office and let us know which one you will be
THIS WEEKEND’S SECOND ENVELOPE: The second enve-                 attending, so we can plan accordingly. Thank you.
lope for this weekend supports the Church in Latin America
                                                                               NEW TIMES FOR CHOIR PRACTICE:
(CLA). The CLA provides support for pastoral projects in
                                                                               Adult Choir Practice will now be held on Friday
financially poor dioceses in Latin America and the Caribbe-
                                                                               evenings in the Church from 7:00-8:00pm and
an. CLA funds catechetical and lay leadership programs,
                                                                               Children's Choir Practice will be immediately
youth ministry, evangelization programs, and formation
                                                                               following the 4:00pm Mass on Saturdays with
programs for religious, priests and deacons. CLA is making
                                                                               free Piano lessons to Choir members from
it possible for the Catholic faithful in the Western hemi-
                                                                               6:00pm to 6:30pm. Please call Greg Miller, Music
sphere to help each other. Please visit
                                                                               Director with any questions, 617-548-5744.
latinamerica for more information.

Fuel Collection.

        Thank you for your continued sacrifice to
                                                                    MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR SIGN UP SUNDAY!
                  support our parish!
                                                                                       FEBRUARY 11 - 12
                                                                  “Why Catholic?” is a program based in Scripture and the Cate-
                ST. MARY’S TREE OF LIFE FOOD                      chism of the Catholic Church that provides a firm foundation
                PANTRY’S MONTHLY FOOD DRIVE                       for reflection, discussion and faith sharing. Sharing in small
                will be next weekend, February 4 & 5th.           groups offers the time, space and direction to reflect on one’s
                We are in need cans of soup or corn. We           relationship with God and others. We hope you join us!
                thank you for all that you do.
ST. MARY’S PARISH                                                                                                   Lynn, MA

                    RELIGIOUS EDUCATION

                                                                                          RECURRING EVENTS
                                                                         MON      10-12pm   Food Pantry (Bread)
                          GRADES K-6                                              5:45 pm   Medugorje Group
            Religious Education Sunday, January 29                                7:00 pm   AA Meeting, CRI
       our Kindergarten Class will host the 9:00am Mass                           7:30 pm   Haitian Charismatic
                   classes immediately follow                                               Prayer (Chapel)
                                                                         TUE      6:45 pm   Bingo
       FAITH FORMATION FRIDAYS FOR GRADES 7 & 8                          WED      10-12pm Food Pantry (Groceries)
             Next meeting is Friday, February 3rd                                 7:00pm    Boy Scout Meetings
          6:30pm to 8:30pm in Conference Room One                        FRI      7:00pm    Adult Choir Practice (Church)
                                                                         SAT      9:00 am   AA meeting, CR1
            ++PLEASE NOTE THE JANUARY 29TH                                        4:45pm    Children’s Choir Practice (Church)
          CONFIRMATION CLASS IS CANCELLED++                                       6:00pm    Bingo
    NEXT CONFIRMATION CLASS: Sunday, February 26th
  Students should arrive by 5:45pm in the Chapel for attend-
                                                                                           THIS WEEK’S EVENTS
    ance. The Class will celebrate the 6:00pm Mass in the                SUN      1-29     Rel Ed Classes for K-6 - 9:00am Mass
        Chapel and return to the O’Brien Lecture Hall                                      Baptism Prep Class after 11am Mass

Bonsoir freres et soeurs, je vous salue dans le nom de notre Sei-                FOOD PANTRY DRIVE NEXT WEEKEND
gneur. Je veux vous faire part de la visite des membres du con-
sulat Haitien de Boston dans notre communiaute le dimanche
                                                                                               FUNDRAISER FOR LYNN
29 Janvier. Ils seront a notre messe de 1h 30 pm et participeront
                                                                                               SHELTER ASSOCIATION
a notre repas apres la messe. Prenez le temps de les saluer et les
                                                                                               (LSA): North Shore Acappella, the
accueillir comme il le faut. Merci et que Dieu vous benisse tous.
                                                                                               fan favorite on NBC’s The Sing-Off
Pere Gabriel Lormeus
                                                                                               -- will perform a Benefit for LSA at
                                                                                               Lynn Veteran Memorial Auditori-
              BAPTISM PREPARTION CLASS                                                         um, 3 City Hall Square, on Friday,
The class will take place this Sunday, January 29th immediate-       March 16,at 7:30pm. Ticket Pricing: $42 [order online at
ly following the 11:00am Mass in Church. The next class is  under Event]. This will be one-show-only,
Sunday, February 26th. If you are expecting a child or plan-         right here in Lynn. Don’t miss out! For more details on the
ning to baptize your child here at St. Mary’s please join us. For    benefit, please visit the Facebook page at http://
the Baptism Preparation Class Schedule or more information "
please call the Parish Office.
                                                                            DONATE YOUR OLD CAR - HELP NEEDY -
                 MARRIAGE PREPARATION CLASS:                                  RECEIVE TAX DEDUCTION OF $500+
                 Sacred Heart Parish will be hosting a Marriage      Cars For Help, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity, is working to
                 Preparation program on Friday evening,              strengthen individual churches and various Catholic charities
                 March 9 and Saturday, March 10. The fee is          through vehicle donations. The process is fast, easy and re-
                 $75.00 per couple. For more information or          quires just a phone call or visit to our website. If you would
                 to register please contact Donna & Deacon           like to donate a vehicle in any condition or have questions
                 Dick     Field    at      781-593-0437      or      please call 630-695-9272 or visit With
                                        the mention of this bulletin notice 25% of your vehicle dona-
                                                                     tion proceeds will go directly to St. Mary’s Parish.
                         SPARTAN DOLLAR$ RAFFLE
                                                                                                 CALLING ALL COOKS!
                    St. Mary’s High School announces, $partan
                    Dollar$ Raffle. The Prizes are: 1stprize                             St . Mary’s is going to publish a cookbook
                    $8,500 tuition credit; or $6,000 Cash; 2nd                           for the upcoming 150th anniversary. We
                    prize $1,000 Cash; 3rd prize $500 Cash;                              welcome all parishioners to submit reci-
                    and 4thprize $250 Gift Certificate                                   pes. There are forms available at the back
                    to school bookstore or $125 Cash. Each                               of the main church and the chapel for you
ticket is $125 only 400 tickets will be sold. Tickets must be                            to submit your recipes or visit our website
purchased by February 28 at noon. To purchase tickets, please and print one! Please leave your com-
contact Katie Dearing at St. Mary’s High School, Office of Ad-        pleted recipes in the baskets at the doors of the Church and
vancement, 35 Tremont St, Lynn, MA 01902, 781-586-2018; or            Chapel. Thank you!
via e-mail at:

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