August Newsletter Triune Mercy Center by jennyyingdi


									                                                                 Meals and Assistance Programs:
                                                                 Hot meals ……..…1,107       Hygiene bags……86
                                                                 Groceries………....213        Laundry loads…….88
                                                                 Clothing recipients…291    Blankets ………….14
                                                                 Child recipients………61

                                                                 Average Narcotics Anonymous meeting attendance..18
                     222 Rutherford Street
                        P.O. Box 3844
                                                                 People admitted to drug rehabilitation ………14
                       Greenville, SC 29608
                        (864) 233-8020
                                                                 Volunteer hours ……………………………… 734

August 2009
                                                                 Some exciting worship opportunities at Triune Chapel:
From the interim pastor:
                                                                 August 2, 11 AM – Jeff Hayes will preach and Robert Hoefer
                                                                 will provide special music.
         As many of you are aware, my tenure as Interim Pastor
                                           th                    6 PM – Adam Benson, summer intern, will preach.
will come to a close this Sunday, August 9 . I have made many
friends here and have enjoyed working with the entire Triune
                                                               August 9, 11 AM – Jeff Hayes will preach and Kelly Clark will
staff, board of directors, and numerous volunteers. Thank you
                                                               provide special music.
for the support, guidance, and encouragement during my brief
                                                               6 PM – James McCluney, Triune staff, will preach.
                                                                 August 16, 11 AM – Deb Richardson-Moore will preach and
        Over the last three months there have been many
                                                                 Rober Hoefer will provide special music.
wonderful experiences, culminating in the baptism two weeks
                                                                 6 PM – Jerry Hill of Buncombe Street UMC will preach.
ago for one of our clients. My time at Triune has taught me
more than I ever imagined. I look forward to opportunities for
                                                                 August 23, 11 AM – Deb Richardson-Moore will preach and
worship and volunteering with you in the near future.
                                                                 there will be special music.
                                                                 6 PM – James McCluney, Triune staff, will preach.
        Please make sure to welcome back Pastor Deb
Richardson-Moore from her sabbatical. I know everyone is
                                                                 August 26, 11 AM – Celebration Tea Party in the Art Room
anxious for return to Triune after a restful and renewing time
                                                                     August 30, 11 AM – Deb Richardson-Moore will preach and
                                                                     there will be special music.
       I will continue to pray for all of you in your service to the
                                                                     6 PM – TBA
kingdom of God.
                                                                 City Prayer – Each Wednesday at noon.
        Jeff Hayes

                                                               Our wish list:
                                                               Razors                             Toothpaste
      There will be a celebration Tea Party in the Art Room to
                                                               Underwear                          Laundry Detergent
commemorate its one year anniversary. This will take place on
                      th                                       School Supplies                    Markers
Wednesday, August 26 , from 11:00 a.m. till noon. Join us!!!
                                                               Glue                               Crayons
                                                               Scissors                           Pencil Boxes

                                                                 Serving in July:
       A wonderful video about Triune is now available on the
                                                                 Buncombe Street UMC
new Greenville video website. You will find the video at
                                                                 Earle Street Baptist Church under the charities category.
                                                                 Edwards Road Baptist Church
                                                                 Fourth Presbyterian Church
                                                                 First Baptist Church Greenville
                                                                 Holland Road Church of Christ
July at Triune:
                                                                 Prince of Peace Catholic Church
Worship and Bible Studies (Average Attendance):
Sun AM ... 92                 Sun PM … 42
Tues PM …. 60
                                                                 (Please continue on next page)
Monetary gifts:
In memory of Ruth Smith – Nancy Taylor
In memory of William E Hagood – Javiere Norris
In memory of Mrs. Barry – Cecile Michon & Jerry Lloyd
In memory of Darrell Drummond – Harold & Roberta Boman
In memory of C. Lawson Scott – Barbara Worrell
In memory of Elizabeth League – Ken Stannard

Special Thanks to: Local Boys Do Good

Aldersgate UMC
Douglas & Marlene Bowling
Brushy Creek Golden Circle Class
Jim and Sandra Cain
Covenant UMC
Jay Forsythe
James & Carolyn Hiers
Holland Park Church
James League, Jr.
Nancy Ledford
John T. Lucas
James & Joanne Lukker
Jake & Karen Lunsford
Sharon Manquen
Mauldin UMC
Northside UMC
Parisview Baptist Church
Simpsonville UMC
Scott Timpanelli
South Carolina Bank & Trust
Robert & Dollie Walton
Hans Wiegert

Plus, thanks to all our faithful worshippers!

And thanks to: , Robbie Boman, Lavona Center, Darrell
Corder, Stephen Edworthy, Sallie Eskew, Anne Godfrey,
Carolyn Greyand, Rev. Joe Hinton, Leslie & Chad Jowers,
Connie Lacquement, Doris Loretta, John Cory Mavis, Deborah
McDonald, New Genesis Class-Mauldin Methodist Church,
Mareon Stall, Taylors Helping Hand, Rashad Wharton, Debbie

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