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					                      Customer Information                                                                                               Organic

              If you have any questions regarding our products, we are glad to advise you.
              Please call us at Holle baby food in Riehen, Switzerland:
                                                                                                A Whole World
              Telephone: +41 - (0) 61 - 645 96 00                                            of Organic Baby Food

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                                        Fax +41-(0)-61 -6 45 96 09                              Useful information on healthy baby nutrition

                                                                                               The Baby Food Advisor
                   Love, Comfort and Orga nic / Demeter Baby Food
                   The Best from Organic / Biodynamic Agriculture
    Bringing a new life into the world is an extraordinary miracle. Many things change.    Holle has been providing healthy baby food "from the beginning" for over 70 years.
    Many beautiful moments await well as many new responsibilities.               Your child's first year of growth and development is the most important stage in its
    A great deal of support, love, appreciation and many shared experiences help shape a   life, therefore providing the right nourishment is essential. Breast milk provides your
    successful future.                                                                     baby with the very best nutrition. Specialists recommend a minimum of 6 months
                                                                                           exclusive breastfeeding.
                                                                                           Since its beginning, Holle has provided baby food only from premium organic
                                                                                           farming. Holle offers, from birth, the full range of organic baby foods. For your child's
                                                                                           well-being, quality and natural goodness come first in our infant foods.
                                                                                           This Baby Food Advisor provides useful information regarding your baby's diet and
                                                                                           nutrition, from birth through to joining in with family meals. Our vast experience and
                                                                                           extensive knowledge of nutritional science establishes a solid foundation you can
                                                                                           depend on.
                                                                                           Our baby food range includes infant starter formula and follow-on formulas as well as
                                                                                           a large assortment of grains for use in bottles and porridges. We also offer a huge
                                                                                           variety of fruit, vegetable and meat jars, rusks, biscuits and tea. Simply put, we offer a
                                                                                           full baby food range for the complete nutritional needs of your baby from birth
                                                                                           through to three years.

2                                                                                                                                                                                       3
                                                              Holle quali ty standards
    Our food is made entirely with                                                                                            Consistent Quality Controls
    ingredients from organic and/or                                                                                           Comprehensive quality control procedures are in place, from
    biodynamic (Demeter) agriculture.                                                                                         the certified farmer through to the finished baby food. These

                                                                                      l l e ee
    ➔ natural cyclical cultivation without the                                                                                controls allow the 'Demeter' and / or 'Organic' labels to be placed

        exploitation of animals, soil or the                                                                                  on the packaging of all certified Holle products. The official cer-
        environment                                                                                                           tification control numbers ( eg. DE - 001 - Öko - Board of con-
    ➔ quality not quantity                                                                                                    trol), can also be found on our packaging. These numbers
                                                                                                       n    t
    ➔ biodiversity instead of monoculture                                                                                     verify the continued accuracy and transparency of our quality,
    ➔ animals kept in their natural environment
    ➔ the use of animal hormones and growth
                                                                           Qua              lity                              from the production and delivery of the raw materials, through
                                                                                                                              the manufacturing process and finally, to the finished product.
        regulators are rejected
    ➔ natural compost instead of artificial fertilisers
                                                                                                     The Unique Demeter Quality
    ➔ all chemical plant fertilizers and
                                                      For every Holle infant food                    Whenever possible our baby foods are made with Demeter raw ingredients. Only products
        insecticides are rejected
                                                      product, the following                         which meet the stringent and far reaching quality criteria of certified organic, bio-dyna-
                 ➔ no chemical additives, such as pre
                                                      applies:                                       mic farming, can carry the 'Demeter' label. Beyond the criteria of organic farming, the
                    servatives, during processing and
                                                          ➔ guaranteed no genetically modified       Demeter farmer makes allowances for additional specific peculiarities of individual plant
                                                              ingredients                            and animal species. The Demeter farmer views a farm as a live organism with natural
                                                          ➔ no added table salt                      cycles. Food for the animals originates predominantly from the farm's own paddocks and
                                                          ➔ no hydrogenated fats                     fields. The dung is composted and mixed with special organic ingredients such as medici-
                                                          ➔ no added flavours*                                                      nal herbs, further supporting and nurturing the farm's soil.
                                                          ➔ no added colours*                                                       After sowing, seed growth follows the biological rhythm of
                                                          ➔ no added preservatives*                                                 each plant species. Ingredients from this form of agricul-
                                                              *according to European legislation                                    ture develop a particular energy, having a vitality and
                                                                                                                                    strength. For further information visit:
4                                                                                                                                                                                                   5
                                                                        The Holle bab y food range

6   Important Notice: Breast feeding is ideal for your baby. We recommend you make yourself aware of the importance of breastfeeding by talking to a specialist (doctor, midwife, health visitor or dietician).   7
                           We offer a diverse range o f bottle and porridge meals
Product                          Ingredients                              Qualities                        When to start and for how long

                                                                                                                                                                                                              * addition of vitamin B1 according to European legislation ** contains naturally occurring sugars *** The goat milk formula is sold in the UK as: Goat Milk Nutrition from 12 month (according to UK law)
                                                                                                            from     after 4   after 5       after 6       from 8        from 12                1–3
Organic Infant Formulas                                                                                     day 2    months    months        months        months        months                years
Organic Infant Formula 1         skimmed milk, whey powder               gluten free,
                                 (partly demineralised), vegetable oils, unsweetened**                                • From the first milk bottle onwards
                                 maltodextrin, vitamins and minerals

Organic Infant Follow-on         skimmed milk, whey powder (partly        gluten free,
                                 demineralised), vegetable oils, mal-     unsweetened**
Formula 2                        todextrin, skimmed milk powder,
                                 starch, vitamins and minerals
                                                                                                                                                                            • Milk bottle
                                 skimmed milk, whey powder (partly        gluten free,
                                                                                                                                                                            • Milk bottles in
Organic Growing-up Milk 3
                                 demineralised), vegetable oils, skim-    unsweetened**                                                                                       combination with
                                 med milk powder, starch, maltodex-       milk free, stool softening                                                                          organic cereal
                                 trin, vitamins, minerals                                                                                                                     porridges
Organic Infant Goat Milk         full cream goat powder, maltodex-        gluten free,
                                 trin, lactose, vegetable oils, starch,   unsweetened**,
Follow-on Formula***             vitamins and minerals                    cow milk free
Organic cereal porridges
                                                                          gluten free, unsweetened**
Organic Rice Porridge            wholegrain rice*
                                                                          milk free, stool firming
                                                                          gluten free, unsweetened**
Organic Millet Porridge          wholegrain millet*                       milk free, stool softening                              All organic cereal porridges are suitable as:
                                                                          contains gluten, unsweetened**
Organic Spelt Porridge           wholegrain spelt*                        milk free, stool softening                              • Fresh milk bottles and fresh milk porridges
                                                                          contains gluten, unsweetened**
Organic Rolled Oats Porridge wholegrain oats*                             milk free, stool softening                              • Milk porridges with Organic Infant Formula 1 or
                                 wholegrain wheat*                        contains gluten, unsweetened**                            Infant Follow-on Formula 2
Organic Semolina Porridge                                                 milk free, stool softening
                                 wholegrain rice, wholegrain corn,        gluten free, unsweetened**                              • An ingredient in vegetable meals
Organic 3-Grain Porridge         wholegrain millet*                       milk free, stool softening
Organic Millet Porridge          wholegrain millet, apple flakes,         gluten free, unsweetened**                              • Part of non-dairy fruit meals
Apple-Pear                       pear flakes*                             milk free, stool softening

Organic Baby Muesli           wholegrain wheat, wholegrain                contains gluten, unsweetened**
                              oats, banana, apple, raspberry              milk free, stool softening
Porridge                      flakes, wholegrain rice*
Organic cereal porridges with milk
Organic Milk Cereal           wholegrain millet, milk powder, whey        gluten free,
                              powder, vegetable oil, maltodextrin,        unsweetened**,
with Millet                   calicium carbonate, vitamins                stool softening
                                                                                                                                  • Ready-made milk porridges -
Organic Milk Cereal              wholegrain spelt, milk powder,           contains gluten,
                                 maltodextrin, whey powder, vege-         unsweetened**,                                            simply add water to prepare
with Spelt                       table oil, calicium carbonate,           stool softening
Organic Milk Cereal              wholegrain wheat, whey powder,           contains gluten,
                                 milk powder, vegetable oil, banana       unsweetened**,                                          Important Notice: Breast feeding is ideal for your baby. We recommend you
with Bananas                     fruit powder, maltodextrin, calicium     stool regulating
                                                                                                                                  make yourself aware of the importance of breastfeeding by talking to a
                                                                                                                                  specialist (doctor, midwife, health visitor or dietician).
                                 carbonate, vitamins
                                                                       Holle Organic Infant Formulas

     Naturally the best:
     breast milk
     Breastfeeding is ideal for infants as breast milk contains the best possible mix of          baby’s nutritional requirements. The Holle Organic Growing-up Milk 3 can be given
     nutrients, including vitamins. The nourishment breast milk provides plays a vital role       from 12 months of age and will, again, meet your baby's nutritional needs at this stage
     in the growth and development of a baby, including a healthy immune system.                  in its development. Holle Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 2 and Organic Growing-up
     In addition, the intense contact between a mother and child during breastfeeding             Milk 3 are easily digestible and gluten free.
     promotes feelings of harmony and security. Therefore, Holle recommends
                                                                                                  Over 99 % of the ingredients in Holle Organic Infant Formulas is derived from organic
                                                                                                  agriculture. The organic full cream milk used in the formula comes from cows raised in
                                                                                                  caring environments appropriate to their species. These organic fields and pastures are
     Information can be obtained from your GP, midwife, health visitor or Mother and
                                                                                                  the reason for the superior qualities of the organic milk used in the manufacture of our
     Child Health Centre. In case your child requires an additional supplement or
                                                                                                  premium baby food. Less than 0.5 % of the ingredients are added vitamins and minerals.
     breastfeeding cannot take place, you should consult your doctor.
                                                                                                  These ingredients are added to the formula according to European legislation and are
                                                                                                  guaranteed not to be genetically modified.
     Holle Organic Infant Formula 1, 2 and 3
     If a mother cannot completely breastfeed, or is unable to breastfeed, Holle Organic
                                                                                                  Preparing formulas is simple and quick. Add the milk powder to boiled water and mix.
     Infant Formula 1 may be used from birth onwards to provide a complete, organic
                                                                                                  After cooling, it is ready to drink. Please carefully read and follow the instructions and
     replacement for your infant. It contains all the necessary nutrients that a baby needs for
                                                                                                  other important information on the packaging.
     the first 6 months of its life. Infant Formula 1 is easily digestible, gluten free, starch
     free and has no added sugar. It has been formulated and developed to closely resemble
     the protein balance found in breast milk.
     While weaning, Holle Organic Infant Formula 1 can be given in addition to breast milk
     and will be suitable together with a mixed diet till the end of the first year. If your                                                 ➔ tasty and easy to digest
                                                                                                                                             ➔ gluten free
     baby's hunger cannot be satisfied with the Holle Organic Infant Formula 1, the Holle
                                                                                                                                             ➔ no GMO
     Organic Infant Follow-On Formula 2 can be given after 6 months and will satisfy your
10                                                                                                                                                                                             11
                                           Organic Infant Goat M ilk Follow-on Formula

                                              For a number of years, allergies and intole-       Preparation is simple and quick. Add the milk powder to boiled water and mix. After
                                              rances have become increasingly common in          cooling, it is ready to drink. Please carefully read and follow the instructions and
                                              babies and infants. This is why, in order to       other important information on the packaging. The Holle Infant Goat Milk Follow-on
                                              promote effective allergy prevention, doctors,     Formula can also be used for preparing tasty, filling Holle Demeter porridges.
                                              health care specialists and Holle recommend
                                              breastfeeding for at least the first 6 months of
                                              life and, where there is a risk of allergy,        Important note:
                                              avoidance of fresh cow's milk and products         Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-on Formula is not always tolerated by children
     containing cow’s milk. Goat’s milk is a natural alternative to cow’s milk.                  with a cow’s milk intolerance, since cow’s milk and goat’s milk share some of the same
                                                                                                 protein components, and thus both of these milk types can trigger an intolerance or
     Goats have been a companion to humans since time immemorial, and the value of               allergic reaction. But there are also many cases where children react to certain cow’s
     goat’s milk has been recognised for many centuries. Globally, more people drink             milk proteins which are not present in goat's milk. In these cases, goat’s milk
     goat's milk than milk from any other animal. Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk                 represents a natural alternative. If a cow’s milk intolerance has been identified, or if
     Formula is a ready-made, milk-based food product that provides cow’s milk free              one is suspected, then Holle Organic Goat Milk Follow-on Formula should not be used
     nutrition for infants aged between 6 months and 2 years. It is suitable for mixed fee-      without consulting your child's paediatrician.
     ding as part of a supplementary feeding plan. Made with the very finest organic goat’s
     milk, more than 99 % of the ingredients are sourced from organic agriculture. The
     remaining 1 % are vitamins and minerals that are essential for the infant's well-           Please note: The goat milk formula is sold in the
     being. Ideal for feeding infants where products containing cow's milk need to be            United Kingdom as: Goat Milk Nutrition from 12 month
     omitted in the first years of life.                                                         (according to UK law).

12                                                                                                                                                                                          13
                                                              The Unique Qualities of
                                                            Holle Organic Grain Porridges
     ➔ Wholegrain cereals                                                                       ➔ Individually prepared meals - to suit your baby's tastes
     The Holle organic porridge range is made using the whole grain. Not only is the main          At Holle we want to support your vital role as a parent when feeding your baby.
     body of the grain seed used but the entire kernel including the important outer bran          Through our unique preparation methods we can 'unlock' the full goodness of the
                           layer. Therefore, the entire natural nutritional contents of the        organic / bio-dynamic grains in our porridges for you to use in bottle or porridge
                           grain such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins       feeds. Any additional ingredients, such as milk, fruits or vegetables is entirely
                           are retained. Similarly, the important digestive qualities remain       determined by you and your child's tastes. That is as it should be. We want you to
                           because of the high, natural fibre content.                             make the decisions about what goes into your baby's meals and we want to help by
                                                                                                   providing the best possible porridges for you to use as a base to which to add those

     ➔ Highly digestible - easy to digest                                                       ➔ Porridge meals prepared with Holle formulas
         The Holle porridge range is produced using whole grains, resulting in a light,            When not using fresh milk to prepare a grain porridge, Holle Organic Infant
         wholesome and easily digestible baby cereal. Through a unique manufacturing               Formula 1, Follow-on Formula or Goat Milk Formula may be used as a substitute.
         process, involving the carefully controlled application of heat and moisture, Holle       Firstly, prepare one of the Infant Formulas according to the instructions. This is
         is able to unlock the full goodness of the organic / bio-dynamic grain for your           then added to the Holle Organic Grain Porridge to create a smooth consistency.
         developing baby. Additionally, this special process produces flakes that are readily      Ready to eat! A detailed recipe can be found on all Holle Grain Porridge packages.
         soluble. This ensures that your baby can more easily digest and absorb the energy
         and vitality contained in every one of our organic porridges. Together with the
         ingredients listed in the recipes, quick and simple bottle and porridge meals can
         be prepared according to your baby's developmental stage.

14                                                                                                                                                                                        15
     ➔ The grain and porridges range                                                                   ➔ Recommendations for grain allergies
       The Holle grain product range is made up of several different "single" grain porridges,            In case of coeliac disease, gluten free grains are appropriate: rice, millet, corn.
       so that if a certain grain does not agree with your child you can try one of the alternative       We recommend: Organic Rice Porridge, Organic Millet Porridge, Organic 3-Grain
       porridges. Holle offers 4 gluten free porridges: Organic Rice Porridge, Organic Millet             Porridge and Organic Millet Porridge Apple-Pear. In the case of wheat allergies, wheat
       Porridge, Organic 3-Grain Porridge and Organic Millet Porridge Apple-Pear.                         free products should be used.
       Further wheat free products are: Organic Spelt Porridge and Organic Rolled Oats Porridge.
       The Organic Semolina Porridge and the Organic Baby Muesli Porridge contain wheat.               ➔ Holle organic cereal porridges with milk
       We recommend starting with a single-grain porridge before introducing the Organic Baby             For a quick preparation with water, Holle offers three different instant milk porridges,
       Muesli. By following this method, any potential reaction to an individual grain will be            suitable as part of a mixed diet from 4 months upwards. The cereal porridges with milk
       identified and you will be able to avoid that grain in other foods throughout the first year.      have a mild flavour to suit babies, are satisfyingly filling and easy to digest.

16                                                                                                                                                                                                   17
      Nutritional values of the Hol le organic cereal porridges
                               100 g contain on average the following nutritional values:
           Product                  Energy           Protein Carbohydrates of which sugar*   Fat   of which saturates   Iron   Fibre   Sodium   Vitamin B1
                                    kJ (kcal)           g         g               g           g            g             mg      g       g          mg

      Rice Porridge              1630 (384)             8,8            80,2           0,7    3,2          0,8           1,4    3,3     0,006       1,0

      Millet Porridge             1657 (391)           12,2            76,5           0,6    4,0          0,6           3,1    2,7     0,005       1,0

      Spelt Porridge              1499 (354)           14,9            67,1           1,8    2,9          0,5           2,9    9,6     0,003       1,0

      Rolled Oats                1630 (386)            14,1            67,2           1,8    6,7          1,6           3,1    8,7     0,009       1,0

      Semolina Porridge           1500 (354)           10,6            72,6           2,1    2,3          0,6           2,7    9,2     0,007       1,0

      3-Grain Porridge            1585 (374)            8,9            77,9           0,9    3,0          0,7           3,3    3,7     0,002       1,0

      Millet Porridge             1613 (381)           13,7            73,4           5,2    3,6          0,6           3,2     3,7    0,003       1,0

      Baby                        1457 (344)           10,6            68,7           6,6    2,7          0,5           4,1    10,5    0,009       1,0
      Muesli Porridge

     *Contains naturally occurring sugars
     The analytical values are subject to normal variations of natural ingredients.
18                                                                                                                                                           19
                                         The Holle jar collection – balanced,
                                                varied and versatile
     What makes them special:
     ➔ Wherever possible, raw materials are sourced from organic /
       biodynamic agriculture.
     ➔ The vitamins, minerals, trace elements and protein present all come from
       the natural structure of the ingredients. Contains no isolated nutrients.
     ➔ In addition to their many important constituents, wholemeal cereals also
       provide dietary fibre to regulate your baby’s digestion in a natural way.
     ➔ No milk protein
     ➔ No added salt
     ➔ No binding agents

                                                                                   ➔ Large range, including fruit jars, vegetable jars, baby meal jars and junior
                                                                                     meal jars
                                                                                   ➔ Low-allergen varieties labelled with an “A”
                                                                                   ➔ Different consistencies for different age groups:
                                                                                     – Baby food: finely puréed and so easily digestible.
                                                                                     – Junior food: coarser in consistency to encourage chewing.
20                                                                                                                                                                  21
                                        Characteristics of the Holle jar range

                                                                                                                        from about 4 months

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      from about 4 months
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            from about 8 months
                                                                                                     stool regulating

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   stool regulating
                                                                                   stool softening

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 stool softening

                                                                   stool firming

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 stool firming


                                        ··· ··                                                                                                                                                         · · ·· ·
     Baby vegetables jars 190 g                                                                                                                              Baby fruit jars 190 g

                                        ·· · ·                                                                                                                                                        ·· ·  ·
     Carrots                                                                                                                                                 Apple & Banana with Whole Wheat Flakes

                                        ·· ··                                                                                                                                                          ·· ·
     Spinach with Rice                                                                                                                                       Apple

                                        ··· ··                                                                                                                                                        ·· ·
     Mixed Vegetables                                                                                                                                        Banana with Semolina

                                        ··· ···                                                                                                                                                       ··· · · ·
     Carrots with Potatoes                                                                                                                                   Apple & Banana with Apricot

                                        ·· · ·                                                                                                                                                        ·· · · ·
     Pumpkin & Rice                                                                                                                                          Apple & Bilberry

                                        ·· ··                                                                                                                                                         ·· ··
     Parsnip                                                                                                                                                 Pear

                                        ··· ···                                                                                                                                                       ·· ··
     Zucchini & Pumpkin with Potatoes                                                                                                                        Apple & Pear

                                        ··                                                                                                                                                            ··
     Broccoli & Whole Grain Rice                                                                                                                             Banana & Peach
     Carrots with Apple                                                                                                                                      Apple & Peach

                                        ·· ···                                                                                                                                                        ·· · · ·
     Baby menu jars 190 g                                                                                                                                    Junior jars 220 g

                                        ·· ··                                                                                                                                                          · · ·  ·
     Pumpkin & Chicken                                                                                                                                       Mixed Vegetable with Rice

                                                                                                                                                                                                      ·· · ·
     Potatoes, Corn & Beef                                                                                                                                   Apple & Pear with Whole Wheat Flakes

                                        ·· · ··                                                                                                                                                        · ··
     Baby jars 125 g                                                                                                                                         Mixed Vegetable with Millet

                                        ·· · ··
     Apple Pure

                                                                                                                                                             Birchermuesli with Fruits

                                        ·· ····
     Pear Pure

                                                                                                                                                             Mixed Fruits
     Finest Turkey
     Finest Beef

22                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               23
                 Organic Baby Spelt Rusks                                                               Organic Baby Spelt Biscuits

     Holle Organic Baby Spelt Rusks are produced from high-                                     Holle Organic Baby Spelt Biscuits are made from high quality
     quality organic ingredients and prepared with natural yeast                                Demeter spelt flour and improved by the use of best Demeter
     and sea salt. They are unsweetened and carefully made                                      butter. Holle purposefully use molasses of rice instead of
     without ingredients that could trigger allergies, such as egg                              crystallized sugar for a naturally mild flavour that is just right
     white, milk protein and wheat. Thanks to their mild taste                                  for babies. Spelt Biscuits are perfectly suited for snacks and
     and good tolerance, Holle Organic Baby Spelt Rusks are                                     when baby needs that little something extra.
     ideal for feeding babies from age 6 months onwards.
     Suitable either as a snack for nibbling and chewing and
     thus for strengthening the jaw and chewing muscles, or for
     preparing tasty baby rusk cereals.

                                                                                                Organic                                             Organic
                           Organic Fruit Bars                                                   Tea for Kids                                        Nursing Tea
     A perfect finger food to comple-                                                           Holle Organic Tea for Kids is suitable for       Holle Organic Nursing Tea is formulated
     ment the sugar free Organic                                                                babies aged from 2 weeks onwards,                to naturally encourage lactation in breast-
     Baby Spelt Biscuits and Baby Spelt                                                         and has a calming and relaxing effect            feeding mums. This tasty infusion is a
     Rusks - the 2 new Organic Fruit                                                            thanks to its carefully selected mixture         comforting drink created to enhance the
     Bars with the flavours Apple-Pear                                                          of herbs. It is made                                                 nursing experience
     or Apple-Banana.                                                                           with fennel, aniseed,                                                and comes in easy to
     Both bars are made of 100 % organic fruit, honey and spelt. The bars                       caraway and camo-                                                    brew tea bags.
     are very fruity and are firm enough to handle but without being tough to bite. Both bars   mile sourced from
     are naturally sweet enough to give toddlers a healthy treat or snack while keeping         the finest organic
     enough of the tang of the real fruit.                                                      agriculture. Its deli-
                                                                                                cious taste and bene-
                                                                                                ficial effects mean it
                                                                                                is also suitable for
                                                                                                older children.
24                                                                                                                                                                                             25
                                         Interesting Facts About a Baby's Diet
                                                    in its F irst Year
     Baby's diet plan                                                                                 intolerant or who have an increased allergy risk, specialised
     As a baby grows, so does its nutritional requirements. An                                        feed is required and Holle Organic Infant Formula l is not
     exclusive diet of breast milk or Formula 1 from birth onwards,                                   suitable. Please consult your child's paediatrician.
     may not satisfy an infant's increasing hunger. The gradual
     introduction of a so called 'supplementary food phase' begins                                    Infants who have been fully breastfed for longer than 6
     often after the 4th month and continues through to the begin-                                    months should also start with the protein balanced Holle
     ning of the second year, when the child will frequently have                                     Organic Infant Formula 1 before changing to the Holle
     food eaten by the whole family. Because every child develops                                     Organic Infant Follow-On Formulas. Infant Formula 1 does
     individually and begins to acquire a liking for certain meals                                    not contain any starch. It is, therefore, easily digestible and
     at an early age, differences in overall diet plans are completely                                can be used until the end of 12 months.
     normal. The individual activity level of a baby influences its
     energy requirements and therefore its meal servings. Lively                                      After the first six months of feeding your baby with Holle
     children need more energy than passive babies and therefore                                      Organic Infant Formula 1, the Holle Organic Infant
     require more frequent and larger meal servings. The Holle                                        Follow-on Formula 2 can be introduced. Because some
     food plan has been designed according to guidelines given by                                     babies have different activity levels to others, they there-
     the Nutritional Research Institute for Children and can act as                                   fore need more energy. In this case you should use the
     a guide to the nutritional needs of your child.                                                  Organic Growing-up Milk 3, but not before the age of 12

     Breastfeeding / Bottle feeding
     You should continue to breastfeed after 6 months. In case you cannot
     breastfeed or cannot wholly breastfeed, you can introduce:
     – Holle Organic Infant Formulas or                                                      Porridge meals
     – Holle grain porridges in combination with fresh milk or formula.             According to the increasing energy needs of a growing baby, solid foods should
     In case you don't want to use fresh milk when preparing porridges or for       be introduced to complement his/her diet. When your baby is ready, single grain
     crossing over from breast milk to the first bottle, we recommend the protein   porridges are best to start with.
     balanced Holle Organic Infant Formula 1. For children who are dairy

26                                                                                                                                                                      27
              First solid meal after 4–6 months onwards                                            Fruit porridge after 5–6 months onwards
     The first solid food in your baby’s life should be a vegetable meal. Carrots are     The next porridge to be introduced to your baby’s diet should be a dairy free
     sweet and mild and probably the best vegetable with which to start. Alternatively,   fruit porridge. This is a substitute for the breast or bottle feed in the afternoon.
     you could use Parsnip or Pumpkin & Rice. For the first two weeks feed a few          Initially, we recommend using a purée of apple, pear, banana or peach. Exotic
     spoonfuls of fresh homemade carrot purée or Holle Carrot and slowly increase         fruits, or a mix of different fruits, should not be used before the above have been
     the amount up to 190 gram.                                                           properly introduced.
     We recommend adding 2 teaspoons of edible oil to a 190 gram jar. Top tip: Use a
     small plastic spoon to feed your baby rather than a cold metal spoon.
                                                                                                   Junior meal after 7 months onwards
                                                                                          After 7 months onwards you can start feeding your baby slightly lumpier food.
              The next solid meals                                                        The vegetable porridge with cereals can be coarser and the fruit porridge may
     It is important to introduce new foods one at a time so you can see how your         contain small pieces of fruit. The coarser consistency of these meals will stimu-
     baby reacts to the ingredients. If your baby tolerates the carrot meal you can       late your baby's chewing action. After 7 months onwards, meals from the Holle
     move onto carrots with potatoes. In this way, you can introduce the whole range      Junior range will satisfy the needs of your baby as an introduction to family
     of Holle vegetable first foods during the following 2 months. To provide a com-      meals.
     plete meal, the vegetable jars can be also used with the Holle porridges. Stir 2
     tablespoons of any of the Holle Porridges into a vegetable jar and add 2 tea-
     spoons of edible oil.

              Milk Porridges after 4–6 months onwards
     Milk porridges are prepared with any of the Holle cereal porridges and fresh full
     fat milk or, alternatively, with Holle Milk Formulas. When using fresh milk we
     recommend the addition of one teaspoon of fruit or vegetable juice as a vitamin
     supplement. Detailed recipes can be found on all Holle Porridge cartons.

28                                                                                                                                                                               29
                                General Information for P reparing Holle Baby Food

     Preparation of Holle Organic Infant Formulas                                             Adding lactose
                                                                                              Holle Grain Porridges contain no added sugar. Granulated sugar as a sweetener
     Bottle meals                                                                             is unnecessary in infant food. However, for the first 7 months we recommend
     Preparing bottles of Organic Infant Formula 1, Organic Infant Follow-on                  adding lactose during the preparation of porridges and meals. Unlike adults,
     Formula 2, Organic Growing-up Milk 3 or Goat Milk requires only boiled water.            babies do not yet have energy reserves and take longer to convert the starch
     Further ingredients should not be added as the formula contains all the                  found in grains into sugar.
     necessary ingredients.                                                                   Lactose acts as an easy digestible and quick energy source guaranteeing a
                                                                                              continued and satisfactory energy supply for the infant. Lactose is an important
                                                                                              carbohydrate also available in breast milk, and has a distinct advantage over
     Preparation and Ingredients of Holle Grain Porridges                                     normal granulated sugar as it has the same energy levels at only 40 % of the
                                                                                              sweetness. Therefore, lactose is ideal for baby food. In addition, it is beneficial
     Milk quality/milk dilution                                                               in the development of a healthy intestinal flora. As of 7 months the addition of
     When preparing the porridges, we recommend using fresh full cream milk,                  lactose is no longer necessary.
     preferably organic or biodynamic. As cow's milk contains more protein and
     minerals than breast milk, it needs to be diluted in the first 6 months of a
     baby's life. This is because an infant’s kidney function is not yet fully developed
     and any excessive strain would be detrimental. It is therefore essential, in the                  Adding juice
     first 6 months, that cow's milk is diluted with water in the ratio of 1:1.               The addition of fruit or vegetable juice to porridges supplements the vitamin
                                                                                              content of the food in a natural way. We recommend alternating with fruit
                                                                                              juices, which contain vitamin C, and carrot juice, which contains vitamin A.
               Adding vegetable oils
     Vegetable oils supply essential fatty acids, especially linoleic acid, and fat soluble
     vitamins. Breast milk contains sufficient linoleic acid, whereas cow's milk
     contains only low amounts. As cow milk is diluted with water before 6 months,
     the addition of vegetable oil is essential (see recipe on porridge packaging).
     Furthermore, the immune system is strengthened and baby feels satisfied for
     longer. From 6 months, the undiluted full cream milk contains enough fat and
     the oil is no longer needed. We recommend using edible oil or alternatively

30                                                                                                                                                                                  31
                                       Practical notes on us ing Holle baby foods
     Below you will find a summary of the most common questions, suggestions and             We do not want to use fresh milk.
     tips, compiled by experienced mothers in cooperation with our nutritionist. You         Can the milk porridge be prepared using water and
     can also find further information at Holle’s website at:                   porridge only?
                                                                                             Provided that the infant is still breastfed 2 – 3 times per day, the porridge can be
     How should a baby be fed between the ages of 7 and 8                                    prepared with just water for a short period. If breastfeeding is no longer possible,
     months?                                                                                 then milk must be used without fail, because milk is an important part of a
     ➔ Breast or bottle feed first thing in the morning.                                     baby’s nutritional needs. If a baby is not fed with milk, then it will miss out on
     ➔ During the morning a small snack suitable for infants may be offered e.g.             important nutrients such as vitamin B12, calcium and others. In cases where
           rusk, wholemeal baby biscuit or unsweetened rice cake. Alternatively a fruit      cow's milk needs to be avoided because an allergy has been diagnosed, or a risk
           jar/freshly puréed fruit can be given.                                            of allergy has been identified, an appropriate alternative should be used, for
     ➔ For lunch offer a cereal porridge with vegetables. This may be supplemen              example hypoallergenic infant milk. Organic hypoallergenic infant milk is not
           ted with a little meat 2 – 3 times per week.                                      yet available. However, Holle cereal baby foods can be prepared using hypoaller-
     ➔ Milk-free fruit porridge in the afternoon.                                            genic infant milk. In terms of natural products, positive results have been obtai-
     ➔ Milk porridge in the evening.                                                         ned using other animal milks such as goat’s milk or mare's milk.
     ➔ Possibly one further milk feed (either breast or bottle)                              These products are available from specialist organic / wholefood outlets. Holle
           just before bedtime.                                                              offers a special Organic Infant Goat Milk Formula (see pages 12/13). Vegetable
     At other times the baby should be given ample unsweetened fennel, herb or fruit         based milk substitutes such as home-made soya milk or almond milk are not
     tea, or water.                                                                          suitable as substitutes for animal milk, as they do not contain vitamin B12.
                                                                                             They also provide less calcium and a lower protein efficiency ratio than animal
                                                                                             milks. Rice milk, which comes in liquid form, is not suitable in any way for fee-
                                                                                             ding infants. It is merely a refreshing drink and is not a milk at all. Before star-
     Is it possible to supplement Organic Infant Formula 1 with                              ting to use a alternative to commercially produced infant milk or fresh cow’s
     rice porridge?                                                                          milk, it is important to consult a relevant specialist, e.g. paediatrician, midwife
     Infant Formula 1 milk is a complete bottle food and does not need to be supple-         or health visitor. The feeding of children with allergies should always be monito-
     mented with further ingredients. If, however, Infant Formula 1 milk is no longer        red by the relevant specialist.
     consistently filling, 1 – 3 teaspoons of Holle rice porridge or Holle millet porridge
     can be added to the bottle. After 6 months Organic Follow-on Formula 2 can be

32                                                                                                                                                                                  33
                Can milk porridge also be prepared with breast                                      The milk bottle teat blocks during feeding with the
                milk?                                                                               fresh milk bottled meal. What is the best teat to use?
     Yes, this is possible with unsweetened Holle cereal porridges. For the standard       Unfortunately there are no teats available that are suitable for feeding with fresh
     recipe, heat 130 ml of freshly-expressed or previously frozen breast milk to          milk and wholemeal porridge. The only teats available on the market are cereal
     approx. 40 °C and mix with 25 – 30 g (approx. 5 – 7 tablespoons) of a cereal of       teats and milk teats, suitable for use either with cereals only, or exclusively with
     your choice. No further ingredients are needed. The milk should not                   thin infant milks. The best approach is to carefully enlarge the hole in a milk
     be heated to more than 40 to 45 °C, otherwise nutrients may be lost. Experience       teat by making a long cut with a sharp pair of scissors. With a little practice you
     has shown that it is often more convenient to divide the quantity into two por-       will eventually create a teat that is suitable for feeding. For older babies who can
     tions of 65 ml (10 – 15 g of cereal) and mix them one at a time, as the cereal        swallow larger quantities, it is advisable to use a cereal teat.
     can become runny after even just a fairly short time. This is due to the relatively
     high fat content of breast milk, which makes it more difficult for the cereal to
     bind together. This change in consistency does not affect the quality of the
     cereal, however.
                                                                                                    Aren't wholemeal foods difficult to digest for babies
                                                                                                    aged 4 months onwards?
                                                                                           No. The cereal's starch is broken down in our special production process by the
                                                                                           gentle application of warmth and moisture. In this way, the goodness of the
                                                                                           whole grain is made readily available to a baby’s digestive system. When the
               Can the milk porridge be prepared with infant
                                                                                           whole grain is used, in addition to the nutrients and active ingredients in the
               formula milk instead of fresh cow’s milk?
                                                                                           seed germ, the important digestive fibre in the cereal is largely retained.
     Because the Holle porridge dissolves very quickly and easily, it can be easily pre-
     pared using infant formula milk. Either Infant Formula 1 or Follow-on milk
                                                                                           Extra drinks
     can be used. In the case of children for whom a risk of allergy has been identi-
                                                                                           Fully breastfed babies receive enough liquid from their mother’s breast milk.
     fied, a hypoallergenic milk formula can also be used. If cow’s milk needs to be
                                                                                           Bottle meals likewise provide a baby with sufficient fluid. In special situations,
     avoided, the milk cereal can be prepared using Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk
                                                                                           for example where the baby is suffering from a temperature or diarrhoea, it is
     Follow-on Formula. Pour approx. 160 ml of boiled water into a bowl and add
                                                                                           important to compensate for the increased loss of water. If your baby shows signs
     the appropriate amount of infant milk powder (as specified on the pack). Then
                                                                                           of thirst, give him plenty to drink. Holle Organic Baby Tea, unsweetened fennel
     mix in approx. 18 g (3 – 4 tablespoons) of a Holle porridge of your choice.
                                                                                           tea, fruit tea, still mineral water, and – where the water quality is good –
     That's all there is to it. No further ingredients are needed, as the infant milk
                                                                                           previously boiled and cooled tap water are all suitable. Always slightly warm the
     formula already contains all the necessary nutrients.
                                                                                           baby’s drink, and never give it to him straight out of the fridge.

34                                                                                                                                                                                35
     To encourage the baby to drink more, it can be helpful to add 1 – 2 teaspoons of                    What should be born in mind when the baby's first
     carrot juice to the unsweetened tea or boiled water. Generally babies recognise                     teeth appear?
     and like the slightly sweeter taste of carrots, and will be willing to drink more.     When the baby’s first teeth appear, his gums will become inflamed. The baby
     To prevent dental decay, do not allow the baby to suckle the bottle for extended       will often become crotchety and cry. At night the baby will wake up more often
     periods.                                                                               and, in some cases, will eat less or less frequently. Relief from teething is availa-
                                                                                            ble in the form of teething gel or homeopathic preparations for preventing
                                                                                            teething discomfort. Use sugar-free preparations that are gentle on the teeth, and
                Can the fresh milk be pre-boiled in the evening in                          speak to your doctor, health visitor or pharmacist for advice. Because a baby’s
                preparation for the night-time?                                             first teeth (milk teeth) are of considerable importance for chewing and language
     For infants up to the age of 6 months, food must always be freshly prepared.           development, you should ensure that your child benefits from good, regular
     Experience has shown that if, after the breastfeeding stage, a baby needs a meal       oral hygiene right from the appearance of the very first tooth.
     at night, it is often too long to wait for the freshly-boiled meal to cool ready to
     use. Also, the baby will be crying for longer, which may mean he takes longer to
     fall asleep again afterwards, perhaps keeping siblings or neighbours awake.
     It may therefore be advisable to pre-boil the night bottle prior to going to bed,
     so that, if necessary, it only needs to be heated up to drinking temperature.
     While it is not in use, the food should always be kept refrigerated. If a bottle is
     prepared using infant formula milk, then it should always be freshly prepared.

               How can the porridges be prepared in such a way
               as to avoid lumps?
     By closely following the instructions on the packaging lumps should not occur.
     The cereal is very fine, and is suitable for preparing a smooth porridge quickly
     and simply. However, if the cereal is added to a bowl first and the water stirred in
     afterwards, lumps can occur. It is therefore important always to follow the
     recipe, pouring the liquid into a bowl first and only then adding the cereal.

36                                                                                                                                                                                  37
                                                        Overview o f a baby’s
                                                         diet in the first year
     Entwicklungsphasen: Still- und Trinkphase                                         Üb ergangs- und Abstillphase
                                                                                        Transitional and weaning phase                Übergangsphase zur Kindernahrung
                                                                                                                                             Transition to children’s food

     Age / Month               1           2            3           4            5            6           7              8            9           10          11             12

     Morning                                                                                                                                            Bread-milk-meal

                                                                                             Snack: Fruit / fruit jar,
     Morning Tea                                                                                    Spelt-Rusk/Spelt-Biscuit
                             Breastfeeding or
                             milk bottles with                                               Vegetable/Vegetable-Potato meal with meat
     Lunch                   Holle Organic Infant                                            or
                                                                                             vegetable jar with wholegrain porridge or meat jar
                             Formula 1
     Afternoon Tea                                                                            Milk-free fruit porridge/fruit-cereal-porridge

     Dinner                                                                Breastfeeding      Cereal-milk-porridge
                                                                           or milk bottles

Every baby is unique with individual preferences, dietary differences may occur and this
is completely natural. The table above, is therefore only a guideline.

38                                                                                                                                                                                39

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