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1999 AS UE
70. You’re on a three month tour of the US at the
moment. How’s it going?
                                • J. Pretty well, although
                                  we had one bad night this
• F. None of us thought it        week when the weather
  would be so popular.            was too severe and we
  We’ve all taken it pretty       had to stop the show in
  well, though, so I think        the middle of the set
  nothing much has                because of lightning. It
  changed. We’re still fairly     was starting to get pretty
  level-headed                    scary.
• This could be a reply to      • “Pretty well” is a natural
  “How’s it going?”, but he       response to “How’s it
  seems to be talking about       going?” and he talks
  success in general rather       about one of the tour’s
  than the tour of the US.        shows.
                                • J= Correct.
71. There was talk of you being the opening band for U2 on
their European dates. What’s the latest on that?

• E. Unfortunately, that’s       • H. Not much has been
  not going to happen now.         done on that. We’ll
  It was a dream of ours           probably get together
  but it just didn’t come off.     early next year to start
• This is a natural response       working out some new
  to the question.                 songs. There’s no real
• Opening for a famous             pressure on us to
  band like U2 is a logical        produce any new music
  dream for a young band.          yet.
                                 • “Not much …” could be a
                                   natural response, but he
                                   then talks about new
                                   music instead of opening
                                   for U2.
                                 • E = Correct.
72. Are you ever bored by any of this?

• H. Not really, but I can   • K. Yeah, there have
  see how I might be.          definitively been those
  We’ve been touring for       nights, but it has to be
  two years, playing the       done so we just get on
  same songs every night.      with it.
• How might you feel doing   • He seems to be talking
  the same thing every         about not being in the
  night for two years?         mood to perform but the
                               reference to “those nights”
                               seems out of place.
                             • H = Correct
73. What are normal No Doubt crowds like? Are
your concerts pretty high energy stuff?

• I. We’re basically a     • L. Definitely. The fans
  high energy band that      are still on a high after
  tries to put on            the show –
  energetic concerts.        sometimes too high.
  We have a horn           • Fans = crowd
  section, a female        • They’re on a high
  singer and a lot of        because the concerts
  different styles of        are high energy.
                           • L. = Correct.
• He’s talking about the
  band, not the crowds.
74. How would you yourself describe No Doubt?

• B. They were odd –          • I. We’re basically a high
  completely manic during       energy band that tries to
  the songs and then quiet      put on energetic concerts.
  afterwards. I guess they      We have a horn section,
  wanted to hear what we        a female singer and a lot
  had to say.                   of different styles of
• The instructions tell you     music.
  that Arian Young (column    • This is a description of
  B) is a member of No          the band.
  Doubt, so he would refer    • I. = Correct
  to No Doubt as “they”.
75. You’re no strangers to the music scene but success
didn’t happen overnight. Are you surprised that Tragic
Kingdom, your last album, has become so big?

• A. I never really imagined     • F. None of us thought it
  what it would be like at all     would be so popular.
  because I honestly didn’t        We’ve all taken it pretty
  think it would happen. I         well, though, so I think
  didn’t have any                  nothing much has
  expectations as such.            changed. We’re all still
• What is “it”?                    fairly level-headed.
• He doesn’t seem to             • Success = popular
  answer the question            • “It” = latest album
  about whether or not he        • F. = Correct.
  was surprised.
76. What’s the worst thing about being in the
position you’re in now?

• C. Doing press          • E. Unfortunately that’s
  interviews, I’d say.      not going to happen
• Do you think              now. It was a dream
  answering the same        of ours but it just
  questions over and        didn’t come off.
  over would be fun?      • The only link is the
                            negative meanings of
                            “worst” and
                          • C. Correct
77. How did you find the crowds when you toured
in Asia?

• B. They were odd –     • L. Definitely. The fans
  completely manic         are still on a high after
  during the songs and     the show –
  then quiet afterwards.   sometimes too high!
  I guess they wanted    • He seems to be
  to hear what we had      answering a yes/no
  to say.                  question or agreeing
• They = crowds            with someone.
• He describes what he • B. = Correct
  thought of the crowds.
78. Tell me honestly, have there been times when you’ve
gone out there thinking ”God, I really don’t want to do this

• H. Not really, but I can      • K. Yeah, there have
  see how I might be.             definitively been those
  We’ve been touring for          nights, but it has to be
  two years, playing the          done so we just get on
  same songs every night.         with it.
• This might be a reason        • Those nights = times
  why he would say that,        • They “just get on with it”
  but the first sentence          explains that they
  doesn’t seem like a             sometimes perform when
  response to this question.      they don’t feel like it.
                                • K. = Correct.
79. What’s the situation with writing material while
you’re on tour?

• E. Unfortunately that’s not   • G. Not much has been
  going to happen now. It         done on that. We’ll
  was a dream of ours but it      probably get together
  just didn’t come off.           early next year to start
• The second sentence             working out some new
  doesn’t fit.                    songs. There’s no real
• Dream?                          pressure on us to
                                  produce any new music
                                • New music/ working on
                                  new songs = writing
                                • G. Correct
80. So, all the things that have happened to you – the MTV
appearances, being on the cover of Rolling Stone
magazine and so forth – were they how you thought they
would be?
• A. I never really           • F. None of us thought
  imagined what it              it would be so popular.
  would be like at all          We’ve all taken it
  because I honestly            pretty well, though, so
  didn’t think it would         I think nothing much
  happen. I didn’t have         has changed. We’re
  any expectations as           all still fairly level-
  such.                         headed.
• How you thought they        • What is it?
  would be =                  • A. = Correct

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