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									               Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets: The Stylish and the Functional

Even with just a small place to decorate your bathroom, it can still be quite a feat to get the best
furnishing and décor. The trick is to start with a clean palate and then work with a theme
building every section of your bathroom into something that is stylish as well as functional.
Basically, you can’t do much about the shower, the toilet bowl and the sink but with all other
things like the bathroom vanities and cabinets or maybe even double sink bathroom vanities,
you’ve got all the design freedom given to you.

Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets by Design Theme

If you’re out choosing vanity cabinets, you’ll be surprised at the various designs that these
things have. Essentially, cabinets increase the functionality of your bathroom giving you
storage space for your toiletries and other personal items and what’s left for you to do is to pick
out something that enhances the overall look of your bathroom. Maybe you’re going for
something more contemporary, you want a vanity cabinet made of light colored wood. As for
something that looks more classic or Victorian, you can go with a dark wood colored cabinet
with all the etchings and designs going around the cabinet door.

Always remember that the vanity cabinets you set up in your bathroom have to give you the
benefits of functionality as well as comfort. Design is mostly going to be the last quality on
your list but there’s no harm in picking something that looks nice - because what you see also
plays on your comfort. If you get an unsightly vanity cabinet propped up against the wall in
your bathroom, you might not find the comfort that you highly needed when you’re in it. Keep
in mind that small cabinets may not actually have much use when you need a place to store
your bathroom amenities.

Bathroom Décor: The Mirror

No bathroom would ever be complete without mirrors. You can do very nicely with decorative
bathroom wall mirrors that also add to the aesthetic quality of your bathroom. You can get
your bathroom mirror as big as the wall on one side of your bathroom or you can get it paneled
in intervals to reflect the light around. You can even have a small bathroom mirror with a nice
design on the sides that work as an accent piece in your bathroom.

So how do you go about decorating your bathroom? Well, if it fulfills a function and it enhances
the look and feel of your bathroom, then it’s a good choice. For choices of the best bathroom
furnishing, visit now!

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