; Aptitude Test Syllabus
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Aptitude Test Syllabus


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									Aptitude Test Syllabus
Many of the candidates don't know the syllabus of the aptitude test so, we provide you the syllabus for
aptitude test here :
There are five sections in test but in some exams there are only four sections i.e no Data Interpret ation
Section. The five sections are :
1) Test of English Language.
2) Test of Quantitative Ability.
3) Test of Reasoning.
4) Test of Data Interpretation.
5) General Awareness.

Now, the details of each section is provided below :

1) Te st of Engli sh Language :
i) Reading Comprehension.
ii) Vocabulary.
iii) English Grammar and Sentence Correction.
iv) Jumbled Sentences.

2) Te st of Quantitative Ability :
i) Quadratic Equations
ii) Progressions
iii) Permutations and Combinations
iv) Probability
v) Statistics
vi) Special Equations
vii) Inequalities and Modulus
viii) Number Systems
ix) Trigonometry
x) Coordinate Geometry
xi) Functions and Graphs
xii) Operator based questions
xiii) Simple Equations
xiv) Ratio - Proportion - Variation
xv) Percentages - Profit & Loss - Partners hips
xvi) Number Systems
xvii) Geometry and Mensuration
xviii) Time and Distance
xix) Time and Work
xx) Averages - Mixtures - Alligations
xxi) Simple Interest - Compound Interest - Annuities
xxii) Indices - Surd's
xxiii) Logarit hms

3) Te st of Reasoning :
i) Number and Letter Series
ii) Number and Letter Analogies
iii) Coding and Decoding
iv) Odd Man Out
v) Venn Diagrams
vi) Clocks
vii) Calenders
viii) Symbols and Notations
ix) Direction Sense
x) Blood Relations
xi) Analytical Puzzles

4) Te st of Data Interpretation :
i) Data Tables
ii) Pie Charts
iii) 2 - Dimensional Graphs
iv) Bar Graphs
v) 3 - Dimensional Graphs
vi) Venn Diagrams
vii) Geomet rical Diagrams
viii) Pert Charts
ix) Stack Bar Graphs

5) General Awareness :
i) History
ii) Geography
iii) Sports
iv) Banking
v) Computers
vi) Others

All The Best !

This is a article by Tanu Goyal


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