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									 Salesforce is an innovative cloud based service
  that enables companies to manage sales and
  customer relations without the need for heavy
 software. It is one of the best cloud services out
   there and companies all over the world use it
  daily. The service allows sales teams to work
 effectively no matter where they are in the world
  and helps them focus on there mission: sales.
 sounds food, right? Salesforce is a powerful tool
 that holds vital information for the growth of any
 company that uses it. Considering the nature of
    this data, a Salesforce backup is invaluable.

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Salesforce Backup - a Few Reasons Why to do it The global nature of
business these days is creating versatile companies with trans-Atlantic sales
teams that need to stay on top of their jobs at any given time or place, all year
long Using Salesforce makes this possible but also makes these companies
dependent on the service
Businesses depend on Salesforce to keep this vital information safe That's
why a Salesforce backup is essential
 A somekeyword Can Save The Day How safe is your information? Many
technology companies deal with security issues such as account hijacking and
security on a daily basis
 In fact, in 2007 Salesforce suffered a successful phishing attack which
affected the information of a number of Salesforce accounts Furthermore, the
fact that simple human error is the most common reason for losing information,
just goes to show that it is highly important to protect this vital information
 Founded in 1999 and on the stock market by 2004, Salesforce has quickly
grown into a successful business having acquired many companies along the
way But in these unstable financial times, there's no knowing what the future
holds for Salesforce
 Where would you be without the crucial information in your Salesforce
account? A Salesforce backup would give you peace of mind that this
important data is safe and secure and would ensure that such crucial data is
secure A Salesforce backup is essential to keep vital information for the
growth of a company secure
 So what should one do? You should find a service that will perform daily
backups of all your data on Salesforce Such a service will be storing all your
business data, including non-standard tables and workflows you generate
Full backups mechanism will allow you to access backups from past days,
weeks, and months - and will cost only a few dollars a month
online backup comparison
online backup comparison

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