April 12th - Stetson University by leader6


									                                           Panhellenic Association
                                               Stetson University
                                     Minutes for the Week of April 12, 2009

        Panhellenic President, Allyson McKenna, requested that the Panhellenic Association for Stetson
University meet in a “paper” manner, due to the President’s Roundtable Meeting. Allyson had no
announcement this week, other than the fact that “the girls on the Panhellenic Council are wonderful; I
could not have asked for a better group of officers and delegates! We have had such a successful first
semester and I am so proud of everyone!
        VP Academics, Katie Peterson, met with her committee and Dr. Nance about beginning a
Greek/FYS mentoring program at his request. Her committee is also working on an online survey, and
they are meeting Tuesday, April 21 at 6 pm.

        VP Administration, Angela Benyon, announced that the Greek Banquet Committee had a
successful meeting where they continued to plan the Awards Show. This week, Angela plans to complete
her tasks from the committee meeting and to keep in contact with the other committee members to
ensure the tasks are being completed. Her goal for the month is to finish planning the Awards Show and

         VP Social/Service, Ella Shepherd, announced that she is continuing to edit and update the
bylaws, as well as creating a form for donations drives. Ella plans to meet with Josh Stutte to plan events
for the Panhellenic/IFC philanthropy week.

        VP Recruitment, Kathryn Arblaster, announced that she held a recruitment meeting this week
and send Mrs. Stark our new recruitment regulations. Kathryn is planning on hosting another
recruitment meeting, sending out the regulations to the chapters, so they can pass them. Kathryn hopes
to hold a successful Rho Gamma training session. She is also beginning to make reservations for
recruitment (Elizabeth Hall, etc.).

         Assistant VP Recruitment, Jessica Strathman, accomplished her goal of planning a successful
open house. This week she will be finishing up the Rho Gamma’s training binders and having another
training session on Sunday. She plans to begin designing and ordering Rho Gamma shirts and bags soon.

        VP Public Relations, Hannah DeBevoise, announced that she contacted Kameron St. Clare to
establish a time to meeting with the PR committee. Hannah has also been researching other school’s
Panhellenic PR ideas. She is working on creating a newsletter to distribute to faculty and staff that would
have the upcoming event information.

        VP Risk Management, Jami Perry- Morrow, did not submit a report this week.

        VP Judicial, Abby Breslin, announced that she has finally received the only copy of the Judicial
Procedures and has begun to edit some parts. She has added fines, as well as the intramural blurb.
Abby’s goals are to look into purchasing a reasonable filing cabinet, so the papers are secure over the
summer months, and to research a good person to fill the Mediator role during Judicial hearings.
       Treasurer, Lauren Toth, announced that she has finished the break-down of expenses and has
reimbursed both Lynn and Allyson. Lauren hopes to continue to keep the budget organized.

        Secretary, Katie Hehn, is continuing to update the website. She still needs pictures from Delta
Delta Delta to replace pictures on the website of their Rho Gammas.

         Alpha Chi Omega delegate announced that her chapter voted that girls with 3 or more D/F slips
should not be eligible to go through recruitment, as well as in favor of the $5 recruitment fee for shirts.
Alpha Chi Omega voted against the intramural statement. Their chapter goals are to increase
membership involvement, as well as continue to stress the importance of academics during finals. Alpha
Chi Omega is very proud of Becca Hallum for placing first in the SURCAS presentations. Alpha Chi Omega
is sponsoring a stuffed animal supply drive for the Central Florida Kiwanis group, which will be going on
for the next 2 weeks.

        Alpha Xi Delta delegate announced that her chapter voted to pass the amendment that if a girl
has 3 or more D/F slips then she should not be eligible to go through recruitment. Alpha Xi Delta COB’d
Jersten Tubalado, Ashlend Moss, and Victoria Johnston, who they met at the Panhellenic Open House.
Alpha Xi Delta’s chapter goals are to hold more COB events and offer more bids to girls to join their

         Delta Delta Delta delegate announced that her chapter voted that if girls should not be allowed
to go through recruitment with 3 or more D/F slips, and that girls should pay $5 to go through
recruitment, and then receive the Panhellenic shirt. Her chapter would like to stay on top of their service
hours and academics even though it is the end of the year. Delta Delta Delta is very excited/proud to
have the most service hours from March, as well as raising over $3000 for St. Jude (their philanthropy)
at their golf tournament.

         Pi Beta Phi delegate announced that her chapter voted that if girls should not be allowed to go
through recruitment with 3 or more D/F slips, and that girls should pay $5 to go through recruitment,
and then receive the Panhellenic shirt. Pi Beta Phi will be hosting a Panhellenic Cookie party on Monday,
April 20th in their Chapter room. Invites will be sent out to each chapter soon, but it is basically just a get
together to come mingle and eat delicious treats. Pi Beta Phi got the most pride from their community
service hours.

         Zeta Tau Alpha delegate announced that her chapter voted in favor of charging $5 for girls to go
through formal recruitment and then receive a Panhellenic shirt after they accept a bid; the chapter also
suggested not to say that the charge was for a shirt, but present it to the girl going through recruitment
as a standard fee for undergoing the process. Zeta Tau Alpha also voted that if a girl signed up to go
through formal recruitment has either 2 F slips or 3 D OR F slips at the time of midterm grade reports,
the girl should no longer be eligible to go through recruitment. The chapter would like to know that is
the bad behavior the amendment refers to is according to a report by the referee. This week is Zeta Tau
Alpha’s philanthropy week. The Taco Bar is on Thursday night from 1-3 am, and the Kick Out Cancer
Kickball Tournament is on Friday at 3 pm. ZTA would greatly appreciate support from the other chapters
in any form, whether it be participating in the kickball tournament, coming to Taco Bar, or simply visiting
us at the CUB throughout the week and wearing one of the pink ribbons we are distributing for free.
Teams for the kickball tournament can be up to 10 people and the cost is $20; for more information
contact either Polly Wheeler (mpwheele@stetson.edu). Zeta Tau Alpha shirted Ariel Hanshew, who they
met at the Panhellenic Open House. One of ZTA’s goals is to improve our community service, something
they are accomplishing by means of their philanthropy week and participating in other service events.
Also, Zeta Tau Alpha is also strengthening their sisterhood by holding more and more chapter sisterhood
events. Recently they went to DeLeon Springs and had a gathering to watch the season premiere of the
TV show, The Hills, and our sisterhood chair, Gemma Torode, has been planning a camping trip that the
whole chapter is very excited about. Zeta Tau Alpha’s Fraternity Education Chair, Ashley Feldman, has
been letting sisters privately submit fun facts about themselves to her, and then reading two to three
facts aloud at Chapter meetings so that the chapter can guess which sister each fact belongs to. It is a
fun way for sisters to get to know things about each other that they were not aware of! During our
philanthropy week, our chapter always has pride because fighting breast cancer is something that is
close to all of their chapter member’s hearts. This month, they were very proud of our performance in
Airwaves, not only because we placed but because as a sisterhood we came together to choreograph
the dance and everyone had a lot of fun together participating in Greek Week as a whole.

        The D/F amendment was passed by all 5 chapters. The recruitment fee amendment was passed
by 4 out of the 5 chapters (Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Pi Beta Phi, and Zeta Tau Alpha, with
Alpha Xi Delta not submitting their vote). Due to the majority, this amendment passes also. Alpha Chi
Omega did not vote to pass the intramural statement, and Zeta Tau Alpha would like to know if the bad
behavior the amendment refers to is according to a report by the referee. Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Delta
Delta, and Pi Beta Phi did not submit votes on this statement.

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