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lost data They may even try doing what they saw someone else doing to

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									Once someone loses data, they have various
        things they can opt to do:

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 Recreate the data: If the amount of data that you lost was not a lot, then
you can easily recreated it If the data was not much then this would be a
good option But imagine losing all the information for clients in a
telecommunication organization! All the information in the data bank is
lost! One may not opt for recreation because it would need a lot of time
and money Use backups: A backup is a copy of the original information
is stored on an external storage device like an external hard disk, USB
flash disk, CDs, DVDS etc
 With such backups, it is possible to retrieve data from them However,
this will depend on how up-to-date the data in the backup is If the
backups are totally outdated, then they will not be relevant Therefore,
although data in backups could be reliable, it wouldnt be the most
efficient way for data recovery
  Do it yourself data recovery software: This is what most people may opt
to do They will look for personal ways and means to try and recover the
lost data They may even try doing what they saw someone else doing to
recover the data To make things simpler for them, this software can be
downloaded free from the internet
 Indeed, it is possible to try and recover data on your own by use of data
recovery software but it may not be the best Although the instructions
are given, one may fail to understand some concept of the recovery and
this may lead to permanent loss of data Installing software when your
hard disk is failing may cause overwriting of information and that
information will lost forever
  Data recovery services: This is by far the most preferable way of trying
to salvage ones data Statistics give it to us that data recovery services
work about 80%-90% of the pen drive data recovery software time They
are quite reliable in retrieving lost data
 Data recovery specialists are trained on procedures of retrieving your
information More information about data recovery services follow the
pen drive data recovery software

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