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					This term 'backup' is generally used to refer
 to the process of saving data, applications
  and important documents in an additional
    storage device for recovery purposes.
   Saved data can be stored in an internal
   device like a hard drive partition or in an
  external device like flash drives, compact
     disks among other storage devices.

online data backup
Importance of backing up information Backup of information is very crucial
since it helps in data retrieval in case your hard drive crashes Manual backup
of information can be very cumbersome, time consuming and in many cases
unreliable Due to this reason, technological inventions have come up with
software that assists in backing up process thereby considerably simplifying
the process of backup
 All you have to do is to install software in your system and it takes care of the
rest Various backup methods As mentioned earlier, there is a number of
software developed for assisting in backup process This software are
scheduled to copy all important data to a target storage device and the data
saved could be important documents only or it could be a replication of your
entire hard drive
 This can be done taking a snap shot of the hard drive or by cloning the disk
Another popularly used backup method is off-site backup, which entails saving
information on an off-site backup server
 This is a very reliable method of backing up information since in the event of
disasters like fire, floods or vandalism of the physical system, you are able to
retrieve the information from the other site Factors to consider when choosing
a backup method A very important factor that will dictate the type of backup
method to use is the amount of data to be backed up
 For personal backup, copying all data to an external hard drive would be
sufficient to cover you in case tragedy strikes On the other hand, when it
comes to organizations where they have tons of information to save, other
methods as backing up information on an offshore facility would be a better
solution since it can accommodate huge amounts of information that are highly
 Security of information saved is the other online data backup factor to
consider and for personal backup, a password for the external disk would
suffice to secure the data saved You can store the disk in a safe place for
better disaster preparation, but when it comes to organizations, the backup
method selected should include sophisticated encryption features
 Information from organizations is very sensitive and can cost them a fortune if
it falls in the wrong hands
online data backup

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Description: since it helps in data retrieval in case your hard drive crashes Manual backup