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Tourism Palestine-Merger of different faiths and its testimony


With one of the most holy places on earth along with a festival spree spread across the year, Palestine deserves a visit.

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									Tourism Palestine-Merger of different faiths and its

With one of the most holy places on earth along with a festival spree spread across
the year, Palestine deserves a visit.

Palestine is situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River and
various adjoining lands. If you happen to pick up a Palestine travel guide anytime,
you will be intrigued by its rich cultural diversity and history. The sacred city of
Jerusalem which happens to share the cultural strings for Jews Christians and
Muslims is a fascinating place to visit and so are locations like Ramallah,
Bethlehem and Hebron. Tourism Palestine will also mesmerize you with the
„Dabke‟ which is lively enough to make you roll while the exotic vines and fine
dining will serve as an icing making your Palestine visit worthwhile.

„Visit Palestine‟, one of the prominent Palestine travel Guide operated by ABS
Tourism says “Palestine is a hotspot for tourists who have a curious bent of mind
with respect to religion and culture.” Jerusalem, also known as the „heart of the
Holy Land‟ alone receives more than 3.5 million visitors every year. It is the
birthplace and home to the 3 monotheistic religions, Christianity, Judaism and
Islam. While Pater Noster Church, Mount Zion and the Last Supper Room at
Cenacle are places sacred to every Christian, the Haram Al Sharif and the Dome of
the Rock fascinates every Muslim and the „wailing wall‟ is dear to every Jew in the
World. Apart from Jerusalem, a Palestine travel guide is also listed with places like
Bethlehem (the birthplace of Jesus), the sacred Hebron, Ramallah and many other
interesting locations. The Gaza is also holds importance for its exotic beaches
however it receives comparatively lesser number of tourists.

Palestine‟s cultural vividness is also reflected in its arts and craft. Searching
information about Palestine over the web would reveal that it has a longtime and
ongoing romance with embroidery, crafts made of olive wood, pearl carving etc.
The Palestinian art and craft twines the cultural elements of all the three religions
which makes it rich and mystifying for craft enthusiasts. Apart from crafts, the
ethnic music and dance of Palestine is also fun and deserves a try from your side.
The traditional dance called the „Dabka‟ performed by men and woman draped in
colorful attire is full of life.

Information about Palestine also reveals that Palestine is a place of festivals and
cultural events. Al-Kasaba International Film Festival (KIFF), Jerusalem Music
Festival, Artas Lettuce Festival, Bird Migration Festival, Contemporary Dance
Festival are some of the major events which are pinned across the calendar. So,
visit any time in the year and you can indulge in a festival for sure.

Palestine with its cultural vividness attracts lots of visitors. The amalgamation of
three major faiths has shaped its history, its culture, its people etc. Reflections of
this amalgamation are found in every act of the daily lives of the natives. The
testimonies are everywhere and fascinating.

ABS Tourism, a division of Alternative Business Solutions ( provides
a wide range of products and services for the tourism industry. Our team of
associates has over 15 years experience in tourism development and destination
marketing and management.
Visit Palestine is owned by ABS tourism and is a
trusted Palestine Travel Guide which offers every useful information relating to
tourism Palestine for tourists. Visit the site for more details.

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