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									    Know Your Cloud - Part I
    Cloud Computing - Leading from the front

    Date : 20th July 2012

    Time : 11:00 am

    Duration : 30 Minutes

    Speaker : Gopan Joshi (Product Manager – Public Cloud Services)

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    Topic Details:
    Cloud Computing has been a hot topic and the word "Cloud Computing" has been used lot more often, but
    what is"Cloud Computing" and why you should learn more about it? To know more about Cloud
    Computing and to explore the challenges and opportunities that it presents, take a few minutes to attend this
   How Cloud signifies a fundamental shift from the traditional model to a more dynamic model of
    consuming IT in which resources are more flexibly deployed as compared to the past deployment
   How Cloud refers to a convergence of technologies and trends that are making IT infrastructures and
    resource intensive applications more modular, and more consumable.
   What does Cloud offer to the business enterprise and what are its advantages

    About the Speaker:
    Gopan is Product Manager for Netmagic Solutions' Public Cloud Services portolio, and has expertise in
    managing products and services in various market scenarios and life cycle stages. His experiences ranges
    from introducing cutting edge innovations in existing products, existing markets to new technology, new
    He can be reached at
    For a detailed profile please visit

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