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									Price List: Home ADSL
       Internode Home ADSL is a great solution for home users looking for a fast, reliable connection to the Internet!

Setup Options
                                                                                                                                     24 Month         1 Month
Home Extreme® ADSL2+
                                                                                                                                     Contract         Contract
         Single Service Migrate (SSM) your existing Internode ADSL Standard or Fast service                                                $0              $49
         Single Service Transfer (SST) a suitable existing ADSL service from another participating ISP                                    $79              $129
         Establish a new Home Extreme® ADSL2+ service                                                                                     $79              $129

Home NakedExtreme ADSL2+
         Convert a suitable active telephone service into Home NakedExtreme ADSL2+                                                        $79              $129
         Establish a new Home NakedExtreme ADSL2+ service                                                                                 $79              $129

Home ADSL Standard and Home ADSL Fast
         Fast Transfer (‘churn’) a suitable existing ADSL service from another participating ISP                                           $0              $39
         Establish a new Home ADSL Standard or Home ADSL Fast service                                                                     $79              $129

Home ADSL Plans
Please refer to our website www.internode.on.net/nodeline for further information on bundling your home phone service with Internode.
                                                                                                                                 Monthly Price as part of a
Plan Name                                          Monthly Download Quota                                      Monthly Price
                                                                                                                                    NodeLine Bundle
Home Extreme® ADSL2+ : Fastest ADSL2+ speed possible on your line - Internode DSLAM service areas only
      Home-Extreme-5                                             5 Gbytes                                              $39.95
      Home-Extreme-20                                           20 Gbytes                                              $49.95
      Home-Extreme-35                                           35 Gbytes                                              $59.95       Extreme with NodeLine :
      Home-Extreme-50                                           50 Gbytes                                              $69.95       bundled deals available
      Home-Extreme-75                                           75 Gbytes                                              $99.95            real soon now!
      Home-Extreme-100                                         100 Gbytes                                              $129.95
      Home-Extreme-200                                         200 Gbytes                                              $179.95
Home NakedExtreme ADSL2+ : Fastest ADSL2+ speed possible on your line – and Naked! - from Internode DSLAMs only
      Home-NakedExtreme-5                                        5 Gbytes                                              $49.95
      Home-NakedExtreme-20                                      20 Gbytes                                              $59.95
      Home-NakedExtreme-35                                      35 Gbytes                                              $69.95
      Home-NakedExtreme-50                                      50 Gbytes                                              $79.95             Not applicable
      Home-NakedExtreme-75                                      75 Gbytes                                              $109.95
      Home-NakedExtreme-100                                    100 Gbytes                                              $139.95
      Home-NakedExtreme-200                                    200 Gbytes                                              $189.95
Home ADSL Standard : Fixed speed services – ‘512’ = 512/128 kbps; ‘Standard’ = 1500/256 kbps - national coverage
      Home-512-Starter                                            5 Gbytes                                             $39.95               $39.95
      Home-Standard-5                                             5 Gbytes                                             $49.95               $39.95
      Home-Standard-20                                           20 Gbytes                                             $49.95               $49.95
      Home-Standard-30                                           30 Gbytes                                             $59.95               $49.95
      Home-Standard-40                                           40 Gbytes                                             $69.95               $59.95
      Home-Standard-50                                           50 Gbytes                                             $79.95               $69.95
      Home-Standard-100                                         100 Gbytes                                             $109.95              $99.95
      Home-Standard-Unlimited                                     No limit*                                            $159.95              $149.95
                                              * Yes, it really is unlimited – thanks for checking the fine print  !

Home ADSL Fast : High speed ADSL1 and ADSL2+ services - national coverage
      Home-Fast-2                                                2 Gbytes                                              $59.95               $49.95
      Home-Fast-15                                              15 Gbytes                                              $79.95               $69.95
      Home-Fast-25                                              25 Gbytes                                              $89.95               $79.95
      Home-Fast-50                                              50 Gbytes                                              $109.95              $99.95
      Home-Fast-100                                            100 Gbytes                                              $139.95              $129.95
      Home-Fast-200                                            200 Gbytes                                              $189.95              $179.95
Easy Broadband and Easy Naked : Check out www.internode.on.net/easy for full details
      Internode Easy Broadband                              50 Gbytes                                                  $49.95                Not yet!
      Internode Easy Naked                      (total of downloads + uploads)                                         $69.95             Not applicable

                         Information is current as of 03/03/2010, is subject to change without notice and all prices quoted include GST
Home ADSL Features

Fixed Monthly Charge – Enjoy your broadband without the nasty surprises! Compare the quota deal for Internode Home ADSL:
          No excess charges : if your monthly download quota is exceeded, we simply shape your traffic to 64 kilobits per second for the rest of
           the month. If desired, you can purchase a Data Block online for an instant quota top up. These are only $5 for 2 GB – and your spend is
           totally under your control.
          Unlimited ADSL Standard : this is a single location, single connection plan with no Internode shaping at all! Should multiple
           connections be established with this plan, subsequent connections may incur an additional charge of $1 per connected hour.
          Uploads don’t consume quota : look out for this one! Upload traffic will be 10% or more of your Internet usage – it’s a significant
           benefit to you that this doesn’t consume your quota on any Internode Home ADSL plan (not including the Internode Easy plans).
          ‘Anytime’ quota : you can use the Internet whenever you like. Internode quota isn’t parcelled into ‘friendly’ & ‘unfriendly’ hours of
          Unmetered content : this doesn’t use up your monthly download quota at all! It includes over 100 online streaming radio stations; the
           extensive games.on.net server farms for low ping gaming; massive mirrors for common file downloads; ABC iView; TiVo online and
           more – and none of it consumes your quota.

Your Choice of Contract - Choose from a discounted setup charge on a 24 month contract; or pay the full setup charge and have a rolling
one month contract – it’s your choice. The 24 month contract isn’t exactly onerous either - an early cancellation charge of $120 applies during the
first 12 months, reducing to $65 during the second twelve months. Further details available at www.internode.on.net/contract.

Expert Help Desk - Internode provides free, expert and friendly Help Desk support available to you 7 days a week.
Five Free Email Accounts - Up to 5 free email accounts can be established, all with email spam and virus filtering at no additional charge.
Free Webspace - Free 50 Mbyte webspace is available to all Internode Home ADSL customers for personal, non-commercial use.
Free Usenet - Internode broadband customers can access our Premium Usenet service at no additional charge, noting these downloads are
counted toward your monthly quota.

Included Dialup Account - Includes a dialup account, for when you're away from your broadband connection, with 10 included hours per
month then $1/hour pay-as-you-go. Dialup access is available Australia-wide at local call rates. Optionally, for an extra $10 per month you can
have 300 included hours of dialup per month.

Global Roaming Facility - We offer a global roaming facility for dialup, WiFi and hotel Ethernet access across the world via iPass. Separate
usage charges apply – see www.internode.on.net/roaming for details.

Security Protection - Internode protects Home customers by filtering ports which are generally used to propagate network worms and attacks.
You are welcome to disable that protection via an online web page if you wish.

Dynamic IP Address - These are 'Layer 2' dynamic IP services, suitable for home broadband access. If you need static IP addressing to host
servers, we recommend our SOHO and Business ADSL services.

NodePhone® Ready – Save money with our high quality, low cost Voice over IP solution – details at www.internode.on.net/nodephone.
Your Choice of Hardware - Bring your own ADSL router, or buy one pre-configured from us at a competitive rate – it’s your choice. All routers
supplied by Internode are pre-configured with your Internode username, password and settings; and include 24 months fast replacement
warranty. A $15 delivery fee applies Australia-wide.

The following routers have been selected for their combination of quality, features, reliability and cost. They support the full range of ADSL
protocols – including ADSL2+ Annex A, M & L – and feature Stateful Packet Inspection firewalls, along with Quality of Service prioritisation for voice
over IP.

                                                                         VoIP Phone       USB for
 Router Model                     Ethernet Switch       802.11 WiFi                                            Target                Price
                                                                            Ports         3G WAN
 Billion 7300RA                    4 x 100 Mbps	             x	               x               x                Home                   $99
 Billion 7300GRA                   4 x 100 Mbps	            b+g	              x               x                Home                  $149
 Billion 7401VGP-R3                4 x 100 Mbps             b+g             1 port            x           Home & SOHO                $199
 Billion 7404VGP-X                 4 x 100 Mbps             b+g            2 ports           ✓            Home & SOHO                $299
 Billion 7404VNP-X                  4 x Gigabit	          b+g+n	           2 ports           ✓	                SOHO                  $449

All routers include one C10-245M ADSL filter/splitter. Additional line filters may also be ordered – note that one is required for each telephone, fax,
modem or other analog device on the same line as your ADSL.
      C10-245M ADSL Line Filter/Splitter: $19
      C10-645M ADSL 610 Line Filter/Splitter (suitable for the older ‘600 series’ phone points : $24
      C10-345M ADSL Wall Mount Filter/Splitter (suitable for most wall mount telephones) : $29
For optimal Extreme® ADSL2+ performance we recommend the C10-100E Central Filter (note installation by a licensed cabler is required): $29

                                                                                                              Internode Pty Ltd ABN 82 052 008 581
                                                                                                     PO Box 284 Rundle Mall, South Australia 5000
                                                                                  Telephone 13 NODE Facsimile 1300 FXNODE www.internode.on.net

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