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NWLCN Lung Cancer CNS Forum Meeting.pdf


									            NWLCN Lung Cancer CNS Forum Meeting
                The Hilton Hotel, Paddington.
                  Thursday 21st July 2011
                    (sponsored by Roche)


1. Welcome& Apologies                                               (5 mins)

   Apologies:      Jane Baxter
                   Amanda Berry
                   C Gillespie
   Attended:       Jane Lynch
                   Michael Evans
                   Tony White
                   Johanna Lynch
                   Joyce Robinson
                   Chantale L’Hermenier
                   Sheila O’Donnell
                   Alison Leary (Lead Nurse Brompton –instead of C Gillespie)

2. Minutes from previous meeting                                    (5 mins)

Nil present but all agreed it was a very good meeting

3. Tarceva presentation- Daniel Riding (Roche)                      (10 mins)

Interesting presentation from Dan on the agreed protocol for Tarceva follow up
including the Nurse led intervention. (attached) from White(2009).
                                                       Guidelines attached

4. Tarceva in nurse led clinic- discuss                             (10 mins)

All agreed there is a role for the CNS in the follow up of patients with Tarceva
and agreed to adopt the guidelines as good practice and the ideal method.
Acknowledged however, that Organisations work differently, depending on where
the patient is having the Tarceva, if Oncologist/specialist pharmacy on site and
therefore if specialist support available. Also, practical issues such as clinic space
and practicalities if setting up a nurse led clinic. It was agreed that patients could
be seen in a current set up follow up nurse led clinic and could be assessed over
via the telephone. Non -medical prescribing also acknowledged as an advantage
for dealing with side effects (there are a few Non -medical prescribers in the
Would also like to review Iressa guidelines and adapt- C L'Hermenier to email AZ
rep- T Golightly for update.

5. Network guidelines review –role of CNS                          (10 mins)

Noted that the updated Network guidelines have no reference to the role of the
LCNS and referred briefly to the Key worker but not in reference to the CNS. The
Forum felt this was a serious oversight, given the extensive involvement of the
CNS in the whole pathway, from initial presentation through till death. The Group
also agreed that the CNS is always the key worker within the Network and would
like reference to this in the Guidelines (this has already been fed back to Chipo by
JL). The group will send Jane suggestions re role activity to be included in

6. Network CNS projects                                            (10 mins)

There are a number of potential initiatives in the pipeline led by the CNS’s.
-Survivorship -assessments in progress and to be led by Jo Lynch and T White.
Both of these have trialled the assessments and will feed back documentation and
advise the group on setting this up individually.
                       Jo and Tony to send documentation to the group for review

Support Groups commenced by Jo Lynch and J Baxter. Regular feedback to the
Group and details to be placed on the Network web to be available for all patients
and carers.

-Education- successful Lung Cancer study days run by Jane Lynch in SMH. She
will lead on rolling out Network –wide.
Attached is feedback from first study day in Imperial- another one 27th Sept

-November Lung Cancer awareness- proposals to highlight Lung cancer and
symptoms to the public and maybe community staff. M Evans will lead on
organising awareness events and contact the Network to see if any support
All LCNS’s can contact their Press and Communication Departments to raise
local awareness.

7. Update from Network-new ‘crescent’ proposal- Alison Leary (5 mins)

Assessment process for the Crescent in progress. Alison will update the group.
New Macmillan proposals re restructuring of the care role disciplines and
introducing Skills for Health competencies. Discussions around a community
based general specialist. Bringing cancer care into GP practices. Information
available on Learn Zone on Macmillan website.

8. AOB                                                             (5 mins)
   NCAT patient experience survey to be repeated in Autumn.
   Palliative Care Peer Review changes in progress- new guidelines likely to have an
   impact on Lung Cancer.

   9. Date and time next meeting- TBA

   Note the Network Education day November 17th.
   However, separate CNS Forum meeting to be arranged for December time,
   incorporating Christmas night out. Jane L to arrange.

7.00pm-7.30pm: Dinner – Very enjoyable!

7.30pm-8.30pm: Presentations Dr Steeden & Dr. Newsom-Davis
Two excellent presentations inciting lively discussion and debate. They were attended
by a number of other professionals, from Oncology, palliative care and AHP’s making
the number of attendees approximately 20 people.
                                                            Presentations attached

Jane Lynch

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