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									Congratulations Jim Parsons!

I was fortunate enough to live in Spring and go to a Klein ISD high school, Klein Oak, at the
same time with "rising network star" Jim Parsons, currently starring as "Sheldon" in the hit CBS
comedy series, "The Big Bang Theory."


I was even more fortunate than that: Jim Parsons and I (and my sister and our friends) all had
the chance to work together on several theater productions while at Klein Oak High School, a
time in our lives when we all were wondering what to do with our futures. We all took different
paths more or less, and Jim Parsons set out on a path that will one day land him both an Emmy
nomination and an Emmy win, and probably more than one...


It's my observation, knowing Jim and his comedic talent very well, that given the right character
and writing, nobody on earth can make it funnier than Jim Parsons. It does not feel unusual at
all to watch Jim on TV or see him at the Emmys as a nominee last night. I know it feels strange
to him. But not to me.


Last night Alec Baldwin took home Jim Parsons' Emmy! Jim Parsons was nominated by the
Academy for an Emmy for Best Lead Male in a Comedy. He was competing against Alec
Baldwin of "30 Rock," Steve Carrell of "The Office," and other big talents like his own.


Some people may remember Jim Parsons in commercials for Quiznos, Strident Gum, FedEx,

Congratulations Jim Parsons!

others, and roles on shows like "Judging Amy" and others. After Klein Oak, he studied at The
University of Houston (an excellent university) and the prestigious acting conservatory of the
University of San Diego.


Here is his CBS bio page:


He also has a Wikipedia page, is written about in entertainment press, and will probably never
speak to an unwashed has-been like me again.


But knowing and working with Jim in high school for me is another strong testament for both
public schools (in many places) and particularly the Klein School District and Klein Oak. I'm a
very happy person on my own path that has been wonderful so far, and I don't know where I
would be myself without the foundation I got in the Klein School District and Klein Oak High
School, where so many great educators and mentors produced so many notable talents, and
not just in entertainment.


Congratulations Jim! You lost last night but meh... that's nothing. You're on a winning path.
You're a winning talent. You're a winning person. And you're living a winning life. I'm proud to
know you.


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